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The Piano by TheHallow
Chapter 1 : To Clarify
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Rose Weasley

Rose sighed. It was the night before her 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry yet all she could do was not sleep. She never slept the night before her first day, yet Hugo's snores could be heard fifty miles away. Since she was right next door to Hugo's loud sleeping noises, Rose had yet to discover if the reason why sleep evaded her was because of nerves or Hugo.

Rose had already packed for her trip but she still enjoyed filling her leather bag with her needs for the train ride back home. The ride back to her black and white keys.

Rose's talent and yearning for the piano had remained a secret, (except for her family's knoweledge of it) and Rose was successful at keeping it that way, since her 1st year at Hogwarts.

The reason why Rose has kept it a secret, is because she is afraid.

Wizards generally don't play muggle instruments, in the past they have modified muggle instruments into more 'practical' intruments for the wizarding world. The piano in the wizarding world are called the notesecored. A most foul instrument. It was a piano but only stripped of it's rights to be properly played and respected.

The piano's bodice is usually stripped of its wood (including legs) to leave only its steal frame with strings still attached, the keys were taken off so nobody muggle enough could properly play it. Theory was set aside, and with a swish of a wand it would play whatever you want.

Rose despised it, she always had since she was a very little girl. Rose didn't originally despise the notesecored because she was at first accustomed to it in the wizarding world. But, It wasn't until she discovered it's original form that she despised it. It wasn't until she sat down and played exactly what she wished from that piano in the little shop of Kensington Pianos in London. She made every single person in that store watch in disbelief. For a child of seven sat down and played her own music, for she could not possibly know the muggle classical artists. What astounded them all was that it was impossible for a child to be able to play music equal to Beethoven or Mozart. Her mother had just stood there shell shocked until she grabbed her daughter and dragged her out and down to an unknown alley. Then punished her for using magic in a muggle area, Hermione Weasley didn't stop scolding until she heard the quiet whisper "but I wasn't using magic".

To clarify what this short memory means,

Rose Weasley is a Prodigy.


As Dad lifted my trunk onto the train, Mom handed me my cat, Amadeus, into my arms. Amadeus is a gold and white stripped cat, and he is also very fat. Amadeus has made it very clear that if a cage was not enjoyable for him, then it was not enjoyable for everybody else.

Hugo and I stood side by side smiling and hugging our parents goodbye. And as I got on the train after kissing my dad on the cheek, I saw a tall young man walking down the train, he was taller then most of the students around him, but what stood out most was his bright blonde hair and cloudy grey eyes.

After saying my quick goodbyes to my parents, I grabbed Hugo and we quickly turned the other way before he could notice me. With Hugo by my side, we both quickly found Albus, Lily, James, Fred, and Dominique.

"Rose! Hugo!" 

Seriously I have way too many cousins. But I still love 'em! 

"Hey everybody!" I sighed, "We've been looking for you guys, praise the Lord we've found you!"

Albus crossed the compartment and hugged Rose. Albus was in Ravenclaw, but he was a pretty good mix of all the houses together, when he was placed in Ravenclaw, he randomly said, "WHAAAATTT?" . The next day the picture of him making that confused (and embarassing) 'what' face showed up in the Daily Prothet. You can't expect the Daily profit not to follow the children of the great Harry Potter now can you? That day, the prophet was titled "Ravenclaw?", everybody expected Albus to be in any house except for Ravenclaw.

"Ugh finally Rose," Lily drawled "somebody to have an enjoyable conversation with."


"Woops sorry Dom!" Lily gave a sweet smile to Dom.

I just sighed after lifting my trunk above and took my place inbetween James and my best friend Alice, who had just appeared into the compartment as if she was there the whole time.

"RooooOOOOOooossseeeee" I looked over to see James wide grin, "You know you wanna pull my finger" 

This was going to be a very long year.




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