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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater by Cariel
Chapter 30 : Epilogue
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Harry received a letter from Laura, which Dumbledore brought him near the end of the school year once his detentions were finally over and both he and Malfoy had returned to classes

Dear Harry,
I wish things hadn't ended the way they did and I was still allowed to attend Hogwarts. I hope that someday we'll be able to see each other again, but most of all I hope that we can keep in touch.
Professor Dumbledore promised me I would be protected from my father here- that he won't find out where I've gone, but I'm not as confident about that as he is.
I miss you so much. Write back.

Harry put the letter down, unable to move for a moment. He realized at that moment, it’d be a long time for him to get over his heartache, which was to be expected. He wasn’t planning on writing her back and he knew he wouldn’t receive another from her.

Draco and Ginny were walking hand-in-hand through the hallways after class on their way to a study room, but all the other students who noticed that the pair was from two different houses: Gryffindor and Slytherin to be exact were staring and whispering worse than for any other new couple.

“Blimey! Is that Ginny?” a young girl whispered.

“With Malfoy…Why?!” another said in return.

“Janet, you’re her best friend. Can you tell us what she’s doing with a ferret like that?”

Slytherins younger than Draco were only bold enough to snicker. They wouldn’t dare say anything in front of him, but they were content to talk about him behind his back. That didn’t stop the graduating seventh-years from taunting him and Ginny as well right out in the open.

“Changing sides, are you?”

“Becoming chummy with a mudblood-lover are you, Malfoy?”

“Next, you’ll be proposing to that Weasel!”

Draco spun around at the last comment. Ginny pulled his arm back, just as she’d witnessed Hermione do to her brother every time Draco had teased them. “Sod off!”

“What are you going to do about it?” Pucey laughed to his fellow seventh-years.

“Nothing,” Ginny begged Draco.

Draco snarled, gritting his teeth as he looked back at Ginny. Her eyes begged him so lovingly, how could he not obey her? He resigned in an exhale, continuing with her down the hallway. For once he was glad she was able to pull him back like that from the fire.

“Run away, Malfoy!” Bletchley called after him, “Afraid of your own house, are you?!”

“Stupid gits, the lot of them,” Draco mumbled to her as they disappeared around a corner. Ginny still held him by the arm.

“If you don’t mind them, I won’t either.” She smiled at him reassuringly.

He was surprised at the notion, but surely it was true that she was the stronger of the two of them. He rested his other hand on top of the hand linked with his arm, turning towards her. Raising her hand, he unlinked their arms and kissed her hand. “I won’t.” He returned her smile and they entered the already full study room, ignoring the stares and comments.

Harry still nursed the feeling of guilt about nearly abandoning his best friends for most of the year. He also felt guilty about nearly killed Ginny. He finally broached the topic with his best friends as the three best friends lounged in the common room on a Friday night before finals week. Harry sat in a chair adjacent from Ron and Hermione on the couch. “I’m really sorry about everything that’s happened. I’m sorry about almost killing Ginny and—”

“We know,” Hermione said simply. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “And I feel badly about ditching you lot for-” he couldn’t say her name.

Ron interrupted so Harry wouldn’t have to. “It’s fine, Harry.”

“Well, I just- I mean, I left you two alone so often, I thought you’d be angry,” he added.

Surprisingly, Ron and Hermione laughed. Didn’t Harry get it? They were holding hands in front of him.

“If you hadn’t left us alone, Harry, I don’t think we’d have found each other,” Ron admitted shyly. Hermione unconsciously blushed.

“You two—” He shook his head. “Well, finally!” he smirked even though he felt a sting in his heart. At least his best friends were happy.

“I guess we owe you,” Hermione added thoughtfully. “Shall we treat you to a butterbeer?”

“Make that three and you have a deal,” Harry remarked, smiling. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind if you threw in some chocolate frogs while you’re at it…”

“Don’t push your luck!” Ron retorted light-heartedly.

All three of them laughed together.

This wasn’t so bad, Harry supposed. At least, he knew, they’d always have each other to depend on.

A/N: Some people were asking about the title for my fic...
Question: Where the frell did the title come from?
Easy Answer: I'm mad. Completely and utterly mad because I dreamed someone waking up in the hospital wing saying, 'might as well have kissed a Death Eater'.

More Complex Answer: In this story, the phrase 'I feel like I might as well have kissed a Death Eater' is used as a sarcastic remark, like the common, 'I feel like hell' but the true meaning behind the title has to do with betrayal and manipulation.

We all know Dementors have a deathly kiss, but Death Eaters are more mysterious. You don't know someone is evil or a Death Eater and they could pretend to love you (that's why the kiss part of the title), but they could be betraying you at the same time. Even though a Dementor's kiss will suck out the soul of a person, their presence is easily detected by the loss of good feelings unlike the Death Eaters (the followers of Lord Voldemort) whose presence is hard to detect. You can summon a Patronus to counter a Dementor, but you can't counter the Avada Kedavra curse. Therefore, I believe a Death Eater's kiss, their lying to you, their hypocriticalness, hurts you more in the long-run than any Dementor's kiss.


Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed this fic, especially those who were courteous enough to review- you guys get cookies! :::scurries around passing out girl scout cookies and crackers::: Everyone else, tppppptthhhh! to you! hehehe...

Well, that's it. I wanted to be able to have a conclusion and everything, but I still have all these ideas?
I was thinking about- some Hermione and Ron problems, her going to Harry (maybe hook up for awhile? hmm?) Laura's difficulties in the 'real' world, Draco making a bad choice and Ginny breaking his heart? hmm?

OK, you’ve convinced me…My sequel is titled: Descendants of the Death Eaters …now go read like a good little minion!! ::evil grins::

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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater: Epilogue


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