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Dark Chances by TheSlytherinSilhoutte
Chapter 13 : Darkness
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Something was bothering him.

Was it all worth it?

Did he do the right thing?

What if they found out?

What if his father heard all about these?

He was getting mad at all the things that were continuously circling his mind. He wanted to get out of the unending misery but he cannot do it by not breaking all the odds in front of him. Things just don’t end well for the boy who didn’t made all the right choices. A new beginning starts but a very unfaithful event must end it without even having the chance to stop it.



“Thank you for attending this meeting even though it’s already the last minute that we informed all of you.” The pale man greeted his guests casually while they were all seated at a big rectangular table, with him leading it as he was seated at the far end. He was surrounded by ten people including the three hooded men whom he had already welcomed before at their manor. Old and pale faces were all covered in dark, lengthy hooded robes.

Each one of them was not foreign for this certain kind of meetings. They know very well how to behave and manage to listen to the one who was leading their conversation. But since six months have already passed right after the war, this time, the one leading them was different. He was not their master so they don’t really care who he was. They were only there for the blood rush and the bittersweet smell of revenge.

The pale man also managed to include his wife and son to the meeting for they were also a part of their group before. He also knew that he needed his son to start his whole new plan. The new plan that he thinks will make him get everything that he wanted in his hands.


“Why am I even doing this?” the pale man’s son whispered in disgust. He cannot believe that his father was doing the same things all over again. When the war ended, he thought that everything will change and go well when they already turned the situation upside down by helping the ministry arrest the different members of the Dark Lord’s army. But right now, he was purely mistaken. All of it was a part of his father’s plan to take revenge on the people who have defeated their only master. His father made them think that he was a fully changed man, helping others and was becoming innocent.


His mother heard what he had said. She had nothing to do but hold his hand and give it a light squeeze. She looked at him and smiled to somehow alleviate his darkened mood.


His poor mother, the one who only chose to keep her voice inside her throat and not to speak her own mind was his only hope in gaining happiness again. But every time that he sees her, his heart breaks into a million pieces. He can’t help but feel horrible for her. She wasn’t treated as a good and loving wife but as a mere tiny follower of his cruel and selfish husband.


“I do have concerns about the numbers of the people in here today, but I think we could manage that. And it’s not that impossible to see that we have the most trusted servants that we can rely on.” The pale man continued his speech, too determined to catch all of their attention.


“I’m hungry... I want food...”


“They sure are no match for me...”


“Let’s get on with this! We don’t have much time!”





“Silence! You buffoons clearly have no idea what you are dealing with! Listen or else... I’m going to drain those lives out of you!” the pale man shouted at the former death eaters surrounding him as they were all talking at the same time. They had no choice but to follow him if they wanted to gain blood in their hands.


“Now, if you will all just listen to my plan we will get this meeting done earlier than all of you wanted...” the pale man said while standing from his seat, supported by the cane that he had used so much.



His son didn’t pay any attention as the meeting goes on. It will be the same old rambling of words by his father and the same old reactions of the death eaters who were hungry for bloodshed. He was sick of everything that they were pushing through because he knows that everything will be pointless. It will be a total waste of time for all of them.


Even though he has to keep up with his father’s plans, his mind was still on the bushy haired girl. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and all he wants to do is to be with her at the moment. To be at her side is his sanctuary and seeing her smile is his relief. Her sweet scent was still lingering in him, making his senses hypnotized in her beautiful trance. He had grown deep feelings for her that he couldn’t even get it off his system. This girl made him a whole lot of a different person and it was the greatest thing that happened in his entire life.


Yes, he loves the girl... but he also knows that everything that he had done to be close to her will become out of hand in the later days. He also knows that he was not the right one for her because he would only bring her great danger. She and her friends will be harmed greatly... and he couldn’t even think of anything to help them. He was torn between his father’s pride and achieving total happiness.







He didn’t notice that the meeting has ended and their guests were already leaving. His father had called him several times and he only left his trance with the help of his mother, shaking his arm. He snapped his gaze at his father then he was gestured to come with him, leading to his father’s study. He took a quick worried gaze at his mother before standing up and just like what she had done earlier, she only gave him a warm smile.


Every step that he took while following his older form was making him sink in deep thoughts. Anger and fear was building up in him. Anger because his father had lied to his own son about changing their life and fear because he knows that his body would suffer again great torment from his hands.


Before they could even reach the door of his father’s study, he had already felt the cold, gloomy air drifting from across the hall. Every wall that they pass by was decorated with different frames of their ancestors. Every time he looks at them, some would just look away. The most irritating part was some of them would give their looks of disgust because they know very well how he had failed his mission before. They think of him as the only Malfoy that brought shame and disappointment to their family.




“I suppose you already know why I gestured for you to come here.” His father said upon entering the room. His back was turned from Draco and he had stopped at the middle of it. When he didn’t hear any response from Draco, he cocked his head to one side and let out a big sigh.


“Draco, Draco, Draco... when will you ever learn?”




Narcissa had followed the two just like what she would do before when her son was summoned to her husband’s study. She decided to stay outside and could clearly hear their conversation from an adequate distance and a slightly opened door. It would be the same old torment. She knew very well what will be the next things that will happen just from hearing Lucius’ unpleased tone. After hearing what his husband had said to his son, Narcissa saw a flash of light coming out from the door. She remembered everything that happened before, the flash of light came to her like a flashback.




A loud thud on the floor came and it indicated well that her son have already started receiving his father’s anger.

“When I ask you a very simple question, you will answer me... understood?!”

The screaming was heard from the outside. Narcissa had nothing to do but hold out her chest like she was the one enduring the pain. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She wanted to do something and stop this unfaithful event from happening but she couldn’t. It will be pointless to help her son for she knows that it will still happen in later time.

Draco only managed to give him a weak nod as a sign of reply. Lucius turned his back again from him, making his way slowly towards the floor to roof size window of his study.

“I believe you have good reports for me? You don’t want me to get disappointed at you, right?” Lucius said to him, his tone was a serious one, waiting for a decent reply.

“I... I have already done what you told me.” Draco replied in a weak tone.


“I... I couldn’t do it. Snape.... he did it for me.” Draco answered in a shaky voice.

“What?!.” Lucius replied in an angry tone, he was not satisfied of what Draco has reported. He knew very well that the Dark Lord will be unpleased of what his son had done.

He looked at his son’s face but was irritated to see his eyebrows scrunched. Lucius was a hundred percent sure that it was a sign of irritation. “How could you not do it!? It was a simple order! You’ll just have to get rid of the old man!”

Draco didn’t let out a word and only cocked his head to one side in hate and disdain. He saw his father’s reaction with wide eyes then let out a loud growl in his mind. With a heavy sigh, he finally made up his thoughts and gathered up all the courage to answer him.

“Just let me out of this. I don’t want to do this anymore.” Draco said in disgust.

“What makes you say that? You know that...”

“I don’t want to do this anymore! Leave me alone!”

“How dare you raise your voice at your own father?!” Lucius angrily made his way towards him, heated blood was pooling up in his head.

“This whole plan is pointless... everything that you’re doing is pointless!” He screamed at his father’s face. He can’t believe that he was finally letting out all of the anger that he was keeping inside. It took him enough courage to raise his voice at Lucius, pushing aside all of what his father could do to him after all of his bravery.

“You think you could be like him! All of the power, the followers, the...”

Draco’s sentence stopped and Narcissa heard it all again. How her son would attempt to stop his father but he would not get any chance because his father was stubborn and well careful of his pride. Tears were now streaming down her face. She moved up her hand to cover her mouth and not let the sobs be heard from outside of the study.



“You... are... pointless...” Draco managed to say to his father even though he was out of breath. The words were almost said in a form of a whisper. He then closed his eyes because he knew what will come for him next.


“You truly disappoint me, my dear son. Yes. I am pointless... but you, yourself, are not far from proving me anything of what you’re capable of.” Lucius said at his unconscious form then left him lying on the floor, walking out of his study like nothing happened. He saw Narcissa standing right outside the door with her tear stained face. Lucius paused for a brief moment but walked away quickly after giving a deep sigh to his wife.






Draco woke up in his room almost midnight. He attempted to sit up but his body was giving him a hard time to move due to what his father had done to him. Upon successfully moving, he gently rested his back at the headboard. A big and heavy sigh escaped from his lips, trying to make it as a form of relief.



His room was dark and shades of deep green curtains were hanging loosely on its windows. Antique furnitures were surrounding his bed making it look like an old themed facade. A mirror which was taller than him was placed at the far corner of his room, making all of his things visible every time he looks at it. Even his own reflection from his bed can be clearly seen.



The night was making him feel a lot more burdened. Its quiet atmosphere was leading him to deep thinking all over again. The way he bursted out in anger awhile ago at his father made him feel somewhat relieved but his body was getting weaker by the minute. All of the inflicted physical pain was sucking the life out of him little by little. He wanted it to end. He wanted his father to stop torturing him. He wanted their idiocy to come to a stop. But what else can he do? Yes, he wanted all of these to end but he also wanted his father to accept that they were already defeated right from the start. He wanted his acceptance... Draco wanted Lucius’ understanding as a father.


“Stupid pride.” Draco said in a breath.


He tightly shut his eyes and rested his head on the headboard. His mind was struggling to contain the different thoughts that were always bothering his sanity. It was the same old thoughts and he was really getting sick and tired of it. If it wasn’t for the girl he truly loves, he would choose to obliviate himself so that he wouldn’t have to keep struggling of thinking again and again.


Moments later, he noticed a feminine figure peaking at his slightly opened door. She looked worried and afraid at the same time.


“You can come inside my room... mother.” He said at the woman who was now fading away at his sight.



Narcissa’s frail body was slowly making its way towards the end of Draco’s bed. Her eyes were twinkling every time it hits the moonlight because of the tears that were welling up. She cannot tolerate to see her son getting beaten up by his own father.


“Are you o-okay?” Narcissa asked in a croaked voice.


“I’m fine.” Draco replied in a whisper.


His mother sat in silence, figuring out how she can start a conversation with her son without letting tears get in the way. She moved closer to him and held out his weak hand.


“What is it?” Draco asked her. He noticed that he wasn’t the only one who was bothered by different thoughts.


“It’s... it’s nothing.” She replied and gave her best to show him a weak smile.


“You should stop this... you are not his follower! You are my mother and he is your husband! A wife is not treated in such a way that will kill her and make her mute!” Draco said to her in irritation. If he couldn’t make his father listen to him, now is the time to make his mother change the way she looks at herself.


“But Draco...”


“You shouldn’t be like this! You are supposed to take care of me! How can you even tolerate to see me get beaten up by my own father and don’t do something about it?!” he said, cutting her off. In these kinds of conversation, his mother would only reason out with him, telling him that he should understand his father and give him time to change.


“But I am taking care of you my son. I just can’t defy what your father tells me to do.” Narcissa replied in a croaked voice, tears were now streaming down her face.


“And what?! Be like a mute forever? You’ll just die as a battered wife?! You think I don’t know that he also beats you up?! What kind of family am I really living with?!” Draco’s anger was slowly piling up again upon remembering the night when his parents were both talking at his father’s study.




It was a cold stormy night and Draco’s younger form was silently sneaking his way towards the kitchen for some midnight snack when he heard his parents at a nearby room. It was the time when Narcissa tried to answer Lucius in an unpleasant tone. Narcissa wished to stay out of what Lucius and Voldemort’s plan were so that she and Draco could be safe. Lucius didn’t listened to her and insisted that they will stick to what they have already planned. When Narcissa protested, she received the same unfaithful fate. He saw in his very own eyes through a slightly opened door how his father has caused unbearable pain to his mother, unbearable pain to both emotional and physical aspects.

Draco called for a house elf when his father was already gone and asked the elf to help him bring his mother to their guest room. There, he made sure that she was taken care of. All of her wounds and bruises were made sure to be healed. From that moment, Draco promised to himself that his mother wouldn’t be beaten up again by taking the risks of doing all of what his father have summoned them to do.



“Could you just at least be brave enough to stand up on your own feet? I can’t bear to see my mother follow that unreasonable man like a lost dog!” Draco bursted out to at least knock some sense to Narcissa.


“Draco! You don’t know what I have been through just to save you from having a miserable life! I made an unbreakable vow to make sure you were safe. I will do all of the things that I could just to let you out of this! And it pains me a lot to see my own son get harmed or tortured by his own father!” Narcissa let out all of the emotions that she was keeping inside of her. Every time she remembers how she would see his son lie unconsciously on the floor of Lucius’ study, her heart would want to explode into tiny million pieces. Her own blood and flesh was suffering great torment for the things that he shouldn’t deserve.


Draco’s eyes were now flooded up with tears. Oh how he would do anything just to get out of their miserable life. They don’t deserve all of this. If it wasn’t for the pride and name of their family, he would already be out somewhere living his newly changed life. The happy and satisfying life that he had always dreamed, with the family he wanted and together with the woman that he truly loved.


“I am sorry mother.” Those were the only words that came out of his shaky lips. He did his best to move his weak body and get closer to his mother just to give her a very comforting but full of sadness kind of embrace. They don’t have anyone else to rely on in these times of darkness but themselves. A mother who would do anything to keep his son safe and give him a happy life, and a son who longs for the love and care of not just only one but both parents.


"Why haven't you responded to all of my letters? I've been waiting for it for days. There are so many things that I want to tell you. I hope you're okay."






She read her letter again to her mystery admirer for the nth time, making sure that she had used the right words. It's been a week since she got a letter from him. Now, her side table was rarely empty. Deep concern was haunting her for him.

Placing the letter on top her side table, she then quickly picked up her things and darted her way out of the room.


A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay! I was very busy this past few days and this chapter had a lot of editing and resubmission to do because of its contents >.< I hope you still read my chapters! I am truly sorry. T.T Please keep on reviewing and reading okay? It do helps me a lot! :)

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