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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater by Cariel
Chapter 28 : Unravelling Lies
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The day Draco was to be released from the hospital, Ginny greeted him cheerily with some chocolate frogs she had stolen from Seamus. He had already changed from the Quidditch uniform that he’d worn the day of the accident and was back in school robes.

Now he was ready for the thorough explanation of what had happened and she related the story to the best of her recollection.

“What were you doing there anyway?” Draco wondered in more of a concerned voice than one of suspicion. “Could have gotten yourself killed, sweetheart.”

“I had to see her-to see what she was really like,” Ginny told him, “I knew it wasn’t safe. But when I found out about your rivaling families, I knew something wasn’t right. After the game, I knew you’d be pissed off about losing.” She allowed herself a slight grin at this and he smirked as well. “So I made sure I was in the vicinity when you confronted her about it.” She took a breath. “I didn’t want you to get hurt. Since her assassination attempt failed, I thought she would kill you.”

“And I wasn’t because you saved me.” Draco smiled at her. He thought about Laura again, debating about telling Ginny how Laura used a healing trance on him, but Ginny had been the one who sacrificed herself for his sake.

“I love you,” she whispered huskily.

“I know,” Draco replied, leaning in for a kiss. He opened his eyes amidst the kiss only to see the empty bed Laura had occupied. She had gone yet a slight image of her visage from the healing trance played about his thoughts and he recalled their conversation as if it had been a dream. He felt remorseful and pulled away from their kiss saying, “I don’t deserve to be so happy. I deserve whatever punishment they order for me, plotting against Potter like that and wanting to harm Granger...”

Ginny stayed silent, knowing there was more he wished to say.

“Until the day in the library when your brother punched me did I remember about that spell I put on Granger. I honestly didn’t think it had worked and tried to remix another potion.” He explained to her exactly what the potion was, “The spell was that all her sleeping thoughts would be of me so she’d fancy me.” He shook his head thinking about how stupid he had been. “That night I helped you on your essay…I didn’t care about getting Granger anymore.” He met her eyes. He swallowed before continuing. “I want to tell the professors about all of this now.”

Ginny smiled again, thinking it was so noble of him- admitting everything and being willing to accept whatever punishment the professors would give him. Ginny thought it gallant of him to accept the responsibility of his actions after confessing them publicly.

Ron wouldn’t like the fact that she and Draco fancied each other and it was out in the open now, but just as Draco would accept his punishment, so too would Ron eventually get used to it… She hoped…

Harry still believed it was all Malfoy’s fault even after Draco told his side of the story. Once it was revealed to him, by Ginny and her old Daily Prophet clippings that Roger Marwood, Laura’s father had been Lucius Malfoy’s rival and how Malfoy had murdered her mother, he was convinced everything was Laura’s plot for revenge. Ginny shrugged at Harry's conclusion because she told him she only knew that particular situation from Draco’s point of view.

They both knew Draco had an inflated ego and it was likely he’d assume anyone would fancy him, but the extent of Laura’s affection or hatred for the son the man who had murdered her mother was unknown to either of them. However, both he and Ginny knew that the only way to get the truth was to gather all the evidence and everyone’s side of the story before putting it into perspective and analyzing it. He was pretty confident, especially after Ginny had proven her love for Malfoy, that when Ginny relayed Malfoy’s side of the story that she was telling the truth.

Now all he had left to do was confront Laura.

Laura had been avoiding Harry, knowing he’d found out about everything and no doubt hated her. She was caught off-guard when she and Ginny were exiting the hospital wing. Ginny caught his eye and left the two of them alone.

Now was the time for answers.

“Yes, it’s true…” she told him right off the bat. “I’m sure you know by now how the Malfoys and Marwoods never got along. I’m sure you know that Draco’s Death Eating father murdered my mother and I was sent here, to Hogwarts, to get revenge on that toff. It wasn’t my choice—”

“There are always choices, Laura,” Harry insisted, still angry at the lies she had told him.

She knew she’d be expelled for attempting murder and the only thing she could think of was to tell Harry everything. There was no more need to lie. “I told you before about my father. He said this was the only way to get revenge for what the Malfoy’s had done to our family! I had to get you to murder Malfoy!”

Lauren continued, “The Malfoy’s are incapable of any true love for someone. He’s slept around with whoever fit his fancy…” She swallowed. “But I bet you didn’t know that it was my father’s idea to get on his good side! He constructed it all perfectly- lose my virginity to that git!”

“I know you won’t forgive me for the things I did, but I love you! I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you, but I did…” She was close to tears as she admitted it. “Go on and hate me for all the trouble I’ve caused you and the lies I told, but don’t hate me for falling for you!”

Harry was distraught. He could barely comprehend the rest of what she was saying. All that hate- all those evil feelings inside of him were her creation. Was it morally fair for him to hold a grudge against her for this? Though hate had been new to him, so were the feelings of desire and love for her. She had kindled so many new emotions in him that he was quite worn out with analyzing them. What would happen now? Without knowing whether or not he had interrupted her, he spoke, “I need some time.”

“Don’t worry; I won’t bother you ever again,” her wavering voice replied.

And with that, he left her there, watching him walk away from her. Tears filled her eyes as she watched, but she wouldn’t cry. She wouldn’t. Without him returning her feelings, her love gone, she wanted nothing more than to die.

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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater: Unravelling Lies


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