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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 6 : Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.
Also, The names for the Slytherin team and part of the Gryffindor team is completely fictional, and if you heard them anywhere it is just a coincidence.

Albus opened his eyes and sat up. He looked out the window next to his bed and sighed. It was a beautiful day, with a bright blue sky and green grass. It was perfect for Quidditch, and today just happened to be the first match of the season- Slytherin vs. Gryffindor. May the best team win.

Albus knew how much this day meant to James, who was playing chaser, and this was his own first match. Albus quickly got dressed and woke Mike and Luke. After that the three of them went down to the Gryffindor common room. It was surprisingly full, considering it was a Saturday. Everyone else must be excited about the match too, Albus figured.

Albus scanned the room for James, wanting to talk to him before the match. Naturally, he was standing in the middle of a huge crowd, along with the rest of the team. But when James saw Albus, he beckoned him over.

“Hi James. Nervous?”

"No.” James said, but Albus could tell that he was. He couldn't hide anything from Albus.

“C'mon James, I know you are. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Seriously Albus, I am not as nervous as you think. Anyways, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we are going to win!”

Albus rolled his eyes. “Isn't 'just having fun' what matters most? It isn't about who wins.”

James looked at Albus in the eye. “Didn't you learn anything since you got here? If McGonagall heard you say that she would probably explode. It's all about winning to her.”

“What is with it with boys and Quidditch? It is just a sport. I am sure if Gryffindor tried it's best, even if Slytherin did win, the Professors wouldn't get mad.”

James looked at Rose like she was insane. “Rose. Rose. Rose. You, my cousin, have a lot to learn yet about this place. I am going to owl Uncle Ron and tell him to tell you more about Hogwarts. How could he not have told you?” And with that, James walked away.

“On the bright side, I think he was joking.” Albus said to Rose.

“I am not so sure. But if he did tell dad, I would just get mum to stop him. C'mon, lets go eat breakfast.”

Albus, Rose, Mike and Luke filed in with the rest of the school to the Quidditch field. Then they sat down with the rest of the Gryffindors and waited for the match to begin. The commentator was James best friend, Zack, with Professor Patil supervising.

“And here comes our teams!” Zack started. “For Gryffindor, we have... Ann Wood, Fred Weasley, Victorie Weasley, Cedric Weasley, James Potter, Molly Weasley aaand Will Cooper! What a team we have here for Gryffindor!!” The Gryffindors and the others who were supporting them cheered, while the rest booed.

“And for Slytherin! We have Walt Conner, Daphne Jones , Alex Howard, Nicholas Price, Jane Smith.” Mike nugded Albus and said, “That is my sister, Jane. I didn't know she was on the Slytherin team.” Albus looked closely at Jane. They seemed to have they same hair color, but since she was flying, Albus wasn't sure. “Gabe Long aaand Ashley Blau!!” They were more boos than cheers, (most of the houses where rooting for Gryffindor.) But they way the Slytherins cheered, it made up for it.

The coach, Madam Hooch flew to the middle of the pitch and called. “Captains! Shake hands!”

Walt, who looked big and mean, almost crushed Ann's hand (Which was about half the size as his) But she looked him in the eye and stood up tall nevertheless. “That is why she is a good captain.” Albus heard someone say to his friend.

“Okay players! Ready, Set, Fly!” Madam Hooch threw the quaffle up in the air, and released the Buldgers and the Snitch.

Zack continued. “And Cedric takes the Quaffle! He flies to the goal, He is going to score... No! And Long takes the Quaffle. He shoots and...” Zack groaned along with most of the students. “Slytherin scores! Thats 0-10 Slytherin.”

The Slytherins cheered. Loudly. Very loudly in Albus's opinoin. Just one goal and they think they won. Albus thought.

“And Smith takes the Quaffle! She passes it to Price, he droppes it, and Potter grabs it! He shoots... Ouch, I think he got hit by the buldger.”

Albus looked frantically around for James. Once he saw him, he caught his breath. James seemed to almost fall of his broom, and right next to him was the buldger, now zooming away. Wait a min... Albus thought. I don't think James got hit....

James had dodged the dangerous ball, but lost his balance. Luckily he regained it and sat back up again.

“No! He dodged the buldger! What broom does he have?” Albus knew, of course. His dad sent it last week. It was a Firebolt 5000. On James and his dad's favorite magazine, Quidditch Weekly, it was voted the third fastest broom in Britain . James told him to keep it a secret though, till the end of the match.

“Is that the Firebolt? 5000? James winked at Zack as he flew by him. “JAMES! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?” Zack shouted. “ Zack Warren! This is not the common room! Get back to commenting!” Professor Patil scolded him.

“Alright, alright. And James races to the goal on that amazing broom, he shoots, aaand, he SCORES! 10 points to Gryffindor!”

After a few more minutes, Gryffindor scored three more goals and Ann Wood, the Keeper- just as her dad had been- blocked five goals. Gryffindor was in the lead! But the Slytherins started playing with all their strength, not to mention playing dirtier. They quickly gained points, and soon they were neck to neck with points. Both teams were wearing down.

“Blau spots the Snitch!” Zack said. Albus saw Cooper shoot toward the ground after her. But something told him that she was faking. He could tell by the way she was flying. She looked tense, like she was going to pull out any second. Plus, she kept on looking back at Will. Sure enough, when Cooper was close to her, she pulled out of her dive, which sent Cooper flying to the ground. He recovered quickly though.

“Blau! You think you can just...” Zack started, but was quickly silenced by Professor Patil.
“Sorry Professor”

A few more minuets passed by, with both teams struggling over the Quaffle, and not making any goals.

“ Look! It seems that Cooper spoted the snitch! Or is he faking like Blau?” Blau seemed to think so too, because she hesitated a few seconds, which was her mistake.

“Cooper caught the snitch!!! Thats end the game! Gryffindor with 250 points, and Slytherin with 110! Gryffindor wins!”

3/4 of the stadium cheered. Gryffindor the loudest. The Gryffindors carried their team on their shoulders all the way to the common room.


Half an hour later, the party was in full swing. James and his friend Zack took pastries and sweets from the kitchen, all that they could carry, with arms and wands. Teddy, who came by to watch the match, went to Hogsmead and bought dozens of bottles of butterbeer. Being the first party he went to at Hogwarts, Albus couldn't believe his eyes, and was afraid they would get into deep trouble.

“Aren't you guys afraid of Professor Patil? I bet if you guys were slightly louder, she could hear it from her room!” Albus asked James.

“Heck no! She wouldn't stop us until it was past midnight!”

Albus wasn't so sure.

“C'mon Al! Chillax! Have a butterbeer! Chocolate Frog!” James said. Then he whispered, “But don't eat the cream cakes. Unless if you want to start chirping like a canary!”

Albus nodded, took a frog, and sat down next to Luke. Rose was reading. Seriously? How could she? And Mike was near the snacks, guzzling handfuls of sweets. Suddenly, a loud chirping noise erupted from Frank's mouth. He looked around wildly, cream cake still in his hand. His friends around him one by one started too, until the whole room was filled with it. When it quieted down, it was all silent.

“What?” Frank asked, his face as red as a cherry.

As if on cue, every one started laughing. Even Rose manged a smile. James shouted above the rest.

“Canary Creams!! Only available at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! Mention my name, James, and get 15% off!”

Everyone cheered. Then the door opened and everyone quieted down when they saw who it was.

“Unacceptable! Do you know what time it is? 1:00 am! I know winning a match against Slytherin is a big deal for you guys, but really, You have classes tomorrow!” Professor Patil looked at everyone in turn.


Everyone turned their heads toward the sound. Mike. He had nibbled a small bite of the canary cream, and was chirping uncontrollably.

Everyone laughed, if possible, even more. Professor Patil couldn't even stifle it.

“B-bed, no-ow!” she managed. Everyone settled down and walked back to their dorms. Albus swore that when the door closed, he could hear Professor Patil laugh.

Soo? Whadaya think? Writing a Quididtch match was harder than I thought!
Many thanks to my wonderful beta, Wonderful Fantasy !

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