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Secrets by MusicLover17
Chapter 4 : The Date!
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Hermione's POV

Last class of the day potions brilliant and Draco is going to be there oh man i don't know if i can see him so soon i kissed him, i kissed him oh Merlin maybe i'm the one who's went mental, but he likes me he even told me so and he wants to meet me tonight after my concert, Crap! My concert and i'm going to be thinking about him the whole time, what is he doing to me maybe i should talk to Ginny tell her everything that has happened and see what she thinks about all this, oh what if she freaks out i mean it is Malfoy. Do i like him? I can admit that i did enjoy his strong, toned arms around me WAIT WAIT WAIT, STRONG, TONED. How can you be even thinking like this Granger after everything he has done to you calling you a mudblood and lots of other different names, wishing you dead in second year and making you feel bad about yourself all the time and now all of this but what if he is sincere what if he has changed and he does care for me, no i have to find out and i will tonight this won't just be a date (if you can call it that) it will be an interrogation aswell.

I turn around in my chair and search for the blonde ferret and he sits right at the back of the room just stairing into space, I will find out what your up to Malfoy, i say to myself. I turn back around and start scribbling on my parchment then another piece of parchment lands right in front on me i the shape of a swan i unfold in and it reads:

I saw you looking at me, hope you enjoyed what you saw i know i enjoy what i see when looking at you i look forward to seeing you tonight, can't wait to have you in my arms again, until then

Draco x

I look up for the parchment and turn around to look at him and he's already looking at me with a smile on his face i blush and quickly turn away. The bell rings and i grab my things and avoid looking at him again, i make my way to the common room and run up to the girls dorms to wait for Ginny. I quickly get changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt. Suddenly Ginny runs into the room and starts to get changed to.

"So sorry Hermione people just don't seem to understand the concept of get the hell out of my way."

"Oh Ginny your to funny it's okay your not late."

"Okay well are you ready."

"Uhh...yeah let's go!"


We quickly apparate out of sight and land outside my dressing room i look up and see Mia Hart on the door, we walk in and Ginny starts working on her wig.

"Hermione are you okay? Your to quiet."

"No Ginny i'm really not i have to tell you something and i don't know what your going to think of it, i don't know what to think of it."

She walks over to me and we sit on the couch.

"Well tell me."

"Okay but don't say anything until i'm finished okay."

I start to tell her everything about the press being outside my dressing room, how i had to apparate back to hogwarts like Mia Hart, my run in with Malfoy, the deal that we made, Malfoy telling me he liked me and that i have to meet him for a date tonight.

We sit in silence for a while when i break it.

"Ginny say something i need your help i don't know what to do."

"Yeah that is alot Hermione why haven't you told me before now."

"I don't know i've been to confused to do anything."

"So Malfoy knows who you are and he likes you."

"Pretty much."

"Well theres only one question really, how do you feel about him?"

"I don't know Ginny i mean when he holds me and when i'm near him i do like it but can i just forget about everything he's done to me in the past everything he's done to you guys to."

"Well i know that Harry and Malfoy have transfiguration together and i think they've actually been getting along with each other, i'm saying that there best friends but the have been civil towards one another."

"Really wow Harry hasn't even said."

"Maybe he would be affraid to say incase to thought he was betraying you or something."

"No i could never think that."

"Maybe you and Malfoy could try and be friends first and see where it goes from there and then you'll know if you can forgive him."

"Yeah that's a good idea Ginny thanks i'm so glad i told you about all of this."

"Well i am one of your best friends Hermione it's what i'm here for."

We laugh and hug and get ready for the show.

"Good luck Hermione."

I smile "Thanks Ginny for everything."


We apparate back into the girls dorms now back as our own selfs. None of the girls were there which was surprising but in a way lucky for us we hated when we had to explain where we had been of course we didn't tell them the truth but i was rather annoying making up a different story each time.

"So when do you have to meet Malfoy."

"Well it was supposed to be a 7pm tonight but i told him i had a concert so he just said well just come when you get back, so i'm guessing i should go now."

"Well good luck and i want to know everything that happens."

"Okay Ginny see you later."

I run down the stairs and straight out of the common room without looking at anyone and make my way to the ROR, i stand there for a bit waiting for the door to appear and open it slowly looking around for Malfoy i can't see him he must have left well i did tell him i would be late i look around the room and the only light is coming from the fire there is a small couch infront of it and a few book shelves on the walls but that is it. I walk over and sit on the couch to enjoy the heat from the fire.

"It's about time."

I snap my head around to see Malfoy standing at the very back of the room watching me.

"Why do you always do that jesus you scared me half to death."

"I'm sorry Hermione i didn't mean to scare you that's the last thing i want to do."

I frown at him and turn back to the fire.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't come."

"I didn tell you i would be late."

"Yes you did."

He walks over and sits down beside me closer than he needs to be. I turn and look at him only to see those beautiful grey eyes searching my own. He takes my hand and smiles down at it.

"Your hands are so small conpaired to mine."

"Well i am a girl so obviously."

He laughs and looks back up at me.

"I want to kiss you properly this time." I look at him for a bit and pull my hand away.

"No i came here because i wanted to talk to you nothing else."

"Okay talk about what." He asks taking my hand again.

I give in this time a let him hold it. "Talk about us."

"Is there an us?"

"Well...umm..kinda i don't know i mean about our relationship, i don't know what to do i don't know how i feel about you."

"Do you hate me?"

"Not anymore, i want to give you a chance and to find out for myself how i feel about you."

"So your confused about your feeling then, do tell me please."

"Okay...i'll admit that i like being with you and i do enjoy being in your arms but i don't know if i can just forget about everything you have done to me."

"I know."

"You do?"

"Yeah it was a long shot that i told you that i like you but know your telling me that you want to give me a chance you don't know how happy that makes me Hermione but i will prove to you that i'm worth your forgiveness and that i deserve a second chance." He smiles at me and i can't help but smile back at him i don't know why but i actually believe him.

"I really want to spend more time with you Hermione alot more if you'd let me."

"I'd like that Draco."

"Great, can i hug you?"

"Yeah sure."

He moves closer and wraps one arm around my waist and the other on the back of my head and pulls me into his body i shyly put amy arms around his waist and rest my head against his shoulder and take in his scent oh Merlin he smells good to good. We stay like that for what seems like forever i pull away a little and look up into his eyes he smiles down and me and kisses my forehead. I smile and place a hand on his face and kissing his cheek. I stand up and he follows me.

"I have to go it's really quite late."

"Yeah i know but when can i see you again?"

"Tomorrow night if you want i don't have anything to do then."

"Brilliant tomorrow night it is then."

I reach up and give him a quick hug before pulling away and heading for the door.



"I'll miss you."

I smile at him.

"Quite chessy aren't Malfoy?"

"You love it."

I smile again and head out walking back to the common room, i think i could get used to him. I sigh and look down at my hand smiling thinking about him those eyes, his hair, his smell everything about him....Oh


I miss him to Crap!

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