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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 7 : I See Sky
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 “Yeah, I guess so.” Draco replied, rocking back on his heels and staring at the concrete floor. “So I'm S-”

“I'm sorry for breaking down in front of you, please just forget it. Forget everything that happened and we'll just go back to our professinal relationship.” Hermione blurted, cutting Draco off.

“Oh, yeah. For sure, good idea. Ok.” Draco said, rubbing the back of his neck. At that moment, their captive decided to wake up.

“OI! What's going on?” Rabastan yelled at the two. “Why am I here?! Where's my lawyer?!”

“Sir, you're in the interrogation unit of the Ministry of Magic. You are here because you're under arrest for the knowing and intended murder of a muggle. You do have the right to have a lawyer, but they won't be here for a few minutes. In the meantime I have a few questions.”

Rabastan smirked “You're not getting anything out of me. I refuse to speak until my lawyer comes.”

“Hmm.. It's too bad Draco.” Hermione mused “Most real men don't need a lawyer present, they can handle themselves.

Draco caught her eye and nodded inconspicously “Yes, that's right Hermione. Most men we interrogate don't need a lawyer at all, in fact. But whatever suits you Mr.Lestrange. We'll just be going now then.”

Draco followed Hermione slowly to the door, just as his large pale hand hit the doorknob Rabastan snarled “Fine. Ask away my boy if it's really that important.”

Draco spun around and walked to the table “How kind of you. So how do you know a....” Draco flipped open the case file on the table “Mr. Lambardo?”

“I've never heard of him before.” Rabastan sniffed.

Hermione then entered the conversation “On the contrary, I have forensic evidence that you have entered his house multiple times, sure you don't want to sing a different tune?”

Rabastan swallowed adubily. “Okay, okay. I know him, alright? What about it?”

“He's dead.” Draco replied with no hint of emotion.

“Well I'm sorry to hear that but I don't see what that has to do with me.” Rabastan replied with a smirk.

“Hermione, can you get your test results please.” Draco requested of the poised brunette sitting beside him.

Hermione dug through the case file, finally finding the papers she was used to. “The potion of which killed Mr.Lambardo contained many normal potion ingredients, but a couple not so common ones stood out to me-ingredients only a dark wizard would dare to get: unicorn blood, an extremely rare snake venom and a human finger bone.”

“I don't like what you're suggesting..... Who are you anyway?” Rabastan narrowed his eyes at Hermione.

“My partner, Hermione Granger. I assume you've heard of her before” Draco said.

“Draco, you're partners with this mudblood?” Rabastan hissed.

Draco stood up quickly “Watch your tongue, Lestrange, before I curse it off.”


Hermione stood tall. “Don't worry about it Draco, names don't hurt me. They only reflect badly on those who say them.” In her peripheral vision she saw Draco wince and noted to watch how she phrased things in the future.

“So, care to tell us why you murdered this man?” Draco asked Rabastan.

“I didn't kill anyone, I have no idea what you're talking about..” Rabastan complained.

“Oh, I think you do. In fact, I can prove it because you're not as smart as you seem to think.” Hermione sneered. “You really should've cleared up your materials... Leaving your cauldron with potion still in it right in your house? Sloppy, sloppy work.”

Rabastan's eyes buldged out of his head. “W-w-what. No, no. I can explain, I can!” he babbled. “I-It isn't mine, it's a friends! Yeah- a friends he's just borrowing the space.”

“Lestrange, make it easier on yourself, just confess.” Draco pushed a quill and parchment towards their captive.

Glancing up at his captors, Rabastan conceded that he'd just do what they said. He pulled the items towards him and started writing.

Hermione looked up at Draco and nodded towards the door. Draco nodded back and led the way out of the room.

“That was some performance there, Ms.Granger” Draco teased, winking at her. “How'd you know he still had the cauldron though?”

Hermione blushed “oh.. I had no idea, it was pure speculation, I saw someone do that on a cop show once and I wanted to try it...” she murmered.

Draco lost it. His laughter came in long strands, like many notes of a song. It was a beautiful, musical laugh and Hermione was hypnotized by him. His short blonde hair was slightly messed up and his usually cold grey eyes were crinkled up and shining. Hermione could feel her breath coming faster and she spun around to stop him from noticing.

“I-I'm sorry Granger. It's just... I never thought you would just wing something like that.” Draco sputtered

“Hmph.” Hermione said as she turned around, trying to look stern “Well I can be spontaneous ..”

“Oh really? Hmm... I dare you then... Show me your idea of spontaneous. Right now” Draco dared

“Draco! We can't do anything spontaneous, we're at work!” Hermione retorted

“Exactly! It's even more impulsive! Take a risk, or are you too chicken?” Draco smirked

“Fine. Meet me outside in two minutes” Hermione ordered, spinning around and strutting down the hallway.

Draco grinned to himself, taking his wand out of his pocket he quickly sent a patronus to Neville “Hermione & I are going to go get some grub, Rabastan is writing his confession under guard as we speak. See you tomorrow”. With that final action he strode to catch up with the quick stepping brunette.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

“I can't believe we're doing this... This is crazy Malfoy! I was joking when I suggested this!” Hermione hissed to her blonde partner as they looked out of the plane's open door. At an altitude of 3500 ft the witch and wizard gazed over the British countryside.

“Relax, we have our wands if any of these muggle contraptions go wrong.” Draco reasoned, poking his harness and parachute. He stuck his hand out and Hermione grabbed it tightly

“Okay, whenever you two are ready, jump! You did say you've done this before right?” The older man flying the plane inquired of them.

Before Hermione could say anything Draco replied “Oh yes, of course. Thanks!” With that he jumped straight out of the plane, Hermione coming soon after him.

The air rushing past her was like nothing else – even better than flying or apparating or any magical travel. Plummeting through the air was a feeling she could hardly describe, it was so frightening and nerve wracking, but incredibly exciting and joyous at the same time. Just at the exact time Draco had told her, she reached over and pulled the string to her parachute. The huge blue chute billowed out and slowed her down.

Draco reached the ground first and as Hermione almost was to the ground he grabbed her into his arms bridal style. Laughing he asked her “How'd you like it Mi?”

Hermione laughed as she fell into his arms. “Mi?” She questioned, eye brow raised.

Draco blushed, “Oh, uhm, it just fits. Do you mind?”

“No, not at all. It's just no one's ever really called me that before. And I absolutely loved parachuting. When have you done it before?”

Draco's eyes darkened a little “Oh, well after my dad went to Azkaban and my mum sort of sodded off, I became really into extreme sports, bungee jumping, sky diving, free running. Y'know that sort of thing.”

“Oh... I see” Hermione murmered, casting her eyes downward as he let her gently down onto the grassy hillside.

He kept his arms around her waist, his silver eyes looking intently at her. Hermione slowly lifted her head so that her eyes met his. Her breath caught in her throat as she curled her hands up to Draco's chest. “Draco” Hermione whispered, leaning forward on her tip toes.

Draco's eyes lightened and he smirked slightly “You've got dirt on your nose, Granger” he teased.

Hermione gasped, pushing his arms off of her and wiping her nose angrily with her arm. She started daggers at Draco then spun, apparating away.

Draco's laughter died in his throat as he saw Hermione leave him. Kicking a mound of grass, he stalked away. Muttering to himself he walked and walked and walked until his mind was in some resemblance of order. “Damn that Granger, she almost made me forget myself. I cannot like Granger.”

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Bound to You: I See Sky


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