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Loony Faylinn Griffiths and her Pals: Messrs Potter, Malfoy, and Potter by ObsessedReaderfromtheMoon
Chapter 3 : Interruptions
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Disclaimer: I own nothing

“Fay’s going on a date?”


“You have to be lying! She is one of the most unattractive girls of our year!”


“With who?”


“She’s going with Kyle Michaelson,” Rose muttered.




“She got a date with him?


“Is he daft?”


“I bet he’s blind.”

“He has to be!”


“That’s the only explanation.”


“How can he like her when she has that awful hair!”


“Ugh, and her wardrobe.”


“I don’t even want to think about her filthy sweatshirts.”


Merlin, I love my roommates.


Walking into my dorm was always like walking into a formal party dressed in a clown costume while everyone else is wearing dark glittering gowns that kissed the floor. This is partly because compared to my roommates my wardrobe does lack the polish of blouses and fancy summer dresses. But in all actuality, my roommates are complete snakes who like to pester me frequently. And today appears to be my lucky day.


Hannah, the ring leader, hissed at me, “How’d you do it?” as I walked over to my bed.


“Excuse me?”


“How’d you get a date with him?” Hannah said rolling her eyes at me.


How do I answer that? I mean, I’ve never actually been on a date with the bloke and it was sort of a fluke that I ended up getting one. Bloody hell, how does information spread so quickly around here?


“He asked me.”


“No, you dunce. I meant, what did you do to get him to ask you out? Did you slip him a little love potion? Are you blackmailing him?”


Rose sighed. “Leave her alone, will you? Just because she’s got a date and you haven’t doesn’t mean that you get the right to interrogate her,” she said narrowing her eyes at Hannah.




“Hannah,” I said pulling out a pullover. “Honestly, I don’t remember what happened. We sort of met in the Kitchens and he stole one of my lemon tarts and then we started studying together and then, you know, we started dating.”


That was too easy. Way to easy.


That lie slipped its way out of my mouth so quickly I didn’t have the time to bite down hard on its end and reel it back in. It almost seemed natural and I didn’t like it. I can already feel the deep knot of shame press against my heart.


“He stole your lemon tart?”


Amy and Sarah, Hannah’s humble servants, exchanged glances before shuffling to Hannah’s bed and whispering furiously about my apparent lack of beauty and tact.


I turned my head from them and shuffled around in my bag trying to find my Defense Against the Dark Arts book. Wrapping my hands around the binding, I breathed a deep sigh and closed my eyes as I tried to silence the buzz of insults that I could hear coming from the other side of the room.


“Fay,” Rose said coming up behind me and plopping herself on my bed. “Just ignore them. They have detention with Binns tonight anyway so they’ll be gone soon.”


I shrugged placing my book next to Rose and pulling my sweater over my head. “I’m getting used to them by now.”


“Good,” She said reaching her hand out to me before smiling wickedly. “Now, spill.”


The sudden turn of emotions caught me off guard. Hannah, Amy, and Sarah were still snickering in the corner behind me and Rose wanted me to confess my deep and profound love for Kyle - a guy I barely know – while they can still easily hear?


“I can’t.”


She blinked. “Can’t?”


“No.” I said wringing my hands together. “I don’t have time. I’ve got to get ready for our study date.”


Another lie.


She narrowed her eyes at me watching as I wiped my sweating hands off onto my jumper. She caught my eye and quickly twitched her eyes over to the corner where the three hissing snakes were gossiping then back at my cautious face.


Rose looked at me in understanding and gave out a deep breath. “Alright then,” she said standing up and giving me a small smile. “Well, let’s get you ready then. Shall we?”


All I could do was smile.



By the time Rose was satisfied with my messy hair, it was time for dinner. And Merlin, I was dreading having to go into the Great Hall and having to deal with the wrath of the Potter boys without Rose. While she was flittering among the castle looking for bad little first years, I would have to deal with her cousins.  Al will, no doubt, ignore me until I started tapping is face with my spoon and then, he’ll ‘accidentally’ spill some pumpkin juice down my front. James will then wink at Al and give him a not so secret high five under the table. James will then ask for me to pass the potatoes and he’ll end up tricking me into dropping them with a bang onto the middle of the table which will pull the attention of the great hall to my bright blushing cheeks. Scorpius will frown at both of them and clean my robes quickly while I just sit there, and try to go back to eating my food in peace without the stares of many eager gossipers.


“’Ello Fay!” Fred said coming up from behind me while I stood looking into the Great Hall with a large feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. “Is Kyle joining us at dinner?”


I shrugged. “He might. But, he normally sits with Luke at the Ravenclaw table, doesn’t he?”


“Oh, right” Fred said, his shoulders dropping a little bit. “Well, let’s go eat some grub,” he said grabbing my wrist and pulling me next to him on the Gryffindor Table.


Al, Scorpius, and James were already eating their pork in silence. When I sat down next to Fred, who sat down next to Al, James and Al exchanged dark glances. Scorpius smiled hesitantly at me.


“How’s your day off, Fay?” Scorpius asked trying to make polite conversation.


Oh, Scorpius. Its nice you tried.


“Fine,” I said quickly reaching for some green beans just as James reached out for them too. Our hands brushed slightly and I quickly pulled my hand back and muttered a quick, “Sorry James.”


“Pass your plate,” he told me looking up and catching my eye with a smirk across his face.


Giving him a small smile, I passed it to him.


“You do know that you don’t have to apologize for a little physical contact right?” James said scooping green beans onto my plate and passing it back to me. “I thought you’d be used to that sort of physical contact now.”


 “What?” I said looking at him in confusion.


“You know,” he said, “because you’ve been dating Kyle for two weeks”


“Oh, right,” I said cutting my pork into small chunks. “Well, I’m actually quite comfortable around Kyle,” I lied.


Scorpius narrowed his eyes at me, “You’re not comfortable around any of us and you’ve known us for the past 6 years, but you’re suddenly comfortable around Kyle after knowing him for two weeks?”


“I’ve known him longer than that,” I said taking a bite of my pork.


“Sure, you’ve known Kyle as your brother’s best friend for years. But, you’ve only known him for a couple weeks as your beau,” Fred said with a bit of suspicion in his voice.


James choked on his pumpkin juice. “Beau?” He said looking incredulously at Fred. “Since when have you become a poof, Fred?”


 “I haven’t.”


“Right, well, just don’t say that again mate,” Al said patting Fred on his shoulder.  


There was a brief moment of silence then and finally the peace Scorpius was trying to emulate when I first sat down touched me. Contentedly, I ate my pork and green beans in calm until James looked up from his plate and frowned, his eyebrows coming together.


Fred swiveled on the bench and looked around the Great Hall trying to discover the source of James’s agitation. Finally, looking towards the entrance, Fred caught sight of Kyle walking over to Luke at the Ravenclaw table.


“Kyle!” Fred yelled. Kyle’s head shot up towards our direction. Fred waved him over noticing Luke’s dejected frown as his best mate walked over towards the Gryffindor table. “Luke, you too! Eat with us!”


Immediately, my body tensed.  I was not ready to handle talking to Luke about Kyle and I definitely wasn’t ready to talk to the boy that I was supposed to be dating for the past two weeks.


Kyle, plopping down onto the open seat next to me, smiled widely at everyone. “How’s the pork?”


“Fantastic,” James said over enunciating the hard syllables of that word.


“Glad you came over,” Scorpius said watching the way I reacted to Kyle and Kyle’s reaction to me.


I knew he would scrutinize me. Scorpius has always been the one to notice every single detail of my life. For example, he knows my favorite genre of books, my preferred broom during quidditch practices, my least favorite sweater, and my favorite brand of shampoo. He knows I bite my upper lip when nervous and that I occasionally go to Ted – I mean, Professor Lupin – for advice about everyday things, and he even knows that I tried to learn how to become an animagus in third year because I thought it would be cool. How he knows all these things, I have no clue. But, right now I can feel his eyes bearing into my soul as he tries to discover if I really do have a thing with Kyle.  


I turned my head towards Kyle and saw that he was smiling at me. “Enjoy your day off?”


I nodded.


“You had a day off?” Luke said looking across Kyle at me. “Lynnie, you didn’t tell me that!”


I focused my eyes on Luke and shrugged. “I thought you knew.”


“Well, she had plenty of time to tell you,” James said as he pushed his green beans around on his plate. “Oh wait,” he said glaring at Kyle, “She spent her whole day snogging right? So, I guess she didn’t have time to let you in on that little piece of information, Luke.”


“Snogging?” Luke said shoving Kyle back so that he could see my face properly. “You were snogging someone all day?”


I shook my head at him. “No, Luke. James’s is just… just…”


“James is lying,” Scorpius said looking over to Luke. “He’s just messing with Fay. You know how she doesn’t like talking about things like that. James was just being a prat.”


“So you haven’t been snogging anyone?”


“No!” I said frantically waving my hands out in front of me.


Luke turned away from me and nodded, “Okay then, I believe you.”


Al then, bless his soul, then started up a conversation with James and Luke about NEWTS and how they are going to prepare for them at the end of the year.


I turned my head over to Scorpius and smiled at him. Mouthing the words “thank you” at him, I nodded gratefully in his direction. He nodded back at me in response then joined in on the conversation about NEWTS.


Not interested in joining in on this particular conversation, I stood up. “I’ll see you guys in the common room later. I’m going to go.”


James looked up at me and frowned. “See you.”


I waved over my shoulder at them and hurriedly ran up to the Gryffindor Common room. Losing my breath about halfway up the castle, I decided to take refuge in the Library. Hopefully, Kyle will meet me here to study. I don’t know where else we could go and have complete silence to study.


Waiting for Kyle, I dozed off a little. The pork and green beans had finally found their way into my system and were making me a bit sleepy. But, luckily, Kyle found me quickly and I followed him out of the library and into the Room of Requirement. This time, it was no longer a mess of hidden objects but rather a wide-open space perfect for dueling and a couch near the back wall with a fireplace.


“So,” I said hesitantly pulling my Defense book out of my bag. “What are you having trouble on?”


Kyle chuckled. “Avoiding tonight’s dinner conversation, are we?”


“No. I just didn’t bring it up.”


“Which, in turn, is avoiding it.”


I glared at him.


Kyle grabbed my Defense book and walked me over to the couch. “So, you haven’t been snogging anyone?” He said smiling.


I blushed profusely, “No, I haven’t.”


He grabbed my hand. “That’s good ‘cause if you did, you’d be cheating on me.” He smirked.


“Yeah, about that,” I said pulling my hand out of his. “How is this going to work?”




“How is this,” I said gesturing between Kyle and myself, “going to work?”


Kyle smiled grabbing onto my hand again.


 Really, let me have my hand back.


“Well, I thought we could just go out like any other normal teenage couple.”


Leaving my hand in his I muttered, “No, what I mean is – er – how are we going to tell Luke?” Kyle opened his mouth to respond but I wasn’t finished asking questions. “And, how are we going to pull this off? I mean, we haven’t really talked other than the occasional hi when you would visit my brother over the holidays. I don’t know much about you and you don’t know much about me. And, when did we meet and how? Because I told Sarah, Hannah, and Amy that we met in the kitchens and you stole my lemon tart and I freaked at you and then we just started dating. I mean, this lie is going a bit far and I don’t want everyone leav-“


“Fay, stop freaking. We’re fine.” Kyle said rubbing circles along the back of my hand. “We’ll get to know each other rather soon and Luke will be fine with this. I promise you, nothing bad can happen when you are with me.”


“Yeah, right.”


“Just trust me, okay?”


Still feeling a bit unsure, I looked down at my Defense book between us. “Okay, then, what did you need help with?” I said changing the subject as fast as I possibly could.


“Dueling,” Kyle said a bit sheepishly. “Eliana Furmen butchered my arse in my last graded duel and I don’t want to be beaten again so easily.”


“Alright,” I said standing and walking over to the far side of the room. “I should warn you I’m pretty good at dueling then.”


“I know. I overheard Lupin talking about you earlier.”


“Eavesdropping were you?”


“No-well, yes. Uh, I just sort of over heard. It wasn’t like I was trying to-”


“Well, at least you know what you are up against,” I said a bit too competitively cutting off his sputtering.


“Right. Let’s get on with it,” he said as we both took our positions.


Now, let me tell you. Kyle is a decent dueler. Not trying to sound pigheaded or anything, but I’m pretty sure that every once in a while, I even had a but of trouble keeping up with his quick wand movements.  I would send a stunning spell his way and he would easily block it and reciprocate the spell back towards me. His aim wasn’t always that good but he did come close to hitting me once. Kyle apologized profusely, but I just laughed at him and just sent a spell back his way.


“Expelliarmus!” Kyle shouted.


“Protego!” I said stumbling backwards slightly from the force of the spell and watching as Kyle avoided the spell. “Locomotor Motis!” I flicked my wand towards the left.


Kyle dodged the charm easily and waved his wand quickly back towards me. “Immobolus!”


My breath went right out of me as his spell came rushing towards my face. It zoomed a mere two inches above my right shoulder and crashed into the wall behind me splattering broken rock all along the floor. Bloody hell, he’s a good dueler.


“Confundus!” I shouted loudly walking backwards slightly and tripping over some rubble from Kyle’s last spell.


Then, suddenly, two things happened at once.  Just before Kyle shouted a very loud “stupefy”, the door boomed open and my attention snapped away from Kyle and towards the door where a very annoyed looking Luke stood.


And, that’s when my mind went blank.




Someone was touching my head placing a ton of pressure on an apparently open wound. And, whoever it was needs to stop touching my head because it bloody hurts!


“Merlin, what have you done?!”


“Kyle, what the bloody hell is wrong with you? Dueling a girl? Your girlfriend? What, were you trying to get her killed?”


“No, no, no! I swear, I just asked her for some help.“


“And yet, she ended up unconscious and bleeding. Now, how did that happen again?” James barked at Kyle.


“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were together?” Luke’s furious voice rang above my head.


“Luke, really, we meant to tell you. We really did!”


“No, you bloody well didn’t. You’ve been shagging for two weeks!” Luke said his voice traveling over to the other side of the room. The hands on my head were suddenly gone.


“We’ve never shagged!”


“Oh, really?”


Another pair of hangs wrapped their way around my head. “Hey, you lot!” Scorpius roared over the bickering seventh years, “Fay’s bleeding over here. You can get back to killing each other later. Shut it, will you?”


“Move Scorpius,” Al’s voice came from my left. He muttered something under his breath and suddenly the wet substance sticking my hair together was gone and my head felt a bit lighter.


I groaned.


“Fay?” James said running over towards my face.


“Are you alright? How do you feel?” Luke’s stern voice echoed from somewhere near my feet.


I opened my eyes and immediately regretted that decision for the lights blinded my poor night owl eyes and I cringed. “What the heck happened to me?”


“Why don’t you ask him?” James said pointing towards Kyle.


Ever so slowly, I tried to move my head to my left. Kyle stood by the door in a bit of shock at the sudden turn of events. His eyes met mine and he gulped loudly. “Fay, I–“


“You what, Kyle?  Never meant to nearly kill my baby sister?”


“Fay,” Kyle said walking towards me, “I promise you that I never meant for this to happen. I only-“


“You only wanted to cause her to get a concussion, lose half of her blood, and knock her out for a half hour?”


“Bloody hell, Luke! I never meant to do that to Fay!”


“Then why didn’t you tell me that you got together with her, mate? Secrets always end up fucking up someone’s life and now,” Luke said looking over to me, “you’ve fucked up hers.”


Kyle’s jaw tightened and he turned away from Luke and bent down to sit at the left side of my bed. “Fay- ”


I stopped him. “Its as much your fault as it is mine.”


“Fay, I’m so sorry” Kyle said grabbing my hand and bending his head down to touch it softly with my forehead. “I’m so sorry.”


Conscious of Scorpius’s watching eye, I slowly lifted my left hand up so that Kyle’s head followed. Kyle’s eyes glazed over mine slightly before they refocused and that’s when I could see shock and pain within them. It was like he took all my pain and inserted it into his own heart in an attempt to relieve my pain. I smiled slightly letting him know that all was forgiven.


“Help me up?” I said asking Kyle.


“Here, let me,” a voice from my right said quietly as a pair of strong hands reached across my shoulders and lifted me up gently. James’s right hand caught the back of my head and let me test if it was ok for me to get up.


Finally in a sitting position, I turned to James and smiled. “Thanks.”


“Don’t worry about it, Fay.” James said his jaw taught.  He stood up quickly and turned towards his brother.  “I’ve got to go, Al. Make sure Fay doesn’t run off with Michaelson again okay? I don’t want her to end up dead because of him.”


“I’m coming with you.” Luke said sharply and with one last look in my direction, he started for the door.


Before exiting the room, James turned back towards me giving me a small smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “See you later, Gravy Train?”


Closing my eyes, I nodded. “See you later.”


Once James left, Al helped me to the hospital wing as we left Kyle to clean up the mess we had left. How he was going to repair the wall and clean up the pool of blood that was left on the floor? I don’t know, but he’ll manage somehow.


Madame Lowe took one good look at my bloodied head and helped me immediately into one of the nearby beds. Al then took it to be his responsibility to sit beside my bedside until I was cleared by Lowe to leave. Fortunately, because of Al’s quick wand work, I didn’t lose a lot of blood and I was able to leave the hospital wing the following morning.  But she wanted to keep me overnight to make sure everything was okay.


The following morning I woke to a scratchy feeling against my nose.


“Wakey wakey eggs and Gravy – uh – Train.”


“Fred. Leave her be, she needs her rest”


Something tickled my nose. I sniffed in loudly.


“She’s awake!”


I groaned. “Shut it, Fred.”


“Hello, Gravy Train. How was your nap?”


I opened my eyes and watched as Scorpius stood from the chair he was sitting in and walked over to my bedside. “How’re feeling Fay?”


“Dandy, Scorp.”


Scorpius smiled. “Well, James will be thrilled to hear that. Luke and him nearly tore the common room apart once they got back yesterday.”


I frowned. “Luke?”


“He’s upset, but he’ll come around. I’m surprised you guys kept your relationship a secret for so long.”


“Luke’s more upset with Kyle than you,” Fred said standing up. “He’ll get over it though. He’s more concerned about your health right now than anything.”


I nodded as Madame Lowe came waltzing over to us smiling. “Oh, good. You’re up. I just want to take a look at the back of your head, and then you are free to go my dear.” 


I leaned forward and Fred winced turning away. “Ew. You’re all bloody again.”


“Let me take care of that,” Madame Lowe said as she swished her want and suddenly my head was cleaned of any dried blood. “Hm, everything looks in order,” she said carefully touching the back of my head with her hand. Pulling back, she smiled. “You can leave if you’d like. Just stay out of trouble now.”


Madame Lowe then left us to get on with our lives and I sighed. Thank Merlin. I was feeling a bit claustrophobic in this bed with people looking over my head at all moments of the day.


While I’d changed back into some of my school robes, Scorpius and Fred waited outside.


“Hurry up, Fay! We have quidditch practice soon.”


“Then go!” I said to Scorpius as I exited the hospital wing. “I don’t need you walking me back to the common room. I’ll be fine.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, Scorp. Go have fun.”


Scorpius smiled at me and walked away leaving me with Fred.  He looked at me sheepishly. “Go Fred. Tell James I won’t be there.” 


“m’kay,” he said hugging me tightly. “See you at dinner!”


“Bye Fred”


“Chao Gravy Train”




By the time I reached the common room, I felt slightly light headed. Quickly sitting down in front of the fire, I closed my eyes and let my head fall against the side of the couch.


Merlin. Being hit by a spell really does take a lot out of you.




My eyes shot open and I froze.


“Fay! Thank Merlin”


“Hey Kyle,”


Kyle walked over to the edge of the couch and knelt in front of me. “I’m so sorry, Fay. I’m so sorry,” Kyle said taking my face between his hands and placing his forehead against mine. 


“Kyle, stop –“


“I can’t believe that happened. How’s your head?” His hands reached out past my ears and touched the soft new skin beneath my hair.


I inhaled sharply.


“Fuck-I’m so sorry”




“I never meant for that to happen. I just wanted-”




“-to learn how to duel, and because you are brilliant at it and-”




“-I thought I could ask for your help-”




He stopped and stared at me.


“Everyone’s staring. Can we go somewhere else? They already know I’m loony Faylinn Griffiths. I don’t need them knowing me as the girl with some psycho boyfriend who keeps apologizing for some unknown reason.”


He nodded and grabbed my hand. “Come with me,” he said pulling me towards the boys’ staircase. “Luke left about twenty minutes ago and the rest of my dorm is studying for a potions test so we should be alone in my dorm.”


Finally reaching his dorm, he led me to his bed and sat me down. Grabbing the chair from his desk, he sat down and looked at me dead in the eye.


“Fay I’m sor-”


“Stop bloody apologizing! This,” I pointed to my head, “was a complete accident and you can’t only blame yourself. This is my fault too. I got sidetracked and stopped paying attention mid-duel, so I deserved this. Don’t let my brother and stupid friends make you feel guilty.”






Kyle blinked then nodded looking down.


There was a moment of silence between us as I felt my blood cool. How the hell are we going to pull this off? I’m supposed to be in love with him. He’s supposed to be in love with me. I don’t know how we are going to convince everyone of that. I mean, he’s seriously attractive – especially when he is in deep thought like right now – but he can’t be attracted to me. I’m his best friend’s sister.


“You know that we really messed up right?” I said breaking the silence.


“Yeah. We have to fool our friends into believing that we’ve been dating for a while”


“I’m not a convincing actress.”


“Well, we’ll have to make sure we look convincing.”


I turned away from him. How the hell are we supposed to make our relationship seem real? I’ve never really been in a relationship because of my stupid overprotective brother and now, I’ve got to convince him that my secret relationship with Kyle has been going on for two weeks and that I’m really comfortable around him.


“I’m really sorry I created this mess, Fay.”


“Just shut it, Kyle.” I said looking up at him. “If we are going to appear in love, then we need to get comfortable around each other.”


He blinked again. “Right,”


“So,” I trailed off awkwardly looking down at my hands.


“So, ” Kyle repeated tilting his head back and staring at the ceiling. “How are we going to do this?”


I stood quickly and shook my hands out. I’ve got to get over my fear of contact. If I want to make our relationship appear real, I have to get as comfortable around Kyle as possible.


Walking over to Kyle, I bit my lip and then sat directly onto his lap.


“Oh, hello,” He said smiling and wrapping his arms around my waist.




“This part of your plan to get more comfortable around me?”




“Alright then,” he paused taking in a deep breath, “what’s up?”


“Oh, nothing. You know, I was just in the hospital wing due to serious head trauma, but now I’m here,” I said slowly placing crossing my arms around Kyle’s strong ones.


“with me”


“with you,” I agreed.


“Your boyfriend,”


“My boyfrie- what?!”


Kyle chuckled, “You said it yourself in the common room. You didn’t want people seeing your crazy boyfriend continuously apologizing for some unknown reason.”


“Well, that’s what everyone knows you as now.”


His breath brushed against my right ear. “I like being known for that,” he said kissing my jawbone.


I blushed profusely, “I guess, I like it too.”


“Oh, you do now?” he said picking me up and placing me on his bed again.


“Yeah” I said my voice shaking.


“Good,” he said quickly sitting down next to me and brushing a hair behind my ear and leaving his hand behind my head.


Slowly, his face reached mine and before I new it, we were snogging. Apparently, Kyle was aware of my hesitation because initially he was cautious. His hands pulled my face towards his and our kiss started off sweet, gentle, and calm. But as it deepened, my hands found their way around his face and his left arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him. Soon, we had fallen backwards onto his bed with Kyle straddling my waist. My hands pulled at the bottom of his shirt and he quickly took it off and pulled at mine. I gave in helping him pull it off of me, but just as Kyle flung it off of me and away from his bed, the door burst open and James stormed into the room.


“What the hell?”


Kyle and I broke apart quickly and I shrieked, trying to grab the covers off of his bed and cover my upper body.




“James-” I said as I grabbed my shirt off of the floor and pulled it over my head. “what are you doing here?”


“I coming to get you so that we could start practice, but apparently you had something better to do.”


“Fred was supposed to tell you I wasn’t coming.”


“Why the hell did you decide to spend time with him instead of the rest of the team?”


Kyle scoffed at James. “She was just seriously injured. You’re going to make her fly after what happened to her last night?”


“And who’s fault was that Michaelson?” James said reaching over and grabbing my wrist. “Come on, Fay.”


Knowing better not to fight against James, I let him pull me out into the hall and drag me down to his dorm.


“Why the hell are you still with him?”


I looked at him incredulously. “What happened last night was an accident, James! I’m not going to break up with my boyfriend over an accident!”


“He nearly killed you!”


“I’m nearly killed all the time in quidditch because Fred can’t do his job as a beater and bock the bludgers coming my way.”


“You’re a beater too, love! You can block them any time you want to!”


“That doesn’t matter James. Kyle didn’t kill me and I really care about him, so if you want to remain my friend, get used to him being around. I love him and he loves me and there is nothing you can do to change that. And, I’m sorry I missed practice today, but I thought that I shouldn’t have gone because of my head injury.  I thought that because you are my friend, you would understand. But apparently, I’m wrong. Apparently, you aren’t my friend. I guess you’re just my quidditch captain then. Sorry, Captain James Sir, I’ll make sure I come to the next practice.”


“Fay, you don’t have to call me that.” James said a bit shocked by my outburst.


“Oh, don’t I, Mr. Captain James Sir? How about lovely Captain Potter Sir! Or your royal highness Potter Captain Sir!”




“Just, shut it, James”


Slamming the door behind me, I stomped down the steps, but not before I heard “Fay, wait!” over my shoulder. Picking up my pace, I nearly ran up the girls staircase so that James wouldn’t be able to catch me.


How did this get so out of control already? I’ve lied so much already and lying to James was the hardest part. He normally can see right through me. Normally, James doesn’t freak out at me like that. Normally, he’s off snogging someone and he doesn’t care. But, normally, I don’t have a boyfriend.


Is he jealous?


Oh, Merlin. I’ve been spending too much time with Scorpius recently. James isn’t jealous. He’s just being paranoid. Thats all.




Authors Note: HELLO! So, I'm sorry that I haven't updated in quite a while. School has sucked up my time, but I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm not quite pleased with it, but I thought I'd get it out to you guys. Rate and review! Have a great day!

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