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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 12 : Teddy Lupin
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 Chapter Twelve

“Lily Luna Potter does not deserve friends” groaned Rebecca loudly as she sat down at the Gryffindor table for breakfast. I’d been down for about fifteen minutes with the boys and Melissa who wanted to avoid Lily as well “I’ve just completely had my head bitten off for asking her what’s wrong”. Rebecca made eye contact with me clearly hoping that I would give some established reason for why Lily was acting like such a cow these days but unfortunately for both of us I had no idea. Instead I kept quiet and continued eating my cereal as Hugo told Rebecca that it was most likely nothing and Lily would be back to normal in a couple of days

It had been a week since Lily had gone mad at the rock and we hadn’t spoken or even made eye contact once in that time. On one hand it felt very weird not speaking to Lily every day, I missed having a laugh with her and I missed our talks but I was so mad at her for the way she’d not just treated me but the way she treated Abi as well. Part of me wanted to tell the world that she and Malfoy were an item but I couldn’t deal with the drama of it all plus I’ve got a reputation for being quite nice and I didn’t want to ruin that.

Abi got over the Lily thing pretty quickly though I gather she was very annoyed when I was sulky about it for a few days. Things are going well for us though no stupid little drama’s, no tears and no jealousy plus she and Jack get on very well which is important to me and she’s become good friends with Rebecca and Melissa now. Five minutes later and Lily made her way into the hall and sat down next to Melissa who shot her a smile that was no returned; Melissa merely rolled her eyes and continued eating whilst Lily was clearly doing her best to ignore the fact that I was even their

“Alright Lil?” asked Hugo “Looking a bit down this morning love”. He got no reply from her but she did give him a brief smile before hastily finishing her breakfast and walking straight back out of the heal

“Moody cow” said Melissa “In fact; I’ve got a new rule for all of us”

“What?” we all replied in the same bored tone. Having known Melissa for six years now we all knew when her bossy side was about to rear its ugly head

“Well seen as though Lily is ignoring all of this” Melissa continued “I say that we don’t speak to her unless she comes to speak to one of us. If she’s making no effort I don’t see why we should”

“That all seems very third year” said Ben

“If that’s what it takes” said Melissa “Now does anybody have any objections” No one protested so Melissa banged her plate on the table and shouted “Motion carried”. Someone really needs to tell that girl she isn’t an actual judge

Not feeling that sure about the plan myself I left the great hall with everybody when the bell for first period went. One of the best things about being in sixth year was all the free periods you get and I, along with Rebecca, had been ordered to go to the Defence against the Dark Arts classroom to go and great the new teacher. The old teacher, Professor Carter, was about nine hundred and forty seven years old when he retired last summer and the post hadn’t managed to be filled before now

We’d had various supply teachers all year so far including one old lady who hadn’t actually mastered stupefy and who, I suspected, was actually a squib.

“Ah Rebecca and Oliver” said Professor Nev as we both reached the classroom a couple of minutes later than we were meant to “Glad you’ve arrived, I want you to meet Professor Lupin”. I looked up just to check that I hadn’t misheard the last name and sure enough their stood Teddy Lupin with a massive grin plastered on his face.


Not that I didn’t like Teddy of course I did, he’s probably the coolest person I’ve ever met and a real laugh as well but I won’t be able to take him seriously as a teacher. I’ve known the guy since I was eleven and though he was very talented at magic I just can’t imagine him dishing out homework and detentions. The first few years I knew him all he ever seemed to do was avoid homework at all costs and get in detention, a trait he seemed to have passed down into all the Potter/Weasley kids and those who associate closely with them (Rose, Molly and sometimes Albus being the exceptions)

Teddy and I made eye contact and began laughing whilst Nev sighed and looked as if he wanted to die there and then. Rebecca had gone scarlett red and was looking shyly at the floor, she fancied Teddy of course she did he was gorgeous. I’d fancy him if I was a girl or gay, in fact I think I actually fancy him a bit even though I’m straight.

“Just give him the tour” sighed Nev as he passed me the map and left the office with yet another sigh.

“So do I call your Professor or sir or master even if you prefer” I began, Teddy thumped me on the head and chuckled

“You will call Teddy and only Teddy” he said with a large grin plastered across his face. We began the tour, naturally, in the dungeons though I didn’t actually get why we were giving Teddy a tour of the school he only left four years ago

“Old place never changes does it” said Teddy as he, Rebecca and I climbed the staircases towards the Charms corridor “I don’t actually know why I’ve agreed to do this; I spent seven years doing my damn best to leave this place and now I’m back”

“I’m glad your back” I replied “As fun and rebellious as James was you were the ultimate prankster of Hogwarts. People still talk about the chemical spillage in the Slytherin common room”. Teddy burst into laughter and began telling the story once again, I’d heard this story so many times hell I was even their on the day but I could listen to again and again

Rebecca remained mainly quiet throughout the tour only piping up when Teddy asked if Moaning Myrtle was still about. Rebecca, it turned out, had a bit of a thing for all the Weasley/Potter boys even Louis and Freddie who were a year below us but she clearly held a special place in her heart for good old Hugo

“Aren’t you a bit worried Ted” I said as we arrived back at the classroom following the tour “I mean I burst into laughter, can you imagine how Al, Rose, Hugo and everyone else will react to you being their teacher”

“I expect they’ll all go red in the face” shrugged Teddy “And I’ll just give them detention; I think I’m going to enjoy this job”

I know, I know. This chapter was crappy filler but I had major writing block throughout. Hopefully I’ll buck my ideas up and the next chapter will have a bit more drama

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