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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 17 : Flowers and Charms
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“That bitch!” Ginny was NOT too pleased when I told her on Sunday what happened with Lavender in The Three Broomsticks.  “Who the bloody hell does she think she is?”


We were in the Heads common room and Ginny was pacing in front of the fire while Luna, Pansy and I sat down sipping cups of tea. They both thought Lavender was a bit insane as well, but Ginny was livid.  She reminded me of Ron when he got pissed off.  Red hair, red face.  Oh hell, RON!


“I honestly don’t know what her deal is.  She’s dating your brother for Merlin’s sake!  She stole him from me and now it’s like she’s trying to ruin this relationship too.  What the hell is her problem?” I was on my feet and pacing after I realized she was now trying to ruin the second real relationship I had ever had.


“She’s jealous.” Luna mused in a whimsical voice.  I turned to look at her, my brows furrowed in confusion.


“Jealous?  She has Ron.  She took him from me; she got what she always wanted.  Why would she be jealous?”


“Of course!  Think about it.  She dated Ron during your sixth year right?” I nodded my head and grimaced when Ginny brought that up.  “But then he sort of dumped her while he was unconscious because he said your name.  She hasn’t liked you since so of course she’s going to try and ruin everything good in your life.  You “took” Ron away from her so she took him from you.  But that wasn’t enough for her.  Now you have an even better guy that loves you more than Ron will ever love her, and she’s jealous.  Ron even admitted to still loving you and wanting you back during the summer at your manor!”


“Man that bitch is twisted.” Pansy said and we all chuckled a bit.


“Draco loves you Hermione, more than anything.  Just remember that and you two will be fine.” Luna told me with a smile.


“Thanks Luna.” After the bitching about Lavender we started discussing what we were going to wear to my party on Saturday.




Tuesday morning at breakfast I thought I was going to die from laughter.  Lavender walked in with a head full of green hair.  The entire Great Hall was staring and pointing while she held her nose in the air and tried to ignore it.


Hmm… green.  I bet I know who did this.  I looked over to the Slytherin table and caught Draco’s eye.  He winked at me and I smiled at my devilish boyfriend.  Yes!  Hermione 1, Lavender 0.


After I had a good laugh with Ginny about the swamp thing formerly known as Miss Brown, I collected the cameras from the “8th” years to retrieve the data during my free period that day.  Luckily McGonagall had arranged to have a laptop set up for me in my dorm which I was again allowed to use the spells I had used on the TV to make it run without electricity.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get internet service, but I didn’t need it for this project anyway.


During my Muggle Studies class we discussed ‘The Breakfast Club’ and what it meant to everyone.  A lot of people compared the bad boy and good girl characters to Draco and me as he had done last week.  Others actually got the point of why I showed the movie.


“It’s about diversity.  How everyone is different with different families, but in the end we’re all the same.  How we should treat each other with respect and get past all the stereotypes.” That answer came from a 6th year Hufflepuff.


“Yes!  100 points to Emily!  What do the points do?  Nothing.  But that’s irrelevant; the point is that like she said, everyone is the same. We are all people.  I hope you will take the movie’s advice and befriend someone you never thought you would.  Now, next topic.  I can’t wait to see what you guys took pictures of for your first week.  I’m a little nervous, but very excited.   I would like to talk about Muggle authors and books today.”


We sat around in a circle, once again in beanbags and comfy clothes.  We talked about Shakespeare, which I had to explain was actually not a Muggle but a wizard.  All the Muggleborns and some Halfbloods were as surprised and upset as I was when I found out.  We discussed Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island,’ Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ Charles Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations’ along with many other favorites from the class.


I asked then all to send home for one of their favorite books and swap them with each other throughout the week.  One of my favorites, ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare,’ was passed on to Draco.  I am a pureblood now, so I figured, the Muggleborns are bringing in Muggle authors, why not introduce them to Shakespeare’s works again now that they know he was magical.


Wednesday was a chore… I was attacked by a Spiky Prickly Plant in Herbology that was being reserved for the second years.  Damn thing shot its spikes out and they stuck in my arm. Brain, remind me never to get to close to one of those ugly things again, ok thanks.  I ended up in the hospital wing for an hour while Madame Pomfrey tried to get every last sticker out.  Stupid plant’s like a cactus, it has large thorns but then small ones that aren’t noticeable to the naked eye.  I ended up missing Arithmacy because of it.


Draco almost had a heart attack when I walked into the Great Hall for dinner with my arm bandaged.  He’s such a worry wart.  He wouldn’t leave my side even though I was just attacked by a stupid plant and the wound would be gone in an hour.




Thursday morning I woke up to the scent of spring.  Mmmm… something smells amazing and fresh.  I stretched my arms above my head and slowly opened my eyes.  I was greeted by the sight of dozens of sunny yellow daffodils in vases on every surface in my room.  I smiled and shook my head in amazement.



There was a note on my bedside table.


Happy 19th Birthday Love,


The sun is always shining when I’m with you.  I will see you at breakfast.


To a New Beginning,

xx Draco’


I fell back on my bed and closed my eyes.  That man… so incredibly amazing.  How did I get so lucky?


All throughout my morning routine I had a huge smile plastered to my face.  Singing in the shower, humming while I brushed my teeth, and skipping down to the Great Hall.  I received a few ‘what’s up with her today’ looks while skipping but I didn’t care.


Draco’s head turned in the direction of the doors as soon as I entered.  He had a bright smile on his face that could have supplied an entire country with light for a whole week.  I hurried over to him and he pulled me onto his lap.  I gave him a passionate kiss that took him and everyone around us by surprise.


No… don’t pull away, not yet… damn.


“Wow.” Was all he managed to breathe out.


“Yeah.  Um… that was a thank you for the amazing sight I woke up to this morning.  I loved it Draco, the flowers are beautiful.” I hugged him tightly.


“Ehem… Happy Birthday Sis.” Blaise brought me out of my moment with Draco and I thought oh shit!  My poor brother is sitting right next to us and it’s his birthday too!  I’m such a bad sister…


I got up off of Draco’s lap and hugged Blaise.  “Happy Birthday Bro. Can’t wait till Saturday!  We’re exchanging gifts then right?” Blaise nodded and then we heard the owls come in with the post and I sat back down on Draco’s lap.  Blaise and I got presents from Mother and my parents.


Mother sent me a beautiful pair of silver heels with ankle straps and rhinestones crisscrossing in the front along with a package of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Lars.  Merlin I love that man. I took a bite of one and then held it back for Draco to take a bite.


“Mmmmmmm good.”


“Yeah I know.  Lars is an awesome guy.”  I sighed as I took another bite.


Draco moved the hair off my shoulder and kissed my neck.  “I’m better though right?” He breathed against my skin making me shudder.


“Mmmm well…” I said and then he started tickling me until I told him he was way better than the manor chef.  I continued to open my presents.  Mum and Dad got Blaise and me both a few new cds we had mentioned we were into.  They also gave him a package of new Fender guitar picks.


“Damn, I like this whole ‘having a sister with adoptive parents that treat me like their son too’ thing.  Double the gifts!” I elbowed him and chuckled.


Along with my cds there was a silver chain link charm bracelet.  I had loved it since I was a little girl; it belonged to my Grandmother.  There was a ‘G’ for Granger that she added when she got married, a small heart which the red enamel was wearing off, bagpipes that were tarnished and a silver and gold butterfly.  There were also a few new charms.


The first was a rose, its petals were light lavender and the stem was silver.  It looked like my favorite flower, Sterling roses.  They’re thorn less and incredibly beautiful. The second was a black witch’s hat.  And the last was a silver ‘Z’ which was encrusted in diamonds according to the note that came with my presents.  Mother added the ‘Z’ for Zabini.  It was absolutely perfect.


Blaise was showing off his new book ‘Magical Pranksters.’  It was awesome, it updated itself every year to add new generations of pranksters.  I was amazed when I saw a whole 2 pages on Fred and George.


After a few more minutes admiring my bracelet, I reluctantly got off Draco’s lap and walked over to the Gryffindor table.  As soon as I sat down Ginny gave me a hug and wished me a happy birthday.  As we were eating an owl with black and white spots carrying a large bundle flew down and landed in front of me.  I gave him a bit of toast and he left.


“What’s that?  Is there a card?” Ginny asked excitedly and we looked for a card.  She finally found it and handed it to me.  We read it together.


Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman.

~~All my love,



We both “awed” and started to tear away the tissue paper.  Wrapped in pink tissue paper were the most beautiful calla lilies I had ever seen.


“Oh that man.” I smiled over my shoulder and mouthed an “I love you” to Draco who was looking at me through loving eyes.


I had Winky bring my flowers, Blaise’s and my gifts up to my dorm after breakfast and walked to History of Magic with Draco’s arm wrapped around my waist.  When we arrived there was a bouquet of forget-me-nots sitting on my desk.


More gorgeous flowers… man he really is rich.  He’s spoiling me so badly.  I feel like a princess… Sleeping Beauty for sure.  I’ve lived my entire life up until this point believing I was some one else, and then all of a sudden I’m transformed and pulled into a different reality.  Then my prince comes and brings me out of the darkness from the war.  He’s my savior.  And he’s hotter than any prince I’ve ever seen.  ‘Wink wink’

The card from this batch read:


My True Love,

Let’s continue to make memories together.

xx Draco’


Next class I had Transfiguration and was once again greeted by gorgeous flowers upon entering.  This time it was vase of pink primroses.  McGonagall raised an eyebrow and smiled when she entered the classroom.  This card said:


My Hermione,

I can’t live without you.




I could feel my eyes start to tear up.  I looked to the other side of the room and saw Lavender sitting there with a pout on her face and her arms crossed.  Ha!  That’s right bitch, what I have with Draco is real!  And knowing Ron, he is never going to buy you a single flower.  Never.


I sent the flowers off with Winky once again; she had sort of become my personal little helper since school started.  I walked out the door of the classroom to find Draco lounging against the opposite wall.  I ran over and jumped in his arms.  He just laughed and spun me around.


“Thank you… thank you….thank you…” I said between kisses I placed on his lips.


“We’ll see you guys in class.” Ginny said behind me and she and Neville headed off to the dungeons.  Draco put me down and I looked into his eyes.


“I can’t live without you either Draco… I’d be a mess.  Even more than I am now.” He grabbed my hand and kissed it then led me to our Defense class.


We sat in our same seats in class as usual.  I didn’t arrive to flowers, but halfway through class 2 dozen white roses were brought in by a couple of house elves and placed in front of me.  I guess Draco has lil helpers of his own.


The entire class was disrupted by his show of affection.  Professor Wilkins had a sour look on his face and tried to call us all back to his attention.


I didn’t care what he was saying.  I was just in complete awe of the man next to me.


‘Draco… this is too much, this is all too much…” I couldn’t believe I had yet another batch of incredible flower in front of me.


“Nothing is ever going to be too much for you Hermione.” He told me.  I looked for the card and read:


My Heavenly Hermione,

My eternal love for you shall never fade.

I belong to you,



I turned to look at him with tears in my eyes.  He smiled and brought his lips down to mine. “I love you.”  He whispered against my mouth.


“I feel the same…” I whispered back.


Lunch hour finally came around and I met my 1st through 4th years in the 7th floor hall.  As I walked up to the blank wall I saw a vase full of deep red and white striped amaryllis.  I picked up the flowers and smiled thinking about my love and how his ‘bad boy’ reputation was now completely shot.


While the class was getting their lunch together I read the note.



I am so unbelievably proud of you for taking on all you do.  Have a fantastic class love.

xx Draco’


Class did turn out well, mainly due to my thoughts of Draco.


Throughout my free period and a little before dinner I spent my time in the library trying to finish all the work I had been assigned that week.  Bloody Wilkins, can’t believe he gave us extra work because of the flowers.  Stupid wanker.  When I was finished I walked back to my dorm.


Mmmm something smells delicious.


I walked into the common room to drop off my books before dinner and the air was filled with an amazing scent, apart from all the flowers.  My nose led me over to our little kitchenette.  There tossing a salad together in his school uniform and a white apron was Draco.


“Well well well, what’s all this chef?” I asked as I leaned against the door frame.  He turned at the sound of my voice and walked over to give me a kiss.  Aww he looks so cute.


“This m’lady is your birthday dinner.  Please take a seat.” Draco led me over to the small table.  He had placed a dark green table cloth over it, figures, and there were 2 candle sticks in gold holders.  Well, they aren’t silver; he gave me at least something from Gryffindor.


“Something smells heavenly, what did you make?” I sniffed the air as he took something out of the oven.


“Eggplant parmesan.  Well, technically the house elves made it, but I made the salad.” He smiled bashfully and placed the dish of my favorite food and the salad on he table.


“That is my absolute favorite food in the whole world, thank you.  And thank you to the house elves.”


“I know, you told me over the summer and that’s not something I would forget.  You went on and on in detail as to why it was your favorite.” He chuckled and I threw him a scowl.  “Now, does champagne sound alright?” I nodded my head in agreement.  “Good, we have some celebrating to do.  I’ll also get some water.”


When Draco got back to the table he served me then himself and raised his glass in a toast.


“To the love I have always dreamed of and will forever cherish.  Happy birthday Hermione.  I love you.” He said smiling to me.


“And to my beloved Draco, whom without I would not have as much joy and happiness in my life as I have now.”


We clinked glasses and took a sip of the delicious champagne.


Throughout dinner we talked about the parties that the Slytherins had in the past and what I should expect on Saturday.  I was apprehensive when he told me that one year landed a couple guys in the hospital wing, but he assured me everything was different now.  Everyone was different now, and most of the people that caused problems didn’t even come back this year.


“Well that was spectacular Draco, thank you.” I said at the end of the meal.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it love.  Now while I clean up why don’t you go ahead upstairs and get changed, then maybe we can have a nice quiet rest of the night by the fire.”


“Alright sounds like a plan.  I’ll see you in a few.” I kissed him and made my up the stairs to my room.


“That’s strange; I thought I already got all my gifts at breakfast.” When I entered my room there was a large cream box with blue ribbon sitting atop my bed.  I untied the ribbon and opened the lid to find a dozen sterling roses tied together with twine.


“Bloody hell…” They were so beautiful and they smelled divine.  I lifted the flowers out of the box to reveal a note lying on a bundle of ivory.


“What in the world…” I put the flowers on the bed and opened the note.


My Beloved Titania,

Please grace me with your presence in the Room of Requirement as soon as you have changed.

Forever yours,



I smiled and thought ‘What is that man up to now…’


“Oh my…” I was at a loss for words when I pulled the floor length, sheer ivory and gold flowing dress out of the box.  It was beautiful.  Ivory silk with an overlay of shimmering gold fabric, light as air.  The dress was calling to me; I had to put it on.


It fit perfectly.  Thick straps led to a deep v in the back and covered a bit more in the front.  Sparkly ivory ribbon lined under the bust and gave it an empire waist.  It tied across the bare skin of my back.  The fabric glided down my body like water.  A golden crown of leaves inlaid with red gems sat on the bottom of the box.  Hmm, Gryffindor colors, I smiled to myself.


“What the hell can he have planned for me looking like this…?”  My heart began to beat faster as I looked in the mirror.  I couldn’t help but think I looked like I was in a very elaborate night gown, Halloween costume or lingerie.  I wasn’t able to wear a bra with the dress and became slightly nervous.

Oh lord… is that was he has planned for me? Is tonight the night… am I ready?

Yes.  No… yes.  I love him right?  Of course.  He just better behave himself if I change my mind, that little creep… I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this.


I decided to curl my hair before I sat the crown upon my head.  Ok, curl the hair, pin half of it up, crown on head, light peach blush and I’m ready to find my Prince.


“It didn’t come with shoes…” I tried on every pair of my shoes and none matched.  “Maybe he didn’t want me to wear shoes?”


“Ahh cold shit… cold!  Oh man what a stupid idea not to wear shoes, at least I could have put on socks until I got there!  Stupid Hermione!” I reprimanded myself as I was half running half hiding in the shadows throughout the castle.  The cold stone floor was chilling me to the bone.




I made it to the 7th floor corridor only coming into contact with Peeves.  I promised to get him some products from George’s shop next Hogsmeade trip so he could wreak havoc around the castle if he wouldn’t tell anyone what I was up to.


Ok Hermione breathe, just breathe.  It will probably be amazing so don’t be nervous.  It’s the man of your dreams waiting for you in there, you can do this.  Besides… you’re 19 today, wouldn’t it be a great birthday gift to yourself?  I don’t know…


I was standing outside the door to the ROR wondering if I could go through with this.  I was terrified to say the least, but anxious and excited at the same time.  I wanted to be with him.


“Ok, deep breath.” I tried to calm my hyperventilating.  I walked towards the door and pushed it inward.  As soon as I saw what was inside everything finally clicked in my head…




A/N: I do NOT own Harry Potter, ‘The Breakfast Club’, Sleeping Beauty, or ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Nor the characters from it: Oberon and Titania.


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