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Life after Death and Unforeseen Love by storyneverdies
Chapter 4 : Back to the Platform
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Hermione was kept very busy at work and at home for the rest of the week . The new school year at Hogwarts began the following Monday and Hermione was busy preparing her daughter for her fourth year. Rose was excited, but nervous. This year Rose was going to be able to attend the House Unity Ball. It was a new tradition at Hogwarts meant to bring the Houses together. Her dress robes were emerald and sparkling, and Rose looked stunning in them. It made Hermione think back to the Yule Ball during her fourth year at Hogwarts. Though at the time her night seemed as though it had been ruined with Ron's insensitive behavior. Hermione now looked back on the memories fondly. Any memories that included him she now treasured more than ever. Even though Rose rolled her eyes a countless number of times whenever her mother exclaimed how beautiful she looked in her new robes, Hermione knew she was excited, and she was excited for her. Hermione knew that she would be able to treasure these memories for a lifetime.

Monday, September 1st came rolling around before they knew it. Hugo was feeling glum that he would be without his sister until the holidays, and Hermione felt the same. She would miss Rose terribly. Even though Rose didn't quite show it, Hermione knew she would miss them as well.

It was a crisp morning, and the little family hurriedly made their way to the familiar platform nine and three-quarters. The Hogwarts Express would leave at eleven O'clock on the dot, and it was ten-thirty. Hermione knew they had plenty of time before the scarlet engine would depart but she wished she had more time to say goodbye to her daughter. With a brisk walk they made the impossible journey through the solid brick wall with a caged speckled owl hooting furiously to be set free, and a giant school trunk on a cart.

The other side of the platform was as though they had stepped into another world. Other wizarding families set the platform a buzz of they scurried to get their children where they needed to be and said their goodbyes. Hermione spotted Harry, Ginny and their children and they went to meet them. Rose immediately went to Albus where they discussed their upcoming school year with excitement. James had apparently already gone off to find a desirable compartment, and Lily stood huddled near her parents looking a little panic-stricken though Hermione could tell she was trying hard to appear confidant. Hugo was definitely feeling left out as he knew he was about to say goodbye to his sister and cousins for months, and Hermione knew he wished with all his might that he could go with them. But his time would come soon enough.

"Just two more years eh Hugo?" "Then you'll be boarding the train with the lot of 'em." Harry said enthusiastically, meaning to cheer him up.

Hugo smiled at his uncle. "I can't wait." Hugo replied.

"Well I can, I don't know what I'll do without my little man around the house." Hermione said lovingly to her son.

"Yeah, yeah mum…" Hugo said bashfully.

"Lily did you know my second year at Hogwarts was one of my best years?" Hermione said sweetly to her niece.

"Really aunt Hermione?" Lilly said hopefully to Hermione.

"Yep, with the first year jitters out of the way you can really begin to enjoy it the second time around." Hermione winked at Lilly.

"I hope so.." Lilly said not quite sure about her aunts claim.

"Now don't you worry my Little Lilybug, you know your mum and I will write you everyday if you'd like…and if anybody messes with you ..just tell 'em Harry Potter is coming after 'em." Harry said to her daughter.

"I'll be fine dad…" Lily said rolling her eyes at her father. The train whistled at them and they all knew they needed to start saying their goodbyes, it wouldn't be long now. Hermione embraced her daughter and fought back the inevitable tears.

"I'll write you every week, and don't hesitate to write me if anything exiting happens or if you need help studying for an exam." Hermione said tearily to her daughter.

"Ok, mum." Rose said.

"I'll write you every week too Rose, don't worry." Hugo said seriously to his sister. Rose smiled and hugged her brother.

"Thanks squirt I'll be counting on that." Rose said fondly to her brother.

"We love you Rose, we'll see you Thanksgiving honey." Hermione said to her daughter tears now streaming down her face.

"Ugh…don't cry mum." Rose said exasperatedly embracing her mother in another hug. "I love you too." Hugo joined in on the family hug and they held on as long as they could until Rose broke free and went with Albus to find a compartment.

"Take your sister, Albus." Harry called to his son.

"Come on Lily or we might be stuck with Gordy Plumpkins!" Albus called for his sister as she hurried after them.

"Gordy Plumpkins?" Hermione looked questioningly at Harry.

"Apparently a modern day Luna-like character…but if he turns out anything like she did they'll be glad to have his company." Harry said answering Hermione.

"Except for his toad's unfortunate flatulent problem…" Ginny said seriously.

"Yes, except for that." Harry said and they all laughed.

Hermione looked just past Harry and her heart froze. Malfoy. He was staring at them. How long had he been there? Hermione wiped away the moist tears stains from her face. Malfoy looked away. He was standing close to a tall young man with silvery hair just like Malfoy's. Hermione knew it was his son Scorpius. Rose and her nephews weren't particularly fond of him. He was the spitting image of his father, it was almost like looking back in time. Malfoy took his son in a brief half hug which Hermione supposed was all his son would allow and said his goodbyes. The familiar little girl with long silvery hair was in tears and clinging to her brother as her father comfortingly stroked her hair.

"You just c-can't go Scorpy." The little girl said through her tears. Scorpius looked around as if making sure no one near heard his embarrassing nickname.

"I'll write you twice a week and tell you about everything Evie." Scorpius said gently to his little sister.

"You p-p-promise?" Evie managed to get out through her sobs.

"Of course he does, my little enchantress." Malfoy said to his daughter sweeping her up in his arms. Evie's tears slowed as she kissed her brother's cheek.

"I'll miss you Scorpy." She said sweetly

. "I'll miss you more Evie cakes." Scorpius kissed his sister's forehead and picked up his trunk.

"We love you, son." Malfoy said somewhat formerly to his son though Hermione thought she could hear compassion in his voice. Scorpius bid them one last wave before boarding the train. The train's whistle sounded one last time before steam clouded the air and their beloved children were prompted forward towards Hogwarts for another magical term. Hermione looked away from the train tears escaping from her eyes yet again when she saw Malfoy take one last unexpected glance in her direction before briskly walking away with his teary-eyed daughter in his arms.

"Did you ever hear about the time your father and I actually missed the Hogwarts Express?" Harry said to Hugo draping his arm over his shoulder. Hugo's eyes widened in amazement.

"Is it true mum?" Hugo looked up at his mother.

"Unfortunately, yes." Hermione rolled her eyes a smile escaping from her lips.

"Do you know how we got to school instead of the train?" Harry asked Hugo.

"How??" Hugo asked excitedly.

"An enchanted flying car, we flew all the way there." Harry said.

"Wow!" "Did you go with them mum?" Hugo asked his mother.

"No I didn't." "I was too punctual and had a little too much sense." Hermione said smiling at Harry and they all laughed as they made another impossible journey through the brick wall of nine and three-quarters to the other side.

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Life after Death and Unforeseen Love: Back to the Platform


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