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Fairytaled by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 17 : Lies
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Woo! Finally here with chapter 17!! Sorry it's taken me so long to update, but life has been super hectic and I wanted to finish my other story before I started up on my others again. So, here we go! 

A HUGE thanks to all my  reviewers for the last chapter. It means so much to me, I could never thank you enough.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the wonderful world my characters live in, all that is part of the brilliant mind of our personal queen, JK Rowling. I don't own Beauty and the Beast either, that credit goes to either Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve or Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.


Hermione's POV:


I was about to answer Malfoy's question regarding how Crookshanks had known that it was me when the sound of a branch snapping caused Draco and me to look to where it had come from.


A man walked through the branches of the tree, wand raised. With a jolt I realized it was the creepy man that was on the train with us earlier. Crookshanks hissed and his fur stood on end. He wriggled his way out of my arms and stood in front of me, as if to protect me.


I stood up slowly, shaking from head to toe.


“Crookshanks, it’s okay,” I whispered, bending down to pick him up. He turned too look at me as if to say, “Can’t you see I’m protecting you?”


"Who are you?" Malfoy demanded, his wand now out and aimed at the man. Feeling foolish, I reached into the bag and pulled out Narcissa's wand, also aiming it at the man.


He smiled and once more revealed the row of rotten teeth. I did my best to not grimace as he shook his head, still smiling. There was something about him that just didn’t quite sit right.


"How foolish you are." he said.


His white hair started to darken and his teeth began turning a more natural color and filling in as if they'd never been rotten. His eyes turned from a piercing blue to a dark brown and his nose widened. He grew a few inches and once he was done transforming, he shook his head once more.


"You aren't the only one who can use Polyjuice, love." He said, smiling at me. How did he know that I was using Polyjuice? I panicked for a moment before Malfoy spoke.


"Dolohov." Malfoy said rather stiffly. I knew instantly he was a death eater, one Malfoy wasn’t too fond of.


“My my, Draco. Aren’t we in a sticky situation?” He clicked his tongue and lowered his wand slightly, taking a step towards Malfoy. I stepped forward, fearing that he would hurt Malfoy and Dolohov turned to me, smiling.


“And you’ve got the mudblood defending you?” he asked, cocking his head slightly and laughing.


“You’re calling my mother a mudblood?” Malfoy asked, as if in shock. I had to admit, he was quite good at acting and I suddenly wondered how much of his life among the death eaters was an act.


“Oh, boy, I’m not stupid. I know that isn’t your mother. I could tell from the moment I saw you. Precisely why I followed you,” he said, smirking. “I’d had other business today but since I’d already taken care of it by the time I happened across you.” He continued to smile as he lowered his wand completely and began circling Malfoy as if he were a vulture circling the dead.


“So foolish. Openly talking about the past and using her name. Even in Muggle London, that wasn’t the smartest decision.” Dolohov said, smirking again. His smile was becoming more and more off putting.


I suddenly felt the heat rise to my cheeks. We’d been so foolish all this time. Thinking that because we were in Muggle London it was safe to address each other as normal. I silently cursed myself for not thinking about what that could’ve meant.


“And?” Malfoy said, surprising me. “What’s your point?”


Dolohov’s eyebrow shot up, questioning Malfoy.


“The point is, I’ve caught you red handed. Assisting the Order by hiding a Mudblood. One of their most valuable no less. She’s close to the Potter boy,” he said, his eyebrows still raised, a wide smile across his face.


“Sometimes I find you to be so ignorant, Dolohov.” Malfoy said, laughing.


“And why’s that?” Dolohov asked, suddenly curious.


“Because. Anyone with a brain would understand that I’m only keeping her here and keeping her safe… for the time being.” He said and my heart stopped. He was what?


“When the proper time comes, I’ll use her as bait and get the Order to come here, allowing us to end this thing once and for all,” he said, smirking at Dolohov. I could no longer breathe. How could I be so stupid? Of course there had always been an ulterior motive for Malfoy. He’d only been nice so that I would write to everyone saying how wonderful it had all been and at the proper time, Malfoy would hand me over to Voldemort who would use me as bait to lure in the Order.


A tear streamed down my face and I heard someone screaming before I realized that it was my own scream.


I was vaguely aware of someone laughing and I realized it was Dolohov.


“She didn’t seem to be aware of this plan,” he said, chuckling.

“And she won’t be after this. I’ll make her forget. I’ve been practicing memory charms.” Malfoy said, shrugging. As if it were that simple, as if he’d never cared. I cursed myself for being so foolish and for actually believing everything he’d said to me.


“If that’s the case, do it now. Make her forget this entire thing. I’ll be watching.” Malfoy bowed his head and made his way towards me. I raised my wand but with a flick of his own, it was sent flying. He pointed his wand at me and a few seconds later I was flooded with a memory.



I was sitting in my room at the Manor with Malfoy, one of us on either side of the bench seat by the window. Malfoy began speaking frantically.


“Do not listen to what I say when I talk to Death Eaters. I promise you, it isn’t the truth. I’m done hiding and being afraid of Voldemort. Surely you believe me,” he said, looking at me with pleading eyes.


“Please understand that I do truly want to protect you. Not to use you later, but to truly keep you safe. I want to be the one to do it. Please…” he said, his voice cracking on the last word.


“I believe you.” I said, actually believing him.


“Look as confused as possible,” Malfoy said. “Act as if you’ve forgotten.”



The memory seemed to fade into the background and I shook my head. “Look as confused as possible.” I heard in the back of my mind and I furrowed my eyebrows together. I still didn’t quite know whether or not I should believe Malfoy, but at this point, it was better to trust him than Dolohov.


“Who is he?” I asked, my voice an octave higher than normal.


Dolohov smiled. “Well done, Draco. Your father would be proud. But… how can we be sure she’s forgotten?”


Dolohov’s eyes were trained on mine and I felt my eyes flick to Malfoy’s whose eyes were now pleading with my own.


“Crucio!” I heard Dolohov shout and a second later my body felt as if it were going to explode. Pain seared through every fiber in my body and I lost sight for a few moments. Vaguely aware someone yelling before I passed out.

Soooo... what did you think? Is it what you expected? And that ending, huh? Gahh! Leave me a review, please?! :D I'd be a very happy author! I want to know how you guys are feeling about everything. What you like and dislike, what you think is going to happen in the next chapter, all that jazz. :) 
Until next time,

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Fairytaled : Lies


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