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Hopelessly Star-Crossed by harmony0909
Chapter 6 : Love is Born
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      “Harry, I can’t do much of anything when I’m around you. My brain freezes and I can’t think. I can’t sleep. I can’t do anything!” Hermione closed her book, got up and started walking to her room at a hurried pace. Harry got up and followed her, matching her stride for stride.





     “What the hell are you trying to say Hermione?”


     Hermione whirled around to face him. Words came out of her mouth like a waterfall after a heavy rain.




     “Because I’m in love with you, Harry Potter!”




     “What?!” Hermione could hear the disbelief and surprise in his voice.


     “Nothing,” Hermione mumbled and kept walking to her room. She felt a gentle hand on her arm, and she turned to look up to Harry’s soft green eyes. He looked at her with a soft expression that was the opposite of his earlier calculating gaze. He looked her right in the eyes, and she was drawn in to his gaze.

     “If you said what I thought you said….” He broke his eye contact with her and started to turn away, discouraged.


     “I only said I love you,” Hermione whispered, looking guilty.




     Harry whipped back around to face her.




    “You have no idea how much I’ve wished you’d say that to me.


     Harry took her face in his hands and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, as she kissed back lustfully. Hermione pulled back and pointed downstairs, putting a finger to her lips. Harry nodded in acknowledgement. He took her hand and led her up several flights of stairs, tiptoeing as they went. They reached the nearly deserted top floor landing and opened the attic door with a soft creak. Harry pulled Hermione inside and silently closed the door. He turned back around to embrace Hermione in his arms and press his lips forcefully to hers. She leaned into him, pressing herself against every part of his body in a lustful manner. This encounter, however, was very unlike the others before it. The previous were filled with desire and passion. This was different. More than just lust drove the couple now: love fueled every kiss and embrace.


     Harry grasped her face in his hands and pressed his tongue into her mouth. Hermione wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her palms into his back, pulling him closer. He used his hands to tilt her face up towards his, deepening the kiss, and she melted into him, her body giving in with desire for this boy. Her hands moved up and down his back, over his chest, up his neck, to his face, and back to his shoulders. Harry’s hands moved from their position on her face down to her lower back as he tightened his grip on her. He held her as though afraid she would slip away, savoring every moment he had with his lips on hers, her body on his.


     The two finally collapsed, breathing hard, on an old, dusty maroon couch that sat alone in front of the attic window. Hermione nudged herself into Harry’s lap and he wrapped his arms around her. She sighed and leaned into him, putting her head on his chest and closing her eyes, trying to capture and relive every moment she had spent with this boy over the years. She loved him undoubtedly. There was no question in her head. She burrowed her head into his chest and sighed happily. She savored this moment in her head. Harry pulled her close. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear. “I love you too,” she said back.


     Harry cupped her face in his hands, and tilted it towards him. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He smiled, and leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose. She pulled him and kissed him full on the mouth, smothering his with hers. Shifting to lie down on the couch, Harry and Hermione ran their hands all over each other, undressing as they went. This time, going all the way meant more than just fun. It was for love.




     Hermione lay with her head on Harry’s chest, panting, but thoroughly happy. She looked up the face of the boy she loved; as he glanced down to look her in the eyes. They laid on the dusty couch, entranced by each other, until Mrs.Weasley’s warm voice floated up to the attic. “Harry and Hermione! Where in the world did you two disappear to?”


     “Mrs.Weasley, we’re just relaxing in that attic! Harry and I were discussing quidditch odds,” Hermione hollered downstairs. Harry and Hermione sat up quickly and dressed hastily. Hermione leaned over and squeezed Harry’s warm hand. He smiled down at her and leaned in to kiss her on the lips one last time for an unknown span of time. Who knew what the future would bring? Would their relationship work out? Only time would tell. These are the thoughts that plagued both of their minds on the descent to the living room.


     After all, this would be a fall of changes.




A/N: Hey guys! I'm sorry its been so long! I got really caught up with school and it took A LOT of prodding for me to write this! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the continuation. I'm not sure where to go from here, so, as always, please review and help me out. Love always,

   UPDATE 04/09/13: I'm still in the works on the next chapter, but I'll have it up eventually! Sorry it's been so long!



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