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Angels to Fly by NerdsInParis
Chapter 2 : Lost My Heart, Lost My Mind
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A/N: This was done pretty fast, this chapter. I feel as if Scorpius would be a Slytherin, Dominique a Hufflepuff and James a Ravenclaw. These are my own decisions, and all canon characters this time. Next chapter will have three OCs in it, and lots of drama, so beware... three POVs this time. Enjoy!


The Malfoy family balls was something Scorpius dreaded repeatedly, every single year.

He didn't care if it was tradition. Tradition was pointless and idiotic and would be broken sometime anyways. Really, he would rather be anywhere but here right now, in the ridiculous black suit that his mother had insisted on getting tailored for him.

Of course, his parents always just had to make such a big deal of it, by inviting people from every single wealthy and Pureblood family in the wizarding community. The Thornes, Teres, MacMillans, Mulcibers, Notts, Goyles, Rosiers, and special guests the Weasleys, even though they were no longer completely Pureblood. Mother always insisted on inviting the Weasleys, even if they were father's arch-enemies. Famous wizarding families always stirred up publicity. Not as if he was complaining. He and Danae, his little sister, always loved the Weasleys.

As the people filed in in their splendid attire - gowns of feathers and silk, handmade suits imported from Italy, little toddlers scrambling around in tiny dresses and miniature suits, he caught a glimpse of Rose Weasley. The red-headed Rose Weasley, cousin to his best friend Al Potter, the same girl he'd had a crush on since fourth year. The gold of her dress, much simpler than most peoples' at the ball, brought out the soft hazel of her eyes, and her hair was much more tamed, sitting in soft red waves cascading down her shoulders. She was beautiful, unlike in second year when she was a shy little girl who hid under masses of curly red hair and ten tons of books. She hated him, of course. He was the guy everybody thought was the git to end all gits, at least until third year. Al and Ava helped put a stop to that, but there was no stopping the peoples' opinions. The damage had been done.


As Dominique stared at the sink, time felt like it was slowing down before her eyes.

As she waited for the three minutes to be over, she thought of what her family would think. Maman, she would yell at Dommie for being so stupid. Papa, he would just stay there with his mouth in a perfect O. Victoire, even though she had a boyfriend of her own and was of age, she would probably panic and fan her face like crazy. Louis, her younger brother whose own innocence had been lost two years ago when he accidentally drove himself headfirst into the world of drugs and alcohol would just stare at her. Nobody would expect Dommie freakin' Weasley, the innocent little Hufflepuff to be pregnant with Lysander Scamander's baby.

She was such an idiot! Lysander Scamander, a year younger than her in fifth year, was the school's bad boy. Being hopelessly smart, he knew how to charm his way into everyone's hearts, flirted with everybody and managed to make his way into every girl in the school's pants. She was such a hopeless idiot for letting that happen to her.

A few days ago, she had felt a lurching sensation in her stomach, and her head had throbbed and her she had felt a feeling, like a kick. The fear had let her into buying the pregnancy test, and she hadn't touched it until today, when she had felt the kick again.

He had coaxed her into sleeping with him four months ago, and it had led into this. She was going insane. She had suspected it for weeks, but only now she was forced to come face to face with it.

She was not pregnant. She couldn't be.

The three minutes had passed. She picked up the little plastic thing, her hands shaking. No. No, she wasn't pregnant. Dominique Augustine Weasley, you are not pregnant, she thought. I will myself not to be pregnant. She was going mad. This was just fear.

And there it stated the thing that she had been dreading.



The blue and bronze tie, even after seven years, seemed like a lie.

When the Sorting Hat had been put on his head as a first year, he remembered expecting Gryffindor, but the Sorting Hat just chuckling, telling him while he did have qualities of a Gryffindor, he belonged in another house, and yelling out Ravenclaw instead.

Ravenclaw. He had never thought himself as particularly smart, or wise, or even creative. He would have been happy with any other house - Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, even. Becoming the Quidditch all-star and Captain just cemented those feelings even more. He remembered begging the Headmistress to put him in Gryffindor instead. He remembered her cold words - "James, though your family has been in Gryffindor for generations and I would love to have another one of you in my house, I'm afraid my word is no. The Sorting Hat's decision is final. You may not realize it, but it thought you truly belonged in that house. In time, you will find you belong as well."

Now he was a Seventh year and he still felt like he didn't belong in the house. He watched as Al and Lily being sorted, his little brother and sister, both being put in Gryffindor, while he clapped without enthusiasm at the Ravenclaw table. It was a cruel joke, not being put in Gryffindor but watching them both putting on the hat and it yelling out "Gryffindor!" afterwards.

He had friends in the house, though. Ava was one of the the Chasers of his Quidditch team who managed to help him whenever he stupidly got stuck on the door's riddle. Another reason he shouldn't have been in Ravenclaw. Andrew Corner, the house's Keeper, expert at cramming for exams and tests. A few of his cousins were in the house along with him, but they were always smarter than him. They belonged in the house. He didn't.

He remembered his father's words. "Ravenclaw is a fine house, James. You'll fit nicely into there." His mother had said, "If the Sorting Hat thinks you belong, you belong." Albus had told him he thought he was smart. Lily had hugged him. Nothing did anything to make him feel like Ravenclaw was the right house for him.

The list of reasons he didn't belong in Ravenclaw at all grew longer and longer every second. He was just a hopeless idiot. Not the ridiculously intelligent person the Sorting Hat thought he was.

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