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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Meet the four
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Dudley Dursley was not what his parents considered normal. No, no he didn’t follow his parent’s footsteps. He didn't marry a nice muggle girl and have "normal" kids.

After the war Dudley finish school and became a teacher after moving out of his parents house. During his time in hiding Dudley went through a major change both physically and mentally, he was now a tall strong handsome man who didn't despise wizards like his parents.
When Dudley married a beautiful witch named Cho Chang his parents disowned poor Dudley but he was in love with her so he decided he didn't care about being disowned. A few years later Cho gave birth to their firstborn, Alexander Dursley, unfortunately Cho died two hours after giving birth for reasons still unknown.

11years later

Alex Dursley couldn’t explain the strange things that happened near him. Yesterday morning his cat float in the air for 5 minutes before it gently fell to the ground. Alex question his dad about it but his dad always gave him the same answer ' you'll know soon enough'.

Alex headed downstairs for some breakfast and he found his dad holding a letter and looking as if he had won millions of gold. Dudley had always known his son would be magical like his wife and the proof was in his hands.

"Alex have I ever told you about your mum or Uncle Harry?"

"Well you just said mum passed away from unknown reasons and who's Uncle Harry?" Dudley began to tell his son the story that would change his life.

Meanwhile at Potter Manor...
"We got our letter!!!" exclaimed Rose Weasley and Albus Potter as they ran into the living room filled with adults.

Rose Weasley was a cute little girl with bright red hair and a fiery temper. Her eyes were blue like her father’s with chocolate brown specks. Albus Potter was an exact copy of his father, Harry Potter, but he was just like his mother when it came to personality.

The grownups had been talking about the good times they had while they themselves had been in Hogwarts, Hermione had finished talking about someone being turned into a ferret which made Rose wonder that it was because it would have made it funnier if she knew.

"Great we'll go get your things tomorrow if that's fine with your mom Rose." Ginny looked over to Hermione who nodded. " Well it's settled then we'll go to Diagon Ally tomorrow now go get you brothers and cousins so we can eat lunch before Ron dies of starvation." everybody laughed then headed to the kitchen while they waited for the kids.

Meanwhile at Malfoy Manor the second.

“Dad I got my letter and guess what!!!" Scorpius Malfoy was an adorable little boy and the only thing Draco had left besides his job. Draco Malfoy had one hell of a life after the war, his dad was given the dementors kiss and his mom had been killed by death eaters for helping Potter. Luckily Draco was pronounced innocent on the grounds that he only did what he could to survive and keep his mother alive which was true. He took over his dad's business it had not been an easy task but he manage to prove everyone he was a different better man. When Scorpius was 7 Draco's wife passed away from an illness she got while visiting a town in Africa. Draco picked himself up and became stronger because his son needed him.

"That’s great son and I don't know you tell me."

"Well I sent the headmaster a letter a few days ago asking her about the pets we could have and she gave me permission to take a ferret!" Scorpius had recently started asking for a ferret and it truly annoyed Draco.

"Scorp I already told you I'm not letting you have a ferret! Bloody things give me nightmares." Well that wasn't to true he just hated ferrets ever since he was turned into one on his fourth year.

"But dad!! I want a ferret!!"

"No is no Scorpius now come on let's go buy your things. Hmm an owl would be nice don't you think that way you won't have to use the Hogwarts owls"

"I prefer a ferret." Scorpius muttered under his breath. He was going to get a ferret sooner or later.

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