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Ivy Lee Collins Series: Passion by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 2 : Chapter One: Ivy
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 A/N: Hello readers and welcome to Passion's next chapter! Thank you for all reading the prologue, but I was put a bit down by the lack of reviews! Even if it was a small 'you're stories cool' or 'i like this' would make me feel so much better! 

Anyway, here it is!





“Coming!” Mary yelled as she ran to the Hogwarts Express, which had already begun to move. I threw open the door and Mary threw herself on in no shame, knocking Alice over too.

“Mary!” Alice groaned.

“Sorry Al!” Mary sighed pulling herself up off Alice.

“Next time get on the train before its moving Mary,” Alice growled, getting up and dusting herself off.

“Sorry, I forgot my DADA book,” Mary grumbled.

“You only forgot one thing?” I asked, “That’s a new record,”

“Shut up!” Mary groaned, walking towards a compartment, “Where’s Lily?”

“She’s at meeting the Head Boy before the Prefect meeting,” I sighed, staring at the descending station.

“SHIT!” Alice cried, “I’ve got the Prefect meeting!” 

And she dashed off.

“Pay up,” I grinned, putting out my hand as we found a compartment.

“What? No!” Mary exclaimed.

“I won! I told you Lily would get Head Girl and Alice would replace her as prefect!” I explained, shoving my hand in her face, “Cough up!”

Mary grumbled, but agreed and pushed five shiny galleons into my hand as we sat down.

“I wonder who got Head Boy?” I asked happily.

“Any bets its Remus,” Mary sighed, “Five galleons its Remus?”

“Done, I put five galleons it’s not him,” I agreed shaking her hand.

“Who do you think it will be then?” Mary asked, eyeing the galleons I was stuffing into my jeans pocket.

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling that it’s not Remus,” I grinned.

“Fine,” Mary grumbled, “I wonder where the Marauders are?”

“Don’t know, probably making havoc,” I answered.

“Who would be causing havoc?” a voice asked from the doorway.

Standing in our compartment doorway, was two of the most popular boys in school. The boy with the limp, blonde hair, watery blue eyes and had a plump figure he wasn’t the most handsome boy around but because he was one quarter of the Marauders, he was instantly popular. This Marauder was a bit more socially awkward compared to the other three Marauders and he was a little quieter. He was Peter Pettigrew.

“Hey Peter!” I greeted.

Though, Peter wasn’t the boy who had spoken before. The boy who had spoken before had long, shaggy black hair, misty grey eyes and possibly the best muscles in the school. I hated to admit it, but he was extremely good-looking. He was another Marauder, but was the one that got in trouble the most. He was also the sort after boy in school, and I hated him.

“Black,” I grumbled.

That’s right world, I hate Sirius Black.

I hated him ever since I started at Hogwarts, since we met on the train in first year.

I hated his snark, his good-looks, how he good he was at Quidditch, and how he treated girls. The thing I hated the most was that me and him were both constantly in the running of the best prankster of the school but he was more recognised. For some reason though, he didn’t hate me.

“Still hate me Ivy?” Sirius grinned, plonking down next to me.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I asked him.

“Because you love me,” Sirius said.

I snorted.

“I will never love you Black, and that’s a promise,”

“Aw! You hurt my feelings Ivy!” Sirius whined and starting to fake cry.

“Shut up!” I yelled.

“Where’s James and Remus?” Mary quickly asked before a full blown fight erupted.

“At the Prefect meeting,” Peter rolled his eyes.

“James is prefect?” I asked.

“No!” Sirius scoffed, “He’s Head Boy,”

“WHAT?” Mary and I shrieked.

“James Potter got Head Boy?” I asked.

“Lily’s going to flip!” Mary grinned.

“In a bad or good way?” Sirius asked.

“Bad, very bad,” I said.

“Who would appoint James as Head Boy?” Mary asked.

“Apparently Dumbledore,” Peter said, “We were as shocked as you guys were,”

“I thought Remus would get it!” Mary said.

“Ha! That reminds me,” I grinned at Mary, “Cough it up,”

“It’s not fair! I swear you’re like a Seer or something,” Mary snarled, fishing in her bag.

“What’s this?” Sirius asked, eyeing an angry Mary.

“I just won another bet against her,” I grinned.

“Another one?” Sirius asked, “Mary, you should stop betting with her! She always wins.”

“I want to prove her wrong,” Mary grumbled giving me another five gold coins, “That’s ten galleons gone today!”

“Ten? How did you lose ten galleons when we’ve been at school for under an hour?” Peter asked.

“Lost one on Lily getting Head Girl and Alice getting Prefect,” Mary grumbled.

“Who wouldn’t guess that?” Sirius asked.

“Mary apparently,” I grinned, jingling my heavy pocket with greed.

“I thought maybe Hannah Summers would get it!” Mary sulked.

“Pfft,” Peter scoffed, “Hannah’s good but she didn’t get as good grades as Lily,”

“True,” Mary grumbled, “I’m never betting against you again,”

“That’s not going to last,” I grinned, “I bet you won’t last a week,”

“I bet that I can last!” Mary said.

“Got you!” I grinned.

“Aw man,” Mary said, fishing into her pocket, “I’m only giving you one galleon,”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” I said, pushing her hand away, “I’m not making you broke on the first day of school,”

“Thanks Ivy,” Mary grinned, shoving them into her pocket.

The compartment went quiet, the only sound coming from the rusty wheels rocketing along the train tracks underneath our feet.

“So Ivy,” Sirius began, “Practised any Quidditch over the holidays?”

“Yes,” I grinned.

Sirius and I were the beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I may hate him and can piss him off, but when it came to Quidditch we worked together like clockwork. We were apparently the best beaters pair that Professor McGonagall had seen in fifty years.

“Why? Trying to get me kicked off?” I sneered.

“No, just making sure you did otherwise James would probably kill you,” Sirius explained.

“James’ got Quidditch captain too?” I gasped my jaw dropping.

“Yes, he’s already started planning training,” Sirius said darkly, “It’s going to be terrible,”

“Terrible?” I whined.

“He’s gone completely bonkers,” Sirius whined, “You should see the weights he wants us to do,”

“Weights?!” I shrieked, “Me do weights? What the hell!”

“I know,” Sirius whined, “He started my program over the summer,”

“Why did you do it? You didn’t have to,” Mary said.

“He threatened to cut me from the team,” Sirius said darkly.

“What’s so bad about that?” Mary asked.

“I LIVE FOR QUIDDITCH!” we both yelled before I glared at Sirius and Peter sniggered.

“Whatever,” Mary sighed, pulling out a copy of Witch Weekly.

“I hate weights,” I grumbled into my hands.

“My holidays were based around them Ivy,” Sirius shuddered, “Based,”

“He’s going to be the Nazi of Quidditch,” I grumbled.

“Well, you get used to him,” Sirius said brightly.

I shuddered and raised my eyebrow.

“When he’s pounding into you over the summer,” Sirius said, “You get used to it. It’s not all that bad though! I mean, look at these!”

Sirius pulled up his shirt revealing a huge eight pack, yes an eight pack not a six pack, and then pushed his arms forward to see his muscles which were already showing due to his very tight t-shirt. From his low riding jeans and pulled up t-shirt, I could see his perfect hips.

I couldn’t help but stare. You can’t blame me though, it’s not every day an extremely hot, sexy guy comes up to you and shows off his spectacular abs and other muscles.   But it’s not every day that the person who’s showing you these is you’re sworn enemy.

I felt myself blush and I pulled my eyes away from the very sweet man candy. I saw Sirius grin out of the corner of my eye and I felt myself blush even more.

What the hell Ivy?! I thought, Ivy Collins never blushes, especially at the hands of Sirius Black!

“Like what you see?” Sirius grinned, pushing his t-shirt down.

“I was actually just thinking about how ugly I’m going to look when I have that much muscle,” I groaned, “I’m going to look like I’m a boy!”

“Muscles are hot!” Sirius exclaimed, flexing his biceps.

“A normal six pack on girls is ok and a few small arm muscles,” I said as Sirius grinned think he was triumphant, “But muscles like that on a girl is horrible. I think I’ll just being doing light weights and strength thanks.”

“Can’t wait for Captain Nazi to hear that,” Sirius grinned.

Just as I opened my mouth to shoot something back, my words were cut off by a loud,


That was only one person’s joyous vocal cords that could yell like that and at that person’s name.

“Lily,” we all shrieked, stumbling out of the compartment.

Out in the corridor were two people, a boy and a girl. The girl had long red hair, and she was skinny and tall. Her face was bright red with anger and her bright emerald green eyes were shotting daggers at the boy. This was one of my best friends, Lily Evans. She was Muggle born and was one of the smartest girls in our year and was Head Girl.

The boy she was shooting daggers at, was none other than James Potter. James was Sirius’ best friend, and another Marauder.  He spent most of his time playing Quidditch, pranking others or in detention with Sirius and the other Marauders. This is why most people would be extremely shocked that James got Head Boy, it’s not a shock he got Quidditch captain as he was so good. James, like Sirius, was extremely good looking. Both Sirius and James had their own fan clubs, but Sirius’ was larger.  James wore round glasses over his hazel eyes, he was tall and even more muscular than last three month ago thanks to what Sirius said was James’ Quidditch rampage. James normally wore a smirk on his face, but when he was around Lily, his eyes softened and smiled.

It was plain knowledge that James Potter was in love with Lily Evans. But to James’ disappointment, Lily absolutely hated James.

“What is it love?” James grinned.

“You are not taking this seriously!” Lily roared.

“I am so!” James whined.

“I have no idea why Dumbledore appointed you Head Boy, but I have to trust him and you have to behave!” Lily yelled.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” James exclaimed.

“You hexed that poor first year!” Lily roared, pointing to a small girl in between Remus and Alice, who were behind Lily.

“No I didn’t!” James said, “I was helping her! I was giving her the counter-curse!”

“I don’t – what?” Lily asked, “You were?”

James scoffed, “Yeah, I actually was. You can ask Melanie if you want,”

“Melanie?” Lily gasped.

“Yeah, I asked her what her name was before I helped her,” James smiled weakly, “You ok, Melanie?”

The small girl Melanie stumbled forward towards James and looked up at him with huge, watery eyes. You could still see some marks from the pimple hex used on her, but James’ charm slowly removed them.

“It’s gone,” Melanie whispered, touching her face.

“Nothing left,” James grinned down at her.

“Thank you!” the little girl cried, throwing herself at James’ legs and hugging them tight.

“No worries Mel,” James smiled, “They won’t give you any more trouble,”

Melanie slowly pulled herself from James’ legs and grinned before waving and weaving away through the crowd.

“Told you,” James grinned at Lily.

Lily was speechless. Completely speechless.

I guess there’s a first for everything.

“Padfoot! Wormtail!” James grinned, looking at Sirius and Peter who were behind me, “Got us a compartment?”

“Yeah,” Peter squeaked.

“Sharing one,” Sirius grinned, “This one,”

Sirius, Peter, Mary and I trooped back into our compartment, with Remus, James, Alice and Lily following us. I didn’t think James and Lily had realised we were sharing yet, Remus and Alice obviously had realised by the look on their faces.

As we all sat down, James and Lily stood in the door with wide eyes, looking at us sitting in the same compartment in shock.

“We’re sharing with the Marauder’s?” Lily shrieked.

“Yeah, what’s so bad about that?” Mary mumbled from behind her magazine.

“Nothing! Nothing at all!” Lily muttered, sitting down hastily on a spare chair next in between Peter and Mary.

James grinned and sat next to Sirius with Remus next to Peter and Alice on the other side of me.

“So,” James grinned, “Going to apologize, Lily?”

Lily’s head shot up and her eyes stared at James.

“For what?” she sneered.

“Accusing me of hexing Melanie,” James said.

“Fine,” Lily grumbled, “Sorry James for accusing you of hurting Melanie when you were helping her,”

“Apology accepted,” James grinned, pulling a chocolate frog from his jeans pocket and unwrapping it, “What we’re talking you guys talking about before we came?”

“Quidditch,” Sirius replied.

James’ eyes lit up and a smile came across his face,

“You heard I’m captain? I’ve already planned out our training sessions, and it’s going to be longer and harder! We are going to unstoppable!”

“And making me do weights will do that?” I asked.

“Yes!” James said bewildered.

“These amazing arms,” I explained, shaking my arms, “will not be lifting any weights over 10 pounds,”

“Yes you will if you don’t want to be kicked off the team!” James yelled.

I laughed, “And how you find someone as good as me? You’d lose the cup,”

James stayed silent and his expression fell.

“Fine. But you’re doing more running and core work,”

“That’s ok with me,” I grinned, “I get nice legs and a strong stomach,”

“Well,” Peter said rising from his chair, “I’m going to meet Sarah, see you!”

He darted out the door, waving cheerfully and grinning.

“Our little Peter’s all grown up!” Sirius whined.

“So Sarah and him are still going strong?” Lily asked.

“Apparently,” Remus said, “He wouldn’t stop owling her over the holidays,”

“That’s so cute!” Mary squealed, putting her magazine away.

“How about you Sirius? How’s your last bimbo going?” I sneered.

“Who was the last one again?” Mary asked.

“Delilah Jacobs?” Alice thought.

“No she was ages ago,” Lily stated.

“It was Sophie Marcus!” I grinned.

“Sophie? I didn’t speak to her all holidays,” Sirius said, wrinkling his nose, “Last time I spoke to her was when I broke up with her at the station,”

“Poor girl must have been in tears for the first couple of weeks of her holidays,” I sneered.

“She would have dealt with it fine,” Sirius mumbled.

“You probably broke the poor girl’s heart,” I thought as the others laughed.

“It’s her fault she fell in love with me!” Sirius whined, “How’s your latest boyfriend? Who is it? Liam Matthews?”

Liam Matthews was my boyfriend of almost two years. We had begun to date at the start of our fifth year after he became an accidental victim of one of my Slytherin pranks, I didn’t mean to get him, why was a Ravenclaw walking close to Slytherin’s? Liam had found me giggling with Mary as we watched all the people stumble out of the mess we had created (a massive whipped cream explosion)extremely angry as we had got cream in his hair. Mary went into an eruption of giggles as I studied him. Liam had sea-green eyes, silky blonde hair, tanned skin and a tall, muscular body. Liam was the boy everyone wanted to date. After this incident we had begun to talk more often then eventually he asked me out to Hogsmeade. Everything went smoothly and we just kept dating, I liked him and he liked me. Our relationship was the relationship everyone wanted to be in and everyone knew about. We were the golden couple of Hogwarts.

“Merlin, you make it sound like I’m a slut!” I sighed, “And Liam and I are going great thanks,”

“You use to get around a bit before you started dating Matthews,” Sirius said.

Ok, I admit to that. But don’t blame me, it was all my raging teenage hormones. ALL THE HORMONES I TELL YOU.

I just shrugged.

“How is Liam?” Mary giggled.

“Fantastic,” I smiled.

“When did you see him? Are you going to see him on the train?” Alice grinned.

“We went to Diagon Alley together,” I smiled again, thinking about out date, “He’s spending some time with friends but we’re having a quick chat at the feast,”

“You can’t chat with him at the feast!” Sirius exclaimed.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” I replied coolly.

“You can’t talk to people in other houses at their table at the sorting ceremony!”

“Who cares?”

“Everyone! Want to be the new hated face of Gryffindor? People get pissed when people from other houses sit at their table for merlins sake!”

“Fine, I’ll just talk to him after the feast,”

“Good girl,”


“You’ve always been so nice Ivy,”

“I hate you Sirius Black,”


* * * * *


We arrived at the Hogsmeade station per usual but this year had a different vibe. We were the top of the school, the oldest, and the ones the munchkins looked up too. I felt tall compared to the small first and second years giggling on the platform that went quiet and let us walk past them, they were intimidating, but who wasn’t intimidated by the Marauder’s? Being a seventh year and walking in with the Marauder’s made me feel more important and more gazed upon. When we walked towards the carriages, a group of second years shyly backed away from a carriage they were clambering into and let us in. It was a tight squeeze with the eight of us in the six seated compartment, we made James and Sirius sit on the ground and I happily used Sirius as a foot rest.

We could part the crowd of small kids as we glided into the Great Hall, we could sit smack bang in the centre of Gryffindor table without being shoved by the older kids to the back or into the younger kids at the front.

We were the at the top of Hogwarts.


“Is it wrong that I’m enjoying this way too much?” Mary laughed as a group of third years quickly walked pass us, going bright red when we looked at them.

“No,” I giggled, watching them speed up and sit quite far away from us.

“This is brilliant!” Sirius grinned, “Oi! You lot! Move down!”

The group of fourth years that Sirius had yelled too, went quiet and one turned around to tell him off, but then saw who he was and went as quiet as the others.

“This year is going to be brilliant!” James grinned.

Charlotte Rose and Michelle McNash, who preferred to be called Charlie and Elle, then sat down near us laughing hysterically as they said hello. Michelle and Charlotte were the other Gryffindor seventh year girls, the Marauders were the only Gryffindor seventh year boys.

“What’s so funny?” Alice asked the others.

“Just the little kids are so scared of us!” Charlotte giggled.

“I know!” Lily laughed.

“You should have seen what Sirius said to some fourth years before! Made them scamper!” Mary laughed as well.

“Just doing my job on making this feast easier,” Sirius grinned.

Charlotte and Michelle blushed and giggled at being talked to by Sirius and he grinned triumphantly.

I just rolled my eyes.

“Look! The midgets are coming in!” I cried, pointing to the group of small children nervously walking down the centre of the room.

“Fantastic, I’m starving,” James said happily, picking up his knife and fork.

“Do think of anything besides your stomach?” Lily grumbled.

James just shrugged.

The sorting started, one by one, munchkins would run up to the stool and place the old hat on their head and waited eagerly to be placed into a new family. Watching their facial expression while the hat spoke to them in their mind was hilarious, I could only hope that I hadn’t looked like them when I had been getting sorted.

I could still remember what the hat said to me in my first year,

Another Collins, eh? I’m the first Collins of this generation you dim witted hat I thought. From last generation girl. Oh, right. Can I continue now? Sure, go right ahead. The lot of you have been sorted into Ravenclaw, Collins have a thing for being smart Know-it-all’s. HEY! No offence intended. Well, you are a true Collins, smart, but in a different way. You’re smart in an artistic way, music and arts, but also not too bad in subjects. You also seem quite sporty, determined and loyal. Brave as well… where to put you… Seems like the only place. You’ll fit right in… GRYFFINDOR!

No one besides the Sorting Hat had discovered my secret.

No one knew my secret, my music.

My mother always loved music. She loved singing, and playing instruments but she didn’t seem to have the knack of it, so when I was five years old, I was pushed into music.

I was taught how to play piano first, which I surprising loved. I was intrigued by the shiny white keys that blew notes out in perfect harmony, I played it every day. 

After I had mastered the piano, I started learning the guitar. I enjoy the strings and the acoustic sound to its tune. My mother enjoyed hearing me in my room, the sweet notes filling the house.

My mother loved something more than the instruments, my singing.

According to my parents, I had been singing as soon as I could talk.  I would wonder around the house, singing nursery rhymes at the top of my lungs and then as I grew up I sang songs. When I turned fifteen, I began to write my own songs. I wrote songs that included my guitar and my piano, and during the summer it was all I did. I became so attached to my music that I had my father transform them into a small toy so I could pack them and bring them to Hogwarts. I had to sneak away from my friends to abandoned classrooms to practise my piano but when I practised my guitar I closed my curtains on my four-poster and put a silencing charm on my bed so I could sing loudly without anyone knowing. I only practised when Lily was doing duties and when Alice, Mary, Charlotte and Michelle were out.

It all stopped when my mother passed away.

When I was in my fourth year at Hogwarts, my mother died from a heart attack. It came as a shock as she was such a healthy woman. When my received my owl with the news of her death, I went into shock. I was at breakfast with Lily, Alice, Mary and the boys when I read the letter. I froze and just stared, my mother couldn’t have died, she was too healthy! Lily noticed and snatched the letter from my grasp, her mouth dropping when she found out the news.

I was a wreck for at least the rest of the day; I didn’t talk or even say a word. I was asked to sing at my mother’s funeral, but I refused. I couldn’t do it without her there. I did a small number after my dad talked to me, into it but for a while it was the last time I picked up an instrument or sung a song. I left my instruments in their hidden places where they began to get covered by dust. My voice didn’t rise into a melody, I just didn’t sing.

That was when the sweet Ivy-Lee Natasha Collins of London, England disappeared and new Ivy appeared. 

I began to be meaner when talking to people, used boys, sarcasm became my native language, I found alcohol, I found pranks, I found parties, I forgot about homework and I found make-up. I just didn’t care. I wanted to cover my emotions and create a new me. Ivy who wasn’t weak, Ivy who wasn’t upset.

It wasn’t until I went home for the summer that year, my dad got me to sing and play my music again. I found myself healing as I played, it was like she was there. I began to write songs for my mother, in what she believed in.

But I was still the sarcastic, mean, crazy, sexy (according to the boys) Ivy.

I still sing and play my instruments; they’re part of me now.

Back to the feast.

“Hooper, Melanie!” Professor McGonagall yelled.

I looked up at the tiny girl approaching the stool, she was awfully familiar. She quickly jammed the hat on her head and scrunched up her eyes as the hat spoke to her.

“It’s Mel from the train!” James grinned as Lily blushed beet red.

“GRYFFINDOR!” the hat yelled.

We all cheered loudly, louder than anyone else and Melanie caught our eyes and waved. She was a cute little thing.

As the sorting drew to a close, I saw Sirius, James, Peter and Remus grab their cutlery in their hands and gazed upon the empty plates in front of them. I sniggered at their love for food and Sirius caught my eye and winked.


“Hello everyone and welcome to another year at Hogwarts! I won’t say much more as to the look on Mr Potter, Mr Black, Mr Lupin and Mr Pettigrew’s faces, it seems that I should begin the feast before one of them protests in hunger!” Professor Dumbledore grinned, his blue eyes twinkling as everyone laughed and looked at the Marauders who grinned at the attention they were receiving. “Let the feast begin!”

Food appeared on the golden platters in front of us, assorted vegetables and meat and sauces.

The Marauders yelled a huge, “Hear, hear!” when the food appeared before digging in that made everyone laugh.

The feast was still quite fun, even though I couldn’t sit with Liam. We caught up with Elle and Charlie more as well as chatting with the Marauders, which made Charlie and Elle shy away and blush.

Girls always seemed to do this in the Marauders presence, seriously, they weren’t that hot or intimidating! I could see one of the slutty Hufflepuff’s called Kellie Launcher, eyeing Sirius very suggestively from her table and Sirius winked back making her and her friends giggle.

After we were bursting with food and starting to feel the warmth off sleep creeping up on us, Dumbledore stood up with his arms wide.

“Welcome to our new students and welcome back to others at another year at Hogwarts!” Dumbledore yelled to the sea of heads, “To the new students this year, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds, some of our seniors students are also reminded this,” Dumbledore’s gaze drifted towards the Marauders were sitting, smirks on their faces.

“Quidditch try-outs for house teams will be held after the first week and only after the first week,” we all glared at James who looked outraged, “And Hogsmeade dates will be posted soon. Congratulations to all new prefects, Quidditch captains and to our new Head boy and girl, James Potter and Lily Evans!”

Everyone who hadn’t heard the news, started to whisper excitedly and gaze at a grinning James and blushing Lily.

“Now, off to bed! Chop, chop!” Dumbledore yelled, his hands waving us goodbye.

We all stood up and made our way out through the path made by little kids.

“Hey Lil, what’s the password to the tower?” Mary asked.

“Gillyweed,” Lily answered.

“EVANS!” someone called from behind.

“What is it Potter?” Lily growled.

“We’ve got to see Dumbledore, remember?” James called.

“Oh! I’ll see you guys soon!” Lily shrieked, quickly darting off.

“Come on,” Remus said, pulling us through.

Then I spotted Liam with a bunch of his mates.

“I’ll meet you guys in the tower! I’m just going to see Liam!” I smiled, pushing my way through the crowd before anyone could protest.

“Move along midgets!” I yelled to some random second years who were blocking my path.

They scampered quickly away from the ‘scary’ seventh year.

“Hey!” I grinned as I reached Liam.

“Oh, hi Ivy,” he smiled.

I loved his smile, it made me feel warm inside.

“Sorry I couldn’t talk to you at the feast, Black and Potter wouldn’t let me go, some shit about house unity and all,” I whined.

“Listen Ivy, can we talk later I’m just catching up with my friends,” Liam asked, quietly.

“You had all day to talk to them! The last time we talked was at Diagon Alley two and a half weeks ago and half the time we were getting school supplies!” I complained.

“Just go Ivy! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” he commanded, kissing me on the lips a little too forcefully and then pushed me off towards where Lily had just come out of the Great Hall with James and was waiting for me.

He didn’t say goodbye, he just turned on his heel and walked off with his friends.


He normally doesn’t act like this.

I walked off in a daze to where Lily and James were waiting for me, pondering on the thought of what the hell was happening with Liam.

Today he wasn’t the loving, caring, nice guy that I knew him to be. Today he had been acting like, like, Sirius.


“How was Liam?” Lily asked as I reached her.

“Different,” I grunted as we started to walk towards the tower.

“In a good or bad way?” James asked.

“Bad, he was acting like Sirius!” I cried.

James snorted and began to laugh.

“It was terrible!” I cried again.

“I’m sure he’s just having a bad day,” Lily said, “Aren’t we all?”

“I’m not!” James grinned.

“How are you not? We started back at school, and it’s our last year!” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“No reason, I’m just having a good day,” James said quickly even though I knew it would have something to do with Lily.

Luckily, we had made it back to the Common room and after a quick mubled of gillyweed, we preceeded inside. Mary and Alice were sitting with Remus, Peter and sadly, Sirius. As soon as I saw him, I found myself thinking about Liam and his weird behaviour again. He was acting like the stupid Sirius Black and that agitated me,

A lot.

So I walked straight passed them and up the stairs, slamming the door shut behind me. 


A/N: What do you guys think? Yay or nay? What do you think of all the main characters so far, even though we are only just beginning! What about Ivy's secret?

Please keep reading and reviewing!


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