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Confunded by the_unknown_marauder
Chapter 1 : Avoidance
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"Shut it Roxy!" Christine Longbottom and Roxanne Weasley giggle as the Hogwarts Express jolts to the side, slamming me into Roxy, who then bursts into another fit of laughing, along with Christine.

    All they're laughing is giving me a bloody headache. I scoot away from them and back to my little corner by the window and cross my arms.

    "Rosie Posie what's wrong? You're acting like a constipated old man!" Christine points out trying to suppress laughter that her own comment causes her.

    "And you're not acting drunk at all..." I retort sarcastically. I'm rubbish at comebacks. Christine snorts, unimpressed.

    "Rosie, you're just jealous that no hot guys are chasing after you," Roxy says jokingly. Oh yes, how nice of you to remind me of how unattractive I am, (although she doesn't exactly have any hot guys chasing after her either).

    "Let's go to their compartment!" Chrissty suddenly shouts, standing up. She's all excited about the "most supermegafoxyawesomehot" - to quote someone - guy that flirted with her at platform 9 3/4 earlier. Roxy stands up and pulls me out of the comfortable seat that had already shaped to my body. Right when I'm pulled up, someone knocks on our compartment door. It's Christen Warren - that "supermegafoxyawesomehot" guy. Chrissy blushes and Roxy elbows her. All I can do is roll my eyes. Then, two more people come behind him. I immediately sit down and look out the window.

    Malfoy is with them. Shit. And he's looking directly at me. Shit, bloody shit.

    Once upon a time, Malfoy and I were a thing... I don't think I ever wanted to be with him...but then again, I must correct myself, he is very hot - I mean, he's fairly attractive for his age; 15. Which is why I had always wondered why he would want me. I've come to think that the most likely reason is because my uncle is Harry Potter. Nevermind. That doesn't make sense. The Malfoys hate the Potters and the Weasley's. Especially the Weasleys. The Malfoys have always been Pureblood snobs. I can't imagine why I would thinnk Scorpius was any different.

    Malfoy is staring at me. Or maybe he's just staring out the window which I happen to be sitting by. I'm pathetic...

    Chrissy's brother, Cameron, is flirting with Roxy. Chrsiten and Chrissy are holding hands. How bloody adorable.

    Bloody hell. He comes over and sits right beside me. Shit. I thought I would be able to avoid Scorpius when Hogwarts started.

    He leans back in the seat and a small smile creeps onto his face. I casually scoot over until I'm tightly pressed against the window. But it doesn't stop there. Scorpius slides closer to me and stretches an arm around my shoulders. Right when his arm touches me, I jump out of the seat and scowl at him. I make my way to the door of the compartment.

    "Where ya goin' Rosie?" Roxy asks me as I slide open the door.

    "Umm," I hesitate. Being able to lie quickly isn't one of my strengths. I need to learn from James or Fred... "...Asking Dom something..." I stutter, exiting quickly to escape Roxy's inquisitive stare.

    When I made that sudden move to leave our compartment, I had no idea where the hell I would actually go. I wander through the passageways of the train and find an empty compartment. The sky is darkening and heavy drops of rain start pelting the wide window. I hear a click of the compartment door.

    "Errr...hey..." A voice that I recognise all to well says. I open my mouth to say something, most likely a snide comment, but Scorpius cuts me off at once. "Rosie - Rose, listen, I -" He starts to say, but of course, someone has to interrupt.

    "TOSIE!! SCORPO!!" James bursts in, callingme by his childish nickname for me with much enthusiasm. I swear, it seems like James is drunk 24/7. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we were all dropped in a muggle washer and then put to spin around in there as babies.

    "James, I'm sorry, I was trying to talk to Rose..." Scorpius mumbles. No, no you aren't trying to talk to me. James, stay, James, stay! I wish silently.

    James drops down on a seat across from me and beside Scorpius. He pulls out the Daily Prophet from his back pocket and leans back, unfolding the newspaper. "Alrighty then, take your time mate." Oh James...

    Scorpius frowns and looks ready to wring someone's neck.

    A moving photograph on the cover of the Daily Prophet of a man with grey eyes and short white-blond hair, catches my attention.

    WANTED FOR CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC ; is the heading. The caption under that us what sends chills down my spine... : HAVE THE DEATH EATERS COME BACK? And then, there's a list of names...

    Draco Malfoy.

    Before I can even open my mouth to speak, the train lurches to a sudden halt. The windows become covered in frost and the lights flicker, casting exaggerated silhouettes. Scorpius looks like he's ready to vomit.

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Confunded: Avoidance


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