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Seize the Day by wish right now x
Chapter 4 : Very Confused
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"Get out of here, creep!" Some brunette in the year above shouted at me, as she briefly parted lips from her blonde-haired boyfriend, who was definitely not Al. He was tall and skinny, with tiny hazel eyes. I really needed to find Al.

"Sorry, Sorry!" I cried, slamming the door shut and running down the hall embarrassed. I hope she didn't realise it was me who walked in on her, as then I would look really weird. Like, really weird and perverted.Then again I don't know why I was the one embarrassed; she was the one who didn't have a top on and was getting off with this boy. In a broom cupboard of all places. Because that was original.

The reason that I was running around these hallways, opening every broom closet that someone seemed to be in was not because I was a total creep by the way. The thing was, I was searching for Al. No, not so I could snog the hell out of him, so I could break off our little, well whatever it was with him. And because the only place I really saw him was where I was snogging him in some broom closet, I thought it would be the best place to start my hunt. Obviously I didn't think it through. Thus, I ended up the person who interrupted everyone else's snogs, just hoping one of them would be Al. I could hardly be the only girl he had an, arrangement with.

A small spot on my chest was cold, were a small piece of silver lay over my heart. After Alex and I had reconciled, he had reached under his shirt and pulled out a silver chain that he wore around his neck for as long as I had known him. I'd never truly understood it, but just accepted it as his weird fashion accessory. Almost everyone wore something under their robes, which could change from year to year depending on the style. The thing that Alex did was that he put the chain around my neck, giving me his own piece of jewellery. It was a lot bigger on me than it was on him, and did not suit my skin tone or colouring at all, but that didn't matter. He wanted me to have it. I meant something important to him. And this symbolic gesture meant something to me.

The necklace made me feel like I was making a promise like he was. That we were both going to give our relationship another go. I knew then that I should love him and that he is the one that I'm meant to be with. Truly.

After opening more and more broom cupboards and being shouted at a lot of times from a selection of inappropriate couples, I gave up with a sigh and began to wonder back to the Hufflepuff common room, searching every corridor possible for Al. He was one of them people that I could always find when I wasn't looking for him, but when I was searching for him, he seemed to disappear into thin air. That really wasn't useful. I was quite upset at my failure, and really not in the mood to talk, unless I was breaking it off with Al. Therefore, I tried to sneak through the common room, hardly moping as I was around the school, so I could blend into the background and no one could notice me. Lately though, that never seemed to be the case.

"Lana!" Becky called as she ran across the room to dive on me. Becky was in the year below, and usually had boundless energy, that could cheer any one up no matter what. It was her thing.

"Hey Becky" I half smiled, not really in the mood to talk to her. I wanted to go to bed and cry to myself about how messed up my life had become.

"Are you alright? I saw you leave the Quidditch pitch pretty angry this morning" Bless her. She was genuinely concerned about me.

"I'm fine, I just feel a little sick. I'll see you later" I walked away quickly before she could give me a response, holding my head to make the illness seem more real.

"Grrrrrrr!" I screamed as I dove face first onto my bed. Seriously. Could my life be any more complicated at the moment?

I spread my arms out so they could feel every part of my bed, when my hand caught a warm, dry piece of parchment. I looked up, noticing it was messily folded, with large letters scribbling that it was a message for me. Intrigued by the many possibilities of wheat it could be, I reached out, opened it and read it.

Meet me in our cupboard at 8

There was no doubting who this could be from. Firstly, Alex and I didn't have a cupboard. We had too high standards from that, so instead, seemed to snog wherever. I think Alex might even be afraid of the broom closets. Secondly, Alex would have written it a bit nicer. He would have added a please, and probably a couple of 'x's at the end. You know, just so I knew he cared.

I had two options, ignore it, or use that moment then when I knew he'd be there to break it off with him. The second one made more sense, as I could easily explain it to him, rather than him persistently nagging me whenever I saw him, and him irritating me as much as possible. The second one definitely made more sense.

Yet, another problem also arose from this, as nothing could ever be simple for me. I would have to cancel on Alex, who I had planned to go to the Library with for studying. Oh the fun. We were to meet at seven O'clock, and knowing Alex and his Ravenclaw ways, we'd probably be there for hours studying and studying and maybe snogging. For about ten minuets though.

In the end, I didn't cancel on Alex. I thought the best thing to do was go with him, leaving to meet Al at eight. So I did, and I completed half my homework with Alex's help in 45 minutes. We didn't snog at all.

"Wow, I feel really ill" I mentioned to Alex when the clock striked ten to. I tried to pull my best sick face, and weak voice to go with it. Nothing could be more convincing. And I was doing pretty good at this, especially considering how bad I usually was at lying. However Alex seemed to be taking worried to the extreme.

"Wow, you look awful" Thanks. "I better take you to the hospital wing, you can't possibly walk back alone!"

"I don't think I'm that bad..." I responded, but unfortunately, his mind already seemed to be made up.

"Just let me go say goodbye to Greg and Stu, then I'll take you straight to the hospital wing"

His back turned and I didn't know what to do. So while he couldn't see me or anything, I made a run for it, trying to sneakily but quickly remove myself from his presence. And again, guilty I felt.

I was out of breath and panting by the time I arrived at the broom closet, with Al leaning against it laughing at me.

"Wow, so eager to see me you ran all the way over here as opposed to missing a second of my time?" He joked, and I looked at him with contempt.

"Al, you're already early, obviously you've been looking forward to seeing me." I responded, finally being able to stand up strait again. He started to go a reddy-crimson colour, before laughing my comment off and pulling me into the cupboard, quickly attaching his lips to mine. If he wasn't so good at this, I would have pushed away instantly, but I allowed myself a moments pleasure before I did what had to be done.

"We need to talk" I pulled apart from him, and he groaned in reply.

"Lana, what's so perfect about our kind of relationship is that there is no need for the talking and feelings, just the good part of the relationship" He replied, leaning in to try and catch my lips again. I ignored his comment and leant away from him, before taking a deep breath and explaining it as quickly as possible. Al nodded along understandingly while listening to me ramble on.

"Alex and I are back together and we're both all in in our relationship and giving it another proper go, trying to make it work properly this time because we love each other, we really do and it's important for us to both be all in and stuff so we can do this, so I need to break this all off because I really want to make this work. So yeah. So is that okay, if it's over with me and you?"

In response, Al did something really stupid. He grabbed my waist, pulled me close to hims dn snogged me again. And his lips were really soft and gentle, but with a need and passion I had never felt before. I soon found myself weak in the knees, with no other response but to snog him back. I tan my tongue over his bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. And it was that moment, when he had me wanting more that he pulled away.

"I think the thing is, it's not fine with you" He said with an arrogant smirk. "Meet me here at this time next saturday night if you do in fact find you need me. Because I'll be waiting. Or why don't you owl me if you can't wait that long'

He left the broom cupboard after shooting me sexy look and wink, leaving me dazed, shocked, breathless and very, very confused. 

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Seize the Day: Very Confused


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