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The letter by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 4 : The sorting
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Stepping off the boat we all followed Hagrid up to the castle where he knocked on the big brass doors. Not a moment later they were opened by a kind looking witch who smiled at Hagrid before leading us into a small room just off from the entrance.

*“Hello there first years, I'm Professor Sprout and welcome to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The start of year feast will take place in a few moments but before this you will all be sorted-" Sorted, I couldn't wait to find out where I would be, I hoped my dad would be happy. "-Any questions?” The kind witch asked as she looked around at us all and when nobody moved she clapped her hands together. “Jolly good, well I will be back in a moment to take you all in, if you just wait here quietly.” With that she walked out of the door and shut it behind her. I turned to face Al and Scorpious and I couldn't stop the smile that spread over my lips, I was so excited.

“This is it,” I said and Al just rolled his eyes at my excitement, I had been like this since James had gone and I realised I only had a year left until I could go. Scorpious, to my surprise, laughed at my enthusiasm and looked around the little room, his eyes huge. I looked around at my fellow first years and heard a few whispers about what the sorting ceremony was. This made me smile and I was so thankful that my dad had told me otherwise I probably would have been scared too. The door opened again and Professor sprout walked back in and gathered us up into lines of two. I was next to Albus and Scorpious ended up next to the girl without a name behind us. Walking into the hall was something else entirely. I thought I had seen it all but this blew my breath away, the ceiling, the candles and the atmosphere; it was electric. I couldn't stop the smile as we walked in between all the tables and I looked around but couldn't see any of my cousins but I spotted Professor Longbottom at the staff table. Professor Sprout then placed an old, frayed hat onto a stool that looked just as old and I knew this was it, sorting time. I could feel everyone facing the hat, waiting, anticipating and then it opened its mouth and began to sing. As it started to sing I couldn't help but be amazed by the whole thing, a hat was singing and it was going to sort me into a house! Everyone started to clap and I joined in but it was cut short as Professor Sprout opened a roll of parchment and started to speak.

*“When I say you name please come up, sit on the stool and place the hat on your head. Arnott, Kurt,” and I watched as a small boy with black hair made his way up to the hat. I had never been more thankful to be a Weasley, at least I wouldn't be first. The boy sat there for a few minutes, his face going paler and paler and then suddenly the hat opened it's mouth.

“RAVENCLAW,” and just like that all the colour returned to the boys face as he scrambled over to the table on the middle left that had just erupted into applause.

“Bones, Erica!” A girl with blonde hair walked up and this time the hat was barely on her head for a minute before it announced her house.

“HUFFLEPUFF” and the girl walked over to the table on the middle right, a broad smile on her face. I had a feeling she had wanted that house. The list continued as Hoeppne, Eve became the first Slytherin and Judah, Clinton became the first Gryffindor. Then suddenly Professor Sprout called out

“Malfoy, Scorpious” and I heard a few mutters around the hall and Scorpious' face went white. I didn't quite understand but I would have to wait until later to ask him.

“Slytherin for sure, just like me” I heard someone mutter to my right as Scorpious walked towards the hat and when I looked for who it was I saw the girl who had got the boat with us sneering up at him. I just ignored her and watched as the hat slid over Scorpious' eyes. He was up there for a while, and I was starting to worry but then the hat called out

“RAVENCLAW” and for some reason I found myself realising a breathe I hadn't even known I was holding. His smile was huge as he walked over to the now clapping table and I looked at the girl who now had a small frown on her face, I was now really confused. A few more people were sorted and then suddenly

“Potter, Albus” was called and again, muttering followed around the room before everyone fell silent. The only difference was I wasn't confused by this muttering, apparently it had happened when James was sorted and it was because there dad, Harry Potter was famous. My mum told me that he had saved the world by getting rid of an evil wizard and that my mum and dad had helped him do it. My eyes followed Al as he walked towards the hat and I found myself cheering with who I could only presume was James when the hat shouted out

“GRYFFINDOR!” As the group of first years started to thin I decided that I didn't want to be a Weasley any more, I wanted to be sorted already. As Professor Sprout called out Michael Radson I cast a glance at the girl with the black hair, it was just us too left. Once Michael was sorted into Hufflepuff I heard Professor Sprout call my name and I walked up to the sorting hat, I hoped I looked braver then I felt. As I placed the hat on my head I almost threw it off as it started talking inside my head, my dad hadn't mentioned that!

“Another Weasley, well I don't quite see you as a Hufflepuff, or a Slytherin so where should I put you? You've got brains girl, Ravenclaw would suit you well but I also detect a hint of bravery in you so perhaps Gryffindor would be better, a tricky one. Hmm, yes I know what to do. You'll do well in GRYFFINDOR!” I smiled as I took the hat off and walked over to the Gryffindor table where I took a seat next to Albus and spotted Dominique, Fred II and James sitting further up the table. I quickly turned back to the sorting, I didn't want to miss this girl getting sorted.

“Zabani, Jessie” was called and the girl walked confidently up to the hat and placed it on her head, she really did think she was a Slytherin. Another minute passed and the hat was still silent, maybe she wasn't as Slytherin as she thought she was. I decided to look around for my other family members and quickly spotted Louis over at the Hufflepuff table and when he saw me he smiled and waved. I looked over to the Ravenclaw table and found Molly II but she wasn't looking at me but I did manage to catch Scorpious' eye and waved at him. I really needed to ask him about his dad.

“RAVENCLAW!” The hat suddenly erupted and I could have sworn I saw the girl scowl before fixing a smile on her face and walking over to the Ravenclaw table. As Professor Sprout took the stool and hat away a small wizard stood up and smiled at the hall.

“Welcome and welcome back to all of you. I am Professor Flitwick and I am your headmaster and I hope you enjoy this year and before I give the announcements I welcome you to tuck in. Enjoy.” The small wizard told us and as he sat back down all the plates filled up and I couldn't stop smiling, I was finally here and nothing was taking me away.

A/N: Places marked with a * are from the following places:
*Paraphrased from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone by J.K. Rowling, page 142 and page 148.

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The letter: The sorting


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