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Goodbye Innocence by TimeSeer
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 Perhaps I should explain why I am standing outside of the Potters’ house in the dead of night.


Let’s start at the beginning.


My mum was fifteen when she got pregnant with me and was consequently kicked out of her school. My father was there for her though and helped her through the nine months.


When I was born, and given the name Charlotte Nichole Abrams, my parents had no money left because they had to pay for all the appointments and medical bills. Plus babies are expensive.


My father ended up having to get three jobs at one time because he completed his education where as my mum did not. Apparently he would come home and not talk to anyone. He would not play with me or talk about his day at work. Instead he would go straight to his room without making eye contact with anyone.


My mum thought it was only because he was working too much so she got a job that was at night, so I was never home alone.


My father got better and we were finally a family. At least that is what my mum tells me, I do not really have any memories of that time.


Anyway we got along just fine. Both of my parents worked and I was too young to understand the concept of money so I had no worries.


Then disaster happened.


When I was eight years old my father left. He went to work one day and he just never came back. My mum thought he had been kidnapped or killed but the police found him, saying he was still alive.


But he was with another woman.


He did come back once when my mum was next door. I was still in the house and he said he came to collect his stuff. I followed him up to the bedroom asking and begging him to come back but he did not.


I never told my mum that he came back. I guess she eventually noticed that some of the stuff was missing but she never mentioned it to me either.


My mum and I changed our last names back to her maiden name, which is Valieri; because she knew he was never coming back.


Anyway my mum continued working and my neighbor watched over me. My mum worked more hours than should be humanly possible.


About a year after my father left my mum and I moved to a different part of France. We used to live up North but after we moved we lived in the South. My mum had two different jobs while in Southern France because she could not get any great paying ones because she never completed her education.


Then weird things started to happen.


I would get in trouble a lot. The people that would mean to me because I did not have a father had weird things happen to them.


We were eventually told that I was a witch and I would have to attend a separate school for people who are like me. So at the tender age of eleven I traveled to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.


I spent two years there making friends and learning magic.


The summer in between my second and third year, my mum was offered a great job in England. It was a job that paid well so she could not pass it up.


So my mum and I packed our bags and headed to England. We found out that there was a magic school there too, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that I would attend.


I loved Hogwarts. I met my best friend ever, Lily Potter, there. I learned magic and I made other friends as well.


But I also loved seeing my mum during the breaks. My mum and I have always been close even though I do not see her much because of going to a boarding school. My mum, having been so young when she had me, only the age I am now, sixteen, are not that far off in age which makes it easier to talk to her.


I talk to my mum about everything. I tell her about how I am doing in each class, all the drama that happens at Hogwarts, and all the boys I like.


I leave out no detail of my life when talking to my mum.


But I guess my mum does not feel the same about me.


I know this because she never told me that when I went away for my sixth year of Hogwarts my father started to get in contact with her. She never told me that he apologized a thousand times and she believed him. She never told me that he moved into our house.


No, I had to learn when I came home for summer holiday.


I come home expecting that this holiday would be the same as the rest when I get the biggest shock of my life.


My father, Jonathon Abrams, had moved back in.


Both my father and my mum expected me to jump for joy when I realized this.


Well they did not get that.


Instead I starred at them for a few minutes. Starring at the arm my father had around my mum and their smiling faces.


I then walked slowly backwards out of the room and ran up to my bedroom. I packed some of my clothes and ran out of the house. I then apparated to the Potters’ house – thank Merlin they teach sixth years how to apparate.


I knocked on the door and here I stand. Waiting for someone to answer the door and hopefully allow me to stay at this house for the rest of summer or until my father leaves my house, whichever comes first.


I see someone coming and when they open the door I realize that it is Lily.


She stares at me confused and then I ask, “Can I stay here?”


A/N: New Story!!!! I am really excited about this story so please let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

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Goodbye Innocence: Prologue


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