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So Many Unanswered Questions. by hannnahgracr
Chapter 1 : The Five Goals.
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 “Get up Ava” snapped a harsh voice followed closely by the sound of my curtains being pulled back.  I groaned in response pulling the duvet over my head to block out the early morning light.  “Ava Ryan” repeated the voice, I groaned again before rolling over burying myself deeper into the warmth of my bed.  “Well it’ll be your fault if you miss the train, have fun getting to school”. My mother’s footsteps faded as she moved away from my room, no doubt to check if my younger brother was up. He probably wasn’t; the novelty of going to school had worn off after his first year.  Knowing I’d have to drag myself out of bed sooner or later, I sighed and rolled out of bed.  I showered quickly before dressing in an appropriate outfit for the September breeze; dark blue skinny jeans, an Irish quidditch team shirt and a blue cardigan. Once I’d checked over my case and confirmed I was ready to leave I headed downstairs for breakfast dragging my case behind me.

“You ready for another exciting year Sean?” I asked nudging my brother whose head was on the kitchen table, he grunted not bothering with the effort of speaking.

“You’d think you two hated school or something” laughed my mother while she turned the sausages over in the pan.

“Oh yeah nothing I love more” I said my voice laced with sarcasm biting into a piece of toast.

“Are you ready to leave?” I jerked my thumb over my shoulder gesturing to my trunk which had Ollie’s, my brown owl’s, case on top of it. “Sean, are you?” My brother grunted causing my mother to shake her head. “We’re leaving in half an hour so it’ll be-“

“Your fault if you miss the train,” I cut in with a laugh “How many times do you say that a year mother?”

“Enough to stop you two missing the train so eat up”.


“I think this will be the first year we’ve ever been on time” yelled my mother over her shoulder as I followed her through the crowded Kings Crossing station.

“That’s cause you dragged us out the house at 10” muttered Sean bitterly behind me, he wasn’t a morning person.

“You’d be complaining if we missed the train” I said glancing back at him, he glared at me before sticking his tongue out. To think that boy was going into fourth year was terrifying.  We dodged passed people with our trolleys, getting closer to platforms 9 and 10. My mum casually picked up her speed before disappearing through the barrier to platform 9 and ¾. I followed quickly behind her, a loud whistle from the train greeting me once I had passed through the barrier.  The hustle and bustle of the platform always amazed me each year; mothers were crying over children some who were hugging back while crying, first years of course, others were ready to run onto the train away from their families. 

“AVA” yelled a loud voice in my ear accompanied by somebody jumping on my back, a sheet of silvery blonde hair appearing over my shoulder.

“Dom, fancy getting off my back” I laughed, Dominique joined in laughing before jumping off my back and pulling me into a tight hug.

“I missed you Ava” she exclaimed hugging me tighter till I practically couldn’t breathe.

“Some troubling breathing here love” Dom huffed then hit me softly on the arm I stared at her with a mock horror expression.  “What was that for?”

“Here I am being a nice best friend and showing my joy at seeing you after the summer and you throw it back in my face” she said going all dramatic on me, I raised my right eyebrow at her refusing to fall for her act.  “Only joking love, now come on my mum wants to see your mum blah blah you know” said Dominique laughing before linking arms with me, grabbing my trolley and pulling me into the crowd. Ladies and gentleman, Dominique Weasley my best friend since well, forever. Dom’s aunt and uncles had been best friends with my mum in school and I guess it was just fate we’d become best friends since we were born within 2 months of each other.  Our mothers had become best friends when pregnant spending most of their nine months complaining together. Dom was the oldest, something she never let me forget. Her family was huge but ridiculously close for such a big family that was my conclusion as to why Dom was so loud and opinionated; I guess you had to be if you wanted anything in that family. My family was always invited to spend Christmas with them because my mum’s parents passed away years ago.  It was always a loud occasion seeing as there was over 25 people in the house. Anyway basically our families are close; our mum’s were hugging as we approached the huge Weasley crowd.   

“Hey Ava” said Louis, Dom’s little brother, breaking out of conversation with Sean; the two of them were best friends as well which was inevitable considering the amount of time our mother’s spent together.

“Hey Louis”

“Ah Ava, so good to see you” exclaimed Fleur, Dominique’s mum, before kissing me on both cheeks, “Belle fille” she said pulling me into a tight hug.

“Ma mere, give her room to breathe” insisted Dom.

“Says you” I laughed, Dom glared at me jokingly.

“It’s ten to, it’s best you all get on the train” said Dom’s Aunt Hermione, always the worried one.  She glanced about the group anxiously looking for her children; Rose was talking to a fifth year Ravenclaw boy twisting her hair round her finger with a smile on her face while Hugo was talking animatedly to Lily and Lucy no doubt about Wizard’s Chess.

“They’ve got plenty of time dear” muttered her husband Ron rolling his eyes at Harry who smirked as Hermione hit Ron on the back of the head.

“No point in missing the train is there?” huffed Hermione.

“I agree with that” said my mother giving me a look, I smiled in response.

“Alright alright I’ll get on the train” I laughed moving towards my mother to say farewell.

“Come here” she said pulling me into a hug, “Now behave I don’t want to hear any tales of you and Dom putting make up on boys while they’re sleeping again”. Dominique laughed loudly from over beside her mother while Albus, her cousin, glared at us.

“Course not Mum” I chuckled placing my hand on my trolley indicating that I was thinking about leaving, you’d think after all these years my mother would be used to saying goodbye. She’s not. 

“Look after Sean for me” she said giving a smile with a hint of sadness in it as I began to move towards the train.

“Hey!” exclaimed Sean, “I don’t need looked after” My mother laughed along with the rest of the group but gave me a small wink before turning to give Sean a hug.

Dom and I heaved our trunks onto the train to our usual compartment making an attempt to shove them into the overhead storage.

“Why do we bring so much crap with us?” I grunted while we both attempted to lift my trunk.

“I don’t know but we really need to cut down next year,” said Dom through gritted teeth “I’m going to end up breaking my back one day” With a final heave we managed to get the truck into the storage before both falling down onto the seats.

“I don’t reckon I can manage your one too” I sighed dramatically.

“Good thing you’ve got the real muscle to give you a hand” said a voice from the corridor, me and Dom turned to see one of our best friends Gavin standing with a smirk on his face.

“Gavin” I and Dom screamed at the same time before jumping on him causing him to go crashing to the ground. It was the first time we had seen Gavin since school ended because he spends the summer in France with his grandparents meaning when we return to school he has a healthy tan that me and Dom are always jealous of.

“Woa woa ladies, plenty of me to go around” laughed Gavin as we clambered up off the floor, we laughed along with him but I noticed Dom blush slightly. I smirked at this amused at her crush on him.

“Shut up Gav and get Dom’s case up there” I said giving him a shove.

“You two got mean over the holiday”

“Hurry up Gav we don’t have all day”

“Actually we do cause-“


“Fine” I and Dom exchanged a happy smile at the fact neither of us had to strain our backs attempting to lift her case. “Jeezo Dom what on earth you got in here?” puffed Gavin his muscles straining through his shirt giving Dom something to stare at shamelessly.

“Thought beaters were supposed to be all strong and that?” I teased.

“Shut it you weak chaser you” he laughed giving the case a final push into the locker.  A whistle sounded alerting us that it was now 11 o’clock meaning that the train would be leaving any second. The three of us looked out the window at the passing family members and friends as the train began to move. It passed the Weasley family plus my mother who were all waving franticly, me and Dom waved back smiling. Finally we were heading back home.


The journey was passing relatively quickly because we were catching up with everyone about what had happened over the summer; nothing like a bit of gossip. We had been joined briefly by Alyson Kelly, i.e Ally, who was a 7th year Gryffindor, one of my best friends and a fellow chaser on the quidditch team. However she was a prefect so had disappeared to do her duties. Mine and Dom’s best friend Mel had arrived in the compartment moments after the train had pulled away meaning we had a screaming reunion which caused Gavin to leave to find some of his ‘less screechy’ friends.

“So Dom are you actually going to make a move on Gavin this year?” asked Mel smirking as Dom’s face reddened.

“The boy should make the move not the girl”

“But Gav is hardly the forward type is he?” I argued.

“Yeah but-“

“No buts Dom”

“Come on it’s obvious you two are in love with each other” Dom huffed causing us to laugh, I turned my attention away from my best friend to the door as I noticed a passerby out of the corner of my eye.  Of course, it was Joe; my ex. He turned his head to look at who was in the carriage causing our eyes to meet, my laughing ceased immediately and I turned my head quickly away from the door and him. Both the other girls looked at the door to see who I had turned away from.

“Ignore him Ava” said Dom sympathetically. Our relationship had ended rather abruptly in the summer after ten months of being together because he said ‘he didn’t have time for a relationship with quidditch and school and that’.

“I will trust me” I said softly trying to stop him taking over the thoughts in my head, “Anyway Mel have you seen Charlie yet, he’s looking good”

Before we knew it the train was pulling into Hogsmeade station and we were making our way to the carriages. The station was crowded and loud as everyone piled off the train; older students looked right at home chatting away moving off the station while the first years were easy to spot. They were the smallest and looked terrified.

“Move” snapped Dom at a really frightened looking first year who had bumped into her, the young boy scuttled off to the side gazing up at her.

“Dom” I gasped.

“What?” she asked turning round a wondering look on her face.

“Never mind” I laughed shaking my head at Mel who was laughing with me.  We passed by Phil, the gamekeeper, who was making an attempt to round up the first years to take them to the boats.  The carriages came into sight all lined up, some already moving away filled with students, with a thestral at the front of each to pull them along. A shiver ran down my spine at the sight of the large winged horses, I felt a warm hand on my lower back. I turned my head to see James standing behind me with a concerned look on his face.

“You all right?”

“Yeah fine” I lied giving him a small smile but he didn’t seem convinced, “Seeing them always gives me the creeps” He nodded his eyes passing over the front of the carriages even though I knew he couldn’t see them.

“Ava, hurry up” called Dom from where she was seated in one of the carriages with Mel, Gavin and his friend Rob.


“See you later Av” said James before turning to join his friends in a carriage.

“Bye” I called after him, watching his retreating back before heading towards Dom and the others.   

The castle looked as magnificent as it always did as the carriage bumped along the road and passed through the gates.  The carriage came to an abrupt stop and we climbed off joining the rest of the students filing into the school.

“Oh how I’ve missed the place” sighed Dom as we climbed up the steps.

“Was that sarcasm I sensed there?” laughed Gavin raising an eyebrow at her.

“Course not”


“Their flirting kind of makes me want to be sick” said Rob to me while we watched the two lovebirds flirt their way into the Great Hall.

“Me too” I laughed. We said our goodbyes to Gavin and Rob then they headed to the Ravenclaw table while we sat down at the Gryffindor table.

“I do love seeing the house colours in the hall” smiled Mel glancing around the hall where Gryffindor flags hung round the room due to the fact we had won the Quidditch Cup the year before. 

“Me too” I said happily, the hall slowly filled until all the students were in except the first years.  Professor Longbottom was sat in his chair in the middle of the teachers table a smile on his face, looking genuinely happy to be back.  I guess the war had made the oldies all nostalgic about Hogwarts.  The chattering died down almost immediately as the doors opened and Professor McGonagall strode into the hall with the first years following behind him looking as terrified as they were on the platform. Robert McGonagall was Minerva McGonagall’s nephew, she was one of the witches who had fought in the war so my mother had told me countless times. Anyway the first years shuffled along gawping around at the hall, many pointing at the ceiling their mouths open in amazement I laughed as I saw a mirror image of myself when I had walked into the hall for the first time.  

“So what is this the first year we don’t have any of your cousins to look out for Dom?” I asked.

“Yep and we’ve run out, none to look for next year either. Everyone’s been and done” she said with a laugh as the first years came to a halt at the front of the hall. Silence fell as the hat began its’ song, I tuned out leaning my head on my hands wanting to doze off. The clapping broke my thoughts, I realised the song was done frowning I joined in the clapping.

“Now for the sorting” announced Professor McGonagall, “When I call your name come up to the front and put on the hat. Regina Abbott” And so it began.

“I’m so bored” Dom stage whispered across the table at me, I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Subtle” I mouthed at her.

“When will it end?” she whispered dramatically laying her head on the table. I rolled my eyes at Mel who was looking at Dom with an amused look.

“Shelby White”

“Ravenclaw” With the Ravenclaw table cheering and welcoming Shelby, Professor McGonagall rolled up the parchment picked up the stool and walked off to take his seat.

“Thank Merlin” exclaimed Dom before groaning as she saw Professor Longbottom standing up to make his speech.

“I’m going to keep this short and sweet, welcome back and enjoy your meal” he said and with that food appeared magically on the table; roast beef, roast chicken, sausages, bacon, potatoes, carrots, everything you could want for a dinner.

“Now that’s what I like to see” I said rubbing my hands together happily while everyone began to pile food onto their plates.


“I’m so full” groaned Dom resting a hand on her stomach, I had witnessed her eat until she couldn’t physically do so anymore which is what she did every year at the welcoming feast. 

“I hate stairs” I huffed, we were currently climbing our way up to the 7th floor to the Gryffindor common room.

“All you two do is complain” laughed Ally appearing beside us, I glanced behind to see about 15 first years trailing behind her. There was a look of amazement on all of their faces while they took in the interior of Hogwarts.

“Oh forgot you were a babysitter tonight”

“Shut it Ryan, I am being a responsible adult I’ll have you know”

“Blah blah blah, whatever Ally” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Now this is the Gryffindor common room and the password for now is Dumbledore” Ally announced to the first years, the door swung open after she said the password.

“Home sweet home” sighed Dom collapsing on one of the arm chairs by the fire.

“No no no Miss Weasley, yearly traditional get up the stairs. You too Ryan” said Mel skipping over from the other side of the common room.  I sighed, grateful that I hadn’t sat down. I grabbed Dom’s hand and pulled her up off the chair practically dragging her up the stairs.  It was our annually tradition that we set five ‘goals’ (i.e dares) for each other for the year, each girl picking two for each other. Then we chose one ourselves which was always which boy we wanted to snog that year. We had ceremonially named it the ‘snog of the year’: we were eleven at the time give us a break. I’d only managed to complete one of my ‘snog of the year’s so far and that was when I was in second year. A rather awkward seven minutes in heaven made that one possible but I’d rather not think about that.  We quickly changed into our pyjamas before sitting ourselves down on Mel’s bed.

“Here you go” said Dom handing me and Mel both a quill and piece of parchment.

“Right, obviously let’s start with the boy we’re going to snog. I pick Anthony since I magically failed with that one last year” she laughed. Last year she set Anthony as her ‘snog of the year’ then she ended up kissing his twin brother Rob who is in Ravenclaw.

“Dom picks Gavin” I said with a smirk.

“Hey” she said giving me a shove while Mel laughed, “Well if neither of you protests I guess I’ll just have to write him down. Now you Ava”

“Hmmm James is looking pretty fit this year” said Mel a thoughtful look on her face.

“Ew, what! My cousin?” exclaimed Dom.

“Yeah your cousin Dom, what do you think Av?”  

“He’s alright I suppose” I said with a shrug.

“Put him down, put him down” insisted Mel, reluctantly under her gaze I wrote the number 1 and James Potter next to it. It wasn’t that James isn’t hot but...he’s James. My quidditch captain, the guy who has always been well just there and besides he was Dom’s cousin. That was like breaking one of the major rules of friendship.

“Now let’s pass them around” declared Dom. We swapped papers, I was now in possession of Dom’s; I eyed her evilly thinking of what dares to give her.

After about twenty minutes of staring at different pieces of paper and thinking all three of us had our five ‘goals’ set. I smiled as I observed the extra information Dom had written on mine before collapsing on my bed.

“You two are ridiculous” laughed Mel reading over her paper.

“Right now please let’s sleep, I’m exhausted. We have classes tomorrow”

“Night gals”

“Night Dom, night Avs”

“Night guys” I said rolling over to go to sleep.

“Why did you call us guys? Do we look manly to you?”

“Dom shut it!”

Ava babe’s goals for the year

1.       James Potter (ewwwww might I add)

2.       Go skinny dipping with a male.

3.       Dress up slutty for Halloween.

4.       Don’t flip Professor Collins off in potions.

5.       Stuff your bra with toilet paper for the whole day.


Author's Note - I hope this chapter interested you enough to review or come back to read the next chapter. I know there wasn't much plot in this chapter, I'm just trying to set the scene and the characters. More to come in the next chapter, trust me. I apologise for any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, I did read it over three times. If you have a moment a small review would be extremely appreciated. Thank you for reading. 

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