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Star Crossed Lovers by Zyii
Chapter 4 : Crystal's Fist
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Strong Language


Crystal’s Fist

Haii there everyone I’m Crystal Carr, I know, I have a cool name right, my parents must have been doing something funky when they named me! I go to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the most awesome magical school out there and I just entered my sixth year. Urm I can be really dangerous if you hurt my friends or family, I have a great big temper that you better not cross, I’m wicked good at Charms, Transfiguration and DADA, what can I say, I like learning. I have some awesome friends, Kaitlin, Lily, Scorpius, Rose, Albus, Freddie, and James (but only on occasions). Kaitlin is my best friend, and let me tell you why, on the first train ride to Hogwarts when we were all first timers, all the carriages were full and I couldn’t find a space to sit, when I walked into one carriage Kaitlin offered to sit on the floor so that I could have a seat. That’s the kind of friend she is, always doing things for others and never herself. She is the best friend to have in the world, she is my cheering charm, my protector, my big sister, my shoulder to cry on and my personal listener all rolled into one. I know she’s had a difficult life (not from anything she’s said but I’m just really good at reading people) and when she decides to tell me I’ll be there to help her through it. Oh and have you met Albus Potter? Isn’t he just the dreamiest, I’d love to see him with no top on. I know I have a crush on a Potter, but at least it’s the Potter with intelligence!!

I don’t think I could imagine a world without Kaitlin in it. When days are low, when you aren’t feeling happy, when bad news arrives, Kaitlin is the one that’s always by your side to pick you back up again. I think in the past I (along with others) might have taken her for granted. We are only just realizing what she is really like this year, the anger she’s displayed so far I didn’t even think she had an angry bone in her body. I guess that shows how unobservant and what a selfish friend I’ve been. Since term has started, I’ve started to observe my best friend more and more. I’ve seen the emotions she tries to hide behind her eyes, I’ve seen the tensing of muscles she does when in a confrontational situation and most of all I’ve seen the way she’s acted around James.

 I know she fancies James – please what kind of friend would I be if I hadn’t noticed that! – But now it’s something different, there is definitely something there. It’s like just discovering something that was always there, and now I’ve discovered it I can’t help but notice it. I know Lily gets annoyed that Kaitlin is so obviously hiding something from us, Lily is constantly trying to find out what it is. I respect Kaitlin too much to pry into her life like that, and I’ve seen her expression when Lily corners her into those sorts of situations, it’s like she’s terrified of something. I will try not to be a selfish friend any longer, and I will be there when Kaitlin needs me.

Speaking of friends I just saw a very disgruntled Albus stalk from the library, I had half a mind to go and see what was up but his severe expression stopped me, whatever had angered him, I didn’t want to be on the receiving end if I tried to help. Albus is a remarkable young man, you know when you just find someone and you think ‘they’d be perfect’. That’s what I think when I see Albus. I wish I could be brave enough to tell him how I feel though, every time I see him I get butterflies in my tummy, I find more than often now, if it’s left to just me and him I cannot seem to find the words to speak. He must think I’m a loony. Kaitlin had an idea though, she said seeing as I couldn’t tell him how I felt, perhaps I should write to him, like a secret admirer. That way we could learn about each other on more of an intimate level and when I was ready to reveal myself I could arrange to meet him in Hogsmead or something.

I just don’t know what to write, I couldn’t try one of those ‘roses are red’ rubbish poems, just thinking of it makes me feel a little sick. I don’t want to do anything that’s pink or frilly; I don’t want to embarrass him. Perhaps just simple letters letting him know that I like him and what I find attractive. Oh why does this have to be so difficult? Why can’t I just go up to him and say ‘Albus, I like you’. That would make things a lot simpler, unless of course he rejects me, then it would be humiliating and painful. Great, I think I just gave myself a heart attack!

Ok breathe, there is no one here except the smelly owls that are hooting at me and glaring. Ok so the owls are a little scary but don’t let them put you off. There is a pen in your hand and parchment over there, write girl, write! Oh just great, I’m talking to myself.

Dear Albus no better not put his name.

My Love ew, no that was awful.

Ok I got it:

                You looked troubled, standing tall and alone

                Your eyes penetrated my soul with untold secrets

                How I want to learn the secrets you hold

                Let me into your heart

-          Your Secret Admirer.

That will have to do, I’m not a poet nor do I have a way with words. I can’t rhyme and I don’t have the charm that others have. At last it somewhat explains how I feel. I guess it shows how honestly crap I am at romance. I feel like I’m having a kiniption, there is no way in hell that he is going to respond is there. Ok I have got to stop with this paranoia, I sound like an old batty lady who’s in a panic because her one cat has disappeared.

I thanked the school owl I’d chosen and prayed that wherever Albus was that he wasn’t too embarrassed and decided to reply to my woefully written note.

Ok I think I’ve spend too much time out of the loop, that is the only way I can explain all the things that have happened recently. Lily looks like she could kill anyone with one glance, apparently she had an alteration with Harmony and it didn’t end well (for Harmony that is), James found out and wasn’t happy with his sister, demanded she change Harmony back which led to another legendary Potter sibling fight. Albus apparently had a fight with Kaitlin, he won’t tell me what happened, only that he was sorry he pushed her too far. Kaitlin isn’t talking to anyone, though it was clear when I last saw her that she’d been crying. According to Rose who was told by Scorpius, Harmony was overheard in the corridor talking to one of her minions about how she was going to separate James and Kaitlin forever, all the while she was getting off with others behind James back.

So apparently there have been a shitload of fights and fights weren’t good in our little group (especially if it involved the Potters) because so many of us were stubborn. So lots of fighting without cause, (seriously you can’t call Harmony a cause, that girl could cause trouble between a bee and it’s hive).

This is why I found myself walking back from the kitchens instead of the great hall. I’d got out of that mess quickly, the tension surrounding our group was so pronounced I don’t think a knife would have been able to cut it. Everyone was glaring at others, except for Kaitlin; she was just looking down at her plate and not eating anything. It was like being stuck in the world’s worst game of pass the parcel. No one was giving in, so I got up and left. I after all had not got into a fight with anyone, so frankly I didn’t want to get stuck in their drama. Goodness only knows, by tomorrow everything will be forgotten.

I wasn’t so late returning to the common room, I was more in the hour of quietness, where people are either at the library, meeting friends or using deserted broom cupboards for reasons best left unsaid. Regardless the common room was still rather empty when I arrived, my friend’s didn’t seem to be around, I was surprised but not worried, I just hoped they weren’t causing more trouble wherever they were now.

“Your friends aren’t here”.

Ok then, maybe I would be in a fight today after all.

“I can see that” I replied.

“So why are you still here?”

“I’m a Gryffindor. This is the Gryffindor common room…Do you need more of an explanation?” I asked sweetly.

She huffed in annoyance, “No one wants you here”.

“By no one, I’m assuming you mean yourself” I said.

“You aren’t very smart are you?!”

“Says the person that though Africa was a place in China” I replied.

“Oh you are just annoying as all the other freaks that follow James around” she said.

“Actually the only one that follows James around is you, and actually we’d prefer if you didn’t, your presence contaminates the air” I replied sweetly.

“How dare you! I’ve made James what he is today, I took him away from all you freaks and made him more socially acceptable” she announced.

“Socially acceptable?” I managed to get out between giggles.

 “He’d be nothing without me!” she shouted.

“On the contrary, he’d be his old self without you. You’ve rubbed off on him in a bad way; he’s lost sight of what is important”.

“I’m important!”

“Only in your own mind” I replied.

“James is my ticket to a new life” she said.

“So you’re using him”.

“No of course not…” she stuttered, “James has the power and fortune to elevate me into society and once we marry, well..”

Ok now I thought she was seriously deluded.

“Ok one, you’re sick and two James would never marry you”.

“You’d be surprised what men do when they think they’re in shocking situations” she said, while casually patting her tummy.

“Oh I see, you’re going to fake a pregnancy to get James to marry you. Are you really that thick to think that James will believe what you say” I asked.

“I’ve already alienated James from the rest of you and I happen to be his longest girlfriend” she said proudly.

“Right…” I said.

“I got that disgusting Kaitlin away from him. They were far too close for my liking, she practically clung to him, and it was pathetic. He didn’t need her then and he doesn’t need her now, yet she still pines after him, it’s so pathetic. Doesn’t she realize that she’ll never be in the same league as him, she’s a disgrace to the earth he walks upon. It would be better if she just left everyone alone, she has nothing to offer anyone and no one would miss her” she said with venom.

See now that ticked me off, it’s one thing to try and blackmail James it’s another thing entirely to slag off my best friend and one of the sweetest girls I know. Oh now I had a rage inside me to rival Lily’s, it takes a lot to anger me but this Harmony had it coming to her. She couldn’t just get away with saying these kinds of things. Unfortunately the effects of Lily’s spell had worn off yesterday but no matter there were other ways of humiliating her.

The movement to my left sort of shocked me more than Harmony’s words, there I noticed James pulling off his invisibility cloak with a look of pure disgust and shock plastered across his face. Well, at least he finally seemed to realize what kind of girl Harmony was, fingers crossed he would dump her after this.

Back to Harmony and I was ready to knock that smirk off her face before she continued with her verbal diarrhea speech again.  Oh but she just HAD to open her mouth again didn’t she.

“What are you going to do Carr, you can’t touch me. James will never believe you, he will always be mine. I win Carr” her smirk grow wider, was it really possible to hate someone this much.

“I’m not going to do anything” I said with my eyes cast down so she couldn’t see my smile, “Except perhaps this”.

I acted so fast she didn’t stand a chance; my fist came up and socked her right in the eye. Her shriek was satisfaction enough for me, I felt relief and pride at my work but just to add insult to injury, I had to add, “Do you believe she’s a bitch now James”.

I watched Harmony turn around in shock and fear, I left the two of them too it. No way did I want to get into that argument.  

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