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Breaking Even by lovestings
Chapter 2 : Ava: The devil's little brother
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 A/N: Hi again! How did you guys like? I really like this so far so hopefully you like it :P Let me know please! I’m working on getting a banner ASAP and maybe even chapter images for the near future. Sorry for any mistakes, I tried to be good with it but I am only human so feel free to correct me. Who do you guys think is going to be her other friend? Any ideas? Thanks for reading and leave a review! xoxo




“I won!”


“Did not!”


“Did too!”


“Did not!”


“Did not!”


“Did too!”


“Hah, I told you I won.” Melanie proclaimed with a grin, staring at my brother as he looked at her with a frown, mumbling something about how she was always a cheater. Melanie stuck her tongue at him before collecting the chocolate frogs she had won in their game of exploding snap.


We had been on the train for almost an hour now and already I hadn’t be spared a second of peace and quiet since our compartment had been filled. Besides Melanie, Scorpius, my brother, and I there were four other people with us.


Lorcan and Lysander Scamander were seated next to each other, both already in their clean-cut Slytherin robes. The twins were beaters on our team and fun to be around. They both were tall with blonde hair and blue eyes but Lorcan was a little bit chubbier than Lysander who was basically a twig of wood.


Anthony Greengrass was another one of the people in our compartment. He was quiet and kept to himself and a year bellow all of us but he hung around with us since he was Scorpius’s cousin. He was currently in the corner by the window reading.


Lastly was my other best friend, who was so out of her comfort zone sitting with us but had made a deal with me. She sits with us half way and I sit with her group the second. I was hoping she would forget.


“Come on, Ava, time to switch compartments.” Guess she didn’t.


I looked up at Dominique Weasley with a pleading look in my eyes, begging not too but I knew there was no hope. She had her slender hand resting on her hips as she stared down at me. Her long blonde hair was in soft waves and her blue eyes were fixated on me. It sucked that I was best friends with the cousin of the boy who broke my heart and it was even worse that she didn’t know. She, like the rest of her family, thought it was a mutual breakup between each other but it wasn’t at all.


I sighed and stood up crossing my arms across my chest as I huffed a goodbye to my friends and stalked out of the compartment, following Dom down the corridor to the one where her family awaited.


“I don’t know why you make such a big deal about sitting with my family, Ava, none of us care that you and James broke up.” She said, oblivious to the soft topic she brought up. Bam, another ache in my chest as I ignored it. I just couldn’t bring it in my heart to tell Dom that her cousin was a sadistic mother fucker who took my heart and shred it into my pieces, let alone my virtue that he took on false knowledge of him ‘loving’ me.


“Whatever you say, Dom.” I said looking over to give my stubborn and talkative friend a small smile. She looped our arms together as we neared the compartment. We stopped near one of the large ones which I’m sure we would need considering how big her family way. Even minus the ones that graduated last year. She slid open the door and walked in with ease taking a seat on the seats as I followed suit.


“Hey bitches, I know you missed me but it took me a couple minutes to reason with crazy over here.” Dominique said, looking over her family with a wide grin. I could see from the corner of my eye her cousin Rose Weasley giving her a dirty look before mumbling how she had to leave for her head girl meeting.


“Trust me; we were happier when you weren’t here.” Hugo Weasley said, snorting as he looked over at her. He had ginger hair and pale skin and was currently eating chocolate frogs and jelly beans. “Nice to see you, Ava.” He added as he looked over to me and gave me a small smile.


God bless that kid, he was such a sweetheart. It must suck for him to have such an uptight sister.


“Likewise, Red.” I said, giving him a small smile. Everyone in their family called Rose Red because of her red hair but she hated it. I, instead, took up calling Hugo Red because he had the same color hair as Rose just more muted down. Besides, I liked to rebel against what the crowd was doing anyways.


“Hi, Evangeline.” I heard a soft voice say, using my full name. I hated it and hated my parents for giving me such an out-dated name. While my brother had a very interesting name it worked for him but for me it didn’t, sadly.


I looked up and instantly my smile dropped as I started into the blue eyes that she shared with her eldest brother. I pushed my old memories aside and put on a forced smile before responding, “Hey, Lily.” That was it for our conversation. Simple and short.


Sometimes I liked to think that Lily deep down was the only one who knew about what really happened with James and I. She treated me differently once James and I ended. She sent me an owl over the summer asking me how I was and I responded shortly but our conversation never continued on from that. Maybe Lily did not and just didn’t want to bring up the topic of how much of a monster her own brother was. I’d be ashamed too, if I was her and Albus.


“You’re hair got longer,”


“Wow, Albus, way to make things awkward.” Dom said, giving her cousin a look as she threw a jelly bean at him. Dom and Hugo were currently playing a game of wizarding chess while Lily was reading a book. Louis Weasley was writing letters to his overprotective mom on behalf of him and Dom and I was sitting quietly next to Albus Potter, avoiding eye contact.


Albus Potter was like a devil sent to haunt me. He was so similar to his brother but not at the same time. He had grown over the summer and was tall, probably standing somewhere at 6 foot with a quidditch body. He had messy black hair and bright green eyes, which were so different from his brothers. He also had horrid vision and wore glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose. He was another subject of interest to girls, like his own brother was, but yet whenever I looked at him I saw James.


“Don’t be mean, Dominique.” I mumbled, shooting her a look before hesitantly looking over at Albus once everyone got back into their games they were playing. “Thank you, I suppose. You got taller.” I offered him, adjusting my body so it was more pointed towards him. Great, thanks to Dom I was going to now have to make conversation with the boy. Even though we were in the same year and happened to be in the same house I never really talked with him.


Albus was the odd one out who got into Slytherin. He also happened to be the seeker and captain of our team. Scorpius and him were really good friends. My brother wasn’t as close to him but they were still friends, the same with the twins. Scorpius and my brother were chasers and I was the keeper on our team. Last year Scorpius was captain but he switched with Albus since he got head boy this year.


“Thanks,” He said, the corner of his lips twitching into an eerie familiar smile. “You still playing keeper this year?” He asked even though I think deep down he knew I would always come back to the team. I had been on it since my third year and was always there for every single quidditch practice.


“Of course..Captain.” I added the last part, not being able to help myself. He gave me a toothy grin, which I did not reply but instead gave him a forced smile. Why must these Potters cause me so much pain? Maybe I could convince Melanie to stab me in the eyes with forks so I could become blind – than I wouldn’t have to see all of their beautiful and very similar faces.


“How was your summer? You didn’t stop by Dom’s house, did you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. I always went to Dom’s house over the summer and she always went to mine but it was too much for me. Whenever I went we always had dinner with her whole entire family and seeing James was too much for me.


“Horrible and yours? I didn’t get around to stopping by, my family dragged us on trips.” I said bluntly, not bothering to lie to a boy that I barely knew. I felt like laying on how depressed I was to make him feel bad, but then again he wasn’t James and he wouldn’t be able to feel the guilt for making me so upset.


He looked a bit shocked from my answer, not used to anything besides the standard ‘well and yours?’ response. “Uh, it was okay, spent too much time with the family.”


“Likewise, I went to some tropical island with the Malfoy and Nott families for two weeks. There was no power or running water, it was horrible. My mom wanted to kill herself when she found out she couldn’t use her beauty products because it was harmful for the island.”


Albus snickered, even though it would probably be funnier if he actually knew my beauty-related mother. “Your family is really close to Scorpius’s right?” He asked, perking up. He didn’t mention the Notts but I didn’t blame him, he was a bloke and only hears what he wanted to hear. Melanie hated Albus with a burning passion since he didn’t let her join the team two years ago when he held tryouts with Scorpius after she threw a quaffle at him.


“Yep, we’re really good family friends. He’s in compartment three if you want to go say hello.” I said, hoping he would take me up in my offer and let me have some peace.


“You know what, I think I will. Nice talking to you.” He mumbled before pulling himself up and leaving the compartment. I let out a sigh and leaned my head back against the cousin, hoping some sleep would take comfort in me for the remainder of the ride.


Turns out that was too much to ask for because I spent the last hour and a half wide awake with my eyes closed tight listening to Dominique verbally abuse her brother after losing a game to him. Thank Merlin for Rose Weasley who quickly put a stop to the bickering before drowning on about all her ‘fabulous’ duties as head girl. How could Dom be related to these people?


A/N: Hola amigos/as! Hopefully you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Once again, big apologies for mistakes and please leave a review down bellow for me! Stay tuned for the next chapter xoxo


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Breaking Even : Ava: The devil's little brother


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