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Ashley and the Past by Theraven42
Chapter 6 : Classes and a New Pet
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Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter.


            When Ashley and Chloe got to the Charms classroom, they saw Ms. Bennet sitting at her desk. A flow of students were walking in and sitting down, there were rows of desks/tables. There were also a lot of shelves full of an abundance of books. Once Ashley and Chloe sat down the bell rang a few seconds after.


            “Hello everyone. I am Ms. Bennet. I will be teaching Charms. This year we will focus on-“ she started saying while waving her wand making a list of what she was saying appear on the board. “-the basics along with proper wand movements. I will tell you this, if you mess around in my class, I will not tolerate it.” She started pacing at the head of the classroom. “I decided that I won’t assign anything for you yet. We will start tomorrow. But I figured that I’d do a little introduction-type game. I also want to know how much you all know about Charms. So stand up everyone.” She said urgently to everyone’s dismay.

            Ashley and Chloe pulled themselves up along with the rest of the class, as Ms. Bennet waved her wand moving all the tables around the perimeter of the room. Then she waved her wand again making a bouncy ball a little smaller then a soccer ball.

            “Now this is what we’ll do: first, you say your name, your favorite thing to do, and if you know much about Charms, then you pass it to another person. I’ll start.” Said Ms. Bennet with absolute authority but not in a bad way, unlike Unpleasant Teacher Jonathon. “I am Samantha Bennet, you will call me Ms. Bennet, or Professor Bennet. I love teaching, and obviously I know a lot of Charms. At least I hope so, for your sake.” Then she threw it to a blond kid, who caught it with ease, as if he’d been catching things all his life. Ashley certainly thought so- as his scarred face showed that his nose was obviously broken once.

            “I am David Moralles. I love playing Quidditch. I know a little bit about Charms.” Then he threw it at Chloe, who was so startled it nearly flew out of her hands as she caught it.

            “Um, I’m Chloe Nightfield. I absolutely love reading and brewing Potions! As my mom is a Potion Brewer at East Coast Magical Hospital. I know about as much about Charms as you’d except.. Here you go Ashley!” She smirked with glee as she tossed it lightly to Ashley, she gave Chloe a glare before sighing.

            “I’m Ashley Smith. I love reading, a lot. I’ve read about halfway through some of my textbooks-“ she said with a sly grin at all the others puzzled expressions at her reading school books already “-and I know probably more then some about Charms. Well more then expected as I’m a-“ she stopped suddenly as bit down on her tongue hard as she remembered the last class, as the scene exploded behind her eyes making her cheeks burn scarlet. She then threw the ball at some kid and tuned out what everyone else said for the rest of the class.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


            After Charms ended Ashley and Chloe walked to the cafeteria to meet up with Persephone and Venus. 

            “How has your classes been so far?” Venus asked with evident glee edging her voice. Ashley looked down at her food, trying to hide the shame and embarrassment from Jonathon.

            “Professor Jonathon pretty much shamed Ashley and assigned us more then enough homework.” Chloe said while patting Ashley on her back.

            “Well” Ashley cleared her throat quietly. “what class do you all have next?”

            “I have Potions.” Persephone responded after checking her schedule.

            “History of Magic” Chloe groaned.

            “I have Magical Theory.” Venus said with dislike clear in her voice.

            “I have Potions.” Ashley said to them all as they looked at her with patience and wonderment. Ashley felt like she is fragile glass after Magical Theory, as if she is about to crack and break any minute. But started pulling herself together after sighing.

            “Let’s get going..” Ashley suggested to Persephone as she stood up and didn’t even glance at her barely touched food.

            After they walked down numerous hallways they found a door with ‘Potions’ scrawled above it in dark green ink the glowed a soft light. Ashley and Persephone looked at each other quickly before Persephone pulled open the door as many odors wafted out of the room. They saw a room that looked much bigger then the others they’ve seen so far. There was two sides to the room: on the right there was a big blackboard with ‘Welcome to Potions!’ in big careful letters, there were also many desks in rows. Then on the left side there was rows of cauldrons and many cupboards in the back with ‘Year 1’ ‘Year 2’ and etc.

            “Find your seats on the right side of the room” a cheerful looking woman said. She looked middle aged, she was wearing sky blue robes with silver lining it. Her bright green eyes seemed warm and loving. Ashley and Persephone sat down at a table in the middle row. After a few more minutes a crowd of people trickled in.

            “The Potions teacher seems nice.” Persephone said while nudging Ashley.

            “She does doesn’t she?” Ashley was getting a strange feeling at this conversation. A peculiar sensation as if…

            “Hello class. My name is Ms. Eastworth. I will be teaching all of you how to brew potions this year. Now, this is how my class will work” she started as she surveyed everyone with a glance in the room “I will teach you about a specific potion, then you will learn about the ingredients. Then you will take your notes, do a quiz. Then those who get a 8/10 or above, will be able to brew the potion. If you get a lower grade, you will have to do an extra lesson with me. After that, you’ll retake the quiz to show if you learned or not.”

            “Ms. Eastworth?” A small mousy looking boy said near the back while raising his hand. The teacher gave him a cold glance then nodded to show that he may speak. “That sounds like a lot of work.. Can’t we just brew the potion?”

            “Absolutely not. This way there will be fewer accidents then if you I just rushed you into it. You may not like my note system, but that is how it will be. Also, if you don’t turn in three homework assignments you will get a detention. Now please read about cauldrons and their effects on potions.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


            After Potions Persephone and Ashley walked back to their dorm room as they had no more classes (Potions was a double period) when they walked in they saw Venus petting Fluffy absentmindedly.

            “Where’s Chloe?” Ashley asked while she dropped her bag of books and various things next to her bed.


            “Oh. Okay.” Ashley responded as she pulled out her quill and some parchment; and started writing:


            Dear mom and Cecilia,


            My first day of school was today.. My Magical Theory teacher shamed me in front of the whole class, I got detentions- for not knowing where his class is! Anyways, guess who else goes here!? Chloe! Anyways, she has a cat-like animal called a kneazle.. I want one now.. Or an owl..

            Now here’s for a separate parts..


Cecilia: I know your kind of jealous of me being a witch and all.. But it’s not something I can change, and plus you might be a witch too! I found something called a ‘fake wand’ it looks like a regular old wand, but when you wave it changes into something else! I’ll send one too you somehow. Anyways, let’s please stop fighting?


Mom: I know you’re worried about me going to a school you’ve never heard of, but I love it here.. And well as I’m here I’ve been thinking about who my father is/was more and more.. Please don’t get mad at me for it, but I want to learn more about him and maybe.. Meet him?


Anyways, I miss you both very much.


            Lot’s of love,



Ashley knew the letter was small.. But it had taken nearly an hour to write. She was wondering how they were doing without her- or if they even cared. Ashley then walked out of the room after telling Persephone and Venus that she’ll see them after she sends the letter. She walked up to the Transportation Hall, after opening the door labeled ‘Owlery’ she walked in and saw a chair- she sat in it and felt the world spin away as if she were being flushed. Once the spinning stopped she felt the chair eject her making fall on her knees as a bang proceeded, without looking Ashley knew the chair had disappeared.

            Ashley stood up while looking around at the many owls fluttering between perches as hooting split the air as many owls greeted each other. She walked up to one of the school owls (They were all tawny and had a green ribbon tied around one of it’s legs) and gestured for it to come down. The owl glided down and landed on Ashley’s offered arm, and held out a leg for the letter. After tying the letter to the owl it nipped Ashley affectionally, and flew out the window; Ashley watched it until it became a speck in the distance.

            “I wonder if there’s a door around here somewhere..” Ashley muttered under her breath. As she glanced around she saw a opening in the stone wall, it looked as if it were gouged out; but nonetheless she walked through it down it’s steps. The sight that greeted her was a area with many hills, and a beach wrapped around the ocean, there was also a small forest in the distance. After walking around she finally saw Chloe reading next to a tree on the edge of the forest.

            “There you are!” Ashley said excitedly as she plopped down next to Chloe.

            “Hi Ashley..” Chloe said absentmindedly as she continued reading. Ashley wondered what her friend was reading but decided now would be a good time to practice some Charms. After a near hour of them sitting there- Ashley practicing her Charms, and Chloe reading- did something small and furry jump around Ashley. It strangely climbed onto her head and made a weird screeching noise.

            “What the-“ Ashley started as Chloe cut her off.

            “Ashley! Do you know what that is!?” With excitement and awe evident in her voice.

            Ashley pulled down the animal that looked like a white rabbit with a streak of silver across both sides, down into her lap and petted it then said “A..Rabbit?”

            “As if! It’s.. A second-cousin of a kelpie. But these are much friendlier..” Chloe trailed on.

            “What is a kelpie?” Ashley asked her clearly excited friend while stroked the soft fur that was like silk.

            “A water demon. It can transform into pretty much anything, it’s in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, did you know that the ‘Lochness Monster’ is actually a kelpie? But that is not in the book. As this is much rarer. They’re like kneazles mixed with kelpie, but friendlier, you can identify them by the silver streak of coloring. They are also like phoenixes; where if they like someone they’ll have a.. Bond with them forever almost.”

            “Wow.. Can you turn into a cat little…?” Ashley started saying to the kelpie-like animal. “What are they called?” asked Ashley.

            “They don’t really have a name. As they are really hard to document, and find. They are closely associated with kelpie though. Even though they really aren’t a demon.”

            “Oh.. How can I tell if this is a he or a she..?”

            “You can’t.” Chloe curtly answered her.

            “What should I name-“

            “You don’t even know if it bonded with you or not Ashley.”

            “How do I find out then?” Ashley said with anger darkening her tone slightly. Why is Chloe acting like this suddenly? Ashley thought unhappily.

            ‘Try thinking something to it then.”

            Hello fluffy-little-non-rabbit. I’m Ashley.. Can you hear me? Ashley suddenly felt a feeling as if bare wire were wrapped around her- a dull shock along with heat and a feeling she only felt when Cecilia and her were closer. A few seconds later she saw an image.. Like a memory flow into her mind behind her eyes where she was.. Looking at herself!

            “Chloe! I thought something to it then had a memory like image of looking at myself!” Ashley said with happiness and excitement over-flowing her words, and the strangest thing? Ashley didn’t know why she felt this way.

            “Congratulations.” Chloe said as she gathered her things and motioned that they needed to go back.


A/N: The kelpie information can be found in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, or Harry Potter Wiki. Hope you like my idea of the shape shifting animal.


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