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The Harder Struggle by Ericfmc
Chapter 10 : Lifebond
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“Ah,” said Ginny to Ron as he emerged for breakfast, “We were just telling Hermione what a wonderful picture you two take.” Ginny was grinning maliciously from ear to ear as were most her siblings. Hermione, though, was sitting at the breakfast table looking thoroughly embarrassed.

“Apparently a lot of people think so too,” continued Ginny. “There’s a picture of you two ah ‘communicating’ plastered across the front page of every wizarding newspaper in the world.”

“Don’t exaggerate Ginny!” retorted Hermione.

“Who’s exaggerating? If it’s in every paper we’ve seen it’s probably in all the rest too.”

Hermione winced.

“What are you talking about?” asked Ron. As he approached the table he saw copies of five different newspapers. On the front page of each was a large picture of he and Hermione kissing at yesterday’s press conference.

“Bleeding hell,” muttered Ron, “I thought they’d have Harry’s picture on the front page.”

“Nah, I’m yesterday’s news,” said Harry laughing. “You two are far more interesting.”

Ron went around the table and sat next to Hermione. He gave her a big hug and then a kiss. “Well I hope they described you as ‘stunningly pretty’ like the first time you got into the newspapers. Then we’d know they took Harry’s comments about accurate reporting seriously.”

“Oh my God, Hermione,” gagged Ginny, “what have you done with my brother. You’ve made him all soppy.”

“I think he’s cute,” smiled Hermione and she gave Ron a big kiss.

“So how did we get all these papers?” asked Ron, trying hard to ignore the byplay between Ginny and Hermione.

“We’ve been sent complimentary copies, including two from Europe. I suspect we’ll get more from further afield as the day wears on,” explained Percy.

“So what else is in the papers apart from our celebrity couple?” asked Harry.

“Oh you and Ginny get your fair share of attention too. You’re just lucky they don’t have a good photo of you two together yet,” teased Charlie. “They certainly want to remedy that though. There’s a bunch of photographers waiting just outside the wards. They even photographed us boring older Weasleys as we came in this morning.”

“ ’oose boring? Speak for yourself, Charlie,” protested Fleur. “Zere is even a story and a photo of me in Le Monde Magique – ze French Weasley.”

“And stunningly pretty too,” added Bill, with a wink and a smile.

“Naturellement,” replied Fleur with a slight hint of self-mockery. She gave her husband a lingering kiss. She’d show these teenagers how it was done, thought the 20 year old Fleur.

“You’re press conference is the lead story in every paper. Even the foreign papers devote pages to the war. The DA gets a good run too,” said Percy. “The Daily Prophet has a 10 page spread. They printed your press release and a transcript of the conference in full.”

Harry and Ron read the newspapers as they had breakfast. Hermione had a go at Le Monde Magique with a little help from Fleur. She found it harder and harder to concentrate though. She frequently looked up at Ron with increasing nervousness.

Finally Ron asked, “Where’s Mum and Dad?”

“Mum hasn’t got up yet,” said Ginny with a touch of concern. “George hasn’t either. I think Dad’s in the garage.” She smirked a little as she said this last.

Ron got up slowly. “I might see how he’s going,” he said trying to sound casual and failing miserably. His older siblings watched him with curiosity as he left. Hermione looked very tense, just like she did before exams, but only Harry and Fleur noticed.

Ron entered the garage to see his father staring at the pieces of an old turntable he had disassembled. He looked as if he hadn’t moved for a long time. Ron made a few noises so as not to startle him. “You OK Dad?” he asked.

“Oh, hi Ron. Yeah I’m fine. I’m just trying to remember how all these pieces go together.”

It was clear to Ron that his father had been crying but he wasn’t going to call him on it.

“I wanted to have a word, Dad, but I could come back later if you’d prefer.”

“No, no, now’s fine. What’s on your mind?” he motioned Ron to a chair and sat down himself.

Ron fought down his nerves. “Well it’s about me and Hermione.”

“I thought it might be.”

Ron found he couldn’t go on. His confidence, his certainty crashed to the floor. What he was about to ask was outrageous. Why should he be allowed this when none of his brothers had been, not even Bill. What justification did he have other than his own selfish desires, his teenage fantasies? Then he thought about Hermione, how nervous she had looked as he left the kitchen. She was depending on him. He thought about the commitment they had made to each other. The adventure of a life together that Hermione had talked about and he found his confidence and determination return.

Arthur watched his son struggle and smiled to himself. He thought of making it easier for him but if Ron was about to ask what he thought he was then he needed to demonstrate that he had the maturity necessary.

“You know I love her?”

“I’m not blind son,” Arthur chuckled.

“I love her so much. We want to start building a life together. We’re not ready to get married just yet, its’ just too soon, but that is where we both are heading.” He paused for some time before continuing. “We’ve been through so much together and now we finally are together, well we’re not going to stuff it up. We are committed to each other.”

Ron studied his father to see how was reacting but Arthur was giving nothing away. His nervousness was building again. He brushed it away.

“Dad, we want to develop our relationship at our own pace, in our own way. We sort of think it’s up to us when things happen between us.” It was now or never. Ron swallowed then added, “Dad, we want to share a room together.”

Arthur couldn’t resist. “Well you sort of have been for the last nine months.”

“Um, I mean without Harry.”

Arthur got serious. “Ron, no one could doubt the strength of the love between you and Hermione. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a joy to your Mother and I amidst the sadness. We’ve already discussed this and we are OK with you and Hermione sharing a room.”

“You have? You are?” said Ron, incredulous, relieved and happy.

“We do know what it’s like to be young and in love, you know. We also know that what you and Hermione have is the real thing.”

“It is!” said Ron emphatically.

“Your Mum and I also think you might have the life-bond, have had it for some time,” his father added.

“The life-bond, I thought that was something you only found in the romance novels that Ginny reads.”

“No, it is very real, very powerful, very precious. It’s not that common though. Your mother and I have it.”

“What exactly is a life-bond?”

“Why don’t you go and get Hermione, tell her the good news and then we can have a chat about all this.”

About ten minutes later Ron returned with Hermione. She looked happy but a little apprehensive. Arthur gave her a big hug.

“Hermione, I want you to know how much Molly and I love you. We couldn’t be happier that you and Ron have finally gotten together.”

“Thank you Mr Weasley.”

“I think it’s about time you started calling me ‘Arthur’, ‘Mr Weasley’ is too much of a mouthful,” said Arthur.

“Thanks Mr W…, Arthur.”

“I take it Ron’s brought you up to speed?”

Hermione nodded. “I’m a bit concerned about the life-bond. It sounds an awful lot like a love potion to me. I’d hate to think that what Ron and I feel for each other isn’t real.”

“Oh no Hermione, no, it isn’t like that at all. Don’t think that, it’s almost the complete opposite of a love potion. A love potion creates the illusion of love. A life-bond starts with the love. It is the love itself that creates the bond. And no ordinary love either. There has to be a really deep connection, a real concern for each other before a life-bond can form. It’s like that connection opens up a channel that allows the magic to flow between you.”

“So what exactly is a life-bond? What does it do?” asked Ron.

“Well it’s not like you become one person, or hear each other’s thoughts or anything. It does improve your ability to communicate and understand each other though. Basically it takes what you already have and enriches it. It makes it far more resilient. It gives you additional reserves of strength to overcome the difficulties that all relationships go through. It doesn’t take away those difficulties. It helps keep your love fresh. In the long run that is probably the greatest gift of all.”

“How do we know if we actually have this life-bond?” asked Hermione, still not sure how she felt about it.

“There’s a spell, Iugum aeternus revelio, that can be cast by a couple that have the bond. If the other couple have the bond themselves their joined hands will glow with a shade ranging from light pink to deep red depending on the maturity of the bond. Last time Molly and I looked, about ten years ago, our bond glowed cherry red. If you’d like to know, Molly and I can perform the spell for you.”

Hermione and Ron looked at each other. “Yes, we’d like that,” replied Ron.

“It’s usual to have a little ceremony, witnesses too. We could do it with the family or just Harry if you prefer. If the whole family is there it will lessen any difficulties or resentments with you two sharing a room,” said Arthur.

Hermione felt herself colouring at this reference. She and Ron held another silent conference. “The whole family,” announced Ron.

Arthur smiled. He didn’t need a spell to know that his son and the woman he loved had the life-bond.

“Good. Now we need to discuss some practical matters, like which room to put you in. More important, where are we going to put Harry? The answer better not be Ginny’s room, Molly and I aren’t ready for that.”

“Neither am I,” added Ron.

“Nor is Harry,” said Hermione, “but Mr Weasley, Arthur, he will be. He loves Ginny very much. That love helped sustain him during the last nine months. I think the same is true for Ginny.”

“We thought Harry could sleep in Bill and Charlie’s room. Charlie is staying at Shell Cottage. Hermione and I would use my room,” said Ron.

Arthur smiled to himself. Yes that could work. That could work very well. He’d have to sell it to Molly though. “Have you said anything to Harry yet?” he asked.

“Yeah, we spoke to Harry and Ginny last night. They’re both OK with the arrangement,” replied Ron.

“Good, well I think I should go check on Molly.” He gave them both a hug and walked back to the house.

When they were alone they turned to each other, huge grins from ear to ear. They started kissing with abandon. After about five minutes Ron surfaced for breath. “You know we might be more comfortable if we went to our room.”

Our room,” Hermione heard herself repeating. She felt her nervousness arising, but also her excitement. Almost skipping they returned to the house.



About an hour later Ron and Hermione heard a knock on their bedroom door.

“Who’s there,” asked Ron.

“It’s me,” said Harry. “You’re parents want to have a word with you.”

“OK Harry, we’ll be down in a few minutes,” replied Ron.

They were lying on top of the bed. They had spent as much time talking happily to each other about an imagined future as they had snogging. They both got up and straightened their clothes.

“How does my hair look?” asked Hermione, trying to straighten her hair with her hands. Ron gently moved a strand off her face and replied “beautiful.”

“I wasn’t fishing for a compliment, Ron,” laughed Hermione. “I need to know. We’re going to have to get a mirror in this room. We could put it just there,” she said teasingly pointing to the wall that held his Chudley Cannons posters.

“No way!” said Ron. “You can have that wall over there,” he said pointing to a narrow section of wall between the corner and the window.

“Hmph,” huffed Hermione. “It’s supposed to be our room. You have to learn to share.”

“But Hermione, some things are sacred. You can’t ask me to take down my Chudley Cannon posters.”

“I’m not asking you to do that, Ron. I just need some room for my stuff, OK?” she looked at him with a pained expression.

“Yeah, of course it’s OK. Come here.” He gave her a big hug. “Sorry, it’s going to take me a little while to get the hang of this. I’d burn every Chudley Cannon thing I had if it made you happy.”

“We could start with that orange blanket,” Hermione said with a wicked grin.

“Evil woman..” he said giving he an affectionate slap on the behind. “Come on we better go downstairs.”

When they got downstairs Molly and Fleur were in the kitchen preparing lunch, the rest were at the kitchen table, including George. In comparison to the light hearted banter of this morning, the mood was very sombre.

“Ah there you are,” said Arthur. “I’m afraid we’re discussing less happy things at the moment. We have to make a decision about funeral arrangements for Fred.”

Ron felt like he’d been slammed in the gut. Once again he felt guilty that he was experiencing so much happiness. He slumped down on any empty chair. Hermione sat next to him.

“We’re planning on holding the funeral in three days’ time on Friday afternoon with a wake at the Burrow to follow,” Bill informed them. “We’ve heard there’s to be a joint funeral for Tonks and Lupin on Thursday morning also.

“Neville has sent me a list of funerals of the DA members,” added Ginny. She was very upset. “Millicent Lewis has died of her wounds in St Mungo’s. That’s brings to five the number of DA members who died, six if you include Marietta. Neville wants to get to all their funerals, so do I. Unfortunately some clash so we’re going to split them up.” She paused and then looked directly at Ron and Hermione. “He also asks if at least one of the founders of the DA could be at each funeral. Could you two get to the ones Harry and I can’t get to?”

“Of course,” they both replied together.

“We’ll all be spending most of the rest of the week going to funerals. It will be a very hard week,” finished Arthur.

They all sat quietly together.

After a while Percy spoke. “’Next to a battle lost, the saddest thing is a battle won,’ It was what Wellington said after he’d beaten Napoleon at Waterloo.” Even wizards had heard of Waterloo and Napoleon.

“It’s so very true, so very true,” said Arthur.

Harry was beginning to breathe heavily, He was becoming very distressed.

“It’s not your fault, Harry,” said Hermione who had noticed his distress.

He looked up at Hermione. “Hermione, If only I – “

“No Harry! No,” said Hermione forcefully. “I was there with you every minute. There was nothing more you could have done. There is nothing more we could have done. It is not your fault. It has never been your fault. You have done more than anyone to end it. You are the last person who should feel any guilt for the deaths that have occurred. I won’t have you going to these funerals blaming yourself. I won’t. How many times do Ron and I have to tell you this?”

“OK big sister,” said Harry feeling a bit embarrassed.

George was looking surprised. “Harry, it never occurred to me that you could blame yourself for these deaths. I’m astonished. Harry, look at me. I don’t blame you for Fred’s death; no one around this table blames you. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Fred doesn’t blame you. Let me tell you how it was. When we got word that you three had turned up at Hogwarts Fred and I thought great, maybe we can end this tonight. Maybe the nightmare can end tonight. And that’s exactly what happened. We ended the nightmare. It’s like Neville said yesterday. If the DA hadn’t stood firm, if Fred and I and everyone else hadn’t stood firm we would have lost, Voldemort would still be out there and the nightmare would continue. Fred died so we could win and no one did more to help us win than you, Harry, closely followed by Ron and Hermione. You are not remotely responsible for these deaths; that’s all down to Voldemort and his followers. What you did gave Fred’s death, all these other deaths meaning. They didn’t die in vain.”

“Everyone here agrees with George,” Arthur said gently. “Harry anyone who is a position of responsibility, anyone whose decisions and choices affects other people’s lives has to take stock, has to ask themselves if they could have done it better. If they don’t they are not worthy of that position. You were thrust into a position of enormous responsibility that would crush most people. It is to your credit that you question how you handled that, ask if you could have done it better. But Harry, you have to accept that no matter what you did people were going to get hurt badly. You didn’t have options that didn’t end in people being killed, none. That is an almost unforgivable position to put a 17 year old in. Harry, you are not to blame for any of these deaths. You only had a choice of whether we won or we lost, not whether people would die.”

“And Harry, you probably did make mistakes over the last nine months, how could you not. You three were thrown into a task that was nearly impossible, without adequate information and with the most evil wizard of our time trying to hunt you down with the full forces of the ministry behind him. All you can ask of anyone, all you can ask of yourself is that you do the best you can and learn from your mistakes. You three did that in spades. I know I’m going on here Harry, but it is important you understand this. Otherwise the weight of it will crush you. If you don’t understand this you won’t be able to take on any positions of real responsibility in the future and, Harry, you have far too much to offer.”

Harry held up his hands. “OK, OK, I surrender!.....and actually thanks for that, all of you, it helps.

“All right everyone, that enough of all this heavy talk,” Molly interrupted. “It’s time for lunch. After lunch, well, your father and I have something special planned, something that should shine a little joy on the family.”

“What, Mum? I’m intrigued,” asked Ginny.

“You’ll just have to wait, Ginny,” replied Molly.

As Molly had planned, the mood during lunch lightened considerably as speculation around the table grew ever more bizarre and humorous. Even Ron and Hermione, who were fairly certain what was planned, joined in.

Towards the end of lunch an Owl flew in the back door and buzzed the table dropping a package right into the salad bowl. It grabbed a sandwich and flew out the front door in one continuous movement.

“Well manners, really!” said Molly. “Whoever trained that owl should be hit with a Jelly-Legs Curse.”

Charlie reached for the package. “I wonder what part of the world now has the privilege of watching my baby brother snog his girlfriend.” He opened the package to find a newspaper. “Ah yes, those lucky people in Sydney.” He displayed the front page of the Sydney Morning Soothsayer that did indeed show a picture of Ron and Hermione kissing.

“I like the angle on this one, it really shows Ron’s nose to best advantage,” quipped Ginny.

“Well, at least the title is an improvement, ‘Voldemort’s Victors Find Happiness’,” added Charlie

There were chuckles and smiles around the table.

“Well this might be an opportune time to introduce the special surprise that your Mother and I have planned,” started Arthur. “Most of you know that Molly and I have the life-bond. Do all of you know what that means?”

Harry shook his head. Arthur took the opportunity to go over what he had explained to Ron and Hermione earlier in the day, making sure everyone really understood what a life-bond meant.

“A life-bond is not very common and even then it usually only develops in people when their love has had the time to mature and develop, generally after a few years marriage and a number of significant events,” added Molly. “Sometimes though, when a relationship is subject to powerful events and is strengthened by them the life-bond can develop early. There is a test that can be done by a couple who have the life-bond that will show whether another couple also have it.”

“Your mother and I suspect that there are two other people in this room who also share the life-bond and they have agreed for us to perform that test today in front of all of you as witnesses,” continued Arthur. “The deep love of this couple has been on obvious display to all of us over the last two days. It has survived, been strengthened and possibly even been purified by enormous sacrifice. Rather fortuitously it has been celebrated today on the front cover of every wizarding newspaper in the world.”

“Wow,” said Ginny.

“Brilliant!” said George

Everyone else was too stunned to say anything. “If you would all come into the living room,” said Arthur, “we’ll conduct the ceremony.”

“Now Ron and Hermione, please stand in the centre of the room. If everyone else could stand in a circle around them,” instructed Arthur. He and Molly donned richly embroidered robes and conical hats. They draped sky blue capes over Ron and Hermione’s shoulders. Molly then conjured lit candles and floated one to each witness. Arthur then darkened the room, shutting the curtains with a swish of his wand.

“This is a significant step we are taking today,” began Arthur. “If a life-bond is revealed today then Ron and Hermione will know something about their future that few of us, especially those so young, can know, for it is very rare for those with a life-bond to separate. I would not have suggested this test unless I knew that Ron and Hermione had already made serious commitments to each other. I learnt of this this morning when Ron and Hermione asked me permission to share a room together here at the Burrow, something Molly and I have agreed to.” This caused raised eyebrows, looks of surprise even shock among some of the witnesses. Ron and Hermione were looking embarrassed at this revelation although they knew it could never have been kept a secret.

“Ron and Hermione, will you now entwine your four hands and hold them out in front of you. Molly and I will now say the incantation. A life-bond will reveal itself as a light pink to a full pink glow around the couple’s hands. A more mature life-bond maybe 10 or so years old would be bright red. For truly mature cases like Molly and I it is a full bodied dark red.”

Molly and Arthur held hands and then reached out together and touched Ron and Hermione’s hands with their wands. “Iugum aeternus revelio” they chanted together. Almost immediately a dazzling bright red glow emerged from the young couple’s joined hands, bathing everyone in the room in its warmth. “Merlin,” said Arthur. Molly’s eyes were wide open with shock. Everyone remained transfixed by the glow until, a few minutes later, it finally faded. Arthur opened the curtains and everyone blinked as light flooded the room.

“Well,” said Arthur recovering his equilibrium, “you have a strong and surprisingly mature life-bond. Congratulations! … Charlie where’s that fire whiskey you always seem able to conjure?”

Ron and Hermione looked at each other with huge smiles. The shock they had both experienced on seeing their life-bond confirmed was fading, replaced by a surging happiness. They leant in and gave each other a deep lingering kiss. Cheering and clapping filled the room led by Charlie and George.

Soon everyone had a glass of fire whiskey in their hands. “To Ron and Hermione!” they toasted.

“I need to sit down,” said Arthur. Soon everyone had found seats.

“I feel like I’ve just attended a wedding, a wedding I wasn’t expecting and wasn’t ready for. What just happened?” asked Charlie.

“Good question,” added Percy. “I thought you said we’d see a pink glow. What exactly are Ron and Hermione now? They’re not married but what are they?

“That is something that Ron and Hermione are going to have to work out themselves. They have Molly and my full support doing just that,” replied Arthur. “All I can tell you is it is something very beautiful, very special, but we didn’t really need the test to know that.”

Ron looked at Hermione then to the rest of his family. “If you’re confused, think of how Hermione and I feel. Neither us really even knew what a life-bond was until this morning. Now it seems we have the bond of an old married couple.”

“Ha, you’ve been arguing like an old married couple for years, so you shouldn’t be too surprised,” joked Ginny.

“You two must have had an extraordinarily strong connection even before puberty to explain what we just saw. The life-bond must have formed almost as soon as you were mature enough to be attracted to each other,” explained Molly. “I’m not sure what could have caused such a strong connection that early.”

“Let me think,” said Harry, “In first year Ron saved Hermione from a mountain troll in the girl’s bathroom. She had been hiding in their all day crying because she overheard Ron describe her as a ‘nightmare’. She wouldn’t have been crying if I or anyone else had called her a ‘nightmare’. Even back then it was only Ron. Later that year Hermione saved Ron from some Devil’s Snare, then she watched as Ron sacrificed himself on a giant chessboard for my sake. She got him to the hospital wing.”

“In second year, Ron, who has an abnormal fear of even small spiders, marched into a nest of giant man eating Acromantulas on the off chance we might learn something to protect Hermione who had already been petrified. Third year, Hermione chased a huge vicious black dog down a blind tunnel to the shrieking shack. The dog was big and powerful enough to be dragging Ron by his leg. She then faced off with someone she thought was a mass murderer and oh someone else she thought, correctly, was a werewolf. Do I need to say more. I’m not surprised in the least. They have always been massively important to each other since the day they first met on the Hogwarts express in first year.”

“Harry, you did all those thing too, not just Ron,” said Hermione.

“Yes Hermione, and there is a special bond between you and me, between all three of us, and I treasure it, but you were never attracted to me and vice versa. That’s the difference,” replied Harry.

“So how come it’s taken you too so long to get together if you had this powerful bond for so long. What has it been, three days since you got together?” asked Ginny somewhat tactlessly.

“Three weeks, since Malfoy Manor,” replied Hermione, “We probably would have got together a year ago if we didn’t know we had to go help Harry save the world. We knew we had to focus on that. It wouldn’t have been fair on Harry either.”

“After Malfoy Manor, even that didn’t seem important enough anymore,” added Ron.

“I don’t think the life-bond did you two any favours, forming so early,” said Molly. “You were both far too young to be able to handle it. You erected barriers between yourselves to protect from getting too close, from getting into areas that were just too powerful to control. I think that’s why you had all these famous fights. You were still always focusing on each other though, always there for each other when it was important.”

“OK,” said Ron “Can we talk about someone else now, this is getting a little embarrassing.”

“We could talk about Percy,” Ginny inserted quickly, She didn’t want to have a family discussion with her brothers about her and Harry, especially after they had just learnt of Ron and Hermione sharing a room.

George quickly retorted, “Percy? What girl would go out with …Oh my God, Percy you’re blushing. You do have a girl! What’s her name, you have to tell us.”

Every eye turned to Percy who indeed was blushing. His mouth was agape but no words were coming out.

“Come on Perce,” urged Charlie, “you can’t hold out on us.”

“I’ve really only just known her for a few months.”

“Details, Percy details,” demanded Ginny. “What’s her name, what does she do, do we know her, where did you meet, what does she look like, details Percy, now!”

Percy surrendered. “Her name is Audrey, she’s a trainee healer at St Mungo’s, I doubt you know her, we met at an office party she came to with someone else and … what was your last question Ginny? ..ah yes, what does she look like – perfect.”

“Oh my God, another one,” said Charlie

“’Perfect’ is a completely objective description, Charlie, she has the perfect classical proportions, jet black hair, perfect skin and moves with utter economy of movement. In a word – ‘perfect’”

“Oh you do have it bad,” remarked Charlie.

“She sounds very nice,” said Molly.

“When are we going to meet her,” asked Ginny.

“Well if it’s OK with the family, I was thinking of asking her to come to Fred’s funeral, to tell the truth, I think I might need her there.”

“Of course that’s all right, we’ll be pleased to meet her. I just wish it could be under better circumstances,” said Arthur

“This all getting a little exhausting,” said Charley, “anyone for a quick game of Quidditch?”



“They all think they know what we’ll be doing,” said Hermione

“Yeah,” replied Ron

They had come up to Ron’s bedroom just as soon as they could after dinner. Everyone tried hard not to smirk as they made their excuses. Now they were sitting on the edge of the bed looking into each other’s eyes.

“I’m nervous,”

“Yeah, we’ve only known each other for seven years; we’re practically strangers,” replied Ron trying to ease the charged atmosphere without much success.

Hermione gave him a weak smile.

Ron squeezed her hand with reassurance. “I’m nervous too, Hermione. It doesn’t matter what they think, we don’t have to do anything we’re not ready to do. That’s what we decided; it’s up to us what happens. That works both ways.”



“I want to make love.” She looked scared

“Oh,” said Ron feeling his excitement growing. “Are you sure?”

She simply nodded, trying to smile.

“I love you Hermione,” breathed Ron and they smashed together in a passionate embrace still sitting on the edge of the bed.

When they surfaced for air Ron asked “Um, how do we go about this?”

“I think we get into bed.”

“Shouldn’t we get undressed first,” replied Ron.

Hermione simply nodded looking all nervous again.

“Maybe we can undress one another. You can start. You can take off my shirt.”

With a wicked grin Hermione started to unbutton Ron’s shirt.

“That’s not fair!” she exclaimed. “You’re wearing a singlet.”

“Yes it is!” he replied. ”You’re wearing something under your shirt too.”

With playfulness, love and increasing excitement the two friends led each other through their fears. Tenderly but with growing passion Ron and Hermione made love for the first time.



Again, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks to those who have posted reviews. If you liked this chapter, hated it, disagreed or agreed with it please let me know. I would really appreciate your view. Thanks!



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