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Baby mixup by Lilyflower8159
Chapter 1 : Baby mixup
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Disclaimer: yeah Im JK Rowling. oh and look theres a flying pig. wow what a day

A/N this was just a quick thing i wrote in like 10 minutes so please excuse any mistakes. thanks!


Sirius and Remus were in our living room talking to James about some of the old pranks they used to play at Hogwarts. I was just listening quietly smiling to my self occasionally as I remembered calling James a twat after they flooded the grand hall, Professor McGonagall was NOT happy, James often joked that being pregnant had made me mellower than I was back then. All of a sudden I let out a scream, The Marauders all jumped "FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN LILY WHATS WRONG?!?!" Sirius bellowed, I managed to pant out "James, I think my waters have broken" James started screaming like a little girl "WHAT DO WE DO??? PADFOOT, MOONY WHAT DO WE DO!!!" Remus, thank merlin, stayed calm "we need to get her to the hospital, Lily I'm going to take you by side along apparation because obviously everyone else is panicking too much," with that he grabbed my hand and apparated us to St Mungo's.


After two hours of excruciating pain, during in which according to the boys I became Bi Polar - screaming at James dearest for doing this to me then ten seconds later crying with joy that our baby baby was finally coming - I was about to hold my baby boy for the first time, just then a nurse walked into the room with a little blue bundle in her arms, my heart leapt as she gave the baby to me, while James, Sirius and Remus crowded around, we all gave a shocked gasp, the baby lying in my arms had brown skin, black hair and black eyes. Bbbutt hhhow? I managed to stutter before the nurse walked back into the room looking highly flustered and embarrassed "I am so so sorry" she said "but thats the Freeman's baby, this is your child," with that she took the baby from my arms and placed another baby in them and hurried out, this time everyone gave a gasp of awe, this baby looked exactly like James had in photos I'd seen but when he opened his eyes they were the same bright green as mine. "Welcome to the world little Harry" James whispered as he stood above us. "Harry" I said "I like that"

A/N- thanks for reading please leave a review even if its just a hi.
Also I'd like to add a poem I came up with at the bottom here as Lily is starting to fall in love with with James so here goes.

Lily lay on her bed she thought about her life, James, her friends and James. She took out a parchment and her quill. She remembered what she was taught in muggle school: sonnets.

She began to write to James:

"Oh what to do when summer comes this year,

When you'll be far across the world somewhere,

And I'll be home annoying my sister about here,

At least my parents like me like I am."

She remembered how her sister was always mean since she found out Lily was a witch, but her parents were very pleased about this.

"I see you glance at me a lot everyday,

You think I do not glance back many times,

But I look at you not knowing what to say,

I listen to you not tasting sour limes. "

She remembered how she always forgot everything bad when she looked at him.

"Many days may pass but I can still admire you,

For your pranks are unique in their own way,

How many times you have asked me to be true,

And want me to say "I love you", at least today."

She remembered everything, then she realized what she was writing. She wanted to wait a bit more before she revealed her love. She decided to go back to how she always behaved. Though she still didn't know why she wanted to do that.

"But I refuse for I hate you uniquely,

I don't love you, it can be said simply."

She folded the parchment up. She went out the dormitory and into the common room to find James. She found as usual he was with the marauders. She waited until he was alone. Soon he had decided to leave the common room for some reason. She followed him out without anyone noticing her. She quickly handed the paper to James and returned to the common room undetected by the others.

A confused James stared at Lily as she quickly returned. He looked down at his hands, the was a parchment in them. He wondered what Lily could have wrote. He read the poem Lily had written for him. He smiled. He knew how hard she was trying to hide her love and knew at once what Lily was thing as she wrote each part of the sonnet. He loved her such a way he knew what she thought most of the time. This poem brought him great happiness because he knew it wouldn't be long before Lily actually revealed her love.

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