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To Say by GinnyLilyana
Chapter 2 : Positive
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 I thought things were going to get awkward after what Ron and I did. But our relationship got stronger. We were officially an item, and happy as can be. We had sex a few times after that, each time just as sweet and romantic. I was head over heels for Ronald Billius Weasley. And he was head over heels for me.


Harry was staying at the Burrow now too. You could tell that he and Ginny were falling in love. But with the bounty still on his head you can tell he’s still wary about being in a romantic relationship with her. I think she’s okay with that though, as long as his affections don’t wane.


Ron and I spent most of our days inside. He had the flu and I just wasn’t feeling so good either. I worked on the holiday homework that had been assigned to us and tried to focus on school.


Our days were easy. Carefree. We loved just snuggling on the couch, reading a book or playing wizards chess.


“Hermione,” Ron said. I looked up at him and he smiled. “Just wanted to tell you I love you.”


I grinned. “I love you too, Ronald.”


Harry and Ginny walked in, and sat on the couch.


“What’s up?” Ginny asked.


“Nothing really. Just reading a book while he plays wizards chess by himself.” I answered.


“Um, can I talk to you for a minute?” Ginny nodded towards me. I got up and we walked towards Ginny’s room.


“Have you and Ron been having sex?” Ginny asked as soon as the door was closed.


“I didn’t know it was a secret,” I shrugged. “Yes, we have been. But not anywhere you and Harry or the rest of the family goes or sits or sleeps.”


“Gross. That’s not my concern. Was he your first?” Ginny asked.


“Well, no,” I said, blushing. “Viktor was. Why?”


“Did it hurt?”


“A little, yes. It was definitely uncomfortable.” I answered honestly. “What is going on?”


“I want to have sex with Harry. We’ve been talking about it, not a lot, but it comes up. He wants me to be absolutely sure and have all the facts. He also wants me to learn the contraceptive potion so I don’t get pregnant.”


Fuck. I knew Ron and I were forgetting something.


“So, you know, could you help me brew it? You’ve done it before, right?”


“Um, no, actually…” I trailed off. Ginny looked at me quizzically. “We just… forgot. We forgot about any potions or spells or condoms…”


“Have you started your period?” She asked in a hushed voice. She looked over her shoulder. “We usually start at the same time. Mine ended three days ago.”


I thought. “No. I haven’t.” I felt sick. “Oh my god, Ginny. What if I am? I’m screwed.”


“Take a test as soon as you can. You need to go into Muggle London soon anyways, right? Just stop by the drugstore and pick one up.”


“You’re right,” I said, fiddling with a blanket on the bed. “It’s just… if it’s positive…”


“Then we’ll take it from there.” She said quietly. “I love you. And Ron is my brother. I’ll do anything to help.”


“Thanks,” I said quietly. She got up and put her hand on my shoulder. “Do you want me to send Ron up?”


“Yes, please.” I sighed. “I’ll meet him in his room.”


She nodded and walked down the stairs. I got up and started walking towards Ron’s room, thinking about how I was going to word this. I walked into his room and sat on the bed, hugging his pillow. It had his scent all over it.


Knock, knock. “Hermione?”


“Come in,” I say, shaking.


“What’s going on?” He said. “You don’t look like you’re feeling so well.”


“Well, I just talked to Ginny.” I said quietly. He raised an eyebrow. “She was talking about sex… and asked if you and I had slept together. I told her that yes, we had. Then she asked about contraceptive spells…”


“Why are you giving my baby sister contraceptive spells?” He asked loudly. I knew he would go in big brother mode.


“I didn’t give her one because I don’t know any!” I yelled. “Do you realize we have been having sex with zero protection?”


I saw it finally dawn on him.


“Have you started your period yet?” He went pale. “Please, please tell me you have.”


“No, Ron, I haven’t.” I answered quietly. “I always start with Ginny. Hers ended three days ago.”

He sat next to me. “So what do we do?”


“We stay calm. Because this could be nothing.” I whispered. “I have to go to Muggle London tomorrow and pick up a few things. I’m going to go to a drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test.”


“Then what?”


“I don’t know. Let’s just focus on this evening. Ginny is the only one who knows, unless she’s told Harry, which I think we should. I think we should all go into London together.” I put my hand on his, and I see he’s got tears in his eyes.


“Ron, I’m so sorry… I should’ve thought about this…”


“Hermione, it isn’t your fault. We both have brains. And we didn’t use ours.” He squeezes my hand reassuringly and kisses my forehead. “I love you. Whatever happens, happens, but I’m not going anywhere.”

We arrived to Muggle London at around noon. We did our shopping as it came to us, department stores, department stores, drugstore, department stores…


I got increasingly nervous as I looked at all the different types.


“Oi, Hermione! This one comes with like, eight tests. Do you think we’ll need eight?” He asked, holding up a blue box.


“We’ll need more than one, just to be sure. I think it’s safe to go with three.” I answered back, looking at a pink box.


“Hey guys, this one has ninety-nine percent accuracy and a digital readout,” Ginny piped in.


“They all have ninety-nine percent accuracy. That’s the problem. I think we should get one box of three of the digital and one box of three of the line tests.” I answered.


Harry kind of just looked at me. “Six?”


“Well, I can take at least two of each and be sure.” I answered stupidly.


“I think a two week late period is answer enough,” Ron muttered quietly. I knew he was right but I had to be sure.


“Enough. I need solid positives in order to just waltz into the doctor’s office.” I responded. I put the tests on the counter, got a judgmental look from the old lady at the counter, paid, and then we walked to the nearest restaurant. We picked a little café and sat at the tables closest to the restroom. I ordered a glass of water and a turkey sandwich with cheddar bacon soup as a side and downed as much water as I could.


“Don’t you have to pee yet?” Ginny whispered.


“No,” I responded in frustration. “I should’ve started this a long time ago. These things take time!” the waitress came back and filled up my water. In less than thirty seconds I downed that one.


After what felt like an eternity I finally had to pee. I went into the bathroom with my bag and pulled out a digital test. I read the instructions, did my business, put the cap back on, washed my hands, and walked back to my table.


“Well? What does it say?” Harry asked.


“It said to wait for five minutes. So I’m going to put a napkin over it and eat my sandwich and then check it.”


Three bites into my sandwich Ron asked me if five minutes were up. “I understand you’re anxious, Ronald, but please be patient. I can’t force the stupid thing to tell me if it’s positive or not.”


Harry and Ginny promptly started talking about school, which I tried to actively participate in, but found my predicament to be a tad bit distracting. After glancing at the clock for the millionth time, I finally saw that five minutes had passed.


“Well, here goes nothing.” I said.


I lifted up the edge of the napkin and pulled it off of the test. Loud and clear, it read positive.


“Oh my god,” Ron muttered.


I sank deep into my chair. The waitress walked by and I ordered another water.


“I’m going to take one more test-“ I muttered as I picked up the glass.


“There’s no use!” Ron slammed his fists on the table. “Admit it Hermione – this is no false positive!”


I felt the tears come fast. Hermione Granger was pregnant. My parents are going to be so disappointed.


“My parents are going to be so disappointed,” Ron moaned, leaning his head back.


“Oh come on now, you and Hermione having sex was no secret.” Harry said quietly. “Everybody knew. Not that you were loud or anything, you could just tell.”


“That doesn’t change the fact that we didn’t use any fucking protection,” Ron muttered. Ginny put her hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze.


“We can tell them together if you want.” She said quietly.


“No,” I interjected. “Ronald and I got ourselves into this mess, and we’re going to own up to it like adults.” I sighed.


“So… this might be too early… but are you going to keep it?” Harry asked. I looked at Ron and he shrugged.


“I mean, we have three options.” He said quietly.


“Right,” I wanted to feel sick. I wanted to just puke my guts up. But I didn’t. I was calm, collected, and unnervingly already sure about what I wanted to do with the baby.


“We could abort the baby-“


“Ronald stop it right there.” I breathed in. “I think we should keep it.”


“Hermione,” Harry said quietly. “You’ve still got one more year of Hogwarts to go to. We all do.”


“I’m the brightest witch of our age. I can do school with no problem.” I argued.


“I don’t even know if I’m ready to be a father yet,” Ron whispered. I looked up at him with my eyes wide. “I won’t go anywhere. I’m still here. But let’s think on this.”


I stood up from my seat, slapped down some money, and walked out of the café. I walked as fast as I could down the street. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I frantically searched for a place to sit down and cry. Alleys were out of the question for obvious reasons but I was having a hard time finding somewhere to just hide. I finally found a little hole-in-the-wall bookshop and ducked inside. I went as far into the shop as I could and sat in the corner and burst into tears.


This could not be happening to me. I’m pregnant. Hermione Granger is pregnant. I still have a year of school left, and oh sure, I could go without it, but I need my education. I need one more year at Hogwarts. As unplanned as this was I knew I wanted this baby and Ron had no faith in my abilities. That’s fine. I can do this without him.


And then I burst into tears again because I couldn’t do this without Ron. It wasn’t fair for me to run out on him like I did. I wiped my eyes and got back up and started to leave the bookshop. It didn’t take long for me to run into Harry, Ron, and Ginny.


“Thank Merlin you’re okay.” Ron said, running up to me. “I’m sorry love. I wasn’t trying to undermine you or make you feel inadequate. This is tough on both of us.”


“Well, I guess the only thing that we can do right now is tell your parents.” I murmured. I wasn’t looking forward to that. I knew Molly would be very disappointed.


“Then we can decide.” He kissed me and grabbed my hands. Ginny and Harry were standing off to the side talking. I yawned and Ron rubbed my back.


“I’m getting tired.” I told them.


“Let’s go home. You need rest.” Ginny said quietly.


“We need to tell your parents first,” I said quietly. “Then I’ll sleep.”


Harry and Ginny looked at me like I was nuts but in the end, I won.

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