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Looking For My Lost Soul by Money
Chapter 1 : Introduction
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 AN: Hey guys so this is my second attempt at writing a fanfic(I failed at the first one like big BIG time). I am not a writer really. I suck at grammar and spellings and I really want some help with this story. I have a few ideas but I want some one to write it and add stuff.. and also If I do the person will get full rights to the story hahahahaha.  Oh!! And one more thing I am not a native speaker so I welcome all corrections and critisms :D

Rose was sitting by the window in Hogwarts epress thinking how her life really is. To the rest of the world she is this happy little girl who has no troubles and a family who loves her. But who knew about the dark seccrets she has been holding since for a while now. Rose is one of the people who has a huge family and who love each other a lot, If she told any one what has been happening with her no one would believe her and she was absolutely  sure about it .

A knock on the door disconnected her from her city of thoughts. There was a certain blond boy standing at the door. She could guess who he was even without an introduction, Scorpius Malfoy. His hair were pushed back just like his father’s. Rose had seen photos of every one who took part in the war, the good and the bad. She couldn’t figure out about the Malfoy’s though and thought she shouldn’t judge Scorpious without giving him a chance. Her dad wasn’t very fond of the Malfoy’s but did not even discourage from mixing up with them. Hermione had changed him to a better person after the kiss they shared during the war.

“HI!, I am Scorpious, Scorpious Malfoy, first year.” He said. “No other compartment is free is it okay if I sit here?” Rose  reluctantly says yes and Scorpious goes to fetch his trunk. As soon as he leaves Rose catches her train o thoughts again. She promises herself to make new friends this year and maybe become a little social. After the dark incident Rose had decreased her interaction with most of her family. Her parents thought that it was just a preteen phase she was going through. She wanted to forget the pain and the emptiness in her life and start afresh.

“What did you say your name was again,” asked Scorpius. “I din’t” said Rose. “Its Rose, Rose Weasley,” giving a warm smile. Hearing this Scorpious’ lips formed a big ‘o’. “Oh so you come from THE great family, I have heard such great stories about your parents Rose. I can call you Rose right? You are the first one I talked to since I got on the train, are you a first year too?”, asked Scorpious all in one breath. Rose laughed and said “calm down we still very far from school you have plenty of hours to question me. And yes you can call me Rose and you are the first one I talked on this train too. Yes I am a first year too. So do you want to just go to Slytherin or do you want to go to some other house?” Scorpiious replied with an unsure look on his face, “err to be honest I want to be in Gryffindor and if not Gryffindor then Slytherin.”

Shocked Rose was like, “What, really? I so want to be in Slytherin. I need a change. Don’t want to be a nice girl anymore.” And the time flew as they talked all the way to Hogwarts.

AN: I sucked dint I? :P let me know how to make this thing better.. which means you need R&R :P. I hope you guys help me make the next chapter better.

Personally I feeel that I dint write Scorpiuos’s part properly but maybe I could do his part in the net chapter or something.. let me know if you guys think otherwise…

Oh and one more thing HELP NEEDED. Any one is free to help me write this story.

XOXO ^_^  ~ Money(weird name? its short for Manisha :P)

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