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Pair of Kings by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 1 : Pair of Kings
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For some reason, my family- and I mean my entire family -thinks it would be a good idea to take 25 gingers and put them in the woods.


I’m not even kidding.


I think it was supposed to be some sort of family bonding experience. Everyone in the entire wizarding world, my parents and aunts and uncles included, seem to believe that us Weasley’s must be inseparable, but to be honest with you, I barely even talk to half my cousins.


Which is why we are currently driving Far East of my lovely soft bed and hot showers to the woods with my annoying brother Hugo screaming in my ear, and the rest of my god damn obnoxious cousins. That might also be the reason I just smacked my brother upside the head.


So here we have it. A car filled with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry, 3 Potters, 8 Weasley’s and 1 Malfoy.

Yes, my wonderful cousin Albus is seemingly unable to go anywhere with his bloody wanker of a friend, Scorpius.

Actually, he’s really not that bad. Just a bit of loon, really.


Why my poor Aunt and Uncle signed up for this is beyond me.


“Ohp! Curb check everyone! Don’t worry, we are almost there!” Uncle Harry shouted over the chatter amongst cousins.




“Alright kids, let’s uh… let’s get this show on the road!” Uncle Harry proclaimed as he began unloading the car. I pulled out my cell phone and stood on a rock, attempting to get precious bars in this bloody forest.


“Rose, that means you,” Albus stated. Prat.


I hastily stuffed my cell phone in my back pocket and grabbed my bag and throwing it down on the ground. I glared at Albus before responding “Happy?”

Albus rolled his eyes at me and continued attempting to set up a tent.


It was only 10:30 in the morning. How I was going to survive this mess was beyond me.


I sat down with my head in my hands and began to rub my temples.


“What’s wrong Rosie, too much family time all ready?” Fred asked, smirking. I heard Uncle Harry chuckle from behind the car; I shot him the bird.


Why was my family so rude to me?


The only person that, between the car ride and the few minutes we’ve been here, hasn’t royally pissed me off was Scorpius Malfoy. Shocker, I know. So you can imagine my response when Aunt Ginny asked him to go in search of firewood in the woods.


Aunt Ginny seemed pleased when I volunteered to go with him, as if I had actually been trying to do something for the family; when in actuality, Malfoy is just fucking sexy.


Scorpius had begun to ascend into the woods and I followed after him, eager to get away from my family.


“Oi! Malfoy, wait up!” I called my voice echoing through the trees. He stopped, turned around, and frowned at me before continuing on his merry way. I scowled at his annoying blond head and ran to catch up, not wanting to get lost in the eerie forest.


“MALFOY!” I screamed; suddenly furious with the little git. He turned around right as I approached him, bringing his arm around my head and covering my mouth.


“Don’t yell,” He snarled “You’ll scare away the prey.” His eyes full of mirth; he released me and continued down the path.


He sure had a lot of cheek for such a shy bloke.


“And who is the prey, exactly?” I asked, not bothering to lower my voice, as I stood rooted to the path.


“You.” He replied as he grabbed my hand and began to run.



My heart quickened as I was pulled farther and farther into the woods.


“Let go of me!” I screeched, but Malfoy just kept running, forcing me to run as well.


And let me tell you one thing, unless I am being chased by a pack of wild hippogriffs, Rose Weasley does not run.


We were very deep in the forest now. Suddenly, he stopped short and turned around, me plowing into him unsuspecting of the sudden halt. We were centimeters apart and I could feel his breath on my skin, prickling. He was a head taller than me, maybe two, and his eyes bore into mine.


“Have you ever pretended to be something you’re not?” He asked me, not bothering to shift his gaze.


“Excuse me?” I replied as Malfoy ran his fingers through his hair. I didn’t have time for his silly games.


“I just meant… Sometimes, trying to block out the world is easier than trying to live in it,” He sighed but I didn’t say anything and neither did he. “Just… Just come with me.” He whispered finally.


“Honestly Malfoy…”


“Trust Me.” He said.


And, for some strange ass reason, I did.


He took my hand again, but this time he didn’t run. Instead, he backed up slowly his eyes never leaving mine. We approached a cliff, running water beneath it, but Malfoy just kept walking, never letting go of my hand. I opened my mouth to stop him - I’d rather not see a bloke tumble to his death today – when he stopped short.


“You and Me?” He whispered. “We’re a pair of kings.” I snorted at this and he glared at me.


“What!” I proclaimed, looking down at my jeans. “How can we be royal in ripped up jeans and old trainers!” He smiled; a real smile, not one of his infamous smirks.


“That’s the thing. We’re a pair of kings in ripped up jeans and this forest,” He announced looking over his shoulder, “Is our kingdom.”


This felt like child’s play! I was not about to prance around the forest with Malfoy, none the less!


“Come on, Rose,” He called. I huffed and turned around, walking out of the forest.


“Maybe this is why you don’t get along with your family!” He yelled, anger dripping from his words, “They all have personality, and are fun-loving, when you Rose? You’re just a bloody slag.”


That was it.


I had had enough of Scorpius Malfoy’s alter-ego for one day. I stormed up to him and raised my hand to his face. Just as I was about to leave a very red hand print upon his pastille cheek, he caught my wrist – damn him and his bloody good Quidditch reflexes- . 


“That’s it, my royal. Let’s go. We’ve got a whole land to explore.”


I suddenly understood why Scorpius liked to live in the stories he reads about, it was so much easier than living real life. And to be honest? It’s a bloody good time.


We traveled down the side of a cliff to the small pond bellow, feeling like royalty and explorers. There was a small waterfall, licking the wall which stood behind it. I ran my hand under the soft water but it was as cold as ice. Malfoy smirked at my hesitancy and pulled my closer.


“Don’t be afraid,” He whispered, his eyes dancing as a small smirk played at his lips.  “It will be cool at first, than exhilarating and weightless.”


“Malfoy, I would get hypothermia…” I said rolling my eyes.


“It’s our initiation; you won’t get sick if you don’t stay under too long. I’ll pull you out, I promise.”


For some reason, I found myself drawn to the small waterfall. So serene and peaceful, I was envious of its purity.  I took another step, cool water surrounding my boots.


Have you ever read a really good book where you’re on the edge of seat at the climax because you truly don’t know what could happen from there? That’s what I felt like in that moment.


It was the point of no return. I was about to be “Initiated” –whatever that meant- or I was about to be burnt.


So I took a step. I could feel the cool mist on my warm face, and smell the fresh plants surrounding me.

But when I took that last step, hurtling myself into the sheet of bitter water, everything disappeared. I no longer felt Malfoy’s firm grip on my hand, or the pain of going to sleep and realizing I didn’t want to wake up in the morning. I forgot all about the pain of my father being killed and my mother shutting down. In that moment, I realized I didn’t want to be unhappy any more. Maybe, just maybe, if I began living in the now, my past would start to mend it’s self.


It was cool.


It was exhilarating.

It was weightless.


It was fucking freezing.


“You fucking git, Malfoy!” I screamed, stepping out of the water, breathing heavily. I was shivering like a snake attempting to shed its skin.


And there stood Malfoy – bloody wanker- laughing his ass off.


“I honestly didn’t think you’d do it. Guess they didn’t put you into Gryffindor for nothing, eh?”


Anger erupted inside me, bubbling up to the surface when I realized, fuck I am a bloody Gryffindor and instead of being aggressive, I let my head back had a proper laugh.


Maybe, just maybe, things would turn out all right… for the both of us.




“That sure is a long time to get firewood,” Someone called as Scorpius and I emerged from the woods.


I swallowed my anger and tears pricked at my eyes.


I walked over to Uncle Harry and gave him a hug. “I love you, Uncle.” I said quietly, something much unheard of coming from my lips.


Uncle Harry was surprised at first before hugging me tighter. I went to my brother and gave him a hug too, before sitting back down on a log next to Scorpius.


I’m not sure he will ever know how much a simple child-hood game helped me turn my life around.


Or will he know how he gave me my childhood back.


Nor will he realize how much courage he bestowed upon me, how much love he showed me, and how good he made me feel.


And that, is something I can never repay.


Now, curled up in my sleeping bag, I take off my crown of grass, and get the best sleep I’ve had in all my 16 years of living.




A/N - Hello! I got inspiration for this story while in the shower... :)


I hope you like it, and please leave a review.


***Note, I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this Novemeber! I am so excited and cannot wait for my first year! :)



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