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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4: Begging for forgiveness, accepting stupid challenges and siblings
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"Why am I even bothering?" I asked James, we were both sat in the common room. It was late so not many others were here, Black had gone to the kitchens with Remus and Peter but James stayed behind with me as long as they brought him food.


"She'll understand your sorry eventually." He replied. It had been a week and Lily still hadn't spoken to me, she's pretended I didn't exist. Which meant I spent more time with the Marauders and she spent even more time in the library, to avoid me. During the week I'd become closer with the Marauders, I would now actually say I was friends with them. Except Black, still hate him.


"You've said that every day this week, nothing's changed. I've pleaded, begged, done everything close to serenading her in the Great Hall." James sniggered slightly. "How did you manage?"


"What do you mean?"


"Having to go through all those years knowing she hated you but also knowing how much you like her?" James lowered his head slightly.


"I guess it's because I know I like her so much."




"Look, she's just annoyed at the moment. She'll calm down. Trust me, I know what it's like when she's annoyed." I laughed quietly.


"Willow?" I jerked my head up and saw Lily stood there with her books and parchment tucked under her arm, she looked nervous.


I paused slightly. "Yes?"


"Can we talk? Alone?" She shot a slightly apologetic look to James, who nodded at her.


"I'm going to go and find the others, be back later."


"Thanks, James." Lily called and James turned around and stared at her, with the same shocked look as I wore.


James glanced at me before leaving the common room, with a huge grin on his face. I laughed slightly then turned to Lily.


"Willow, I'm sorry." I blinked a few times at her.


"Why are you apologising?" I asked her. "I was the one who messed up."


"You were right, they were worried and I was over-reacting." Lily mumbled, I grinned at her.


"Did you just say I was right?" I asked her, pretending to be shocked.


Lily scowled at me. "Yes, you were."


I immediately placed both my hands over my heart and mimed have a heart attack. Once I'd collapsed on the floor we both burst into laughter, just as the Marauders walked into the Common Room. They all paused at the sight, Lily doubled up in laughter and me sat on the floor also laughing hard.


"Missed something?" Black asked before stepping over me and sitting on the chair.


"Nope" I replied brightly, picking myself up off the ground.


"So you two are ok again?" James asked grinning.


"Yep!" I said in the same tone as before.


"Thank Merlin, you were getting annoying."


"Oi!" I yelled laughing, looking around for something to throw.


"Oh, quidditch practice is tonight." James told me. "Don't fight with Sirius today."


"He starts it!" I protested.


"No I don't!"


"Really you two? You haven't even been in each others company for five minutes and you're arguing." Lily asked, shaking her head.


"I have an idea." Remus grinned mischievously.


"What?" I asked warily, an idea from a Marauder is never good.


"If you two can go a week without arguing we will give you ten galleons each." Both Black and I gaped at him.


"You're kidding?"


"Not at all."


"Even McGonagall has given up trying to make us get along!" I protested. It's true, ever since sixth year she's just given us detentions and not tried to stop us arguing.


"She's never tried to pay you though." Lily pointed out. I stared at her, eyes widening.


"Lily! How can you be on their side!"


"I'm not going to join in, don't worry. But I think you should."


"No way." I folded my arms and stared at them defiantly.


"I hate to admit it but she's right. There is no way thats happening." Black added in.


"Giving up?" James asked smirking. We both glared at him.


"I think they are. I didn't think I'd see the day when Willow and Sirius denied a challenge. The whole school has to know." Remus caught on.


I glanced over at Black. "Fine. One week without arguing and we both get 10 galleons each." I caved in, knowing I'd regret it.


"Fine." Black muttered.


"Excellent! Starting now, you cannot argue until next Saturday." Lily laughed at mine and Blacks expression. We both looked angry and disgusted by the deal.


"I hate you all." I scowled.


"That includes calling each other by your first names, you have to act like friends."


I scowled even more.




"Ok team! You know the drill, lets go!" James called out to us as we mounted our brooms. I flew off towards the hoops with James and Marie Jones to practice shooting, Eliza Bruce was trying to block our shots. In the centre of the pitch Black (I can think of him by his surname!) and Henry Flinn went to practice whatever beaters practice. And Ian Woods was trying to catch the snitch as quickly as possible.


I caught the quaffle from James and flew towards the goal posts, once close enough I feinted to shot but passed to Marie who scored. High-fiving we flew back to go again.


52 shots later, of which we scored 36, James called the team back together.


"Well done today! I know our chasers, including me, and keeper are excellent. Our beaters aim must be much better as no bludgers accidentally veered off towards us, well Willow. Ian, how was it with the snitch?" I sniggered slightly at James comment, it was true.


As Ian told James of how his training went I looked over at Black, how was smiling slightly at James comment as well.


"Good work Ian. Our next training session will be on Tuesday, so don't get any detentions then! We have the best team here and I don't want to have to change it, especially as our first match is against Slytherin!" James dismissed us. I went to get changed the waited outside of the Gryffindor changing rooms to wait for James and Black.


"Took your time." I commented as the finally appeared, they both grinned at me and started to walk up to the castle. "I almost left."


"Nah you wouldn't, you'd miss us." James said nudging me.


"Want to put it to the test?" I raised my eyebrow at him. "I'll leave now and won't miss you at all."


"Don't!" Black cried. "James has been teasing me for ages now! You cannot leave me with him! Ow!" James punched him on the arm smirking.


"Fine." I folded my arms, pretending to pout. "The things I do for you."


"You love us really." I raised my eyebrow again. "Well, maybe."


Laughing, I started to run. "Come on boys! I'm hungry!"


They both started to run as well. By the time we reached the Great Hall we were panting and laughing at the same time, which, for the record, hurts your chest. Straightening up, I twisted round and smiled at them, before turning back and entering the Hall.


Shaking their heads, they followed me until we found Lily and Remus having an in-depth conversation.


"That looks serious, maybe we should've ran slower." Black commented.


"Its fine, we were just talking about the Slug Club." Lily told us smiling.


"Oh the joys of a social life." I rolled my eyes.


"Slughorn wanted me to invite you to the next party. I was asking Remus whether that would be a good idea."


"I was invited to that?" I exclaimed loudly. A lot of people looked at me curiously. "What?"


Lily laughed slightly. "You always manage to attract attention to yourself."


"Well, usually Sirius helps me with that." I smirked at him. I'd begun to get into the habit of calling him Sirius, out loud though. I think he has as well, but with calling me Willow.


"If it wasn't for me you'd be no where near as dramatic." Black told me, grinning.


I gasped. "How can you say I'm dramatic?" I exclaimed loudly and… yes, dramatically. "You're the dramatic one."


"I think we're both equally dramatic." I laughed and nodded.


"See how easily you two can get on?" Lily asked us, smirking.


"See how easily you and James get on?" I replied. Lily glared at me and Black and I started laughing. "And anyway, this is only because of the deal."


"The point of the deal was to make you realise how easily you can get on though."


"No it wasn't. It was to have a week of peace." Remus said grinning. "Oh Prongs, Dumbledore wants to see you."


"What've you done now?" Lily asked him frowning.


"Yeah, it's got to be something bad if Dumbledore is getting involved. Usually it's just McGonagall yelling at you before giving you detentions." I grinned. Unlike Lily, I don't have much of a problem with people (including myself) getting into trouble.


"Talking from experience?" Remus asked.


"Of course." I winked at Remus, laughing.


"I actually don't know what I've done…" James trailed off. "Padfoot, have you got me into trouble?"

"Hey! I haven't this time!" Black protested.


"Fine, I'll go see him." James stood up and walked out of the Hall. After he left the food appeared on the table. Remus, Black and I all tucked in straight away.


"It's not going to disappear." Lily looked on slightly disapprovingly.


"You neber know. Ib cub habben." Black tried to tell her, with a mouth full of food.


"I think he meant: You never know. It could happen." I translated.


"Oh. Well, it won't unless you've charmed it to."


Remus rolled his eyes. "Have some faith Lily. If we did we would make sure we had food, one way or another."


"I think he meant: Don't worry, if we did do that we'd sneak into the kitchen and get food." I translated again, although not helpfully this time.


"Shh, that's beside the point."


"You shh, I want to eat in peace." I shot him a grin before tucking into my huge plate offood, both Remus and Black followed suit. Lily did eventually, after rolling her eyes.






Yelping, I shot backwards in my seat as the stack of cards blew up in my face. Remus and Lily started laughing at me and Black, who was also taken by surprise by the explosion.


"Please tell me that my eyebrows are in-tack!"


"Yeah, they're fine." Lily said through giggles.


Sighing in relief, I looked up at the portrait hole which just opened. James walked in, looking terrified and happy at the same time. I frowned slightly, trying to work out what happened. I knew the emotions. The fear, Lily murdering him, and the happiness, spending time with Lily.


"What's happened?" I asked when he sat down.


"What do you mean?"


"With Dumbledore?" I prompted.


"Oh yeah. He was showing me around our dorm." James mumbled.


I gasped. "The Heads dorm! You two have to share a dorm and common room!" I started laughing, the realisation hit Lily and her eyes widened.


"Oh Merlin, I had forgotten. How come I wasn't there?" Lily asked


"I dunno, but that's why Dumbledore wanted to see me." James mumbled again.


"Congrats on Head Boy by the way! Does this mean I won't get as many detentions?" I asked grinning.

James laughed. "I doubt it, Lily's Head Girl anyway."




"Willow! I though you were going to try and get less detentions this year!" Lily exclaimed, although she was smiling at James comment. I never believed it before, but they might work together.


"I did, but I say that every year." I rolled my eyes.


"And it never seems to work." Black added.


"It's not always my fault!"


"Yes, yes, most of its mine." Black said smirking.


"You learnt!" Grinning, I stood up. "I'm bored!" It's true, I was very bored. I get bored easily, and a lot. Luckily I no longer take History of Magic, I think I was asleep more times I was awake. Lily's convinced I have either ADD or ADHD, but I don't. I don't think...


"It's half ten at night! We should be going to bed, we have lessons tomorrow." Lily scolded me, she never understands how bored I get and I never understand how into school she is.


"But I'm bored! And lessons are too boring to pay attention!" I protested.


"True, but how can you be bored at this time of night?" James asked me.


"I'm always bored." I muttered.


"We've noticed."


I huffed and folded my arms. "I'm going for a walk."


"It's after curfew!" Lily exclaimed.


I stared at her blankly, trying to understand her point. "And…?"


"You get in trouble!"


"Not unless I'm caught!" I replied cheerfully before walking out of the common room. I heard them talking as I left and someone else leaving the common room as well.


"This isn't my idea." I froze at the voice. "Lily forced me." I turned round and saw Black watching me, with an odd expression on his face. Annoyed? Relieved? I really couldn't tell.


"She has no faith in me." I muttered and carried on walking. "Well? Are you coming or not?"


I heard him sigh behind me, he then caught up with me and walked alongside.


We kept like that for a while, walking along in a silence. Both of us enjoying the peace and not wanted to cause an argument. However, being me, I had to break it.


"Why are you walking with me?" I asked him curiously. He could've pretended to or something, but he decided to listen to Lily and be in my company.


"Lily made me."


"And you listened? You didn't actually have to."


He sighed again. "True. But to be perfectly honest? When we aren't at each others throats I kind of enjoy your company." I stopped and stared at him.


"Are you serious?" I asked him before silently cursing myself, I just gave him the perfect opportunity to make one of his classic puns.


"Yes, but surely you know that by now." Yep, there it is. I glared at him half-heartedly and he grinned in return.


"I had that coming." I muttered, he nodded. I heard footsteps coming our way and cursed again. "Is that Filch?" I whispered.


Black glanced in the direction of the noise. He then started rummaging in his pockets, cursing like I did. "Dammit, I don't have it. Come on, we'll have to run." What did he mean he didn't have it? I'll ask him later.


"Not necessary." A voice drawled, a voice that defiantly wasn't Filch. It was deep and powerful, and slightly familiar. From the dark shadows a boy stepped out, either fifth or sixth year, I couldn't tell. He had dark messy hair that fell in his eyes and cold grey eyes. With a jolt, I remembered why he sounded familiar. He was Sirius' brother.


"Regulus." Sirius said coldly.


"Sirius." He replied, before turning his attention briefly to me. "In the company of Willow Rosen, delightful."


"Attacked any muggle-borns recently?" Sirius asked bitterly. Regulus was, from what I can tell, was a follower of Voldemort (Or You-know-who as some call him). Sirius' whole family was, he ran away in fifth year and has been living with James' family ever since. Sirius hates talking about his family.


"That isn't your business." Regulus said. "If I did, the filthy mudbloods deserved it." Both Sirius and I stiffened.


"No one, no matter what blood status, deserves to be in your presence." I spat angrily.


"She has a bite." Regulus appraised me coolly. I scowled at him, even Sirius didn't deserve a brother like him.


"What do you want Regulus?" Sirius asked him, I was still scowling.


"Just to talk to my dear brother." He responded.


I snorted. "Next joke."


"Stay out of this Rosen." Regulus snapped. "This doesn't concern you."


"Willow." Sirius muttered quietly. "Don't." I looked over at him and saw an odd expression in his face, guilt. "Regulus, why do you do this? You know it's wrong."


"It's too late to change my mind Sirius." He pulled up his sleeve and both Sirius and I gasped, on his left forearm he had a tattoo. The tattoo was of a skull with a snake wrapped around it, it was the dark mark.


"Reg, you joined?" Sirius stared at the tattoo in shock.


"Of course I did, even if I didn't want to I had no choice." I noticed what looked like a flicker of fear cross his face. But it was gone as quickly as it came.


"It's all my fault." Sirius muttered angrily to himself, glaring at nothing in particular.


"Don't be stupid." Regulus snapped.


"If I made you come with me then it would be different."


"You thought you got away? Snuck out of their grasp? They let you go Sirius, they knew they couldn't change you so they let you go. It was too late for you, you were Gryffindor. If I left they would've come for us, and make us regret it. Even if we managed to get away properly what would happen at school? I live with Death Eaters, they would've killed me if I was like you."


"No, that's not true!" Sirius yelled. I then did something shocking, I placed my hand on his arm.


"Sirius, he's probably right. Leave it." Sirius froze and stared at me, my hand was still rested on his arm to try and calm his down. I stared back, not wanting him to lose his temper because, to be honest, when he's really angry it was be scary.


"Goodbye Sirius." Regulus turned around and walked back into the shadows.


As soon as he left Sirius wrenched his arm out of my grip, twisted round and punched the wall yelling. As his fist collided with the wall I heard the crack of bones breaking. He was yelling things like how it was all his fault and he should've stopped it.


"SIRIUS!" I yelled at him. "You idiot! I know you're angry but you're waking up half the castle! Not to mention you've just broken your hand!" I stormed over to face him and gently took his hand. "You idiot. We better get you to Madame Pomfrey." He tried to protest but I stared him down. "Come on." I started to pull him away, after a while he gave up and walked alongside me, cradling his hand.


Luckily, Madame Pomfrey knows us well enough not to ask questions. She saw Sirius' hand, nodded and fixed it straight away. The whole time I waited, watching. After his hand was fixed he thanked Madame Pomfrey and walked over to me, looking angry and confused.


"You didn't have to wait."


"And let you punch more walls? No thanks." Together, we walked back to the common room.




A/N Chapter 4 is up! Yay! That was quite an eventful chapter....

Anyway, thanks to all the reviews! I always thought when authors say how happy it makes them they were over-reacting but I understand now! So thanks for all the reviews posted and please post more! :D

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