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My Secret Admirer! by MusicLover17
Chapter 2 : Shopping Trips!
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It's been a week since i got the letter from my secret admirer i'm beginning to think it was just someone trying to be funny or maybe it was a dare, either way it deosn't matter proberly was someone playing a prank on me so i'm not going to let it bother me.

I make my way down the stairs and into the common room to wait for Ginny i said i would go to hogsmeade with her she wants to go shopping with me i keep telling her that i hate shopping but she doesn't listen but it will be fine we will go, she will have a look in a few shops maybe by something then we will meet Harry and Ron for a butterbeer that's really the only thing i'm looking forward to.

"Earth to Hermione."

"Oh sorry Ginny, you ready to go then?"

"Yeah come on."

We make our way through the castle and head down to Hogsmeade, it's quite busy by the time we get there though i suspect that everyone in here no one really misses the chance to come here just to get out of the castle for a bit.

"Come on i want to have a look in here." Ginny says pulling my arm into a jewellery shop.

"Ginny this place is pretty expensive."

"Yeah i know but i saw the cutiest earrings the other day and i just have to have them."

"Well if you get them don't tell Ron the price."

"It's my money, Ron can bugger off."

"Fair point Gin."

She makes her way to look for the earrings, i look around and browse at some of the necklaces and rings all beautiful of course but one necklace catches my eye and blue sapphire with little diamonds all around it, it's so lovely i look at the price £1500 WOW okay maybe one day but not today, i turn around and Ginny is making her way over to me a bag in hand.

"Did you get them then?"

"Of course, come one i'm dying to try them on."

We walk out of the shop and she is already pulling them out of the box.

"Oh Ginny they are really pretty they will soot you so well."

"Thanks Hermione i think so to."

"So are you finished yet?" I asked with hope.

"Hermione i just don't understand you, your a girl how can you not like shopping?"

"I don't know i get bored to easy i guess."

"Come on lets go for a butterbeer maybe Harry and Ron will already be there."

We walk across to the Three Broomsticks and walk in.

"Go get a table i'll get us drinks."

"Okay." I see a free table booth right at the back and walk over to it only to pass Malfoy and his 'friends' if you can call them that. I slide in and shug my jacket off placing it beside me.

"Here alone Granger?" Someone asked, i looked up, Malfoy great.

"No i'm not actually Malfoy i'm waiting for Ginny if you must know."

"Well i didn't but you told me anyway."

I give him my best 'evil look' hoping he would take the hint and go away.

"Well looks like the weaslette is going to be a while in that que mind if i join you?" He asked not waiting for an answer and sitting down infront of me.

"Actually i do mind Malfoy."

He wasn't looking at me he just looked around.

"So did your 'friends ditch you Malfoy?"

"Haha your funny Granger, no they didn't i just got bored with them."

"Oh so you thought you'd come and annoy me then?"

"Something like that, so where's Potty and the number one weasel."

"Oh i'm not sure Malfoy because i don't know anyone of those names."

"Alright then where's Potter and Weasley?"

"That's better and if you must know i don't know they said they had some stuff to do then they would meet us here."

"Oh so you did know who i was talking about then."

"Go away Malfoy i don't want to deal with you."

"Okay i'll go then, see you around Granger." He said smirking at me and rubbing his leg against mine.

"Whatever douche." I said so he could hear as he walked away, i swear i saw him smile.

"What did the ferret want?"

"Just to annoy me as usual."

"Ah no surprise."


About a hour later Ginny and i made our way back up to the castle Harry and Ron hadn't met us for a butterbeer and i was starting to worry.

"Hermione i'm telling you they will be fine, you know what there like they proberly forgot to come meet us."

"You might be right Gin but i just want to check they are okay."

We make our way through the portrait door to see Harry and Ron playin wizard chess again.

"Honestly you to, this is what you doing you guys were suppost to come meet us."

"Yeah we know but Ron said about having a quick game first but it's turned out differently, sorry."

"It's okay Harry just let us know next time, Hermione was getting worried."

"Aww Hermione we're big boys we can look after ourselfs." Harry said coming over and giving me a hug.

"I know Harry but that doesn't mean i can't still worry about you both." I say returning his hug.

"What would we do without our Hermione." He says kissing my check, i blush slightly and pull away.

For the rest of the night we sat in the common room talking about everything and anything about classes, proffessors, slytherins everything. I yawned and stood up to stretch.

"Well i'm gonna go to bed, night guys."

All three stand up and give me a quick hug.

"Night Hermione i'll be up soon." said Ginny sitting back down.

"Night Hermione see you tomorrow."

"Night Hermione sleep well." Harry said giving me a big smile.

I ran up to the girls dorms, yawned again and walked over to my closet bringing out a T-shirt and so PJ bottoms, I walk into the bathroom and quickley get changed and brush my hair and teeth, I walk back out and almost scream the same big black eagle is sitting on my bedwith a letter and package sitting infront of it, he looks at me for a second then flies out the window, i run over to my bed and look at the letter it's the same writing as the one before again addressed to me, i rip open the envelope and start to read the letter inside.

Dearest Hermione

It really is a ray of sunshine to see you everyday espeically when you smile my whole life seems to brighten everytime i see it, I know i have only written you one letter before now you must have be confused but i'm here to reasure you this is real i'm not playing any kind of joke on you i swear please try and believe me, i wish i could come and tell you everything but i know that if you see me you will laugh in my face so i've decided to do it this way i will give you clues so you can try and figure out who i am yourself no doubt you will guess soon enough your to brilliant for you to not. So first clue you see me everyday sometimes more than once so keep your eyes open, i know it's not brilliant but i don't want to give anything away to soon. Sleep well my Angel.

Love your Secret Amirer

P.S I hope you like this and hopefully wear it to.


I put the letter down and turned to the package it was wrapped in red paper with a gold ribbon around it, i unwrapped it and there was a box inside, i opened it OH MERLIN the necklace the blue sapphire from the jewellery shop in Hogsmeade, how did he know, he was watching me oh Merlin...Wait this was £1500 i can't believe he bought this for me, oh sweet jesus, i put the box down and place the necklace around my neck, it's so beautiful how will i thank him well i kinda need to know how he is to thank him come on Hermione don't be an idiot, so i see him everyday that is a rubbish clue i see lots of people everyday oh this is going to suck.

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