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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 27 : Chapter 27
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Chapter 27 is ready to be read by you amazing readers! Hope you enjoy it...

It was the day of the grand opening of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and there was a certain buzz throughout the house.

“Everybody has two hours to get ready before we leave, okay?” said Fred.

“Yes we know, give us a break that’s plenty of time,” Ginny said.

“I hope you’ve got your dress picked out,” George told her.

“Dress? What’s wrong with jeans and a t-shirt?” Hermione asked.

“Hermione grand opening,” Fred explained as if she were stupid.

“Well what are you two idiots wearing?” Ginny asked.

“Ginerva if they want you to dress up just honour their request,” Molly’s voice called from the kitchen.

“Yeah thanks mum!” George grinned defiantly. “We are going all out thank you very much,” George smiled, “but our outfits are secret so you’ll just have to wait and see but I promise you’ll love it,” he winked.

“I need to find a dress,” Hermione sighed getting to her feet and heading up the stairs. She lay all her options out on the bed and looked at them putting some away because they were too formal and others because they weren’t formal enough. She was left with two dresses, a shocking pink dress that had embroidery around the waist and hem with thin straps and cut off just below the knee and came in slightly at the waist before flowing out or a deep purple dress that was the same shape and design but with a pale pink ribbon around the waist.

Catching a glimpse of red hair in the door way she assumed it was Ginny as they shared a room. “Pink or purple?” she asked without turning around.

“Purple,” said a certain voice but it wasn’t Ginny’s she turned around to see Fred.

“I thought you were Ginny,” she smiled. “Why purple?”

“George likes purple,” Fred said simply.

“Since when?” Hermione asked, she hadn’t known that and she knew a lot about George.

“Since the Yule ball,” Fred answered before disappearing up to his room. Hermione smiled at the space he had previously occupied knowing what he had meant. ‘I wore purple to the Yule ball’ she thought to herself.

A few moments past and the space in the door way was once again filled by a Weasley twin.

“Hey George,” she smiled. ‘Might as well test this out...’ she thought to herself. “Pink or purple?” she asked whilst gesturing to the dresses.

The word was out of his mouth as quick, simple and natural as the word ‘hello’. “Purple.”

“Why purple?” she asked though she smiled.

“Because I like purple,” he shrugged.

“Since when?” she asked ‘this is too funny’ she thought.

“Since the Yule ball,” he answered simply though unlike his twin he stayed put.

“What do you mean?” she asked him.

“You wore purple and you looked even more beautiful than usual,” George told her with a grin.

“You really know how to flatter a girl,” Hermione smiled as a blush crept up her neck and across her face.

“Not a girl, I know how to flatter you because there’s so much to compliment,” he said.

Hermione’s face grew redder and she smiled, “you’re too sweet and you’re not half bad yourself.”

“Thanks,” he grinned. “Now I better leave since you have to get ready but it’s just so hard to resist staying even if it’s just to admire your gorgeousness.”

“Get out,” she laughed as she threw a pillow at him and he dodged it. He disappeared and Hermione thought he’d left so she got up to start getting ready when he stuck his head round the door.

“Did you miss me, gorgeous?” he asked.

“Out,” she shouted through laughter and she slammed the door shut only for him to apparate back into the room.

“Just needed another look, beautiful,” he smiled at her innocently.

“You are such a loser, get out!” she laughed.

“Bye!” he called before apparating out. Not long after there was a knock at the door and Hermione laughed to herself. “Still decent?” George asked.

“No!” Hermione lied. He apparated in anyway hand over his eyes though he peeked slightly through the gaps in his fingers and chuckled.

“You little liar,” he teased.

“I have to get ready George!” she groaned.

“You can’t do that until the brat gets out the shower,” George pointed out referring to Ginny.

“Fine you have to get ready,” Hermione said shoving him towards the door.

“’Mione, amazing as it is my charming good looks are undefeatable I promise it doesn’t take long to make sure I’m looking handsome because you know I always do,” he grinned.

“True,” Hermione shrugged taking a seat on her bed.

“Hey Hermio...” Ginny began as she walked into the room but froze midway. “George get out!” she screamed. She had just gotten out of the shower, towel wrapped around her hair and another around her body.

“Ginny you’re my younger sister I promise it’s is nothing I haven’t seen before,” George laughed at the mortified expression on her face as she let out a squeak of disapproval.

“Get out,” she yelled again.

“See you later, lovely,” he winked at Hermione who blushed.

“Get out,” Hermione smiled unable to old back a laugh.

“Bye,” he called as he left. Hermione got up quickly rushing to the shower to wash her hair.

After she had her dress on, jewellery on, shoes on, a cardigan in hand, a bag containing her wand and purse she was ready.

“Hermione you really look...” Ginny began.

“Completely and utterly stunning,” another voice finished. Both girls whirled around to see George smiling. “Well more so than usual,” he added.

“Thanks,” Hermione smiled then took in his appearance. “And you look um festive?”

“Festive? You look like the manikin from the front of your shop,” Ginny laughed.

“And that delightful blue dress makes you look like a smurf,” George retorted, “by the way I’m supposed to match the shop!”

George wore a brilliant, bright orange shirt and a purple suit jacket with purple trousers which were the exact colours used for the shop.

“You know about the smurfs but you don’t know what a glitch is?” Hermione asked.

“Hermione you told me about the smurfs,” George said whilst shaking his head at her.

“Oh,” Hermione said. “You look great George!”

“Thanks see I can pull off anything,” he said smugly.

“That, I must admit, is true,” Hermione agreed running her hand along one of his sleeves and smiling at him he looked very bright.

“What d’you think?” asked Fred stepping into the doorway beside his twin.

He wore a bright purple top and orange suit jacket with orange trousers which was basically the same as George except the colours were the other way round.

“Wow, I need a picture of you two,” Hermione said. “You both look so good!”

“When don’t we?” Fred asked with a smirk. “You both look good.”

“Thanks,” Hermione and Ginny replied in unison.

It was only then Hermione realised their shoes and couldn’t fight the laughter.

“What?” both the twins asked in confusion but realised what she was looking at and both began to laugh too.

“Cool, huh?” Fred grinned as he looked down at his bright purple shoes.

“They match my hair, don’t you think?” George laughed as he looked at his bright orange shoes.

“You really did go all out,” Ginny admitted smiling at them. “But George the purple hair would’ve really worked for you today.”

“I know I considered it but you know my hair already matches the shirt so might as well leave it,” he grinned.

Everyone gathered down stairs and the younger ones flooed out whilst the others apparated.

Fred and George cleaned any soot off of Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Ron as they arrived and soon Lee, Angelina and Alicia arrived. Fred and George turned the open sign together and floods of people swarmed in buzzing around the shop and everyone pitched in to try and help. It was only ten am and they knew they had a lot of work cut out for them for the day. Over the day they saw quite a few of their friends from Hogwarts.

“Hermione!” called a familiar voice.

“Dean, Seamus,” she smiled as she saw them fight their way towards her through the crowd.

“Busy in here,” Seamus said.

“Has been all day!” Hermione shouted over the noise of the store.

“Hold on,” Hermione said holding up a hand to them. “Miss please don’t open that in the store!” she yelled at one of the customers.

“Well you look dressed up, planning on going to a wedding?” Dean teased.

“Well I planned on wearing jeans until Fred was kind enough to inform me that it was a grand opening,” Hermione explained. “West Ham are doing well, huh?”

“Aren’t they? Best they’ve done in a while,” Dean began and Hermione completely zoned out nodding and saying ‘yeah’ and ‘exactly’. The day went on much like that and by seven pm when it finally started to calm down they were all relieved.

Fred and George seemed to be on a high they were literally buzzing.

“I have never been happier in my life,” Fred grinned.

“Same here my twin, my brother, my best friend, my partner in crime...”

“I get it George,” Fred chuckled while patting his twin on the shoulder.

“I think I want to make it happier,” George told Fred quietly as he looked over at Hermione who was leaning against a wall talking to Ginny.

Fred followed his gaze and beamed at him, “go get her mate.”

“I’ll try,” George grinned and with a few supportive words from his twin he strode over to Hermione.

“Can I have a word,” he asked her. “I-if you don’t mind obviously,” he added looking from Ginny to Hermione.

“She’s all yours,” Ginny grinned and Hermione followed George to the backroom of the shop.

“So...?” George asked and Hermione laughed.

“George you called me in here,” she told him.

“Right,” he smiled nervously his hand rubbing the back of his neck which Hermione knew was a sign that he was anxious.

“Are you okay?” Hermione asked holding his other hand and smiling at him reassuringly.

“Yeah I’m great! I’ve never been better actually, this is the happiest day of my life so far and well I wanted to make it that much happier than it already is...” George trailed off searching her eyes for a sign to continue. They glistened with hope, curiosity or eagerness but he couldn’t determine which one but none of them suggested that he stopped whilst he was still safe.

“Go on,” she urged.

“So I’ve been thinking for a while that we- well personally I think we get along well and we have this unbelievably strong relationship as friends but I think that maybe- that you know since we’re so comfortable with each other and I don’t know about you but for me I have no idea what I’d do without you. I really appreciate the amazing role you play in my life and I think that where you’re so important to me over the years the bond we’ve developed has just gotten stronger and stronger to the extent that feel I’m going to explode. What I’m trying to say is I kept all these feelings bottled up for far too long and now all I want is to tell you the truth because I’m fed up of being afraid. I care so much about you that it hurts and I know because of that that I’m not making a mistake here and because of it I feel you need to know I-I want you to know,” George said emotionally.

Hermione watched him carefully, her eyes shone with tears and she wanted him to finish, no, she needed him to finish.

George paused trying to perfect the words he’d been dying to say to her for so long. “Hermione, I-I...”

“Hermione come on we have to go!” yelled Ron from somewhere in the shop.

“Ron quit it,” Fred shouted at him.

“No, Hermione we need to go now!”

“Ron shut up,” Fred screamed.

“Hermione, Harry’s gone after Malfoy!”

Hermione froze looking at George desperate for him to continue but his attention wasn’t fixed on her his eyes were on the curtains concealing them from the rest of the shop as if he could see what was going on outside of them. His eyes fell on her again and his eyes filled with tears and he looked to the floor as the curtains were pulled aside.

“Hermione I’m sorry but we have to go after him,” Ron told her.

George released her hand and smiled sadly. “Go,” he whispered.

“No George please just- I- please I need to know,” Hermione begged.

George frowned, “Harry needs you.”

Hermione nodded wiping a few tears from her eyes and running out of the shop with Ron at her side.

“W-where did he go?” Hermione asked Ron as they took a couple of turns down the alley ways and she tried to swallow the lump in her throat.

“This way,” Ron said as they turned and came up to a dead end. They looked around and saw a pair of familiar trainers barely visible on one of the close by flat roofs. Ron locked his fingers together and gave Hermione a boost up and she scrambled to Harry’s side.

“Shh,” Harry hissed at them as Ron pulled himself up.

Draco Malfoy, his mother and someone Ron recognised as Fenrir Greyback were standing beside a vanishing cabinet in Borgin and Burkes.

“This is why I’m here?” Hermione choked out. “To watch Malfoy and his mum looking at furniture?”

“Hermione look at that don’t you think something suspicious is going on?” Harry asked her.

“No Harry even the evil and prejudice need furniture,” Hermione shot at him, angry that George and her had been interrupted by something of no significant importance.

“I think this is like an initiation ceremony,” Harry said.

“Harry, Malfoy is our age he’s not a criminal mastermind, he’s not a death eater!” Hermione said in an angry but hushed tone.

“Not yet,” Harry muttered.

“Well think about it Hermione, both his parents are and he’s in there with Fenrir Greyback, werewolf and infamous death eater it really is a possibility,” Ron reasoned.

“No it isn’t he is not a death eater don’t be so preposterous,” Hermione said.

“Why do you suddenly trust Malfoy so much?” asked Ron.

“I don’t trust him but I’m just saying I don’t think Voldemort would want such a pathetic, cowardly, idiot as a death eater I mean what could he possibly entrust Malfoy with?” Hermione said trying to be rational.

“Dumbledore wanted Slughorn at Hogwarts this year maybe Voldemort wants someone there as a look out or something,” Harry said.

“You think this has something to do with Dumbledore or Slughorn?” Hermione asked.

“Not necessarily but I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Harry explained.

“Where do you have a bad feeling? In there?” she asked whilst brushing her fingertips over his scar. “Or in there?” she asked as she placed her hand against his chest.

“Both,” Harry said.

“I trust you,” Hermione said softly, “but please be rational and logical about this. You cannot stalk Malfoy or anything like that but we’ll keep an eye out for anything suspicious, okay?”

Harry nodded.

“Good let’s get out of here now, this place gives me the creeps,” Hermione said as she looked around uncertainly. Harry and Ron jumped down before helping Hermione down and they walked back to the joke shop in silence.

They stepped back in to find the twins tidying the shop up a bit and re-stacking shelves in silence.

“First day over,” George sighed. “Hope they’ll all be this fun. It’s been amazing, we’ve made it Fred.”

“Made it? We broke the bar, it was so packed in here I couldn’t breathe and it was the most brilliant feeling I’ve ever felt!” he exclaimed.

“A near death experience made you feel better than you ever have before?” Hermione asked as they joined the twins.

“Well...” Fred laughed.

“What happened?” George asked as he looked at her with a curious look. He aimed his wand at her and she looked at him with wide eyes not sure what was happening.

“George?” she asked unsurely. She saw the sparks fly from the tip of his wand and looked down at her body as they hit her. She smiled realising he was just cleaning her dress.

“I wouldn’t hurt you,” he said with a smile noticing her relief.

“I know I just had no idea what you were doing,” Hermione told him and he shrugged his response.

“What happened?” Lee asked who had been stood in a corner with Angelina and Alicia.

“Harry thinks Malfoy is going through Death Eater initiation,” Ron said simply.

And all mouths hung open, eyes wide. “You’ve lost it mate,” George said with a chuckle.

Hermione gave him a look that he seemed to interpret well. “Your scar?” George asked.

Harry nodded, “a little.”

“Bad feeling?” Ginny asked.

He nodded once more. “I just don’t know why but I can tell they’re plotting something, something big.”

“Whatever you say chosen one,” Fred joked and everyone laughed except for Harry who groaned.

“Don’t call me that,” Harry said.

“You sound like Tonks,” Ginny smiled.

“Who’s Tonks?” Angelina asked.

“Never mind Angel,” Fred said.

“Is she another girl?” Angelina asked him.

“Course not Angie,” Fred said rolling his eyes. “Well she is a girl but you know I’ve only got eyes for you.”

“Home time guys,” George announced, “you three can come too if you want,” he aimed at Lee, Angelina and Alicia.

“I’m there, your mum can seriously cook,” Lee grinned.

“We’re in too,” Angelina and Alicia said.

They left for the Burrow Hermione and George wondering what would have happened had their moment not been interrupted.

 Please don't hate me for killing yet another one of their moments :(! I honestly didn't want to but I have a plot which I want to stick to so you're going to have to wait! But I do still want to know what you thought of this chapter! Good? Bad? Suggestions? Whatever you thought a review is the only way I'm going to know as my psychic abilities are currently not working! Please leave a review because I really enjoy hearing from you and appreciate all feedback! Thanks for reading!

Hope you continue to read and enjoy the story! Jenna :)


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