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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy. by Marauding hippogriff
Chapter 32 : Chapter 32: The Double Agent
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 Chapter 32: The Double Agent.                                                                                                          

“You!” bellowed Harry, leaping forward. He recognised the witch as the one who’d fought for the Consecrat several times, but more to the point, as the witch Dudley had described as the murderer of his Aunt and Uncle. “Expelliarmus!” he roared, and her wand was snatched away as she drew it.

“Mr Potter, please!” she begged as Harry raised his wand again. Her voice was strongly accented. “Let me explain.” Harry glared at her, blood pumping through his veins.

“You’ve got a minute. Impress me,” he said darkly.

“My name is Sabine Derschwarze,” she explained. “I worked as an enforcer for Grindelwald. However, he does not know that I have never once killed for him for many, many years now.”

“Don’t lie to me!” thundered Harry. “You killed my Aunt and Uncle!”

“They’re not dead,” she replied calmly. “And neither is Mr Krum.” Harry’s jaw dropped. “I am incredibly talented at transfiguration, Mr Potter. One of my greatest talents is transfiguring objects into fully realistic bodies.”

“I won’t ask how you learnt that,” said Harry, still not quite believing her.

“You should,” she replied. “I was taught by a man named Charlus Potter.” Harry’s jaw dropped.

“My Grandfather?” he said incredulously.

“The very same,” she replied. “You look like him, except your eyes.”

“I have my mother’s eyes,” Harry replied vaguely. “So where are they?” he demanded, snapping back to reality.

“They are in hiding in Austria,” she replied. “I had to get them out of the way, after Grindelwald targeted them,” she explained.

“Prove it,” Harry replied. Sabine sighed and pulled out a quill.

“Portkey,” she said. “It will take you there.”

“And what if it drops me into a cell in Nurmengard,” Harry snapped.

“By all means, have it tested,” she replied coolly. “It will only take you when you want to go.” Harry glared at her, before levitating it off her and putting it in his robe pocket.

“I’ll test it,” he said firmly. “Now, I think I need to introduce you to a colleague of mine.”

“What?” said Sabine blankly, before she slumped to the ground. Ron clambered out of the passageway, looking rather pleased with himself as he pocketed his wand.

“Good shot,” Harry praised. Ron grinned.

“Well that was weird,” he commented. “Shall we get her back to the office?” Harry nodded.

“I’ll get Sturgis to run a check on the Portkey. If she’s telling the truth, I’ll bring the Dursleys and Krum back over,” Harry said

“Can’t you just leave Krum?” Ron asked innocently.

“Really? You’re engaged to her and you still haven’t forgiven him?” Harry said, exasperated. Ron didn’t reply, but his cough sounded suspiciously like ‘Dean!’ He had a point.
The two of them apparated into the Auror office, which was surprisingly empty, with only Amata and Neville, who was on filing duty, remained.

“Hello boys,” said Amata cheerfully, smiling at them. “Gawain’s gone on a mission to Germany, he won’t be back until tomorrow. Who’s your friend?”

“I recognise her,” said Neville in surprise, before Harry or Ron could respond. “She fought at the battle near the Quidditch stadium, and I’m sure she was at Malfoy Manor too.”

“Probably,” Harry replied. “She claims she’s a double agent.” He turned to Ron. “Can you stick her in a cell and process the arrest while I go get the portkey checked out. Ron made a face-he hated paperwork.

“Fine,” he sighed. “But you owe me one.”

“You’re living in my house,” Harry reminded him with a wink. Ron muttered something incomprehensible and headed off towards the cells, levitating Sabine with him. Harry took the elevator up to the Department of Magical transportation. Sturgis was in his office.

“Harry m’boy!” he said cheerfully, jumping up to shake Harry’s hand vigorously. “It’s been a while.”

“Certainly has,” Harry replied. “How’s work?”

“Nightmare,” Sturgis grumbled. “The apparation tests are going on at Hogwarts, some old muggle in Dorset bought an old Comet 140 from Mudungus Fletcher and ended up stuck up a tree after he tried to brush his floor with it. On top of all that, Gawain picks today to order an urgent Portkey to the Austrian Ministry!” he complained. Harry mentally stored that information-why was Gawain in Austria? “But never mind that, what can I do for you?” Sturgis said briskly.

“Can you tell where a Portkey’s destination is?” Harry asked.

“Certainly,” said Sturgis. “Hand it over,” he prompted. Harry handed him the quill, and Sturgis pulled out his wand, muttering complex incantations.
“Type three Portkey,” he said finally. “Pretty advanced magic, it’ll only take you to its destination when you want to go. This one is destined for Southern Germany.” He looked up curiously. “Who’d you get this off?”

“Someone who may have been telling more truth than I thought,” said Harry evasively. “I’ve got to go, thanks Sturgis,” he said, hurrying back down to the Auror office, leaving a rather confused Sturgis to continue his fight against his mountain of work. But Harry didn’t care. He had an operation to plan.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gawain, Dedalus and Ben flew into Germany under the cover of darkness, along with Katrina, who’d agreed to be their guide. They’d flooed into the Austrian ministry, hidden beneath a small church near the city of Salzburg, and flown over the border. They were being extremely cautious-Gawain believed that if Gellert had taken over he probably wouldn’t be too keen on entertaining guests, particularly three Aurors.

“This is et,” said Katrina, slowing down. “Mount Zugspitze, ze highest mountain in all of Germany. De ministry is housed here,” she said, a note of pride in her voice.

“Thank you Katrina,” said Gawain steadily. “You can go if you like.”

“I vill stay,” said Katrina firmly. “If zis man has truly taken over, then he vill pay.” Gawain wasn’t about to argue with her-she might tear out his heart and eat it or something- so he shrugged and flew down to the entrance.

“Careful,” he warned. “They could be watching.” The three Aurors and the enormous beater dismounted, hid their brooms and drew their wands. The entrance was fairly easy to find, a glowing path lighting the way.

“It is a charm,” Katrina explained. “Ze entrance and ze pathway are invisible to muggles.”

“Clever,” Gawain said. “Homenum Revelio,” he muttered, flicking his wand. “We’re clear, let’s move.” The four tapped the stone entrance with their wands, and it slid aside easily, revealing a large, cavernous corridor. It was eerily quiet.

“Something isn’t right,” Katrina growled. “It’s never this quiet.”

“It’s not looking good,” agreed Gawain. “Where’s the minister’s office?”

“Up three floors,” Katrina replied. “Follow.”
They did, passing through the silent rooms, each of them unlit. There was nobody around, but strangely, no bodies either. There were no elevators, like in London, so they were forced to climb three flights of stairs, a wide, winding staircase in the centre of the building.
“This is it,” said Katrina quietly. “It’s locked.”

“Allow me,” said Ben, raising his wand. “Bombarda!” he yelled, and the door burst off it’s hinges. Gawain glared at him.

“I’d like to see you explain that if the minister was in there,” he growled, shaking his head. Ben blushed pink and lowered his wand. Gawain stepped into the room, and gave short intake of breath. From the looks of it, the minister had fought like a trapped animal. Four men, dressed in Consecrat robes, lay dead against the back wall of the office. The minister himself lay slumped on his desk, his wand lying snapped in two on the floor in front of him. And burnt into the wall at the back of the room was…

“That’s his symbol,” said Dedalus darkly. “Grindelwald. He’s taken over. He’s left this as a message”

“We have to leave,” said Gawain urgently. “Now. This country is no longer safe.”

“An excellent-” began Dedalus, but he was cut off by a jet of red light smashing into the wall beside his head.

“Auror office! HALT!” roared Gawain, deflecting two more stunners with a slash of his wand. “Lumos!” Four men in purple robes were revealed, their wands raised.

“Auror Büro! nicht bewegen!” came the reply.  ‘Auror office! don’t move!’

“German Aurors,” hissed Gawain. “Do not attack,” he warned. The others lowered their wands. Gawain spoke a little German, none of it relevant for the situation. “Katrina, help me out,” he muttered. The beater nodded and stepped forwards.

“Meine Freunde! Greifen nicht, diese Männer sind von der britischen Auror Büro!” she said. ‘My friends! Don’t attack, these men are from the British Auror office!’ The German  Aurors hesitated, then lowered their wands. The foremost man, also the tallest and looked to be the oldest, stepped forwards. Gawain noticed he had a small golden badge pinned to the lapel of his robes.

“My name is Klaus Zauberstab,” he said, in heavily accented, slightly broken English. “I am the…head Auror, ja?”

“Gawain Robards, head of the Auror office in England,” Robards replied, shaking his hand. “This is Williamson and Diggle, and I presume you know Miss Von Glockenspieler?”

“I do,” he nodded. “Vhat brings you here?”

“We were suspicious that Grindelwald had taken over the ministry. It seems it’s worse than we thought.” Klaus nodded.

“Ve vere out on a mission vhen ve received an SOS call,” he explained. “By the time ve returned, the damage vas done.” He looked angry with himself. “Ve have failed our duty,” he growled angrily.

“You can make up for it,” Gawain replied. “Come back to England. It’s not safe here.” Klaus opened his mouth to protest. “We don’t have the time!” snapped Robards. “I’ll explain everything when we reach a safe location.” Klaus stared at him for a moment, as though sizing him up, before nodding.

“Let’s go.”
Harry, not wanting to go into a potentially dangerous situation alone, decided to drag Neville and Ron along on his trip to Austria. He’d also called in George and Oliver Wood using his D.A coin, and the five of them were now gathered around the quill Portkey in George’s office at the back of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

“Remember,” said Harry. “Be on your guard. I’m not sure exactly what we’re getting in to here. If the Dursleys and Krum are there, we get them in and out as soon as possible. If not, get yourselves out as soon as possible. If we get separated, continue with the plan and get to the Austrian Ministry as soon as you can. I’m sure we’ll be able to floo or Portkey back home from there.”

“Your team talks are as bad as Oliver’s,” snorted George. “We know what to do,” he said confidently.

“I resent that,” grumbled Oliver. The others ignored him.

“I don’t want you getting hurt,” said Harry sternly. For one thing Robards will have me packed off and fired before I can say Quidditch he thought. “Right, no sense in wasting any more time I suppose. Everyone grab the Portkey.” The five of them gathered round the quill, each managing to squeeze a finger to it. “Ready?” Harry asked.

“Ready,” Ron said firmly, and the others nodded. As they did, Harry felt the familiar jerk from behind his navel, and the office disappeared. A few moments later, they appeared in a dark, unfamiliar forest in front of a small house. Light beamed through the windows.

“This it, you reckon?” Neville whispered.

“Guess so,” George muttered. “Hang on-Homenum Revelio,” he said, flicking his wand. “Nothing in the trees,” he said after a couple of seconds. Harry nodded and drew his wand, creeping up to the front door as quietly as possible.

“Neville, Oliver, guard the road,” Harry whispered. “George, check round the back of the house. If there’s a back door, stay there. If not, come back round. If anyone gets into trouble, send up red sparks with your wand.” Neville and Oliver dropped back, waiting on the worn trail up to the house. George slinked off into the darkness without making a sound, and Ron and Harry approached the front door.

“I’ll open the door, you go straight in,” Ron said. Harry nodded. “Alohomora!” Ron muttered, jabbing his wand at the door. Harry pushed it open and slipped inside, knowing Ron was right behind him. There was low chatter coming from the room on the right, and music from the left. Harry jerked his head right, indicating he’d take that side. Ron nodded and positioned himself outside the left hand door.

“Bombarda!” Harry yelled, and the shout was echoed by Ron. The two doors burst open, there was a yelp of surprise from the room Harry was storming, and someone yelling in a foreign voice from behind him.

“Stupefy!” Ron shouted, and there was a dull thud as a body hit the floor. Harry leapt inside the room, brandishing his wand. However, the sight he found almost made him drop it. Because cowering on the floor, looking utterly terrified, were Vernon and Petunia Dursley.

“What the- Ron what have you got through there?” Harry called, keeping his wand trained on the two people who resembled his aunt and uncle. He couldn’t yet be sure if it was them.

“Krum,” Ron replied.

“You stunned him?” Harry said incredulously.

“He was going to attack me!” Ron insisted innocently. Harry rolled his eyes-somehow he doubted that.

“Bring him through and wake him up. We need to make sure it’s them. Also, go get George,” Harry said. He glanced at his possible aunt and uncle-they were still too speechless to talk. Ron came through, levitating Krum rather carelessly-he’d already bounced his head off two walls and a chair.

“Here we go,” said Ron cheerfully, dumping Krum on the floor. “I’ll go find George.”

“Thanks Ron,” said Harry, privately thinking he was going to leave Ron’s treatment of Krum out when he explained what’d gone on to Robards. He quickly decided to question his aunt and uncle. He tried to soften his gaze, but he found his years of solid dislike, particularly towards Uncle Vernon, made him unable to do so.
“You’re Vernon and Petunia Dursley?” he asked in a menacing voice. Vernon’s face turned purple.

“You know fine well who we are boy!” he roared angrily. “Finally come to get us out of this pigsty? About time.” Oh, so it was Vernon.

“Well that pretty much settles it,” he muttered. “Enervate,” he muttered, waving his wand over Krum’s head. His eyes flickered blearily, whizzing around the room.

“Harry,” he muttered. “Vhere am I?”

“I honestly have no idea,” Harry replied. “But we haven’t moved you. I need proof it’s you, Viktor,” he explained.

“Of course,” said Krum, struggling up to a sitting position. “My head hurts,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his head. Harry decided to gloss over what had happened previously. He had to think for a moment-what was something only he and Krum would know about. The answer didn’t take long to him.

“During the Triwizard tournament, what did you take me aside to talk about just before the third task?” Harry asked. Krum considered it for a while.

“Herm-own-ninny,” he said finally. He picked the worst time to say it-Ron had just reappeared with George.

“What’s that about my fiancé?” Ron demanded.

“Nothing,” said Harry quickly, as Krum’s face fell. “It’s them. We’re leaving.”

“May want to do that quickly,” said George from over by the window. “Sparks.” It took Harry a couple of seconds to work out what he was talking about.

“NEVILLE, OLIVER!” he yelled. The two of them charged up the path, looking extremely worried.

“Werewolves,” panted Neville. “At least twelve.”

“Shit,” cursed Ron, looking very white. “It’s probably Greyback’s crew.”

“You’re telling me he escaped again?” Harry said, exasperated, as he bolted the door shut.

“Not a clue how,” Ron replied. “I noticed when I was helping you with the arrest reports last week, he wasn’t among them.”

“How the hell did they know we were here?” Neville whimpered.

“Not a clue,” George replied. “We can worry about that later. You know, when there’s no danger of being eaten.”

“Right,” said Harry, pushing all other thoughts to the back of his mind as a werewolf howled outside the house. It was uncomfortably close. “We’re leaving.” He pulled out the quill portkey. “Engorgio,” he muttered, and the quill swelled to twice it’s normal size. “Everyone put a hand to the quill,” he ordered.

“I’m not using any crackpot magic trick!” Vernon shouted angrily.

“How did you manage Harry?” George asked, shaking his head. “You sir, are a-”

“That’s enough George!” snapped Harry wearily. “Uncle Vernon, if you stay you’ll get ripped to pieces by werewolves, so be my guest,” he growled angrily. Vernon turned, somehow, an even darker shade of purple. His mouth was moving furiously, but no words were coming out. Finally, he simply shrugged and stuck a pudgy finger to the quill. There was a tug from behind their navel, and the tiny house and the howling werewolves dissolved, replaced by the familiar, darkened surroundings of George’s office.

“That,” breathed Oliver, “was too close. I could smell those werewolves for a moment.” Neville nodded fervently, still looking quite shaken.

“Harry, what are you doing with these three?” George asked, jabbing a finger at Vernon, Petunia and Krum. “I’m not keeping them here. No offense Viktor.” Harry thought for a moment.

“I’ll put them in an Auror safe house, then we can put some protective charms on Privet Drive and the Dursleys can go back home,” he decided.

“About time,” growled Vernon darkly.

“Vernon!” said Petunia indignantly.

“You’d never know we just saved his life would you?” George said sarcastically. “I’ve got some new, untested products if you like Harry?” Harry bit back a laugh, shaking his head.

“Shouldn’t be necessary George,” he said, grinning at him. The twin winked, before returning to giving Vernon a stony glare. “Neville, you take Viktor to the safe house in Puddlemere,” Harry said quickly. “Ron, you take my delightful aunt and uncle to the one in Chudley, before George gets bored.”

“Oh, thanks Harry, what a delightful job,” said Ron sarcastically. “What about you?”

“I’m going to get Dudley,” Harry replied.

“Dudders!” shrieked Petunia. “He’s alive?”

“Where is he?” shouted Vernon, stretching a pudgy hand towards Harry’s throat.

“We’ve been keeping him safe,” Harry explained shortly, raising his wand slightly. Vernon didn’t look particularly happy with the explanation, but what was he going to do, Harry reasoned. “Come on guys, the sooner we finish up the sooner we can go home,” he said, clapping Ron and Neville on the back. “Good work today, Gawain’d be proud.” Neville and Ron grinned, before taking their respective charges and disapparating. “You two were great too,” he added, smiling at Oliver and George.

“Cheers Harry,” smiled Wood, shaking his hand. “You led us well.”

“You’ll be head Auror in no time,” George added, grinning at him. Harry blushed, said his goodbyes and apparated across London to the balcony of the flat off Tottenham Court Road. He unlocked the door with a tap of his wand and found Dudley snoozing on the sofa, while Draco sat drinking Firewhiskey and looking bored, as usual.

“Tell me you’ve come to tell me that the war is over and I can go home,” Draco drawled. Harry did a double take-apparently nobody had told him Malfoy Manor was gone. His parents had been told, naturally, but they were still in a Ministry holding cell due to their crimes in the war.

“No,” said Harry simply. He couldn’t be bothered to explain at this point. “I’m taking Dudley somewhere.”

“Shame,” said Draco sarcastically. “I was beginning to enjoy his company.”

“Yeah, he’s a delightful person isn’t he?” Harry replied, and they both laughed, before they both remembered who they were talking to and instantly lapsing into an awkward silence. “I’ll be going then,” Harry said eventually, shuffling his feet slightly. Draco nodded curtly and turned his attention back to his Firewhiskey, which he looked to be finding suddenly fascinating.
“Dudley, wake up,” Harry said, taking pleasure in jabbing his wand sharply into Dudley’s slowly returning pudgy side. It seemed not doing anything all day and being stuck with a fridge full of food was doing his weight no good whatsoever.

“I don’t wanna go to school yet Mum,” mumbled Dudley incoherently, aiming a groggy slap at Harry. Sighing, Harry gripped his arm tightly and disapparated on the spot, appearing outside the safe house in Chudley. Ron was waiting for him.

“I couldn’t wait with them,” he said as Dudley vomited, apparently woken up now. “They’re just foul. I feel sorry for you. Well, more so,” he added as an afterthought.

“I think I’d have rather Voldemort knew where I was than live with them,” Harry agreed. “Help,” he added, as Dudley collapsed to his knees. With a roll of his eyes, Ron stepped forward. They each took a shoulder and hauled Dudley inside. Aunt Petunia then nearly knocked them both flat.

“DUDDYKINS!” she squealed, hugging her vomit covered son. “I’m so sorry! We’ve missed you.”

“Mum,” said Dudley. “Am I dead or something?”

“We should probably go,” said Harry. Ron nodded fervently, and they disapparated back to the ministry.

“Late night tonight,” Ron commented, glancing around the empty Auror office. “We’ll get paid overtime.” Harry couldn’t pretend he wasn’t glad-renovating Grimmauld Place had cost a bomb. They drove their usual route back on the motorbike, and Kreacher made them soup and sandwiches before they ate. Harry found himself to be very hungry, so could only imagine what Ron was going through.
“So,” Ron said, through his fifth sandwich. “What do you think about this Sabine woman?”

“No idea,” admitted Harry. “She could be helpful, I suppose we’ll leave it up to Gawain,” he said absently.

“Sabine?” said James sharply. “Sabine Derschwarze?”

“You know her?” said Harry blankly. Even Ron stopped eating.

“Course I know her,” said James. “She was an old friend of Dad’s, I wasn’t supposed to talk about her much though; Dad said she was a secret agent or something.”

“Bloody hell,” whistled Ron. “So she’s telling the truth?”

“Looks like it,” admitted Harry. “Thanks Dad.”

“You only need to ask,” smiled James. “What happened with her?” Harry explained the entire situation, James’ eyes widening with each sentence.

“So Lily’s sister is alive?” he said quietly, casting a sideways glance at his wife, snoozing on his shoulder.

“Alive and well,” confirmed Harry. “It’s a strange situation.”

“Very,” agreed James. “Treat her with caution,” he warned. “Sabine may be on your side, but she’s still bloody ruthless. Before she met Dad, she did some terrible things, in Grindelwald’s first uprising. Nobody knows what made her change sides. Well, Dad might, but he’s dead.”

“So are you,” Harry pointed out. James smiled.

“Yes but I have the good fortune to be preserved in this. Dad didn’t. Anyway, Sabine may have switched sides, but I don’t know why so for God’s sake, do not trust her.”

“The whole situation sounds uncannily like the one with Snape,” Ron commented. James made a face.

“Sabine may have been a bitch in her earlier years, but she didn’t fancy your mother. And at least she bothered to wash her hair more than once a decade,” he replied darkly, earning him a chuckle from Harry and Ron. “Don’t let your mother hear me say that,” he added.

“Of course not,” Harry and Ron chorused.  Ron then checked his watch and yawned.

“It’s getting late,” he said to nobody in particular. “I think I’ll turn in since we’ve got work tomorrow.” He didn’t look particularly happy about the fact.

“We’ve got a lot to work on,” Harry reminded him. “We still have to look into the information we heard about Nott, and we’ve got to explain to Gawain about Sabine.”

“Hooray,” said Ron sarcastically. “I can hardly wait. Night Harry.”

“Night mate,” Harry replied. He checked his own watch. Ron was right, it was getting late. He popped their dishes in the sink with a flick of his wand and followed his best friend up the stairs.

A/N I appreciate my German is very rusty-I did pass it at GCSE though! Thanks to everyone who has read, favourited and reviewed, you're all great! 
In other news, I'm considering writing a marauders story, but I wanted to know what people think? Tell me in reviews or go on my meet the author page.

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