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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Pained Faces
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 Hermione held Ginny back as she tried to run to Harry, but Hermione knew that they should stay where they were, and that Madam Pomfrey shouldn't be interrupted. Ron sank to the ground as Harry's scream died out, shock was the only expression on his freckled face. Molly started to lead her children away from the Hospital Wing, but knew that she could not move Hermione, Ginny, or Ron away, so she left them alone, shooing the rest of her family out. 


Harry breathed deeply as he stopped his scream, and looked up to see Madam Pomfrey leaning over him, examining his bruise. Harry looked at her with wide eyes, and felt fear as he realized the Weasley and probably others knew what was on his chest, and maybe how. He knew Hagrid might tell, and he could of kicked himself for not asking Hagrid at dinner not to reveal his secret. Harry's thoughts were interrupted as Madam Pomfrey's hand accidently brushed along his bruise, and he let out another scream as the pain submerged him.


Poppy worked over Harry, and in all her years she could always find out what the problem was, but this time she could not tell what was wrong with her patient. She knew it was magic, and dark, but did not know what caused it. Poppy reached her hand over Harry to grab her wand, when her hand brushed over her patients wound, and he let out another terrifying scream. Poppy soothed Harry's hair and muttered an apology in his ear, then continued with her work. As she scanned over Harry, she found a rib was broken, he broke his left leg in many places, and fractured his right shoulder. 

"Accio Skegrow." Poppy murmured. 

A bottle with a skeleton on it flew towards her and she caught it, then hurriedly poured it down Harry's throat. He choked slightly, but recovered and swallowed. She then next moved down his body whispering Healing Charms, feeling Harry's body relax slightly as she finished. As she finally finished with her patient, Poppy stopped for a second and asked herself if she knew anything else she could do. She decided it was best not to do anything else, mostly because she did not know or recognize the curse that had hit Harry.


Harry watched as Madam Pomfrey stopped and considered something, and stayed quiet. He knew better than to interrupt her while she thought over a patient. Finally she unfroze and proceeded over to the Weasley's and Hermione. Harry laid his head back down and felt as the Skegrow she had given him finally act inside him. Harry winced as his rib tried to repair itself, and felt as it hit his bruise inside. The pain was worse than ever before. Harry thought his first scream was terrifying, but it compared nothing to the scream that coming from him now. Harry fainted as the pain took him over.


Ginny paced as she heard Madam Pomfrey work over Harry, anxious to hear what cause him so much pain. Ginny heard the curtain pull and looked up at the face of Madam Pomfrey. She looked tired, but calm. Molly and Arthur hurried over as she, Ron, and Hermione rushed up to her.

"Well, I wish I had better new's for you. I cannot tell you what has happened to Mr. Potter's chest, I don't even know myself. I do know that he has a broken rib, many brakes in his left leg, and his right shoulder is fractured. I gave him some Skegrow and put a few Healing Charms on him, but those only work for so long. I'll have to keep him here for a few days and try to figure out what I can do with this chest injury while the others injuries heal." Poppy explained.

Ginny saw out of the corner of her eye Hermione and Ron share a worried look, and knew the same look was on her face as well. But it faded away as tears started to flow down her face. She flinched slightly as Molly and Arthur put a hand on her shoulder, and drew her into a embrace. Ginny then sobbed as she lost control of her emotions. Hermione sat down as Ron followed, and took her hand and gently rubbed the back of it. She smiled down at there hands intertwined, and looked up at Ron.

"Don't worry," He told her as he saw the worried look on her face return, "Everything will be okay."

Hermione stared into his blue eyes, and knew to trust him. But she couldn't help but feel some worry in her back of her head.

"Do you think he-" Hermione started, but was drowned out by a horrific scream.

Ron and Hermione flinched at the horrible sound, but Ginny, Arthur, and Molly froze as their eyes widened, terrified of what they just heard. Madam Pomfrey hurried over to where Harry laid and closed the curtain again. Ron and Hermione jumped out of there seats and rushed over to Harry. As they broke through the curtains, they froze. Harry had his eyes closed (In pain, or simply knocked out? Hermione thought.) and, if possible, paler than before. Hermione turned around as she heard the curtain move, and saw the worried, and tear stained face of Ginny. She turned pale as she saw Harry and rushed over to him. She sat down in the seat next to him, and took his hand, feeling his body relax and her nerves calm slightly.

"Good work, Miss Weasley," Madam Pomfrey told her, "I've been trying to keep him completely relaxed, but nothing worked. Could you stay here as I look over him?"

Ginny nodded her head and wiped a tear that escaped her eye. She tightened the grip she had on his hand, and lowered her head onto to bed, next to his. Molly and Arthur approached Harry cautiously, anxious to see what happened to him. As they saw him, they tried to hide their expressions from their children, and walked over towards Hermione and Ron.

"Is he okay?" Mrs. Weasley asked Poppy.

"I honestly don't know. I think that his bruise might be inside too, and that his rib moved against it. The pain of it has knocked him out, but he should be awake soon." Poppy told her.

"I wish he would of told us what happened to him before this happened. I don't know what could scare him so badly." Hermione whispered.

"I don't know M'ione, there are alot of things Voldemort could of done to him." Ron told her, shuddering as images popped into his mind.


Images of the battle flashed in Harry's head, taunting him as bodies fell to the ground. The scene changed, and Harry was in a forest clearing. The evil and white, Lord Voldemort, stood before him, playing with the Elder wand in his hand. His body filled with horror as he recognized the scene. But it kept his ground, knowing it was the only way for the Horcrux inside him to be destroyed.

"I don't want inside me anymore, destroy it." Harry whispered to himself as Voldemort raised his wand.

Harry could feel the fear bubbling up inside him, and thought of the happiest thing he could think of. Ginny. Her image filled his mind and set him at ease, he was ready to take the curse.


Ginny and Hermione sat next to Harry, as the other Weasley's went to bed. The two couldn't sleep, and decided to watch over Harry for the night. Ginny and Hermione would glance at each other every so often when Harry murmured in his sleep, then went back to their own thoughts.

At around 2 o'clock Ginny had finally fallen asleep, her head resting close to Harry's. Hermione was close to sleep, and could feel her eyelid's drooping. Hermione had finally given up the battle and shut her eyes. As she started to fall to sleep, a voice awoke her.

"I don't want it inside me anymore, destroy it." Harry whispered in his sleep.

Hermione snapped her eyes open, and saw Ginny had done the same. A look of confusion was on both of their faces, but Hermione was questioning the information she just received. What would be inside Harry that he wanted destroyed? What would scare Harry senseless to have in him?  Hermione thought. A look of horror etched across Hermione's face as a gasp came out. She finally had figured out Harry's terrifying secret.



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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Four: Pained Faces


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