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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 1 : This canít be true, right?
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A/N: I own only the words, not the characters or anything else.  That's all on JK!

Big, great thank you to Mystique17 for her great job as a beta!! 


This can’t be true, right?

Feeling tired, even though she had just woken Hermione looked at the old mirror. Two bright brown eyes stared straight back at her. She didn’t look as tired as she felt. She had a glow in cheeks and there were no circles under her eyes. That was weird, she truly felt like she would be pale and have dark bruise-like circles under her eyes. What was wrong with her?

Maybe she was coming down with something. She hoped it wasn’t going to be too bad, she had really been looking forward to this long weekend off work. Four days of uninterrupted freedom, to be spend with her newlywed husband. It wouldn’t be nice to have to spend that time sick now, would it? It wasn’t normal for her to feel this tired after a good night of sleep. She wasn’t Ron, who could sleep for days and still wake up saying that he felt exhausted. There had to be a reason why she was feeling like this and she was going to find out what it was. Could it have anything to do with her menses delay? She wasn’t really used to being late. It had been a few days, maybe even a week. Normally she could count on it being right on time.

Hermione went into the living room and fetched her book on magical care of humdrum injuries. Flipping through the book she wend into the kitchen and made a pot of tea. Whilst pouring a cup of tea for herself she found the page she was looking for. Tiredness.  She scanned the page on information. Iron deficiency or anemia, syndromes during the period, common cold, flu, winter depression. Well, it couldn’t be the last one. It was  the middle of the summer for crying out loud. Maybe it was just a common cold then. That wasn’t to bad, she had a potion prepared for that.

On her way to the cupboard Hermione got herself a breakfast muffin from the kitchen. She nibbled on the it whilst searching for the potion. Ha, found it. A little greenish bottle with a yellow label. She read the label, like she always did, just to be sure she had the right potion.

Common Cold Killer Potion for all your common illnesses. Do not use if pregnant! The last line immediately caught her eye. Pregnant. She hadn’t really though of that. Could it be? She was almost 100% certain she had taken her birth control potion, now hadn’t she. She could not remember a day she hadn’t taken it. How on earth could she have forgotten something that simple? No surely she hadn’t. She, Hermione, did not ever forget something like a birth control potion. That was impossible. Or was it?

Hermione put back the cold potion and went to the bookshelf. On the kitchen table was her humdrum injuries book, still lying there. Picking it up Hermione flicked through it until she came to the pregnancy section.  Now that she had her mind on it she saw that tiredness was one of de symptoms of pregnancy during the first trimester. Was it really possible then? She turned to the bookshelf again and read the backs of the books, searching for a book she had gotten from Mrs. Weasley   just a few weeks ago. It was the sequel too her magical care book called Magical care of humdrum injuries; potions and spells for young wizards and witches.

Summoning another cup of tea Hermione opened the book and let her finger run down the index page. Chapter 19 Pregnancy: pregnancy test, morning sickness potion, how to de-swell your feet and more. Page 345. Hermione flipped to the correct page and started to read the potion descriptions. It was a very simple potion to make. It took about 20 minute and only used common ingredients. When it was finished she didn’t even have to pee in it. Every piece of her that went into the potion was going to do the trick. So easy.

Hermione immediately set to work by brewing the potion on the stove in a small cauldron. When the potion was stewing, she made bacon and eggs for Ron. He would want some if he was able to wake up before the day had passed by all together. She started humming when her potion was almost done. It had turned into a lovely shade of purple. Almost lilac. It smelled nice two, like spring. Hermione took the cauldron off the heat and put a little of in a glass. Plucking a hair out of her head she put that in the glass too. It fizzled a little and then disappeared. Hermione waited for a few minutes until the potion slowly turned into a soft apple like green. She turned back to the book, holding her breath.

Under the description was the explanation: orange- you’re not pregnant. Which meant: green- you are  pregnant, congratulations!

Well, congratulations indeed. Stupid writers. Hermione did not think she was ready to be a mother. Not at her age! 26 wasn’t the age she had though to get pregnant. What were her colleague’s going to say about this. And her mom. Now her mother in law would be delighted. Yet another grandchild.   Well, she could not make it undone, there was no doubt about that.

Hermione slowly put the cup down in the sink. She absentmindedly laid both her hands on het belly, staring out of the kitchen window. Outside the world looked no different. It was a beautiful day. Perfectly sunny, not a cloud to be seen. The soft wind moved the leaves of the sturdy apple tree. Little green apples where hidden between the branches. It was a lovely sight. A small bumblebee flew past the window, its hind legs coffered with pollen.

‘What am I going to do with this?’ Hermione thought to herself, ‘What will I tell Ron? When?’ She was about to turn away from the window when suddenly two big hands took hold of her shoulders. She felt how the hands move down and around her till they were on top of hers. With a small tug the person behind her hugged her close. She felt his warm breath on top of her head just before he planted a kiss in her bushy hair. She smiled to herself and turned around. Very close to her was a drowsy looking man. His hair was entangled and his face was full of freckles. His pyjama top hang open, one end was tugged into the pyjama bottom. His bare feet were sticking out from under the dark green fabric. It was such an adorable sight that Hermione started to laugh softly. She kissed his freckled nose and then spun out of his arms.

She took a plate from the cupboard, poured tea in a clean cup and heated the bacon and eggs. Almost in one move. She had that with very regular movements. They came natural to her. Ron watched her from his spot in the doorway. Her movements had always baffled  him. His clumsy limbs would have poured at least half the tea next to the cup. Hermione put the tea and the plate on the kitchen table and closed the two books she had consulted before. She put them back, picked up her half eaten muffin and went to sit next to the plate. Ron sat down with a small smile on his face.
 “Good morning ‘Mione! You look stunning today!” he crackled with a hoarse I-just-woke voice. Hermione smiled and bit into her muffin. Then she looked at Ron, he had fallen upon his food as if he hadn’t eaten for days. If you saw him eat you wouldn’t say his wife cooked him three perfectly nice meals a day. Hermione managed to steal a little piece of egg and put it in her mouth.

‘I can’t be more than a month pregnant. I would have noticed it if I had missed another period. Or haven’t I been counting right?’ Hermione got up, still deep in thought, and went over to the calendar. There was a little red dot in one of the corners. She counted the days that had passed since then, 38 days. That was more then she expected. Maybe that was the problem. She had skipped some days without noticing because she had been occupied with work and the moving. She and Ron had just moved here a few weeks ago. Somewhere she must  have missed a day of birth control.

“What’s wrong dear? You look troubled.” Ron had finished his breakfast and was looking worried. Hermione turned to him and smiled.

“Just counting the days, isn’t it incredible that we are living here for a month already?”

“Yes it is. A month, really? It certainly doesn’t feel like that.” Ron answered while he put his plate in the sink. There he found the little cup, still containing the green fluid.

“It’s 36 days ago that we slept in this house for the first time, remember that?” Hermione asked.

Ron nodded, still holding the cup, examining it. “Dear what is this stuff? It looks like a potion, are you feeling alright?”

He held the cup high and Hermione remembered she hadn’t cleaned up after herself properly, like she would have normally done. She was really tired though, that was probably why she had forgotten. What now? Should she just tell him then? She went over to the kitchen and took the cup out of his hands poured the liquid down the drain and picked up the little cauldron.

“It’s nothing dear, just a little test. I had to be sure.” She would save some of the potion to maybe try and see later if it was really still true. Maybe it was just a mistake. These things weren’t flawless now, were they? Better not to tell anyone yet.

Ron looked at her puzzled. He knew she could be cryptic if she was busy in her head. ‘Better to let her puzzle it out first, before asking again’ he thought to himself. He watched her while she flicked her wand to make the dishes do themselves. There was something tired about her movements. Somehow, though he didn’t really know what it was, or how to put it into words, there was something fragile and tired-looking about her. But she would certainly not want him to put these thoughts into words.
“You look… have you slept well last night?”

Hermione looked up and smile weakly. “Not really, is it that obvious?” she could just go with it; it would explain a lot of things that she didn’t really want to explain any clearer just yet. Ron nodded. He then put his arms around her and held her close. Her hair brushed under his chin and her warm breath tickled on his still bare chest. She suddenly stood on her toes and kissed him lightly on the lips, turning around she tiptoed away. She needed a book on this kind of thing.

“Love, do you mind it if I go out for a bit? I need to get a book, something to read this weekend.” She heard a chuckle behind her. She turned around only to see her husband had burst out with laughter.

“Only my lovely wife wouldn’t have enough reading material in an entire bookcase to satisfy her reading cravings for a long weekend. I love you Hermione, but you can be utterly absurd.”

Hermione ignored him completely and left the house in a hurry. She gracefully turned on the doorstep and found herself seconds later, in front of the bookshop Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley. She went in and in a hurry she looked around in the bookshop.

“Where in the name of Dumbledore do they keep books on pregnancy?” Hermione muttered to herself. She knew this store inside out, but she had never had a pressing interest in books on pregnancy. Not till now, that is. She was almost certain it must be somewhere nearby  the books on health and taking care of minor injuries. So she went upstairs and soon found herself surrounded by books about health. Walking slowly alongside the bookshelves she scanned all the titles.

There where so many books on these shelves, thick books with old grey bindings, thin and brightly coloured books, books that flashed like rainbows when you tried to read the back, books that where spotlessly white with bright red letters and very small pocket sized books to take with you on a trip. Finally she found the young mother and baby section. It contained books in all kinds of soft colours, soft pink and blue and babyish yellow. Most of the book backs made Hermione sick to look at. They strongly reminded her of the plates with little kittens in Umbridge’s office.

A big, red coloured binding caught her eye. In bright gold shone the letters: The guide trough magical pregnancy: How to deal with this magical child from the day it is conceived till the very day it has to come out.

‘It’s perfect’ Hermione thought to herself. She sat down, laid the book on her knee and started reading the first page. It was amazing. She didn’t want to put the book down. Her nose still buried in the book she walked to the counter. The shop-assistant, a cute 17 years old girl with highly blond hair and a startlingly pink robe, watched her approach. She started laughing as soon as she recognized the customer. She’d worked in this store all summer and there wasn’t a person as often in this store as this woman. Hermione looked up at the sound and blushed. She lay the book down and fetched her purse from het pocket. Without looking up she paid the girl.

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