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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 18 : Epilogue
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AN1: This is it for this story! I also have an announcement. I’ve made a difficult decision and I apologize to the HPFF readers that have been so lovely to me but this is the last story I will post at this site. The validation process just makes it a longer process for me to post. I thank you all for reading my stories and I will leave the ones published here for you all to be able to go back and reread if you so choose. Thanks again for all the reviews and encouragement you’ve given me. This site is amazing and it helped build my confidence as a writer. Clumsy!



Hermione sat back on her porch swing with Fleur next to her as they watched their great-grandchildren together. They had these children in common because Bill and Fleur’s granddaughter Amalie married Hermione and Draco’s grandson and together had little Charlie David who was 4 years old today. They had a cookout and 4th birthday party at Malfoy Manor. They also had two great granddaughters as well.

Fleur had moved into the Manor with Hermione because her wing of the house was so big and empty now that Draco had passed on. Bill was gone now too. Since Hermione was 86 years old now and Fleur a few years older than her most everyone they had known when they were young and beginning their families had died now. There was the two of them, Charlie, Luna, and Neville. All but three had died of natural causes; Seamus died from injuries sustained in an explosion in his lab and Arthur and Molly Weasley died in a car accident. It was a cloudy day and he had been flying another car when they crashed into a cliff they never saw coming. At least nobody else had been hurt and that was the only blessing in the loss that still hurt.

Losing Draco was like losing a piece of herself, a best friend, mate, and lover all in one go and Hermione only got through with the help of Fleur and Bill. The death was made worse because that was all her best friends gone except Fleur. Harry, Ron, and Gin had been gone for a few years when Draco passed. Hermione had been in agony over her loss but had a promise to keep. He had made her promise something on his deathbed and she had now fulfilled it.

“Love, I want you to make me a promise. Live! I don’t want to meet you on the other side until you’ve at least held one great grandchild in your strong arms. Don’t just pass the time either; I mean you’ve got to really live.” He said as his body was in the process of shutting down from kidney failure.

“I promise Draco, my love.” Hermione couldn’t argue with him when he was suffering like this.

“You’re still as beautiful as the day you hopped into my lap at that café when you arrived for our meeting.” He said with a smile. “Every laugh line, every age spot and gray hair, they all add up to show what a remarkable life we’ve had. I am going to miss waking up in your arms but I know I won’t wait long because you’ve never been able to keep your hands off me.” He cracked the joke with a smirk on his face and made her smile.

She had then stayed at his bedside and held his hand as he left this world and began a new journey ahead of her; but she would catch up because her time was now up. She didn’t ever see any sort of divination as useful; but this time she saw her future and it was no longer here. Tonight she would walk the path Draco had cleared before her and join her love as she slept.

She gave her family gathered around as much of herself as she could today so they would know she loved each of them so much. She had told Fleur and they had said their goodbyes because they both knew her time was up. But she was so very happy that she would soon hold her mate in her arms again.



Hermione put on her prettiest dress and she did her hair up in a pretty French braid. She then walked over to her bed and lay down on the cover and closed her eyes and awaited her fate.

When she next opened her eyes she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She pinched herself even to make sure it wasn’t a dream. There standing six feet away was her mate; but it was him at the age they were when they marked each other. He was so beautiful that tears fell from her eyes as she ran and threw herself into his strong arms and kissed his amazing lips that she had been missing for so very long.

“You’re beautiful, love. I’ve been missing you so much for so long.” She said tearfully.

“I was never gone ‘Mione. I’ve been with you every day you just couldn’t see me.”

They walked away as Draco led her into their future; hand in hand.



AN2: I just want to thank all of you for the reviews; I can’t tell you how much it means to receive them. There were enough that I wasn’t always able to answer every one of them but believe me I read every last one and I will continue to check the reviews and answer them even though the story is over!

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