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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 14 : Halloween
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 Chapter Fourteen

“No Jack, no way” I shouted at my younger brother as we spent the day preparing for the annual Gryffindor Halloween party that evening

“Why not” Jack groaned

“You really think dressing up as Voldermort would be a good idea?” I snapped back at him “The bloke killed Al and Lily’s granddad as well as their uncle. Voldermort is strictly off limits”

“Well what else am I meant to wear” Jack shot back “Everyone else has costumes and I can’t think of one”

“There must be something” said Abi “Maybe we could wrap you up in toilet roll and you could become a mummy”

“No” Jack sighed “Miles is already doing that; I’m gonna go and find Lucy and see if she has any ideas. That’s if she can stop staring at me for all of five seconds; I don’t know why she always does it. I always make sure I never have food around my mouth when I’m with her”

As Jack exited the common room Abi and I burst into laughter. Poor clueless Jack completely unaware Lucy Weasley was most likely planning the seating arrangements at their wedding

“Oh bless him” said Abi through her laughter “He’s genuinely got no clue has he?”

“Not one” I replied still giggling “It’s fairly bloody obvious as well; all she ever does is stare at him and try to impress him. Poor girl”

“That’s how I used to feel about you” said Abi “I dyed my hair blonde for a bit in second year because I heard you say you preferred blondes to brunettes”


I’m going out with a complete nutter

“That’s… nice” I said slowly as Abi grinned and turned slightly red once again. I’d learnt a few things about Abi since we’d began dating; turns out she had it a lot worse for me than I originally thought she had and I’d finally uncovered the four yearlong mystery of who sent me the valentines card in second year

She has an older sister called Cassie who works in the Department of Magical Creatures Welfare office at the Ministry; her parents divorced when she was young but are still good friends; she doesn’t really fancy James Potter that much and just goes along with it and her favourite subject is Herbology.

I had issue with that but chose to overcome it as I’m a man. As we laid out the food, which I had been forbidden from touching, the door to the common room slammed shut behind us. Lily Potter gave me a glare before ignoring us completely and heading up the stairs to her dorm

“Cow” Abi muttered “Sorry Oliver, I know she’s your mate but seriously what is her problem? Have I done something to upset her?”

“No” I said vacantly “She’s just a naturally moody person, she’ll begin speaking to me again eventually. Just needs time”

“Well I hope you knock her back” said Abi fiercely “I mean it Ollie; you’ve done nothing wrong and she still chooses to treat you like this. That is not what I call friendship”

“She has her reasons” I sighed taking a pumpkin shaped cookie. Fuck it; I’m a rebel “Abs, if I tell you something will you promise to keep it a secret”

“What is it?” she said eagerly before adding “Yes, I’ll keep it a secret” after noting my raised eyebrows

“Lily is the girl that Malfoy has been seeing in secret for months” I whispered in Abi’s ear. Her mouth dropped wide open and she was clearly quite shocked. I on the other hand was relieved that I’d finally told someone my secret

“How do you know?” Abi asked me in a whisper as various students entered the common room to start getting ready for the party “Have you seen them?”

“Well, no” I said “But I’ve kind of figured it out like a big jigsaw; basically when the whole rumour was going about she was very quiet about the whole thing. I just assumed that like me she didn’t give two shits about what Malfoy was doing. Then she began to change; she was moody, aggressive and rude more often than before. She also became a lot more emotional and I noticed Scorpious looked the same as well. Then one day, the day you asked me to Hogsmeade actually, she and Scorpious had this weird eye contact. That’s when I figured it out”

“Proper little Gilderoy Lockhart you are, aren’t you?” grinned Abi clearly unaware of Lockhart’s failures as a detective and as a human being “That’s all very clever Ollie, but you haven’t actually got any core evidence have you?”

“Well no” I said “But it all makes sense in my head; it’s the only explanation. They’ve been dating in secret, they’ve entered a difficult patch, she obviously can’t talk about it to anyone so she’s being a moody cow and taking it out on everyone”

“I suppose” said Abi checking the time on her watch “Look, I need to go and meet the girls and start getting ready. I’ll be back about nine; I love you” she kissed me on the lips before departing the common room making a quick hello to Hugo, Rebecca and Louis as they entered the room

“Save me” Louis whispered reaching me before Hugo and Rebecca managed to “Those two have turned into Romeo and Juliette or something; it’s sickening”. I laughed, Louis made me laugh a lot, as Hugo and Rebecca came over hand in hand. They indeed looked very lovey and Louis really did look like he was going to puke

I like that Hugo and Rebecca are going out. There’s no love more pure than geek love after all

“So what are you coming as” asked Hugo as he, Louis and I made our way up to the dorm to get changed into our costumes. Ben, Ryan, Freddie and Melissa were all gathered in there already, Melissa helping Ryan into his Frankenstein costume and was clearly oblivious to the fact there were two half-naked boys next to her

“I am going as Letch from the Adams Family” I said showing Hugo my costume “And Abs is coming as Morticia we thought it’d be fun”

“Gross more like” said Ben “You two are too sweet it actually hurts”

“Well you aren’t going to like what Hugo is about to tell you” I said as I picked up a towel and headed into the bathroom to get a shower. Stepping into the shower I became lost in my own thoughts surrounding Lily. Despite all my efforts I still cared about Lily, a lot, I still loved her as well. Maybe just not as much as I did before, if that’s possible, and the thought that Malfoy may have messed her around or something sickens me.

Stepping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and headed back into the dorm where, to my surprise, I found Lily dressed as some kind of cat. I blushed even though Lily had seen me without a shirt on before, hell she’s seen me in just a pair of boxers before, but it felt quite awkward being nearly naked around her now.

She looked as radiant as ever and just stared at me for a bit. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears

“Do you think you could look away” I said at last “I kind of need to get changed and I’d rather you didn’t see my… essentials”. Lily rolled her eyes and turned around as I quickly put on some boxers and trousers and gave her permission to turn back around

“Anything I can do” I asked as I slipped on a T-shirt. Lily sighed and sat down next to me on the bed and held my hand

“I’m sorry Oliver” she said beginning to cry “I’ve been treating you like crap recently; I’m sorry about that. I care about you, you’re my best friend and I hate what we’ve become”

“Well that’s nothing to do with me” I shot back; she looked offended for a moment but quickly nodded her head indicating she knew she was to blame “We were fine and then one day you just stopped speaking to me. Why?”

“I was upset, heartbroken” said Lily. I’ll kill Scorpious; I knew he’d done something “I’m in a mess Oliver, I’m so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I know your happy with Abi and everything but I miss you. I really, really miss you”

“I’ve missed you too” I sighed

Before I knew it Lily leaned in for a kiss that I reciprocated. We kissed for about thirty seconds before Lily pulled away. I felt terrible

“I’m sorry” Lily gasped “I couldn’t stand it any longer”

Oooh drama!!! What do you think will happen next? Please leave a review


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