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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25: Christmas Break
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A/N: Woah, it feels really weird to be writing an authors note after so many months without doing so :S I am sorry guys :( I have been naugthy and neglected my fan fiction. To be honest, I lost the power to write, I forced myself to write a chapter but ended up dissatisfied and uncomfortable. So, I decided I was going to abandon my story.. But then, a few days ago (yesterday in fact.) I realised that I had no homework I'd just finished it all) and so I have been ecstatic all day and am willing to try again! I hope I can get back into the writing grove and start typing out chapters as fast as I was in the beginning. HOWEVER, I am in a busy year of school and may not be able to have consistent chapters, and I will be without a computer and internet for a week soon. So this will set me back, other than that.. Here is the long awaited Chapter 25. Read, enjoy and R/R and make me feel obligated to write!! ;) 

I only own the plot and my own characters. All other right go to the amazing J.K. Rowling. My story was beta'd by fellow Dramione writer anythingbutmuggle.







I was sort of relieved when everyone left for Christmas break.. I didn’t have any pretenses to hold. I could just sit in my common room reading and catching up with homework.. It was brilliant! Until I began thinking about my idiocy concerning Ron and Draco. I am a fool. Really, I am. I should have realised Ron would never leave Lavender for me.. They were inseparable in 6th year. The thing I still can not comprehend why Ron would do this.. Why he would sabotage me and Draco. Why? We were friends? Best friends? Why would he? I shake my head and try to think of better thoughts. When none come, I try to focus on my Arithmancy homework. I haven’t been social at all.. I seem to be the only Gryffindor spending Christmas at school, after the war, everyone wants to be with family. I don’t really care, it is better this way. I don’t need to go to the Great Hall. The new elf who gave me my coat when Draco and I.. were on a date.. Has become my friend and he brings me my dinner. Professor McGonagall has asked all the remaining students to have dinner in the great hall for Christmas Dinner. It is mandatory so I suppose I will have to surface, eventually. Grand.



I haven’t exactly been enjoying this break. Mother has sent me numerous letters demanding why I didn’t return for Christmas.. Like she can’t figure it out! Thank Merlin I am the only Slytherin staying over break. No numb skulls I need to make small talk with. I have been getting an elf to bring me food. So I have really only been leaving the common room to shower at the Prefects Bathroom… Speaking of.. I should probably have a shower today.. I think I hear tapping on my window, hah! It is another owl from Mother..



I didn’t really feel like leaving the common room.. But my personal hygiene was at an all time low and I couldn’t stand it. Even in my miserable, sorry state… So I had decided to go have a bath.. Today was going to be a Spa day! I had already finished every last piece of homework and read practically every book in my trunk.. And I was bored.. I had intended to go to the library after my bath to get some new reading material.. But of course.. The library is closed for Christmas Eve. That’s another reason I am going to shower.. I have to be presentable for tomorrow’s Christmas Dinner. So Today is the day I clean up my act.. Just like I promised Ginny. I grab a bundle of my necessary Toiletries and stroll to the Prefects Bathroom… I mutter the password and enter. I drop my pile of clothes in a corner and set about getting everything ready. The bath has every tap on and I sit back and wait for it to fill up.. within minutes, it is full to the brim and I undress and dive into the delightfully warm, soapy, bubbly water. I already feel more like myself…



I head to the Prefects bathroom and stroll in. I push the door open and freeze in embarrassment as I see someone is already in the pool. Naked. Great, I immediately realise it is Hermione and gasp. She turns around in shock and squeals, covering herself in soapy suds, shrinking into the water..


“Dra-Malfoy! Can you get out of here!” She shrieks shrilly.

“Sorry…” I mutter and turn around and head out the door. Jeez.. The first time I talk to her after we ended it, and it is this awkward.. Geez. I wait outside the door, alternating my weight from foot to foot.. After what seems ages, the door creaks open and a semi dressed, blushing Hermione comes out.

“All yours!” She mutters and leaves.

“Hermione wait.” I call. Mentally slapping myself for not thinking of anything to say as she turns around.. I look around on the floor and see a sock.. “You forgot your sock” I say awkwardly, picking it up and handing it to her.

“Oh” she says, is that disappointment I hear? Nah… I head into the room and slam the door behind me. Locking it.



Oh Gosh! How embarrassing! I never forget to lock the door.. How could I forget? Oh my gosh… I stand in front of my mirror and raise my wand, I magically dry my hair, which is now dry, but looks like a birds nest.. Hair 1, Hermione 1..  I groan and begin brushing out my mad tangles. Draco looked well.. But of course.. He always looks amazing… I wonder why he didn’t go home for Christmas.. I shake my head and pull out my Arithmancy text book, I might as well do something productive..


Christmas day comes around unbelievably quickly.. I open one eye and look around, at the end of my bed, a large pile of presents awaits me. I smile happily and pull myself up. For the first time these holidays, wishing I had someone to share my excitement with. I lifted the present that was on the top, smiling when I saw it was from my Parents. I carefully opened the wrapping paper, trying not to rip it, when I realised I could magically fix the paper later, I ripped it off and my eyes widened in amazement when I saw what it was.. It was a book on the Wizarding War! I laughed in amazement! There was already a book out documenting the War.. I smilingly put it aside.. It would be very interesting to read.. Especially because it looked like Rita Skeeter had had a hand in writing it… I took the next present off my pile, this one was from Harry.. I tore off the paper and laughed as I saw a collection of Quills and a lightly decorated blank notebook. With them was a note,



I heard from Ginny that you never bought those quills you needed.. I know how particular you are about your quills so I hope you like one of these.. I know you never have enough books, so here’s one more. I want to apologize about you and Draco breaking up, from what Ginny has told me about you two, you really liked him. I’m sorry that we interfered, it’s your life, I want you to know, from now on, I’ll support you in whatever you decide to do.

Hope you have had a nice break!



I smiled to myself and lifted up the next present.. This one was from Ginny. I read the card first.


‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope you are feeling better. If you aren’t and I find out you didn’t come home with me for no reason.. I will not be pleased… I hope your present fits.. Of course.. if it doesn’t you can fix it, Miss. Smartest Witch of her age!

Can’t wait to see you!

Xx Ginny!’


I grinned at her note but soon began to worry what thing she had bought me that mightn’t fit.. Ginny had decided that I ought to try harder on my appearance.. And I had received endless clothing articles from an ‘anonymous’ sender… I tore off the wrapping paper and blushed. Contained in the paper was a sinfully lovely dress in a ruby red colour.. I liked it but I did not think it would suit me, nor would I have a reason to wear it.. I pushed the dress into the depths of my trunk and returned to my pile.. The next one didn’t say who it was from but I recognized the handwriting as Ginny’s.. Maybe the dress was a joke… I tore off the paper and pulled out a lovely brown scarf. I searched for a card and when I found it all that was written was ‘Love, Ron’ I scowled and stuffed the scarf into my trunk too. How dare he! Couldn’t he take a hint? He was not forgiven and he could NOT buy me back. Scowling I lifted up the next gift and felt my mood lighten.. I tore off the paper and found a Weasley’s sweater. I grinned and pulled it on over my Pajama’s, I also had a selection of Mince pies and a long card from Molly saying how sorry she was that I wasn’t spending Christmas with them.. I sighed and tried not to feel guilty. I climbed back under my covers and began to read my new book…



I woke up earlier then usual and realised why.. I had a huge pile of presents at the end of my bed. After sorting through the gifts I stood up and dressed.. I didn’t really care for any of the gifts in particular, they were all meaningless.. I exited my common room and headed to the Kitchens, after being loaded with Pancakes and strawberries, I headed out to walk by the Lake..


I don’t know how long I was outside but when I glanced at my watch I saw it was nearly time for Christmas dinner so I headed back to the common room to get ready…


I entered into the Great Hall and was surprised by the small circular table that had replaced the four house tables and that was dwarfed in the vast space, I looked around as I made my way to the table and was surprised to see that Hermione and I were the only students who had stayed for the Holidays. The Teachers had anticipated this and I saw that the only vacant seat was next to her. Great.



I blushed involuntarily as Draco sat down and tried to avoid looking in his direction throughout the meal.. I failed this almost instantly when he sighed loudly. I span around to face him before remembering my resolution.. I turned to face the table again and began pulling at a loose thread in the tablecloth, startled as Professor McGonagall began to talk.

“Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you have all had a nice day, I trust that the holidays have given us all our much needed rest. Now, without further ado, let us, dig in!” She clapped her hands and delicious Christmas dishes appeared on the table before us. I felt my mouth begin to water as the scents of the various foods assaulted my nostrils. I began serving myself a plate, careful not to take too much, I knew from past experiences that eating too much at Hogwarts Christmas dinners NEVER ended well.


After my 3rd serve, I pushed my plate away from me on the table, fit to burst, and calmly took a sip of my butter beer. I felt a set of eyes on me and turned to see who it was, only to find myself staring into Draco’s eyes, I blushed and stood up from the table, murmuring about needing to walk off my dinner, I speedily exited the room and headed outside towards the Black lake. I breathed the cool, fresh air in with relief, my head clearing. It had already gotten dark and I felt myself shiver. I had forgotten my coat. I looked over the frozen lake, surrounded by the snow drifts. It really was a winter wonderland. I grinned and felt the childish urge to fall back into the virgin snow, and make a snow angel, which is exactly what I did. I laughed in mirth as I stood up and turned around to view my work, I brushed the snow off myself and shivered again, it really hadn’t been a very smart idea… I turned around again and jumped, Draco was right in front of me..


“I didn’t hear you come out..” I muttered, pressing my hand against my heart.

“The snow..” Her replied waving his hand around, he was right, the snow blocked out all noise.

“Oh..” I muttered intelligently.

“You look cold..” He smiled, pulling out his wand and casting a spell at me, I made to protest but as soon as it hit me. I felt heavenly warm, I was impermeable to the cold. “Thanks!” I grinned.

“No problem, just using magic..” I blushed and felt stupid, I could’ve done that myself, I even knew which spell he had used. I just hadn’t been thinking.

“I could’ve done it myself..” I said defensively, putting up my guard.

“Yes.. You could’ve but you didn’t..” He looked innocently back at me. I chewed on my lip, why was he suddenly being nice to me again? I had been horrible, I had cheated on him..

“Well. Thanks.” I said.

“Hermione…” He began..



“Yes?” She replied, looking cautiously at me.

“I’m sorry if I over reacted in your confession to kissing Ron..” I scratched my head, I didn’t know what to say.

“You didn’t… And you wouldn’t have had to be upset in the first place if I hadn’t kissed him..” She chewed her lip nervously and looked at me, returning my gaze.

“I.. I received a letter from Potter..”

“Harry owled you?” she asked in surprise, so she hadn’t known.

“Yes, he wanted me to give you another chance, he told me that Ron had manipulated you into kissing him.. That he’s still with Lavender..”

She closed her eyes and bit her lip.

“Is that true?” I asked her.

She nodded her head briskly.

“Then that means I played right into his trap..”

“I’m sorry I hurt you Draco.. I didn’t ever mean to do that..” She looked to the ground miserably and I felt my heart pounding, she was so beautiful, I couldn’t do this. And so, for the first time in my life, I listened to Harry Potter and gave Hermione Granger, another chance. I took two strides and closed the distance between us, putting my hand under Hermione’s chin, forcing her face up, and giving her a kiss.



Surprise consumed me as Draco’s lip came into contact with mine. I felt my jaw widen in shock and my mouth drop open, Draco broke apart and looked at me, looking for permission.. I blushed and looked at him, a small smile forming on my lips. I stood on my tiptoes and gave him a kiss, he smiled into the kiss and returned it with a passion. I went weak and leaned into him, feeling whole at last. After what seemed an age, he pulled away and looked at me seriously.


“Mmmm..” I murmured looking into his eyes.

“I have one condition.”

MY mind cleared and I managed to focus, “Name it.”

“We go public.. No more hiding, I want everyone to know.”

I felt my mind whir through this ‘condition.’ I was not in a position to say no to his condition. And who cared really.. I liked him, a lot! And Ginny and Harry had promised to stand by me, who else did I need if I had two of my best friends ready to accept this? I looked into his eyes and smiled. “Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” I asked grinning.

“Definitely.” He replied with a smirk.

“Then my answer…” I paused for dramatic effect.. “Is a yes of course!” I blushed and smiled happily at him. His answering smile blew me away and I took his hand in my own. “I do believe it is time for us to go in.” I said, still smiling.

“It is a little cool.” He replied, and together, hands locked, we went inside, and I knew that today, was the best Christmas I had ever had… so far.



A/N: Well there you go! They are back together :) I hope you enjoyed this chapter!! R/R and let me know what you thought :) Leave plot suggestions if you want and I'll be sure to consider them!!

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