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Unexpected Expectations by LadyOrobourus
Chapter 2 : A New Day in Another Person's Story
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AN~ Itallics are another POV in this chapter. This chapter has a mild makeout session..... Sorry if that offends you. Just scroll past the Itallics if you want to skip it.

      In a forest clearing a small witch hummed as she carefully dug an odd looking plant out of the ground; the bright yellow vines wove themselves around her gloved fingers as she worked.

Sin knew that great care was needed; the pale blue leaves could turn to razors if the specimen felt in danger. It had been a month long search to find this species and while flying she just happened to spot it on her way to the patch of silverweed she had been using for years.

It was a cousin to the devils snare. Incredibly rare and quite difficult to find even with its unusual coloring. It was highly sought after by potion makers, its blooms made a very powerful magic amplifier. The plant itself is very dangerous, like its cousin it could be deadly if handled wrong.

She took great care to extract it from the soil beside the small stream, even with her dragon scale gloves the plant could slice through any available skin, lifting it into the air allowing the dirt to fall from its roots. Like the vines themselves the roots twisted and curled in the air, she gingerly placed it in a stone pot that had been a gift from Narsissa, before covering the roots with soil from the site. She watered it before casting a bubble charm over the plant, and secured it in the bottom of a bag magically made to hold plants.

“A prepared witch is a happy witch,” Sin thought happily as she sat back on her heels and admired her work, wiping her arm across her forehead. The contents of her magically extended backpack lay scattered around the grassy area. A small array of shovels and plant pots were her normal traveling companions on trips like these. You never knew what you would come across. Days like today she was glad to have come prepared.

It was a clear midsummer day. The forest was alive with sound; several squirrels were playing up stream. She sat on a large stone that hung over the water and watched fish swim in the clear stream while eating the beef sandwich she had packed.

Still in awe over her find she looked at the bag that held the chruyseus-vitis acidus or gold vine, still a sproutling it barley stretched 60 cm wide. The little specimen would be a great addition to her garden. She couldn't believe her luck, sometimes fortune smiles down on those who are patient.

Packing up her tools and pots she tied her tool bag to the handle of her broom and carefully placed the bag holding the gold vine over her shoulder. She mounted her Firebolt 2020, and kicked off to continue her journey to get silverweed.

It was late afternoon by the time Sin returned to her home, she hummed as she unpacked and prepared her ingredients for storage. The gold vine sat on the counter its little bubble gone. She took a mental note to read up more about it tomorrow, but for tonight she needed to get ready for her date with Draco.

A few months earlier at Narsissa’s party they had hit it off smashingly. This would be their fourth month of “going steady” and Sin couldn't be happier with her situation. A flick of her wand turned the radio on to her favorite station, and she immersed herself in her work. She was so engrossed that she was surprised when the clock in the living room chimed six times, looking up to confirm the time she put away the last of the silverweed into the ingredient cabinet before quickly brushing off her hands off on the green apron, before hanging it on a peg beside the fire hearth that was positioned in the corner.  

She quickly set into motion taking a wet rag to wash off the counters and charmed the dishes to start washing themselves, before running into the bathroom to shower and fix her hair. She was glad she had taken the time earlier that morning to pick out what to wear this evening.

A half an hour later Sin admired her overall look in front of the large mirror that sat against the wall in her walk in closet; wearing a teal strapless baby doll that was belted under her bust over brown shorts and a pair of matching brown ballet flats with teal bows. She had applied light makeup and pulled her hair up in a ponytail, soft black curls framed her face and neck completing the look. It was an outfit Draco had bought her on one of their many outings and it had made its way to her favorite.

As she walked back into the living room Sin noticed a black owl perched next to Alfonse. The sleek looking owl held out his leg patiently as she untied the letter. Once free it took off out the window disappearing into the evening sky. It was a letter from Draco saying he would be a bit late. She smiled before tucking the letter into her roll top desk along with the other letters from him. He was always courteous. A glance at the clock that hung on the wall by the door, told her it was only seven, his letter said he would be here around 8, knowing Draco he would be a little late. “Oh well” she thought to herself “ might as well pass the time doing something productive” and set off to water her plants.

While on the balcony watering her small garden an idea formed quickly before she set off into the kitchen. It was her choice tonight and staying in suddenly seemed preferable. She would cook his favorite meal. She pulled out all the ingredients for carbonara, and set to work.

Around 8 Draco sat down the papers he had been signing and looked at the clock. He knew Sin was waiting and the paperwork could be completed in the morning. After locking up his office and leaving work he apperated to her house, he knocked on the door-frame of the balcony, Sin’s “I’m in the kitchen” greeted him along with the aroma of delicious food.

Sin had just pulled the chicken out of the oven when he walked in and sat down his briefcase. His heart did a funny little flip as he got a better view of the woman in front of him. Even though they had been dating for a few months he was still amazed at how pretty she was. He had dated supermodels and steamy hot actresses but nothing compared to the natural beauty of Sin.

He walked up behind her and pulled her into a hug just as she sat down the food on the counter. She turned in his arms before wrapping around him “how was work to-?” He stopped her with a kiss and she was eager to indulge him. It was almost difficult to pull himself away from her lips. He wanted nothing more than to pick her up and take her to her room to ravish her, but instead kissed her forehead adoringly. “You know I could get used to coming home to this every day.”  She smiled before pulling away “So could I” The mischievous grin on her face turned playful. She turned around and swatted his butt playfully. “Now go wash your hands dinner is ready.”  

Sin took a second to calm herself after Draco left the room, before taking the steaming bowls of pasta to the table. She idly wondered if he knew the effect he had on her, the way his kisses made her knees weak, or the way her heart skipped beats when he smiled at her. She smiled to herself of course he did, it must be obvious. Her recent thought patterns and the funny feeling she was still experiencing concerned her, maybe it was time to go in for a checkup.

The table was set before she took a seat. Draco joining her shortly looking more refreshed. They talked idly between bites. The idle chat fell into a normal pattern as told her about his day. He had two meetings today and had the unfortunate event of firing one of his managers who was abusing company privileges. The severance had not been drawn out the now ex-employee had made a huge ordeal of the process. Draco had managed to pull his expenses reports, and the man was now looking at prison time.  

He asked her about her day. She told him about her new gold vine. After dinner they cleaned up the kitchen together, Draco had been insistent on helping, but spent most of the time complaining she needed a house elf. She laughed but declined before splashing him with the soapy water that started a mini soap war that left them both soaked to the bone and the kitchen needed to be re-cleaned. The desire to have a house elf had never occurred to her. It seemed wrong to make house elves work without pay. She didn't mind other people having them just never wanted one for herself.

With dinner put away and the dishes done, the kitchen re-cleaned and both of them showered, they sat in the living room drinking wine talking about places that she would like to visit, and places Draco wanted to take her. It seemed all too soon the clock chimed announced that it was getting late.

They shared a long kiss on the balcony before he reluctantly departed. As she prepared herself for bed she couldn't shake the feeling of being lonely now that he was gone, and as she brushed her teeth and put on pajamas she played with the notion of what it would be like living together with him, the thought put a smile that didn't leave her face until she was asleep.

The next morning Sin got dressed and made breakfast to take down stairs. She woke Alfonse up with the sound of owl treats, and she set off to sweep the entrance and set up a clearance stack.

Not much later she was sitting behind the counter munching on some toast when her first customer came in for the day. A tiny older witch hobbled into her shop, the lady’s robes were the most particular color of orange, and it clashed horribly with the woman’s graying brown hair. Sin greeted her with a hello; the old witch just nodded and mumbled something that sounded like an insult before setting off down the potions isle. Sin watched as the lady went along slowly, once she was out of sight she continued to read.

The store was empty for most of the day. The sense of being bored started to overwhelm the impatient witch. She would much rather be flying, or napping. When it was time to finally shut down she made her way down the familiar isles, making sure everything was tidy before heading upstairs. She didn't notice the slip of paper that floated above the potions shelf.

After work she took her broom out for an evening ride, there was something about flying over the country side in the evening that relaxed and calmed her. It was much later in the evening when she came back. It wasn't until she landed that her stomach gave the inevitable growl of hunger.

After eating her fill of left overs Sin settled into her favorite chair with a tall glass of wine and her old copy of Goshawk’s Guide to Herbology. Jazz music played softly in the background as she lost herself in reading about Goshawk’s tips on caring for goldvines.

It was close to midnight when a loud blast outside of her door sent shards of wood and smoke flying through the air, her startled jump knocked her chair backwards, and she instinctively went for her wand, which had rolled off the table when she knocked the chair over.

A hooded figure walked into her living room she could feel his gaze searching for her.

“Come out Granger we know you’re here!”

Another loud explosion sent book pages into the air. “Who’s Granger?!” she thought frantically her pulse racing as rage started to replace fear. That man had messed up her books.  

“Now come out ,we just want to talk” the hooded man sneered.

Sin seriously doubted the man just wanted to talk. She heard another crash from down stairs and the smell of smoke started to permeate the air. Her mind raced “Who were these people? How many were here? Why were they here? Why did they think this Granger was here!?” She gripped her wand tighter preparing herself to attack. They had messed with the wrong witch.

Another blast went off, this time closer to her location. It then dawned on her they were looking for Hermione the missing member of the golden trio. She laughed out loud before she could stop herself, her nerves getting the best of her again.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not Granger! Now get out of my house!” her voice managed to sound more sincere than she felt.

She heard footsteps coming closer, and instincts told her it was now or never, she looked around for an escape. The air was quickly filling with smoke and paper was everywhere. She might have a chance to sneak out through the fog but it was a long shot, she would most likely have to fight back to get out of this silently cursing herself for putting up anti apparition charms. If only she could get to the balcony.

 The bookshelf behind her exploded sending paper and wood shards into the air, she barely had time to dive out of the way as the shelf toppled over onto her previous spot. As she dove she heard a shout and felt a spell slice through her shoulder. She took cover behind what used to be her sofa; its once pretty white fabric was shredded and smoldering. She heard the intruder’s boots scrape the floor as he turned towards her.

She quickly sprang up and fired a “ stupefy” at him, the red blast hit him square in the chest but not before taking his curse to the arm. He fell to the ground with a loud thump. Sin took the chance to stop and listen; she could hear more voices from down stairs. Her arm was starting to bleed she watched the blood soak through her shirt for a second before getting nauseous.

She quickly calmed herself before taking action; she needed to get out of here. She ran across the room wand pointed at the door, to the broom closet grabbing her traveling cloak and broom before telling Alfonse to leave. He hooted and took off as she went and grabbed her pouch right as the hooded figure came through the doorway. Sin fired a stun at him as she ran through the doors swinging her leg over the broom. Her heart raced even faster as she heard “Stop her she’s getting away!”

 She kicked off the off the balcony narrowly avoiding the mass of spells that hit the railing where she had just been standing. The railings exploded out, some of the shrapnel burrowing into her leg. The broom shot forward as she gasped in pain fighting to stay conscious. The adrenaline was starting to wear off. Another spell caught her, and her back was suddenly a mass of pain. She barely managed to stay conscious flying away. No idea of where to go except away from here. She heard a stream of curses as she flew away. Glancing back all she could see was her store, her home engulfed in flames.

It was a while later when she crash landed in a familiar rose garden. She worried she had been followed. Her arm and leg were bleeding more freely now and she was getting light headed, she needed to get help quick… She could hear an alarm sounding and the sound of running towards her. She tried to stand and run but her legs failed her as she tried, she heard a sick crack as her head hit the stone pathway, the footsteps had found her as she fell into the inky darkness.  

~AN~ Thank you for reading. I should have more posted soon. If you have some time please tell me what you think. Happy Reading ~ Lady Orobourus 

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