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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 5 : Plan B
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 A/N: Here is chapter five, I hope you enjoy it and please leave me a review :)
EDITED: 27/05/13


  I could hear footsteps approaching, it was likely to be Charlie so James withdrew from the hug. He said goodbye to me and left the room just as Charlie entered.  Charlie sat down next to me and we sat in silence. Charlie was clearly trying to think of something to say, he was definitely not the best at talking about feelings and the like.

“Do I need to punch him?” he said finally. Great, I have been crying my eyes out because the guy I thought I was in love with snogged another girl and all my idiot of a brother could say was ‘should I punch him?’ real helpful. It’s clear that though many of us may have become more intelligent when we evolved from apes, but Charlie hadn’t.  I turned around and stared at him, he didn’t even need a reply to realise that he was being insensitive. We sat there for a while longer before Charlie again made a stab at being comforting.

“You alright?” 

What did he think? I know it is the question that people always ask, but when I have puffy red eyes and cheeks covered in dried tears, I think it is pretty obvious that I am not fine. Brothers are useless; James had been more comforting than Charlie was being. 

“Charlie,” I sighed, “I get it okay, you don’t know what to say, neither do I.” and with that he pulled me into a warm hug. I smiled, my brother may be useless at talking about feelings but I still loved him nonetheless.

The next day was the day of the quidditch trials, before the events of Friday night I had been unsure who I wanted to get the position of beater. It had been a difficult choice, I could have chosen Nate, if he got the position then I would  have gotten to spend more time with him, but I also was inclined to root for Charlie as he was by some unlucky chance my brother (I love him really…sort of anyway.) Now however I was sure, I did not want Nate under any circumstances to get the position as it would result in several hours of awkwardness every week. I also would find it hard to keep up my new tactic of pretending Nate doesn’t exist. What I really need to do is forget him but because he is in the same house as me and some of the same lessons as me, it’s going to be near enough impossible. 

James wanted the whole team to be at the trials, not that we would be needed. It was mainly because we could help him choose who would be best for each position. The first trial James decided to do was for beater, seeing as there were only a few people actually ready for the trials (mainly because James had decided to make the try outs really early and no one was yet awake) and he wanted to get the beater try outs over as soon as possible for my sake. The trial would be simple, both Charlie and Nate would get three attempts to try and hit a moving target with a roaming bludger, the person who hit the closest got the spot.

Fred was the target and seemed somehow unfazed by the fact that he was going to have a bludger hit at him and if he didn’t move in time then he could be seriously injured. First up was Nate he held the bat loosely and waited for the bludger to come towards him, he thumped it hard. It had power but the aim was poor, it flew straight past Fred about two metres wide. I laughed under my breath and then hoped that Charlie would fare better. Unlike Nate, Charlie didn’t wait for the bludger to come towards him, he flew to it wacked it with the bat and watched as it sped straight for Fred who had to perform the sloth grip roll so that she didn’t have his skull smashed.

The next shot from Nate was similarly fast and hard but still imprecise; Charlie’s shots however were all consistently accurate and powerful. It was clear to everyone watching that Charlie had won and earned the place as the second beater on the Gryffindor team. As they landed I could see the look of disgust on Nate’s face. Sore looser if you ask me, he then muttered something which I only just caught. I flew down and landed right in front of him making him halt abruptly. 

“Want to tell everyone what you just said?” I asked menacingly. He frowned but I continued, “Think Charlie is an ‘untalented twat who only got in because he is friends with the captain do you?” I asked quoting what I had heard him mutter. I was so angry with him and I would have carried on but he stormed off to try and hide his face which had now flushed bright red. What had I just done? I knew immediately I had been a bit too harsh, it was understandable that he was annoyed just like it was understandable that I was upset. So why had I just had a go at him?

I couldn’t face another hour or god knows how long of quidditch trials, instead I asked James if he didn’t mind me going. I headed from the pitch to the edge of the forbidden forest and whistled a short tune which I knew Maple always responded to. Not a minute later Maple appeared, alone. She approached and then lay down next to where I sat nickering softly. 

I patted her long reptilian neck, trying to think things through in my head. Why did this have to happen? Now I just didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to act and most of all I didn’t know how I was going to get over Nate. I knew it was what I needed to do but as always it was easier said than done. I spent the next hour just sitting with Maple, talking to her. She occasionally nickered back to me; she was a good listener and was like a friend to me. I leant against her warm body and continued talking things through. As soon as all my thoughts were spoken aloud, it seemed the pressure they caused lessened. I only stopped talking when the sun started beginning its decent.

As I said goodbye and began to walk away I saw her stretch out her wings and take off into the sky; flying low over the treetops. 

I slowly trudged up to the castle; wondering what had happened at the trials before remembering that both Rose and Evie had been trying out for the team! The grounds were quiet, only the occasional twittering of birds permeated the otherwise silence that had swallowed me over the last two days. Everything was un-real. It was just like in books, like a numb feeling that separated you from everyone else because they couldn’t understand the exact things you were feeling and however much they said things like ‘just forget him’ and such like, I just couldn’t forget couldn’t move on. Not just yet anyway. 

The huge door into the castle was thankfully still unlocked and sitting ajar as I approached it. I continued walking, wondering as I went. How was I to forget Nate? How had Evie and Rose faired at the trials? What was the arithmancy homework? What was the password? So many thoughts whizzed around my brain, each trying to be answered but my brain struggling to find an answer. 


As the portrait hole swung open someone launched themself at me, squealing very loudly and high pitched. 

“Me and Rose got in! We got in!” she squeaked again. I grinned trying to forget everything that had been troubling me over the past few days for the sake of Rose and Evie, after all they were celebrating. I was happy, at least now I wouldn’t be the only girl at the quidditch practices. 
I found the next few days especially hard because I couldn’t escape Nate, he was constantly around. Of course this was understandable because he was in the same house and the same year as me which meant we had quite a few of our lessons together. I was at least thankful that he hadn’t made it back onto the Gryffindor quidditch team. I can’t help but imagine how awful those many hours of practise would have been if he was still there.

Before the party we had been relatively good friends, we were never as close as Al and I nor as close as I am with any of the girls but I could always have a chat with him and muck about in lessons. He didn’t seem to have noticed my attempts at ignoring me anyway, he was too busy with his new girlfriend.  I grimaced at the thought, every meal time I had to see them acting all lovey-dovey together and though I didn’t admit, I was still upset. I had spent quite a while fancying him and over analysing everything that he said to me which could mean something to do with our immanent relationship – I wished.  

Before I knew it, the first quidditch match of the season was approaching. James was going all out at the practises trying to get us ready because we would be playing against Slytherin who every knew had a very strong team this year. James was keen to prove himself and start the year off well with a win for the Gryffindors, as was everyone else on the team. We were all desperately competitive and we wanted to show everyone that we were not going to be easy to beat, or even beatable at all.

As we had expected and become accustomed to before matches, there was a lot of rivalry and taunting in the corridors. We had experienced it all before but it became a little irritating after a while. Evie in particular, who was new to the team so she hadn’t known what to expect, was finding the taunts and jeers almost unbearable.  It seemed sometimes that the Slytherins were going to new levels this year to try and sabotage our team.

Al and I were walking together to Arithmancy  when we heard running footsteps behind us. We were running slightly late so the corridors were relatively empty. When we turned around we were greeted by the unpleasant sight of Michael Canton who was brandishing his wand at us. He was a particularly troll like Slythering 7th year and though he may not have been the best with a wand, it was undeniable that he would be able to squish the both of us to a pulp with unnerving ease.

In a panic I made a pathetic attempt at saving us, or at least myself, “But, I’m a girl! You can’t attack me!” I squealed. Although I agreed with feminism and stuff, sometimes I liked to pull the ‘I’m a girl’ card but this time my gender seemed irrelevant. He continued to hold his wand aloft, perhaps he was trying to think of the most useful spell out of the very short list that he actually knew because his face was screwed up in concentration, or maybe his face just looked like that. Just when it seemed that Michael may have finally decided which spell to use, his mouth had opened to reveal his wonky teeth, Al quickly muttered something, “Plan B!” He looked at me expectantly but I of course had no idea what the hell he was on about so I stood blank faced and confused. After a couple of seconds Al realised that we had never confirmed nor planned a Plan B so he hastily muttered “Piggyback,” to me and I jumped deftly onto his back.

Al began to sprint down the corridor, we were going surprisingly fast considering I weighed a trifle more than a feather but nevertheless Michael didn’t have the necessary brain power to process what was happening and was therefore left standing alone in the middle of the corridor. When we eventually reached the Arithmancy classroom, we were in luck as Professor Thorpe had not yet arrived despite our lateness, we sat down in our usual seats at the back before turning to face each other and bursting into fits of laughter.

“Fliss,” Evie whispered, I was still half asleep and was in no mood to vacate my bed so I didn’t bother replying. Then she poked me. I immediately sat up and mumbled irritatedly in a voice Evie later described as ‘cute’, “No pokey pokey!” before realising what I said and blushing furiously. I cringed at my own reaction, most people would have got grumpy, maybe sworn but no me. Oh no, I reply ‘no pokey pokey’ because that is totally sane. Rose laughed at me from the bathroom but as I looked around I realised that the rest of the dorm was still asleep. Admittedly the rest of the dorm only include Saffie and Ava.

I sat confused for a few minutes before realising that today was the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin quidditch match. I quickly got dressed, assuming that as usual I was already running late. I hastily tied my messy blonde hair into an equally messy topknot and applied the tiniest bit of mascara and concealer so I didn’t look like a complete zombie. The three of us walked from the dorm to the great hall together, excitedly in both Rose’s and Evie’s case and tired to the point of almost falling asleep on the spot in my case.
The rest of the quidditch team was already waiting for us whilst they ate generous portions of bacon, egg, beans and toast. James was known for making sure that every member of the team ate a small feast for breakfast before matches except for me. By now James had realised that I didn’t eat breakfast all too often. He however was eating nothing himself but was instead talking through all of the tactics for each of us. He kept coming back to me, reminding me that I needed to catch the snitch as soon as possible because Slytherin had quite a strong team this year and we needed to start the season off with a win. In the end he had reminded me so many times that I ended up yelling ‘I KNOW’ to James just to make him shut up.

We were all quietly nervous or excited especially Evie and Rose. It was the first match for the both of them and neither knew what to expect. I sat, not talking to anyone else but trying to keep myself calm. My foot subconsciously tapping out the tune of ‘Weasley is our King’ on the flag stone floor.

We were just preparing to leave when Saffie and Ava appeared so they grabbed some toast and followed us down to the quidditch pitch. The day was bright and clear which would be perfect conditions for the match. Being the first match of the season, our quidditch robes where already clean and we had all changed in our dorms so all we had to do was collect our brooms from the cupboard in the changing room where they were locked.

Ava and Saffie said a quick goodbye before heading to the stands to get the best view for the match. We all remained in the changing rooms until the James’ watch read 10:00 exactly when we all got up and headed out onto the pitch together. The game started as usual with the two team captains shaking hands then both teams mounted there brooms and we awaited the whistle which would start the game. After a few moments Professor Gilson blew the whistle hard and we all kicked off hard as the quaffle was thrown into the air which was immediately seized by Evie and the bludgers flew upwards one of which only narrowly missed me.

“And new found chaser Evie Mathews is in possession of the quaffle, she passes to Rose Weasley, also new to the team.” Called Connor Wood; his voice having been magnified using the sonorous spell. 

As the action took place below me I was frantically searching for the tiny golden snitch. I had followed it from the start of the game but I lost it when I looked over to see how Evie and Rose were doing. Of course it didn’t help that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I was slightly short sighted, not majorly so, just enough that they would make a difference in the match. I quickly pulled out my wand and hurriedly summoned them. A few seconds later they whizzed towards me and I shoved them roughly onto my face. I glanced around, my vision now seemed like it had turned into HD Vision. Grace Gordon the Slytherin seeker was hovering not far away from me. It was clear she was not going to look for herself but had decided to copy me instead. To confirm my feeling I spun round and sped in the opposite direction before speeding into a dive, as I expected Grace followed. 

“80-40 to Gryffindor!” yelled Connor, “Another great goal from Albus Potter for Gryffindor!”

I was just about to look back at Grace when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the snitch. It was flying close to the middle goal post at James’ end. I turned and flew as fast as I could lying as close to my broom as I could to reduce drag. I was gaining on it, but Grace was still right on my tail. James gave me an alarmed look as I flew almost straight for him; at the final second I flew slightly to the left and snatched my hand however the tiny winged ball had changed direction at the last minute and has now disappeared from sight. I sighed gazing around bit it was nowhere to be seen.

“FUCK! FLISS LOOK OUT!” I heard James yell. I turned around and was faced with a bludger flying straight towards my face. I quickly slipped underneath my broom hanging underneath which left the bludger soaring harmlessly above me. I heard a collective gasp from the crowd, they hadn’t realised I was performing the sloth grip roll. I righted myself and carried on my search for the snitch. With Grace still following me I decided to show what would happen if she relied on me to search for the snitch. I feigned a look of concentration and shot of towards a huge 6th year Slytherin who I didn’t know by name. Grace  followed close behind, I was just about to hit the 6th year when I swerved sharply however Grace didn’t turn in time and bashed straight into him causing both of them to almost fall of their brooms.

In the meantime, I had spotted the snitch, with Grace otherwise distracted I was able to shoot straight after it. I lay almost flat to my broom willing it to keep up the speed and so that  I could avoid the bludgers, both of which were being aimed at me by the Slytherin beaters. Their attempts were useless however because I soared straight towards the snitch and this time when I reached out I managed to clamp the small golden ball firmly in my hand. I thrust my hand up into the air a huge grin plastered onto my face. I faintly heard the whistle being blown and then I saw all the team flying towards me. The crowds had begun cheering loudly.

We had won the first match of the season and proved that the Gryffindor team would not be beaten easily. As we all landed Fred let out a yell. “Party, tonight!”

Ava and Saffie ran towards Evie, Rose and I congratulating us on our win. As we walked back to the school we all started to discuss what we would wear tonight. Not for a moment did any of us consider not going; we were all too hyped up from the match to refuse.




EDITED: 27/05/13

A/N: Heyy guys so I hope you like the chapter, what did you think of it??

If you liked it please leave me a review below

Beth xxx

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