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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 13 : Hold On To Sixteen
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 Chapter Thirteen

“I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this excited about anything ever in my life” said Abi as she, Louis, Rose, Albus, Jack, Rebecca and I watched as Hugo, Ryan and Ben decorated the Gryffindor common room for Halloween. Considering they were two mature sixteen year olds (Hugo has never and will never be mature) they always got stupidly excited about Halloween every year and decorated the common room head to toe about a week before. It was a rainy Saturday in late October and the ten of us had avoided going outside due to constant rainfall and rumour has it Hagrid wanted help cleaning out the Flobberworms left overs and was hunting down students to help him

Melissa and Leila had both gone to Hogsmeade on a double date with twins Lysander and Lorcan Scamander from Ravenclaw; they were in the seventh year and did everything together. Lily was most likely off with Malfoy somewhere though she’d told everyone she was studying in the library all day; Freddie and Dom were in an all-day detention for letting off stink bombs near the Slytherin common room; Jack’s friends were doing their best to break into Honeydukes but Jack himself was on his last warning from Nev about trying to break out (I was so proud) and all of Abi’s friends had gone on a shopping trip in Hogsmeade but she couldn’t be bothered with it

“Hey” Rose whispered to me as she perched herself next to me on the sofa and passed me a chocolate “I’ve just noticed something, Rebecca fancies Hugo doesn’t she”. Rose only just realised this? Thought the girl had a brain!

“Yeah she does” I replied “But I don’t think she’s told anybody yet; she definitely hasn’t said anything to me but she might’ve told Dom, Lily, Mel or Leila”

“I think they’d be quite good together you know” said Rose looking as Hugo and Rebecca both put on scary masks and began laughing “He clearly likes her a lot as well, I think the boy needs a girlfriend to be honest. A lot of his issues come from lack of female interaction”

“Hugo doesn’t have issues” I chuckled taking another chocolate

“Doesn’t have issues?” said Rose incredulously “Doesn’t have issues? Ollie he’s the strangest guy I know and you’ve seen how many bonkers blokes are in my family”.

“Well what do you want to do about it” I asked her “Because we’re kinda stuck in a stale mate position; we know they like each other but they don’t know we know they know” That was confusing though Rose seemed to get the gist of what I was trying to say bless her

“True” she replied “But, never let it be said Rose Weasley never has a plan up her sleeve. I’ll get back to you Oliver; I think I have a plan”

“This isn’t going to be involving me dangling half naked from a tree again is it” I asked. Rose went red as we both remembered a very embarrassing incident from two years ago when we were convinced James was fooling around with his best friends girlfriend. Rose and I camped out all night in a tree trying to look into James’s bedroom in the Burrow. James saw us and to cut and long story short I ended up dangling half naked from a tree. Since that day Rose and I have avoided involving each other in our plans; which was easier said than done. Rose made a lot of plans and a lot of those plans involved spying on one of her male relatives

It turned out James and this girl was simply planning a surprise party for his mate. That was shocking though; James wasn’t well known for doing things for other people without something in it for him

“No it won’t” Rose replied with a giggle hitting me on the arm “I won’t say much now, but me and you are going to do some match making”

I gulped


As I had predicted Teddy wasn’t taken very seriously by any of the Potter/Weasley kids when he began teaching. Albus and Rose were mature enough to only make a few jokes but ultimately get on with their work; Dom, Freddie and Louis tried to use him to get off homework; Molly used him to try and up her social standing and Lucy remained shy and quiet as she was still at the stage that all Weasley girls have where they’re madly in love with Teddy from the ages of 8 to 13

Hugo seemed to be the only one not at all bothered by Teddy’s sudden presence in their lives he’d come to Teddy’s first class very hung over and didn’t even notice Teddy was the new teacher until the next lesson. Since then Hugo just acted as he normally did in Defence against the Dark Arts and that was sleeping on the back row; in his view giving us any lesson on a Monday morning was a massive ask and the school surely couldn’t expect him to be able to concentrate at 9 in the morning. I didn’t know Lily’s feelings on Teddy becoming a teacher as she still wasn’t speaking to me or any one in our group for the matter, she mainly hung around with Dom, Freddie and Louis these days though they seemed to be getting sick of her

“She’s so moody” Dom complained to me as she and I walked down to the kitchens at midnight on Friday a couple of days before Halloween “I mean she and I have always got on OK, she’s always been so wrapped up in her own little world, but we’ve always got on. Now I just want to punch her lights out”

“I don’t think you’re the only one” I said stopping us dead in our tracks as two teachers passed by; we were underneath the invisibility cloak which was my main incentive for going to collect the weekly midnight Friday feast for everyone. I’m not sure how long this tradition had been going on, maybe since Teddy and Victorie arrived, but every Friday all the Potter/Weasley kids and their friends would have a massive midnight feast in the common room “She’s pissed Melissa and Rebecca off something rotten. She won’t even make eye contact with them now”

“Someone needs to have a word with her” sighed Dom “Because if I get my head bitten off for nothing one more time, that girl will be picking her hair out of the sewage systems”. I laughed, I liked hanging out with Dominique. We returned with the food for everyone about twenty minutes and as we all began to took in I noticed the absence of Hugo and Rebecca

“They’re on a date together” Rose whispered in my ear “Well not a date per say, I just got Al to put them both in detention”

“You are first class bad ass Rose Weasley” I chuckled as I bit into a sausage roll. Rose pushed me and went to sit with Dom and Roxy who were having a very serious looking conversation that was most likely about hair dye or some crap. Abi, who was staying the night in Gryffindor tower, came and cuddled up to me and I put my arm around her. I looked around as my friends all had a laugh together and smiled. Lily may be being a nightmare at the moment but my life was pretty much perfect

Jack was happy, I had a girlfriend, and Hugo was most likely snogging Rebecca in a broom cupboard. Yep, things were great; at times like this I wish I could be 16 forever


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Escaping the Friend Zone: Hold On To Sixteen


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