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Typically Me by LunaLuver
Chapter 6 : Surprise Luncheon
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Beautiful chapter image by LongLive@TDA

(the car is a Jaguar 1956 XK 140 Roadster)






I was hungry, I was tired, and I wanted to ring a curtain auror trainers neck until her turn blue and pass out from lack of oxygen. Then I wanted to stuff him in a storeroom somewhere and lose the key. Today was hand to hand combat training day, those days are always hard, but today, today was bloody murder. I'd been steadily moving up in this field of my training. As the saying goes, "A witch can't rely on her wand along, if you lose it, you gotta be able to kick some arse". And no, I'm not joking, that's actually combat training's slogan. Catchy huh?






I had just gotten out of the ministry, famished, looking forward to late lunch. Late because of said auror trainer's sadistic need to make everyone else's Monday as painful, literally, as possible.






The gorgeous weather from the weekend had continues, summer was definitely just about here. So here I am, walking along the sidewalk, not really paying attention to much else around me except what a nice day it is, when something catches my eye. At the end of the street, parked horizontally so all who pass can get an eye full, is a Jaguar. A vintage, mid 50's by the look, silver Jaguar gleaming in the sun. And if that wasn't enough to get my exhausted attention, which let me tell you, is it! The person leaning against it certainly was. None other, than Blaise Zabini. 






I stopped in my tracks, trying to take in what exactly I was seeing. I blinked once, just to be sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Nope, no trick, he was there, looking directly at me, smiling. Had he been waiting for me? Suddenly I became very conscious of what I was wearing; legging, flat heeled black suede boots, and a long green tunic top. Not nearly as glamorous as I'd been at Malfoy's wedding, this was a work day after all, one must dress sensibly. Why I am focusing on my clothes right now? Well, you would too, if staring at you from across the street was a guy who looked like he just stepped off the pages of the latest fashion magazine. He was wearing dark wash jeans (designer no doubt) and pale blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up part way. I think I'll just let you picture that in your mind for a second, go head, picture away.






It's just then that I realized I was smiling back at him. So I take a deep breath, gather my jumbled thoughts, and cross the street over to him. By the time I get there he's no longer leaning against the car, but standing hands in his pockets a few feet away, a smile still gracing his annoyingly handsome face.






"You wouldn't happen to be stalking me now would you, Mr Zabini?" I ask, teasing him. 






"No not at all,'' He replies, a mischievous glint dancing in his eyes. Merlin, I forgot just how intense his eyes were. If I don't look away soon I might drown in his gorgeous blue eyes. Which could be very bad, seeing as I'm not a great swimmer. "I just thought this would be a nice place to park, take in the view." He waves at the tall brick buildings around us. ''But, if I were, would you be calling in the Aurors to haul me away?"






Tilting my head to the side a bit I pretend to thing about it. "Well, that would greatly depend on what your intentions were." He smirked. A smirk I knew quite well, a smirk I saw grace the faces in such a way only two Slytherin's could ever master. This was almost like the old days, verbal battles which could be won or lost with a simple look or well place word. Only this time, it wasn't a 'battle' to see who could out hurt who with a thorough tong lashing. It was flirty. Harmless, fun, witty flirting.






"I can assure you my intentions are entirely, or at least, mostly, honorable. I wanted to as you to lunch."






"Lunch?' Now this surprised me, greatly.






"Lunch." Blaise repeated, him smirk turning into a fill blown grin. "You know, that meal that comes between breakfast and dinner. I'm rather fond of it. And judging from how late your training went, you could probably use some."






"Wait, how do you know I had training today?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.






"Even stalkers have friends they can has for information they don't have. So," He took a few steps closer to me, narrowing the space between us to two feet at the most. "Was that a yes, or a no?"














To say I was surprised at were he took me would be a understatement. Not to Diagon Alley like I assumed, or some other wizardy place, but to a tiny little muggle cafe a few blocks from the Ministry. 






I wouldn't had minded if the ride had been longer, I was enjoying being in such an amazing vintage Jag. Never have I seen such a well maintained car, from the devilishly red leather soft as butter, to the gleaming chrome, and the flawless paint that looked to be original.






Dad loved the fact that he had two girls, but all men want a boy at some point even if they never say it out loud. So I was the daughter who got taken along to all the car shows and rally's. (My dad is a huge car guy, never fails to watch the Barrett-Jackson car auction each year on TV.) And enjoyed every minuet of it. I can talk cars with the best of them. Maybe not all the technical stuff, and I always get years and such confused, but I was always very popular with the boys for my car knowledge.






So here we were, lingering over our ice teas at an outdoor table after a pleasant lunch of club sandwiches. Blaise lead the conversation mostly, talking mostly about the wedding; a drunk distance cousin of Astoria's who tried, and nearly succeeded, to perform a strip tease in the middle of the ballroom after the happy couple had left. Apparently he had to physically tackle her before things got too X rated. Oh! And the juiciest bit of news, Draco and Astoria are honeymooning in Cape Verde. This has been a topic of great debate amongst the society gossipers. Where of where is the new Mr and Mrs Malfoy be spending their first weeks as a married couple. My guess had been someplace tropical. Not that I can see Malfoy laying out on a beach getting a tan. I mean come on now, he's a Malfoy, they're supposed to be pale! Am I right?






The afternoon had been lovely, but as always I just can't let the elephant in the room go unmentioned. So here I am, about to burst this happy little bubble.






"Blaise," I start, making sure I have his full attention. "This has been a wonderful and very unexpected lunch, but I have to ask; We don't know each other well, hardly at all minus our years at Hogwarts, so........why did you ask me out? 






He leans back in his chair, just watching me like he's sizing up what my reaction might be, not seeming the slightest bit fazed at my question. He had to know is was coming after all.






"Because, ever since I dance with you Saturday night, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."






The boldness of his statement shocked me beyond belief as my mouth fell open a bit. 






"Surprised?' He chucked. "You shouldn't be. Elizabeth, you may not have noticed, but you had any a men eyes following you Saturday night." He chucked again, this time no doubt at the faint blush I could feel creeping across my cheeks. Was he mad!?! "I'm going to be honest here, when I say I usually don't lay it on a girl like this, if I'm attracted to her as much as I'm attracted to you. I just feel like something is..........pushing me to do it. To take a leap into something I never saw coming."






"" I didn't have a clue what to say! Is this really happening, Blaise bloody Zabini wants to take a leap! With me? Totally out of the blue. This is just........






He raise a slender hand through his gorgeous wavy brown hair. "If you don't feel the same, I'll completely understand and walk away like a gentlemen."






"How do you know I'm not seeing anyone?" I stall, trying to wrap my head around everything he's said. "It's pretty presumptuous of you to think, if I'm such a piece of eye candy as you clam to have witnessed, that I don't have anyone else knocking at my door." I laugh a little on the inside as I hear myself, yeah right.






"Oh, I thought about that." Blaise smirked, a look of achievement suddenly in his eyes." If you did have another bloke on the hook right now, you wouldn't have come to a wedding, along."






Damn. He's good.






I wait for him to say something else, anything else. But no, he just sits there taking a sip of his ice tea, leaving the snitch in my pitch, as it were. He really would leave peacefully if I said, thanks but no thanks. Is that what I wanted though? To send a charming guy packing who went thought the trouble of finding out my schedule and asking me to lunch, and whose given me more compliments then any guy has in a quite a while. It's not like I haven't had opportunities and gone on plenty of dates. But none of them have felt like they could lead to more, not for a very long time. Sure, this could be just a crazy fling with a devilishly handsome man who drives a vintage sports car, who'll end up breaking my heart when the next pair of nice legs catches his eyes. Or. Or, this could be something more. Who knows? I certainly don't. And I don't plain on pinning all my hopes and dreams on Blaise Zabini of all people, he is a Slytherin after all, lets remember that. Yet something was telling me to go for it, that what the hell English, have a little fun and take a chance.






" I gotta give you points Blaise," I smirk. "I've never met anyone quite as straight forward as you. Well, except for maybe my sister, but family doesn't count."






"Happens to be a trait I pride myself for," He replied, trying and failing very hard not to grin. "Playing games is all well and good, Merlin know's I love a good game. However, aiming for what you want right out of the gate has it's advantages too."






"Ah yes,I remember how fiercely you used to play a game of Quidditch against us Gryfffindor's. You even managed to win a few times." Smiling a teasing smile I lean forward in my chair a bit.






"It was more than just a few times." He counters, also leaning forward some.






"Well that leads me to my next question."






"Which would be?"






"When was the last time you went to a Quidditch match?" I ask mentally crossing my fingers.






"It's been a while, last season."












Now he's looking puzzled, and curious. "Why?"






"Are you doing anything next Friday?"























And there it is! The long awaited chapter six. And for the long wait I am very sorry. The past year has been full of ups and down for me, from computer problems (I lost several chapters I had written for my stories)  to loads of family drama, a few health issues (no need to worry though, I'll all good now:) and everything else inbetween. Plus I've had huge writers block that left me not able to get a decent sentence down, much less a full chapter. But no more,  :) my muse is back and I am chomping at the bit, more eager than ever to continue my stories and deliver chapters to you. My wonderful readers new and old, thank you. :) To everyone whose stick with this story, and me. To my friends and fellow authors who have always supported my writing and let me bounce idea off them when needed. Theia Luna, KnightRoseSword, you girls rock! 




I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. The pace has been quickened, wild and crazy things are ahead for Elizabeth and her friends ;). The fun has only just begun. Please leave a review, they mean the world to me, and truly are the bread and butter for us fanfiction writers. :)








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