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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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But I can't compete with a she-wolf who has brought me to my knees,
What do you see in those yellow eyes?
'Cause I'm falling to pieces.

- She Wolf, David Guetta ft Sia.

:: This is more of an informative chapter... Adding a back-story to the characters. ::

Year Five

Location: Hogwarts

“Hey Mallory!”

Arwen chose to walk faster towards the Great Hall. James Potter chose to chase her (his favourite activity) after getting down from the carriages.

“Oye! Mallory what’s with the rush?”Called out James.

“Leave me alone creep! Five hundred letters and suddenly and somehow I’m your girlfriend?” Seethed Arwen. He seemed unfazed by her increasing anger levels.

“Come now love.” He put his arm around her shoulder. She shoved him off. ”No need to get so feisty Mallory! So you’ll go out with me?”He said eagerly. ”How many hearts are we breaking?” He grinned at her.

“Die Potter. “

“No, it’s James Potter.”

“Ugh! Potter you are infuriating.”

“It’s a part of my charm.”

“Deluded yourself into...What the mphhh” He kissed her abruptly.  She tried to escape his hold but the muscle and strength department had left him well endowed. She quickly shoved him off when she got the chance.

“Come now love, I know you want me too but we have company.” He gestured at the rest of the clan and friends while smirking at her.

 Scorpius and Albus were too busy to help her.  Scorpius was arguing with Rose and Albus arguing with Lily. Dysfunctional and violent family, she thought dryly. The rest of them were arguing about which pie that Nana Molly made was the best. Hopeless. All of her pies were amazing. 

She couldn’t stand James anymore. What was his problem? He acted like he wanted her. Sending all those outrageous letters (which had a lot of praises of him them too), kissing her at random moments (He stole her first kiss...jerk) and then he gets spotted with some random girl an hour later or so. She couldn’t understand why he played with her feelings. He was an arrogant, narcissistic prick. Always blowing hot and cold. It was unfair...he acted like he wanted her and then BAM! Next thing you know James Sirius Potter has been sighted in a random broom closet with some random slag.

She looked at him loathingly. His messy dark red hair that made his head look like it had been stuck out of an airplane.  He had a chiselled and arrogant face and his lips were curved into an arrogant infuriating smirk. Oooh that’s it!


Her slap rang though the air. The clan snickered.

 “How DARE you kiss me you dumbfuck! Go snog one of your skanks. Please, please just leave me alone.”

 With that she grabbed Gwen’s hand and dragged her quickly towards the Great Hall. Albus and Scorpius followed them. Albus felt a bit guilty for the way his brother treated his best friend. She didn’t deserve his pathetic treatment. Yet, he knew that his prick of a brother had a soft spot for Arwen.

James stared at her as she walked away. Annoying Mallory the moment she is sighted. Check!

It was always so fun to bug her.  Yes, he liked her but it was more fun seeing her all flustered. She was quite amazing to look at when she got angry. Her warm brown eyes glinting with anger, her face turning red, her soft brown hair framing her face...yep she was an amazing sight to behold.

“She totally wants me.” He smirked.

“Mate, the way you’re thinking... you’d be lucky if she even looks at you.” Said Fred.  “And you aren’t even looking for a relationship. Hell, you’re spotted in different broom closets with different girls, almost every day. Stop messing around with Arwen. ” Fred had grown fond of Arwen. They spent some summers working in his father’s joke shop. She helped develop some pretty amazing products.

“Do you always have to try to grope her James?” Asked Lily looking exasperatedly at her older brother . “Mom specifically asked you not to bother her and NO Arwen does NOT want you to.” Just as James to was about to say something.

“You know... you could try behaving nicely. Instead you’re a cocky sod all the time and  if stop going out with total airheads... she might consider looking at you. Those girls are a major pain in the arse.” Stated Rose loftily.  Her cousin’s conquests were pretty annoying.  The girls talked about him in the washrooms and she felt like puking every time, especially when they were graphic.

“Now you defend her. Maybe the fact that you became the prefect and not her mellowed you a bit.” Said James dryly. Okay so he was a bit of a playboy. He liked wait, he loved snogging. What could he do? He was horny and the chicks were ready to line up.

Rose blushed.

“Whatever.”She mumbled.  The Wotter clan trouped into the Great Hall.

The Wotter clan consisted of James Potter, Fred Weasley and his twin sister Roxanne Weasley and Dominique Weasley in their sixth year at Hogwarts. Louis Weasley, Dominique’s younger brother, Rose Weasley and Albus Potter in their fifth year. Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley, Rose’s younger brother and Lucy Weasley in their third year. Molly Weasley and Victoire Weasley had graduated a few years ago. 

Albus hung out more with Scorpius than the people in his house. People had come to terms with the fact that Harry Potter’s son was in Slytherin and had a Malfoy as his best friend.

They walked into the Great Hall and sat in their respective houses. Roxanne went to the Ravenclaw table. Lucy headed towards the Hufflepuff table. Albus who usually sat with Scorpius and Malcolm Wyatt went to sit at his own house table.

The rest of the clan were in Gryffindor. They took their seats and waited for the Sorting ceremony to begin.  They waved at Teddy Lupin, who was sitting at the teachers table. He started teaching two years ago, much to the delight of the Wotter clan and pretty much everyone else. Defence Against the Dark Arts seemed to become everyone’s favourite lesson. Professor Longbottom had become their new headmaster when Professor McGonagall retired and went to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a Quidditch commentator. He still taught Herbology even after becoming the headmaster.


Arwen was sick of James humiliating her in front of the school. He and Fred stopped annoying Scorpius after the incident in first year. But played subtle pranks every now and then. The fact that he was Albus’ best friend was the reason the rest of the family didn’t give him the cold shoulder. Fred stopped annoying Arwen after she started her summer job at the joke shop, but James couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Albus became friends with Scorpius during the summer break after their first year. Arwen, Gwen and Scorpius were strolling around Diagon Alley. Astoria and Draco adored Arwen and invited her over for the holidays. She spent most of her time with the Malfoys and Gwen, exploring wizarding haunts.  They went inside Quality Quidditch Supplies. There they found Albus and his sister Lily arguing heatedly.

Albus Severus Potter, of course you are wrong!” Exclaimed little Lily Potter. Her eyes fierce and her red hair dancing around her like an open flame.

“Common Lils, its fire-proof.” Said Albus, cringing at the use of his full name.

 “Hey Albus guess what?”


“I am always right! Its Quidditch dear brother, not dragon taming.” Replied Lily loftily, and went off with a pair of gloves. Albus started banging his head on the wall. It was pretty comical to watch.

“Oh hey! Hi.” Said Albus, noticing them checking out the latest broomsticks.

“Hi.” They murmured back. Arwen and Scorpius were looking at the broomsticks with reverent admiration.

“I don’t get why you love quidditch so much Scoop.” Gwen stated, looking at the brooms with disdain. The other three looked offended.

“Just because you can’t fly to save your life doesn’t mean we have to hate it.” Said Scorpius.

“So what do you think about the Nimbus XLR8?” Asked Albus, looking at the sleek new broomstick on display.

“Absolutely amazing. “Sighed Scorpius, looking at the broomstick longingly.” Trying out Potter?”

“Of course I am. I’m trying out for seeker.You?”Asked Albus.

“Chaser. Arwen here is a good chaser too.” He said, smiling at Arwen.

“Hey...How about you come over to the Manor and we play a game? You can bring Rose... Louis and whoever else you want. I really want to play quidditch today.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll ask my mum. See you later.” Said Albus.  Of course Ginny Potter had no problem to anything related to quidditch and sent him off with the rest of the clan to Malfoy Manor.  The Malfoys and Wotters met each other (after the incident) a few times and at ministry events. They were pretty cool with their children hanging out with each other.

After two hours of intense quidditch on the Manor grounds. Astoria Malfoy came in with refreshments. Albus and Scorpius started to talk. They talked for hours. The others got bored and went home.  Gwen walked over to where they we sitting and passing the quaffle amongst themselves.

“....Yes, blueberry pancakes over chocolate-chip ones any day.” Scorpius looked all excited and chipper.

“We should try making it sometime. I was sneaking around Nana Molly’s kitchen looking at her recipes when...”replied Albus, his eyes all sparkly.

Gwen left them there feeling slightly disturbed after hearing them talk. The two twelve year old boys were talking for hours about food.  She shook her head and walked off.

Albus and Scorpius kept going over to each other’s homes and soon enough both were somewhat inseparable.  Albus hung out with Scorpius and the girls.  Getting a bit distant from Rose, who didn’t like Arwen, Gwen or Scorpius.  She resented them later for stealing her best friend from her.  

She had an intense competition with Scorpius. They tried to beat each other in every test, just as their fathers had told them to. The others just sat and watched every time they started their verbal sparring. Fred summoned a bag of Bertie Botts multi-flavoured popcorn and sat with the rest of them, watching Scorpius and Rose argue and swear at each other.  Rose was very competitive, Scorpius couldn’t care less...but he enjoyed challenging Rose.

Rose also hated the fact that Arwen( who had no magical knowledge beforehand) also beat her at tests without trying much. Arwen didn’t dwell on the fact as much as Rose did. Gwen came as a package deal with Scorpius and Arwen. Rose was fiercely loyal, hardworking, loved knowledge like her mother Hermione, Weasley, loved her family but she was also overbearing, bossy, held grudges and worshiped authority figures.

Professor Longbottom delivered the start of the term speech and started the feast.

“Gwen for God’s sake please close your mouth!” Exclaimed Arwen, as she saw Gwen eating like a savage. Gwen just shrugged and continued with her eating marathon.

Arwen was playing with her gold galleon pendant.  She fidgeted with it for a while. She had finished her meal and was waiting for Gwen to finish her humongous pile of chicken (which was sure to go down in a couple of minutes. Gwen ate like a beast. How guys tripped over their feet for her was not credited by her table manners.) Especially with the full moon four days away, her metabolic rate seemed higher.

Gwen was beautiful. With her sunflower blond hair, streaked with brown highlights, her stormy grey eyes and her impressive physique, she was one of the most desirable female in the school. Being a part Veela caused many heads to turn but she never went out with anyone. Arwen wondered what would happen when Gwen would come into her Veela inheritance when she turned seventeen.


The feast was over and the prefects were calling for the first years to follow them. Louis was the male Gryffindor prefect.

Arwen and Gwen sat alone in the Gryffindor common room.

Arwen was tracing the scar on her palm.

“Ever wondered... if there was more meaning to that?”Asked Gwen, noticing Arwen’s old habit.

“Maybe...I never got anything close to this one.”

“Why do you want to meet up at the alcove?” Asked Gwen.

“Improvements to our map. Excursion.”  Smirked Arwen.

“Oh that’s almost finished? Great! And by the way...You didn’t have to do it you know.”Said Gwen sadly.

“Yeah, but I wanted to...We wanted to. ”Arwen emphasised.

Gwen pulled out her wand and started making puffs of smoke erupt from her wand. Arwen looked around the common room. Everyone had retired to their dormitories.  She was surprised that Fred, James and Jeffery weren’t in the common room going over quidditch plays. Maybe James and Fred were planning for the party tomorrow.

Jeffery Wood was the keeper on the Gryffindor team. Dominique was the beater along with Fred. She was pretty strong for a girl who had an insane love for all things girly and a perfect French manicure. James was a chaser, along with Louis and Arwen. Lily was their seeker. She beat their former seeker, Christina Finnegan in her second year to make the team.  Jeffery was their captain and was in his seventh and final year. Scorpius and Albus also played for their respective house teams.  With five Wotters on the Gryffindor team, people had cried injustice ...well after winning the last four years in a row; they had to reconsider their opinions, as the skills displayed by all the members left the school in shock.

Arwen summoned her bag.  She had an undetectable- extension charm on it. She fished out her note pad and began thinking of some new material to play on the piano. She sometimes snuck off to the Room of Requirement, where she had to ask for a quite place to play music.

“So Renny are you coming to the Back-to-(bring-awesomeness-to)-Hogwarts party?” Asked Gwen.

“Potter and Weasley are on it.  You know what he did the last time.” Replied Arwen.

“Hey we’ll make Potter say an unbreakable vow, to never ever drown you in punch and kiss you to find out what it tastes like.”Gwen said cheerfully.

“Ugh! Don’t remind me. James will never change.” Groaned Arwen, burying her face in one of the cushions.  

“Hey Renny, it’s almost time. We should take off.” Gwen got up and pulled Arwen along with her, out of the portrait. She quickly summoned her bag as the portrait closed behind them.

“Hmm, they are already there.” Said Arwen, looking at her galleon pendant. 

“Let’s hurry. Cast the disillusionment charm.”Said Gwen. Arwen flicked her wand at Gwen and then herself.  She took Gwen’s hand and they ran towards the alcove.

“About time.” Grumbled Scorpius, as he noticed them arrive.“Why do girls take so bloody long to get ready or whatever they do?”

“So Arwen... What’s on the agenda for tonight?”Asked Albus. He and Scorpius were going over the concept of family magic.

“Hmm have you got your father’s map?” He nodded. “I just need to check on the tracking charm on it again, our map just needs a bit map needs a bit more tweaking. I’m going to cover us from the old map.”

“Why did we have to make a new one? Dad gave me the map, James got the cloak.”

“You can give the map to Lily or you can keep it and Gwen and I use this one. Ours is a better map anyway. “Grinned Arwen confidently.

Albus passed her the Marauders map. Arwen set to work. Scorpius over seeing her progress and taking notes in his journal. The journal was special.  Only Scorpius could access it. It was his diary where he wrote about their escapades and spells and potion experiments.  Ravenclaw tendencies.

“So you girls coming for the party tomorrow??” Asked Albus.

“We have to convince Renny!” Gwen sighed dejectedly.

“Hey common Arwen, we’ll protect you from James.” Said Scorpius, a bit fiercely. He didn’t approve of James for Arwen like Gwen did.

“I’ll ask Lily to keep James away from you."Albus added.

“We’ll make sure you’re not near the curtains, punch bowl, basically the food table, dark corners, cupboards, snogging booths, game table, the bar, the truth and dare centre, the team quest challenge , photo booths...” continued Gwen, pulling out a list from her pocket.

“Hey I don’t need to be babied...Wait is that a list of things James has tried?” Asked Arwen, looking incredulously at the offending piece of paper.

“One and only, Scoop helped me make it. We must save it for the kids.” Said Gwen in a matter-of-fact manner. The boys snickered.

Arwen ignored them and continued working on the map as they kept reading out the stuff James had tried.

“Hey it’s done” she said, giving Albus his map back.

“So what do you want the instructions to be Charm Queen?”Asked Albus.

“I’ll give a quick rundown of the features. Usual map of Hogwarts and Hogsmede, location of people, made from indestructible paper...I don’t know about that but it survived the fire charm and aguamenti. It’s got the new corridors and passage ways and alcoves after the Second Wizarding War. Oh! By the way the Chamber of Secret is also there. Want to check it out? Albus you can try Parseltongue. I’ve always wanted to visit the chamber. There seems to be more than what your father said about that chamber.”Said Arwen, looking a bit wistful. “The Point Me charm just a bit different, more like a muggle GPS.” Gwen’s eyes lit up. “This map is a bit more private. I’ve make it such that only the four of us can access this map. Tricky, but I got the idea from the muggle biometric system.  It also transfigures and attaches itself to our tokens. So pretty easy to hide from Finch.” Said Arwen. “He’s not retired yet! He’s going to outlive us all.” She added sadly.

“That’s pretty good Renny. Magical signatures?” Commented Scorpius. She nodded.

 He took the map and cast the spell Arwen told him to, so did Albus and Gwen.

“Okay, to transfigure and attach it to our tokens mutatio signum adnecto, point at the map. To reverse it finite clostellum. To access the map, its Aperio Wanderer’s map. And to wipe it out Finite cantio.  I’ll show you the want movements.

Big words Arwen!” Complained Gwen.”Couldn’t you have tried to make something easier?”

“You’ll get used to it.” Shrugged Arwen. “Try it!” She said excitedly.

The three of them took about their tokens. A charmed galleon tied around their neck. What set it apart was a little phoenix engraved on it. Albus’ Aunt Hermione cast a protean charm for them and engraved the coins with a little phoenix.  They used it to communicate. Since Scorpius was in Ravenclaw and Albus in Slytherin and the girls in Gryffindor, this was a much more fun way of communicating.

“Mutatio signum adnecto” Chanted Scorpius, pointing at the map. The map kept on folding itself on the galleon and formed a scroll, attached on the phoenix’s leg.

Finite clostellum. Pretty good charm work, Charm Queen.” Commented Albus.

“Stop calling me that Albie.”She ignored Albus’ expression. Albus hated his name and most of the nicknames Gwen made up for him.

“When’s the next full moon Gwenny?” Asked Scorpius.

“In four days.” Sighed Gwen, looking out anywhere but their faces.

“Hey it will be fun this time.”Albus tried to cheer her. “We will be there with you this time and the next time and the next time and forever and ever, little wolf.” He smiled at her.

“Gwen we became animagi to help you. It was hard seeing you so unhappy every full moon.” Said Arwen softly.

“Illegally. You’ll be screwed if the ministry gets a wind of this and I was doing okay anyway.” Replied Gwen glumly.

“My dad told me that Remus Lupin found it better when his friends accompanied him even though it was dead wrong.” Said Albus.” And hey it might be fun!”

“Roaming around with a mutated werewolf.  As if being a werewolf wasn’t enough. Wish you didn’t put yourselves at such a risk. When did you start?” Asked Gwen.

“When you got bitten in third year.” Scorpius told her in a soft voice.


Year Three

Winter Break

Location: Malfoy Manor 

There was heavy snowfall. Arwen and Scorpius were both asleep. Gwen standing on the balcony that had a staircase leading to the gardens of Malfoy Manor. She saw the albino peacocks resting near the hedges.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp cry. One of the peacocks had blood pouring out of the wounds it had, another seemed to be dragged towards the forest. Gwen was curious. She walked towards the forest slowly.

She cursed her stupidly as she forgot about the full moon.A pair of haunting eyes seemed to come closer. She heard its growls.

It was too late when she realised what it was and reached for her wand...only to realise that she had forgotten it on her nightstand.

She ran towards the balcony, but she was too late. She werewolf pounced on her and bit her thigh. She let out a blood curling scream. Before the werewolf could do anything else, Draco Malfloy came running towards the garden and blasted the werewolf off Gwen. The werewolf quickly scurried off.

Gwen was infected.

Her lycanthropy was a well kept secret.  Arwen, Scorpius and Albus were the only friends who knew. Her parents were disgusted with what happened to their daughter. They looked down upon her as if she were the dirt beneath their shoes. After the first month, they kicked her out, refusing to shelter a monster. She went over to the Malfoy Manor where they welcomed her with open arms.

She started isolating herself, horrified with what she had become. 

During the full moon she was put in an enchanted room. It took some time till a batch of wolfsbane could be made for her, as they didn’t choose to go to St.Mungo’s for further treatment. Astoria was a Healer. She helped Gwen and prepared the potion for her.

Even with the potion, Gwen’s lycanthropy was over powering the effects. It didn’t last much long. Astoria started experimenting with the Wolfsbane trying to find the perfect potion for Gwen, but she had not concocted it yet. 

So, after their return to Hogwarts, the professors where informed of her condition and the infectiveness of the wolfsbane.  She went to the Whomping Willow to transform.

The transformations were painful. She cried and howled in agony as her bones broke and reformed. Her friends were worried. She carefully took care of her appearance, using glamour’s and concealment charms.

The rest of the school did not suspect her lycanthropy.

Even after the Second Wizarding War, the stigma associated with Lycanthropy ran deep. The reforms made for the benefits of dark creatures like werewolves might have eased some of their troubles but they were still looked down upon. They were still denied jobs and opportunities like everyone. 

Gwen was building a wall around her, but after months of coaxing and support she returned to her previous buoyant self. 

She wasn’t the same though. It took some time before she started laughing and smiling again.

Gwen was brash, quick-tempered and violent before her transformation; she was much more guarded and careful after it. They started learning occlumency with her, under the tutelage of Draco Malfoy. lIt helped in clearing her mind and gaining control over her emotions. Scorpius was already taught rudimentary occlumency when he was a child. Arwen and Albus learned it with Gwen from the basics. Learning occlumency caused their magic to come to them easily.

Her ‘furry problem’ was a touchy subject.

A mutated werewolf had sought her out and infected her. She was deathly strong.  Astoria thought that was the reason why the wolfsbane refused to work in her system.  She also avoided quidditch…not that she liked it enough to miss it.

Albus, Scorpius and Arwen decided to become animagus to help her. They succeeded.  Scorpius was a falcon, Albus a fox and Arwen a panther.  It took some time but under the supervision of Draco and Astoria, they were able to transform.

Year Five

Location: Hidden Alcove, Hogwarts

“Gwen, it’s okay. It will be fun. ” Smiled Albus.

“It’s about to be two guys. I think we should head back.” Suggested Scorpius, after looking at the time.

“Yeah guess so. You take the Marauder’s Map. We’ll use the Wanderer’s Map. Oh, we also need an introduction for the map, think of something… See you boys later! Good night!” said Arwen.

They set off towards their respective dorms.

Lying on her bed Arwen reflected over what they did today.

The work on the map was coming along wonderfully.  Maybe Gwen would be happier now. She was like a sister to her and she wanted to see her happy.  It was always hard for Gwen but she carried her burden well. Arwen admired her friend’s perseverance even though the self berating wasn’t that good.  

Her mind drifted to the dreams that plagued her. It was a huge maze. She looked around; the hedges were too high to make out where she was. The place was foggy and creepy. This was not the mindscape she had created while building her occlumency shields.

She kept running in it. Looking for something...something she couldn’t put her finger on. She felt like someone was telling her to move towards something.

Arwen did not give a flying shit about divination and didn’t look there for answers.  She hated Divination.

She eloquently called divination as ‘a whole lot of fancy horse crap’. She dropped Divination and took up Arthimancy and Ancient Runes in the start of her third year.

Professor Trelawany pounced on Arwen on the first day. After a month of Trelawany’s death predictions and signs, Arwen walked out of the stuffy room in a manner rivalled to Hermione Granger in her third year, except she accidentally smashed all the crystal balls and tea cups, unknowingly, as she exited the room. Ever since then Professor Trelawany has held a grudge against her.

With muttering and grumbling every time they crossed paths; she sounded like Kreacher, the house-elf. She met Kreacher when Albus had taken them over to Grimmauld Place.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Her dreams took her back to the same maze.

The same winding twists and turns and endless running. The same perplexity and mystery surrounding this labyrinth that featured in her dreams.


So, they are animagus' and poor Gwen is a werewolf!
I'll start a bit of the main plot in the next chapter!
Please leave your thoughts on this chapter in the little grey box. It was great reading reviews.  Thanks!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the lyrics of She-Wolf.

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