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It's Not My Fault by Drunaforever
Chapter 1 : The Start
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My friend helped me with this plot, and I'm having fun with it! I hope you enjoy, please review! It motivates me to write another chapter! Thanks! :D


 Luna Lovegood-Malfoy slowly woke up with a yawn, the sunlight peeking through dark green curtains and shining a thin ray of light on the floor of her bedroom. She stood up and began to get ready for the day.


As she picked out some jeans she suddenly noticed that the room was absent of the soft snores belonging to Draco. A glance at the bed clarified that Draco was already up; his side of the bed was made and his wand off the bedside table.


Luna frowned ever so slightly. Draco usually was not up before her, he was not a morning person and she was out of bed by 8 o'clock.


Shrugging it off, she continued to pick out a bright pink top to go with her dark blue sweater. The autumn air had been chilly recently, especially in the mornings.


Skipping as she went, Luna made her way to the kitchen and made some tea. Taking out some jam, she popped two pieces of bread into the toaster.


She sipped her tea as she walked to the large window. The driveway was empty. The muggle car that Luna had insisted they get instead of apparating or using the Floo network all the time was gone. Draco could have gone to work early, that explained the empty house.


But he usually took the Floo Network...


Luna decided not to dwell on it. She slipped on her sneakers and finished her breakfast before going on a morning walk.


The air was cool on her face and she smiled as she walked down the garden, through the gates, and onto a path that would take her deeper into the city. She glanced back at the second Malfoy Manor before it disappeared around the corner. She hummed a tune to herself as she went, beaming at little children that passed on their bikes or greeting other women walking dogs.


With her head in the clouds, her feet carried her through the city. Eventually, Luna realized where she was. A quarter mile north was her favorite sweet shop, to her left and down the street was the grocery store, and three blocks northeast was the visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic. Thinking she had nothing better to do, Luna walked to the visitor’s entrance. One time, Draco had been stressed over everything going on at once, so he walked to the ministry instead of driving or any other magical way of transporting. Maybe he had done that again? It was very possible, Luna thought. The day before last he was gripping his hair in his hands as he read over an essay he had written. It was due soon, and was very important for Auror training.


Entering the telephone booth, she hit the numbers on the dial (six two four four two) and, once she got her visitors badge, descended down.


"Hello, Anthony. Have you seen Draco today?"


Her former housemate, Anthony Goldstein, shook his head. "I've seen everyone who's walked in today, and your husband ain't one of them. Sorry, Luna."


Slight worried, she thanked Anthony and left, walking back home. Maybe Draco was in his study there? She laughed at how silly it had been of her to not have checked there first. Then again, the car was gone and they never used the garage for it...


She walked around two kids who were standing on the sidewalk, throwing a ball to each other. The ball bumped into her and bounced into the busy street. Not noticing that this had happened she continued on her way.


"No, Chris, don't do it!" One of the boys had yelled.


Luna turned around to see what the commotion was about. The second boy, Chris, had ran into the street, chasing the ball. Miraculously, no cars hit him. Yet.


Luna gasped and ran to where he stood, almost halfway across the street. With her longer legs she reached him before he was too far out and picked up the ball. "Don't run in the streets!" She shouted over the traffic as she handed the ball back to him.


Suddenly she realized that she was standing in the middle of the busy road. A car was coming towards them. She shoved the boy to the sidewalk hard, making sure he was safe first. He jumped over the edge of the sidewalk and toppled into the grass.


She was about to run across after him when she realized she couldn't. Her shoelace had somehow got caught in a small crack in the street. Luna tugged. She looked up. Wide silver eyes met hard, stormy grey ones and the driver pressed down harder on the gas pedal. She glanced around to look for help. The little boys were shouting for their mom to come over. Luna looked back up right in time to see a flash of headlights before the familiar looking car hit her.




Draco considered himself lucky. Before things could get too messy, he had jumped out of the scene- literally- and ran for it. He didn't want too much trouble. In fact, he had a good feeling that he would be safe from this one.


He walked into a particular shop he enjoyed very much, glancing behind his shoulder every now and then.


But it didn't really matter if anyone saw him. His job was done.


She was gone.


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