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Back In Time by x_Mrs_x_Sirius_x_Black_x
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Chapter One
Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age, was summoned to Professor McGonagall’s office early in her final year at Hogwarts.
She walked their alone, Ron and Harry training to be Aurors and Ginny training the Quiditch team. ‘What does she want?’ she thought to herself as she walked in.
“Professor,” she greeted, with a smile “What can I do?”
The older woman, in turn, smiled back. Without talking, she pulled out a small hourglass on the end of a long, gold chain.
“The time-turner?”
“Yes, Miss Granger. You are to go back in time. There is something that needs to be done, by you, to prevent something from happening in the future. Well, their future, our past.”
Questions raced through her mind and she resembled a goldfish trying to ask one. Finally, she came to her senses. “Why me?”
“You will find out!” she thrust the Time-Turner into her hands “I’ve set the date already. Take this to Dumbledore,” she gave her a letter “Off you go.” She pushed her forward and she disappeared. Her last thought was of Ron.
End of Flashback.

“What the hell?” a male voice said, sounding rather confused.
“Who’s that?” another squeaked.
“Dunno. Fit, though.” A familiar voice said.
“Are looks the only thing you think about?” another familiar voice chuckled.
“Shut up, the lot of you. Look, she’s opening her eyes.” A female voice said as Hermione’s eyes fluttered open. She looked around, her hand to her head. She felt something sticky, warm and moist; she cursed.
“Language, missy,” one of the boys winked at her. His eyes moved to her hand “Ow… Evans, does she need to go to the hospital wing?”
‘Evans…’ Hermione thought ‘Why does that name sound so familiar?’
The girl walked over to Hermione and moved her hand away from her head. “Sorry.” She smiled apologetically, seeing her wince. She inspected where the blood was from. “Yes.” She decided, finally.
“What did she hit her head on?” the sandy haired boy, one of the ones who had sounded familiar, asked quizzically.
The other familiar one, he had dark her and a handsome face, sighed “Not now, Moony. We need to get this beautiful woman to Pomfrey.” He winked at Hermione, who was being helped up by ‘Evans’.
“Seriously, Black? You’re choosing to hit on her now? One, she’s got a head injury and two; she’s just fallen from the sky. Now is NOT the time.” She said, half a smile, half a scowl on her face.
“Right, right.” He chuckled, turning to Hermione “Come on then, stranger.” He said, smirking as he lifted her bridal style. He walked over to the Portrait Hole, followed by a boy with dark hair and glasses, the girl- she had auburn hair and excellent emerald eyes- and a plump boy with watery eyes and following the boy with sandy hair. Hermione slightly blushed and heard the girl mutter “Honestly.”

The four boys, the girl and Hermione walked to the Hospital Wing, the boys chatting merrily.
“You can put me down now.” Hermione said as they walked in, looking up at the guy, her eyebrows raised
The boy with the glasses fought back laughter at the look of bewilderment on his face. He obeyed, rather reluctantly, and lowered her down so she could walk over to one of the cots.
The girl followed and sat beside her “Paper?” she offered the Daily Prophet. She smiled and took it; she looked at the front page and gasped.
13th September 1965

((A. N. Hope you like it! Please review? Thank you!
Kate ^.^ x))

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Back In Time: Chapter 1


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