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Daydreamers by Wickedlovely01
Chapter 1 : Me and My Stupid Imagination
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  I run up the drive of the burrow excitedly. Todays my birthday, and you know what that means? Presents! Loads of 'em tons of 'em piles of e'm! I wonder if this year Aunt Luna got me a nargle detector. Or maybe Uncle Harry got me the fairy tale book I wanted.

"Hows my little teacup?"  Says my grandma. She embraces me with her folds of warmness. She calls me teacup because I'm so small, well, smaller than my sister, Molly.

"I'm good." I mumble I shut my eyes tight. This is so much better than the house we live in, the family I have. My mum, Audrey is a muggle and super studious. My father, as you might have guessed, is Percy Weasley, who is really intelligent and expects Molly and I to be the same as him. Theres only one problem, I’m a dreamer. I am what you people would call a nerd, though I prefer the term Daydreamer.

“Now, come inside, dear, your dinner is ready.” Grandma says. I bean, showing my sparkling white teeth as I walk inside. Everyone is there. Some people, like my uncle Charlie and Uncle Bill, are chatting, lounging about the couch. 

“DId Lorcan and Lysander come?” I ask. Their my favorite boys. Not that I’d date them, lord no! I’m only 10! But I have a bit of a crush on Lorcan

Molly, my older 16 year old sister, scoffs. “Of course they came, everybody comes for Lucy Weasley.” And she goes up to a guest bedroom, probably to stick her head in a book along with her cousin Rose. I bounce of into the kitchen. I try to ignore my sister, she’s smarter than me, because she’s a Ravenclaw.

My eyes widen almost immediately. There is a big, yellow frosted cake in the middle of the island. But I don’t see that right away. What my eyes dart to as soon as I walk in is a boy named Lorcan Scamander. His grey storm eyes are looking into my chocolate brown ones. His mop of dirty blonde  hair brushes ever so slightly against his eyebrows.  He sits on the counter stirring a pot of sweet smelling something.

“Hey you.”  He says. We’ve been best friends since we were six. He’s just a month older than I am. 

“Hey. Did you make that cake?” I inquire, nudging my shoulder to the yellow cake.

“I can’t remember.” He teases. “I was off in one of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures.” He’s a dreamer too. He jumps off the counter and joins me. I hear talking from the main room.

“God it’s so loud here, usually I don’t hear anyone say a word except for dinner!” I exclaim.

“I know what you mean, Lu.” Replies Lorcan. He calls me by my pet name. He is Lor and I am Lu. His family is quiet too. 

“So, did you get me a present?” I ask. What can I say? 10 year olds are greedy.

Lorcan looks down at the floor, chuckles for a moment, then comes back up. “Yes, Lucy I got you a present! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?”

I think about his question for a second. “You’d be a good friend, Lor, not a best friend.” I reply. “ So where is it? Please tell me you didn’t put Lysander in the cake.” I say.

Lorcan snickers, thinking of doing it to his twin someday. “No, its outside in the woods, but its far away because I didn’t want anyone but you and I to see it. Come on, I’ll show you.” He takes my hand and pulls me out in the fading twilight. Is it hot out here or is it just me? We slip a little on the dewy grass.

Will anyone notice I’m gone with a boy? I hope not, my father would freak out. I’m not allowed to date till I’m 18. My mother tells me I’m not supposed to even like boys, so why I even talk to Lysander and Lorcan is a mystery to her. But the truth is, I’m nothing like my family. Yes, I’m smart, and yes I like books, but thats where the similarities end. I read fantasy books while they read up on london history. I’m daydreaming while lounging about in my hammock while they’re all helping Molly study for her O.W.L’s. They think I just need more motivation to be like Percy, but I just wanna work at Ollivander’s where I can actually do something I love, daydreaming and Wand-lore. 

Lorcan and I wind and twist through the dark, big trees. We stumble on branches and bushes. It seems we have walked 3 miles, but I can still see flickering lights from the burrow, so Lorcan must not have hid it as far as he thought it is. Soon I see a blue light, casting scary and eerie shadows on the trees and animals. It is a book, but not any book. My face glimmers with the wonder of the hot blue light, and I’m pretty sure my mouth hangs open with questions, but I’m to stunned to make my vocal chords move.

“What is it?” I ask in awe. 

“Well, I haven’t come up with a name yet, and I want you to figure it out by yourself.” Says Lorcan shyly. We’re still holding hands and I slowly pull us up to the books. My finger touches the page softly, and blue flames shoot up my arm. It doesn’t hurt, But Lorcan’s eyes widen with shock and worry. “Lucy! Stop! Somethings wrong!” He shouts. He try to pry my fingers off the book. “LET GO OF THE BOOK!” He screams, but my fingers are stuck there. The blue light is brighter and getting brighter still. I hear a loud bam, and my eyesight goes away for a moment. 

I open my eyes, and Lorcan and I are laying in what seems to be our woods, except its daytime, and there is no book.

“Where are we, Lor?” I ask, a fear of edge in my voice.

“Lucy, its your favorite book.” Is all Lorcan can whisper.

Me and my Stupid Imagination 

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