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Jealousy by PentoPotter
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Hey guys, thanks so much for reviewing the first chapter and please keep them coming. Hope you continue to like this story......




Letting her hair fall by her shoulders, Hermione tilted at her reflection. ‘It’ll have to do’ she thought to herself, grabbing her small bag and heading downstairs.


“Hey mum” She smiled entering the kitchen and being hit by the smell of bacon and toast.


“Oh Hermione dear, you look lovely” Mrs Granger smiled, rushing over to her, kissing her forehead and placing a plate of bacon-toasties down on the table by her husband.


“Not quite, having a bit of an ugly-day”


“You most certainly are not” Her mother scowled. Mrs Granger never quite understood the carelessness behind an “ugly-day” and instead, approached them with an angry and insulting manner. Hermione’s father, a quiet though very respected in his business type man, looked up at her with pride and sighed,


“Jamie is and always will be lucky to have you sweetie”


“Thanks dad, and what do you think of the present?” She held out her wrist as her mother choked on the mouthful of coffee she had just taken and rushed over to her daughter’s side.


“Oh my goodness!” Her mother smiled, staring at the heart charms dangling from the chain. Mr Granger nodded in an approving way; clearly not only approving of the present but of the boy willing to pay for it to keep his daughter happy.


“Yup, that’s what I said! Anyway, I need to go as I’m late as it is”


“Okay honey, do you need any money?”


“No mother, you gave me quite enough for my birthday thanks” Hermione smiled and, kissing them both on the cheek, exited through the kitchen door.


As Jamie’s front door swung open and he stood behind it, he smiled at the sight in front of him. Hermione’s famous “ugly-day though trying” jumper hugged her figure perfectly and the boot-cut jeans she wore on her bottom half, elongated her legs just enough to show off her above average height.


“Hello beautiful” He smiled, letting her past him and then reaching for her as she did.


“Hey you” She giggled as she was pulled in to him. Pressing her lips against his, she mumbled and pulled back for air, “I have to apologise, I look like I’ve made no effort”


“Be quiet! You look amazing, although I do recognise that jumper as your ugly-day jumper so you’re probably not going to listen to a word I say!” Jamie joked and closed the door behind them and motioned towards the garden area of the house. “Nice bracelet by the way….you must be an amazing girlfriend if someone got you that”


“I don’t know…Can’t quite make my mind up about the boy who gave me it, so thought I’ll just wear it whilst I do” Hermione sarcastically replied as he nuzzled into her neck from behind and growled as a joke.

“She’s here! Ladies this is the darling girl I was talking about, Hermione these are my lady friends” Jamie’s mother, Crystal – well named by the expensive accessories she was always wearing – rushed over to Hermione as soon as they stepped into the garden. Hermione gave a smile at the glamorous women waving to her,


“It’s nice to meet you all” She exclaimed staying by Jamie’s side as if she were scared. Noticing several men deep in what-looked-like business talk over by the barbeque area, Hermione looked to Crystal and whispered, “I have to apologise, I’m a little under-dressed”


“Nonsense! You always look lovely dear, and we’re all guilty of loving the jumper and jeans look!” Crystal laughed passing Hermione a glass of champagne.



“What are we celebrating?” Hermione asked, addressing the rather large glass given to her.


“Why several things my darling – you being twenty, for one of them and my husband’s promotion as another!”


Bringing their two glasses together in cheers, Hermione remembered Jamie mentioning his father was now running the biggest publishing business in Surrey.


“And what is it you do, Hermione?” One of the women Hermione was presented to, stood to her feet and gathered nearer to Crystal.


“Teaching, well studying to do so for now”


“Ah very nice, in what subject dear?”


“…..English Studies?” Hermione replied, remembering the whole web of lies Jamie had been told when they first met and now his whole family believed.


“Oh, you must be a clever clog?” The woman giggled as Hermione joined her modestly.


She is” A voice said from behind her and, feeling the arms sliding round her waist, Hermione smiled. The group gave an ‘aw’ at Jamie’s cute interruption and watched as he held her with one arm and looked down at her, “But, I do have to steal her as there’s a few people downstairs I want her to meet”.


Hermione excused herself, took Jamie’s hand and followed him through to the kitchen. Giving him a quizzical look as he passed the basement door, she asked, “I thought your friends were downstairs?”


“They are” He smiled, leading her into the utility room. As she went to reply, Jamie positioned her against the washing machine and placed her glass down on a nearby worktop.


Oh” Hermione smiled, realising what was going on. Jamie giggled, moving a strand of hair from her neck and replacing it with his lips. Allowing her head to tilt and give him more access, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on her.



Even though, there were often moments like this one, Hermione and Jamie were yet to make the biggest move in their relationship; she enjoyed the intimacy and the she did have strong feelings for him, but the more Hermione thought of being naked and exposed around him the more she shut the idea off. Jamie was aware of this and although he respected it, there were moments or random days, where he would test the boundaries.



She moaned as he brought his lips up from her neck and pushed them against hers firmly. As her lips opened for her to gasp, the two were interrupted by manly voices coming from next door.


“You see, I told him the numbers would drop…and did he believe me?” Jamie’s father, Richard Grogan, lead another man into the kitchen and as the man went to respond, the two sheepishly exited the utility room,


“And you see, I told you I’m stupid….” Jamie announced towards a clueless looking Hermione, “I just can’t seem to get the hang of washing my own clothes” Mr Grogan, believing every word of his sons excuse for being in the most random room in the house, smiled and added,


“My boy has many skills, Hermione. One of them isn’t washing coloured clothing” Richard laughed as the couple joined in and, having succeeded in their mission to escape the embarrassment, entered down to the basement.


“Nice save Mr Skills” Hermione smiled, following him down the stairs where the noise levels suddenly won over the others of the house.


“You’re pretty crap at this TJ!” A voice shouted and as they stepped into the main area of the basement, Hermione noticed several young men lounging on or around a couch playing some sort of console and rummaging through several sweet and crisp packets.



Jamie cleared his throat causing the boys to look up, straighten up and place all remotes or edible snacks down on a nearby table.


Guys this is Hermione, Hermione…this is…well, the guys” Jamie presented the group of obvious students in front of him, the best he could. “We have Alan, TJ, Derek, Bryan, Nova and…” The boys heads bobbed in acknowledgement one by one as a door behind them swung open,


“Okay boys, I got more beers!” Hermione turned to the voice behind them as Jamie watched him approach and continued,


“Argh there he is, last but not least, this is…”



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