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Annie by Manga_girl
Chapter 5 : Crushing News
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 “God, you’re so annoying!” Charlie called down the corridor. “If you’re going to tell me that you are choosing her over me, well you can go fuck yourself!”

I raised my eyebrow, freezing into a static position before I turned into the corridor. If Charlie saw me listening in, well she wouldn’t be too happy. I felt rather ashamed that I was listening in, but it had all happened by accident. I was walking to my usual empty classroom when I saw her in front of me. Instinct came into place and I froze still. She didn’t see me; however I knew that I should have turned around. It was none of my business to listen in. But I did.

“I ain’t choosing her over you, you know. I was already with her in the first place! I’m just saying I ain’t comfortable cheating on her!” a boy replied to Charlie. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I didn’t recognise his voice. The situation was easy to place together though.

Wait, was he the boy who I caught Charlie kissing the other day?

I think he was.

Damn, I knew more gossip than most, only because no one noticed me when I listened in. However, gossip lead to guilt as I shouldn’t know all that stuff. But I won’t tell anyone. Who is there to tell it to anyway?

“Well, guess what. You already did snog me anyway so why go back to Agnes? God, she’s so annoying and, ugh! How can you do this to me?” Charlie yelled, her sharp voice echoing across all corridors. I even heard her stomp her foot violently. I prayed that she wouldn’t turn on her loud heels and walk right over to me.

“Bloody hell, isn’t she your friend?”

“So? What does that have to do with it?” Charlie spat. Honestly, if I was lucky enough to have friends, I’d try and keep them. Charlie seemed to be doing the opposite at the present.

“Merlin, you wonder why I don’t want to date you! Agnes is my girlfriend and that is that. Please, can you just keep this to yourself?”

“No I can’t, not now. Agnes won’t want to be with you now, Danny.”

Oh, so it was like that. Agnes was dating this Danny bloke, but he was cheating on her with Charlie. I was thankful that my life wasn’t that complicated, apart from the fact that I hadn’t spoken more than five words in three days.

“Please. Look, we’ve only been back to school a month and I don’t wanna ruin it for her this early. What can I do to make you keep your mouth shut, eh?” Danny asked Charlie.

“Just one more kiss?” she asked, putting fake innocence in her voice. I could sense that she was toying with Danny.

“Alright then, you,” he replied childishly. I screwed up my face, disgusted, when I heard the sound of them kissing.  

But then I heard footsteps. Panicking, I pretended that I had only just got there. “What you looking at, Rowe?” Charlie spat.

“Nothing,” I whispered quietly, looking towards to floor, ashamed that she caught me stooping in.

“How much of that did you hear, eh?” she asked violently and I cringed away.

“How much of what?” I stuttered, praying that she believed me.

“Good. Keep your mouth shut, bitch.” And with that, she raised her hand and slapped me around the face. My cheek stung and was tinted a bright red colour, however I didn’t react in any way. That would just make things worse, and I stood no chance in any sort of fight. “Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” I said quietly, nodding and scuttling off away from her.

“Running away to your silly little band?” she called once I got half way down the corridor. “You and your band of merry losers making a fool of yourself?”

“Go away,” I muttered though I doubted she heard me. I just scarpered off, glad that she didn’t follow.

“Hey, you going off to sing with nerds now?” a voice I didn’t recognise jeered as I entered the charms classroom. I blushed, which immediately caused more embarrassment considering my face had just turned a beautiful shade that could only be described as Weasley red.  A term that was invented by Charlie and I couldn’t help but think of, even though it was rather mean.

“No,” I muttered even though I may not have been heard. I sat down in my allocated seat which was next to Agnes. Joy. I couldn’t look at her directly considering what I had heard the other day. Guilt bubbled up inside me. I shouldn’t have listened in but should I tell her? She wouldn’t listen anyway, we weren’t friends. Actually, I wasn’t sure she knew my name.

“What you looking at?” she spat, rolling her eyes as I turned away, embarrassed. She pivoted around and talked to another one of her friends, Sarah Halliday, who sat on the desk next to ours. A

I felt like I was being eaten alive by everyone who looked at me. Ever since I joined band, everyone had teased me about it. People who I didn’t know started to recognise me, but insult me rather than just a ‘hello Annie’ or ‘how are you today?’

I felt rather hopeless, really, considering everyone was now talking about me for the wrong reasons. I honestly had no idea how they even knew about it anyway. Charlie probably spread the news.

Max and Amanda, who had constantly told me that it would die down, didn’t really understand. They weren’t popular, but they had friends. Admittedly, the plural may have been an exaggeration but I saw them walking around laughing with others. I had nothing.

Apart from that one portrait who, whenever I walk by, called my name and asked if I wanted to go for a pint of larger in a Scottish tavern.

“Settle down class,” Flitwick squeaked. I head a rather mean comment from Agnes that he got shorter year by year as he got older. “Now then, today I’d like you to work in the pairs you’re sat in.”

A groan erupted throughout the whole classroom. The loudest being Agnes. I sighed, knowing that she was fuming to have to work with me. I was sure she is nice to her friends, but she wasn’t my favourite person in the world either.

After he did the register, Flitwick silenced the angry class to explain what would happen in the lesson. “Now then, before we go on to a new topic I want to do a mock test with you all, questions based on everything you’ve done from years one to six and the first few weeks back this year.”

“I ain’t doing any of the work,” Agnes said loudly. Flitwick ignored her. “I don’t know why I’m even taking this shitty subject.”

“I will hand out the papers and I’ll expect them to be completed by the end of the lesson. Go!”

Papers flew from his desk to ours. I sighed, seeing before me five sheets of double sided, complicated questions. I was no good at Charms; actually I was pretty rubbish at everything that wasn’t guitar playing. I’d only taken it because I had no idea what I wanted to do and taking the well rounded subjects seemed like a good route out of an otherwise complicated decision.

I turned around to ask Agnes if she knew the answer to question one, only then to see she was in avid conversation to Sarah. Groaning, I knew I’d have to work out the whole paper by myself. Agnes probably wouldn’t know the answers anyway. Well, it was safe to say I was screwed.

“Why have you only done five questions?” Agnes spat ten minutes into the test. “Get a move on, Rowe!”

And with that, she was already talking to Sarah again, whose poor partner was, like me, scribbling down everything singlehandedly.

If I fail, it’s entirely Agnes’ fault. Technically, it would be mine because I’d be the one answering all the questions but still.

“Did you hear who Dakota has a crush on?” I heard Agnes say.

“I don’t have a crush on anyone!” Dakota said from across the room.

“Oh you do. You told me yesterday, remember. What was his name?” Agnes jeered, Dakota tried to shut her up, her face bright red. I felt sorry for her, considering that Dakota was the only one of the girls in my house who was relatively nice to me.

“Shut up,” she snarled in reply.

“Who is it?” Sarah asked, poised in position to spread the news across the whole class. Agnes and Sarah, well they were gossipers.

“I’m not saying a word,” Dakota replied.

“Oh stop being such a prude,” Agnes laughed. “Do you really want to know who it is?”

“No she doesn’t,” Dakota murmured as Sarah nodded excitedly.

“Dakota fancies Jude!”

Oh brilliant. 

A/N Hello everyone! Sorry for the long update, I've been rather busy but I hope to get back into posting chapters! 

This hasn't been beta'd yet but I hope it goes through my amazing beta swiftly.

Thanks to you for reading and please leave a review! They make my day and I reply to them all!

Emma x

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Annie: Crushing News


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