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The Path of Two Souls by superhealer
Chapter 5 : Enter the Phoenix
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Harry Potter and his world is a creation of JK Rowling.

While Bill was busy cataloging and inventorying Harry’s vaults, Harry was keeping himself busy with the Ministry and getting things in order at Grimmauld Place. Kreacher had helped Harry tidy the place up and began removing all of the portraits and old broken or antiquated furniture. As soon as Harry became the legal owner of number twelve, all of the portraits that had remained firmly attached to the walls abruptly fell onto the floor. The house had finally recognized Harry as its true owner and allowed him total access to all of its secrets.

Kingsley was taking the opportunity of having Harry by his side. The Ministry was at a precarious spot and Kingsley needed some trustworthy advisors. For his part Harry had only asked to accompany the remaining Aurors on any raids they had for hiding deatheaters. Harry was busy up in the Ministers office late one night; he was helping Kingsley prepare a final draft of the updated rules and operating procedures for the new incoming Ministry employees. Just as Harry was making his final revision a haggard looking gentleman in black robes ran into the minister’s office and began speaking rapidly while trying to catch his breathe.

“Minister, come quick we have the Carrow’s. We are ready to attack but we need backup.” The man spat out breathlessly.

“Finally; are you up for this Harry” Kingsley asked to which Harry just nodded his head.

The Carrow twins had been instated at Hogwarts during Voldermort’s reign. They were vile deatheaters, who took pleasure in punishing the children of the school. Alecto and Amycus were both deatheaters during the first war, and when Voldermort returned they joined his ranks once again. Harry now knew that if it were not for professor Snape, the Carrow twins would likely have killed one if not more of the students. No one knows how many times he intervened with these murderous criminals. Harry ran after the Auror and steeled his mind for the forthcoming fight. Kingsley was right on his heels and they both had the furious looks of people that had been pushed over the edge. It was time to take back their world, no more hiding or fear, it was time to fight and regain their strength. As they rounded the corner they noticed John Dawlish the new head auror was briefing the team. When he noticed the Minister was accompanied by Harry, he rolled his eyes and rudely asked the minister

“What the hell is the kid here for; I don’t remember allowing untrained and uneducated wizards into the auror program”

“Be that as it may John, Harry is here as my personal assistant and quite capable of kicking your ass most days” Kingsley responded

John Dawlish let that slide; it seemed over the last few years he had lost a step or two. He had been confounded, jinxed, cursed, and basically treated as a punching bag by so many people that he was forced to rethink his whole career. Still he despised Harry and what John thought was a cocky attitude from the boy, even though Harry had never been disrespectful to the man directly. Harry caught some of this from the look John gave him but he deferred to Kingsley’s trust of the gentleman. After seeing his errors of judgments of Snape, Harry would always give trusted allies of his friends the benefit of the doubt.

“Alright this is the plan” Dawlish started “They have been tracked to an abandoned warehouse on the upper east end of London. They are attempting to blend in while making plans to leave the country. They do not have the money most of the families have, so it is taking them extra time to accomplish this. We have four teams of two aurors, and then we have the Minister, Harry, and me are going to apparate directly to the center of the warehouse as the other teams enter from each side. The Carrow’s are not bright but will fight us till the death; I don’t want that to happen. We want them alive and able to stand trial.” Dawlish finished by asking if anyone had any question’s and got no response.

The team apparated to the outskirts of the warehouse district, and walked a few blocks to the warehouse. They didn’t want to give themselves away by the ‘popping’ sound that was customary when apparating. The other teams went to the four sides of the building while Dawlish gave some last minute instructions to Kingsley and Harry.

“I know you want to play the hero here kid but you better keep your head down and stay the hell out of my way. This is grown up time now, and I don’t really have time to be babysitting”

He finished with that same look of disgust on his face and then counted to three and began to turn on the spot to disapparate. Harry and Kingsley followed his lead and both went straight for the middle of the warehouse.

As Harry tried to focus his eyes in the darkness he realized something had gone wrong. First of all the apparition felt wrong, it felt like he had wiggled his way into the warehouse. Apparition was supposed to feel like being drawn through a hose but this time he felt squashed and he was moving like a liquid through smaller and smaller spaces until he appeared in the center of the warehouse. Secondly he was by himself; it seemed that whatever went wrong with his apparition had kept Kingsley and Dawlish from showing up. He could hear the aurors outside trying to blow the doors on the warehouse to no avail.

Harry drew his wand and silently whispered “Lumos” but no sooner had he lit his wand that he heard “Expilliarmus” and a bright light flashed in his direction he didn’t have the time or reaction speed to put up a blocking spell. His wand flew from his hand as he heard another voice yell “Crucio” and the world blanked out and was replaced by overwhelming pain. The curse lasted for a long time as the Carrow twins approached him. They both held out their wands but the brother Amycus Carrow was the one who was casting the Crucio spell. Alecto held her wand up and lit Harry’s tortured face and immediately the pain stopped. Amycus had withdrawn the curse and Harry fell to the floor, his mind was trying to sort out the unbelievable pain it had just gone through.

“Oh Merlin, that’s bloody Harry Potter” cried Alecto to her brother. “WE HAVE POTTER, WE HAVE POTTER” Alecto continued to say as she danced around Harry’s broken body.

Amycus could hear people trying to get inside the warehouse and knew his trap had been set. The minister thought he was so smart but there was still faithful at the ministry, even within the auror division.

“I want to torture him for a while” Alecto said as she pointed her wand and all the hate from the past twenty years was directed through her Crucio spell at Harry.

The pain came back and Harry had retreated to a safe place in his head. He was scared, the pain was unbearable, and it felt like his mind would break. He could feel the internal struggle to fight the pain or just shut his mind down. He decided to fight the pain


Harry Screamed. The pain forcing him back into the recesses of his mind.

Amycus saw how much fun his sister was having so he decided to join in. “Crucio” he yelled and doubled the curse on Harry’s pain racked body.

Harry’s mind went completely gray at that point, Harry clearly heard Dumbledore say “it is time” and then a rattle of keys could be heard before it turned a lock somewhere.

Other people had joined in with the torture of Harry’s body. It seemed that there was many more death eaters staying in the abandoned warehouse with the Carrow’s and the pleasure with which they punished him was brutal.

Harry did not know he was dying. He was steadily walking towards a door that had opened in his subconscious. Dumbledore beckoned Harry toward him urgently.

“Harry, you must hurry. There is no time” Dumbledore stated very quickly

“Do not ask questions just remember what I tell you. This door has been locked for many years; no one knows your families secrets or what you are capable of. I implanted this memory in your subconscious many years ago and it would have only been activated if you were near a non-natural death. I hoped you would never need to go through this door, but now that you must, it is imperative that you learn to control it. Find me as soon as it’s safe and if I have already passed away then go to my libraries and find out your family secrets.” Dumbledore looked gravely to Harry; then he yelled one more time as he drug him though the open doorway.

“GO NOW before it’s too late”

Harry quickly came back into the front of his conscious mind, he could feel dark magic coursing through his body, but he also felt that he was not the originator. He remembered reading in one of his books in the Black library about the link between mind and magic. Harry basically shut his mind down to the curses; the deatheaters still had the ability to cut him and bind him but they could not torture him anymore.

“How is he standing up” Harry heard one of the hooded deatheaters question with fear in his voice.

Many things happened simultaneously. Harry's beautiful green eyes turned a glowing gray, then his arms stretched far out at his sides and a blinding light enshrouded his hands. Then Harry hands rushed forward as he yelled the word


and the spells being directed at him were rapidly strengthened and turned on the original caster. Wands were flying to Harry and this time it was the deatheaters that were screaming; all of the spells protecting the warehouse fell as the Aurors came rushing in. Kingsley and Dawlish appeared next to Harry and were quickly thrown well away from the fight. The screams from the dark wizards had slowly abated and Harry fell into a lump on the floor. The last thing Dawlish saw was Harry cast a blue protective aura over the Minister of Magic while a dark crimson spell flew at the group of aurors, and then he heard Harry say

“Your plan was betrayed by one of your own, “ETURU” PROTECT THE MINISTER, the betrayer has been marked”

Harry commanded without ever uttering a word to Dawlish or the Minister, even though both of them clearly heard him speak.
Kingsley stood with his wand raised; a bluish aura radiated and pulsated around him. As the minister and the head auror advanced on the remaining aurors they noticed the same dark crimson color spell that Harry had cast was surrounding the wand of one of the newer aurors.

“Leaky, Thomas Leaky get your bloody arse over here” Dawlish demanded.

Thomas Leaky was a very sly wizard. He had made a good living as a snatcher, he was not inherently evil but he did like stability, and money equaled stability in his eyes. His plan was to become an auror while he still had the chance. If Voldermort won then he would remain safe with the dark lord controlling the ministry and if Harry won, ‘well no one would be the wiser’ he had thought. When Alecto Carrow approached him a few days ago about setting this plan up he offered him a very nice sum of money, and sweetened the pot by pointing out he would be one of the last remaining aurors. Now as he saw that Kingsley and Dawlish had drawn their wands on him he knew he only had one choice, he would rather die than be sent to Azkaban. He raised his wand and pointed it at the Minister and was struck by nine different spells, effectively ending his life.

Kingsley turned and grabbed Harry and immediately disapparated to St. Mungo’s Wizards Hospital. Pandemonium does not even begin to describe the scene at St. Mungo’s, Harry was rushed to the surgery ward and it seemed the entire staff was working on him.

Kingsley quickly summoned the Weasley family and brought them to the room above the surgical suite. There was a viewing window that allowed them to watch the progress of the surgeons. Harry was badly cursed and he had lost so many liters of blood that they could not replenish them fast enough. He was cut to ribbons by the curses, one of the surgeons idly stated he could not find a bone that was not broken. The surgeon was doing everything in his power to save this boy’s life and the family up there viewing would just have to get over his off the cuff comments. None of the staff knew they were working on Harry Potter; all they knew was that the injured person was obviously important since the Minister brought him in.

Harry was blissfully unaware of his current situation. He had once again receded into himself, and was attempting to understand the differences he felt in his powers. He walked around in his subconscious and began to remember the things from his past; all of the dark magic had caused a disassociation of his reality from his memories but Harry was quickly piecing his life back together. What Harry was experiencing is the same thing that many people in comas have to deal with, or those that go insane from the amount of curses used on him. They are unable to link their memories with the present reality so they stay internalized forever. Unfortunately Harry was also on the brink of death as he was working feverishly to reconnect his mentality; it might be for nothing because it seemed the surgeons of St. Mungo’s were rapidly losing their fight.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED” Mrs. Weasley was screaming at Kingsley as she grabbed the front of his robes. She was sobbing hysterically and the grief and panic on the Weasley family’s faces were evident.

Dawlish the Auror stepped in right about then and addressed the minister.

“Sir, I have an initial report and yes it appears we might have been set up. There were sixteen deatheaters that were known fugitives at the warehouse. We were able to use the Priori Incantatem spell on some of the wands used at the warehouse, sir if Harry is still alive it will be a bloody miracle if he is able to function as a full wizard. One spell used on him was Cruentus Ignis, that nice little curse turns your blood into fire. Unfortunately that was one of the simpler ones used. I need to get this list to the chief surgeon.” Dawlish finished and turned to leave

“Wait, I want commendations for all of the aurors that took down the fugitives tonight” Kingsley stated to Dawlish

“No one cast a spell until Auror Leaky drew his wand on you. Harry took them all down without a wand.” Dawlish replied without turning his head to the minister, effectively leaving all in the viewing area speechless.

Several hours later Ron, Hermione, and Ginny stood at the window without saying a word to anyone. Each lost in their own thoughts. The rest of the family sat on the couches and quietly whispered among them about what to do.

“Why are they stopping” Ginny yelled horrified.

As everyone ran toward the window they noticed the surgeon check the wizard’s clock on the wall and tell something to the attendant with the quill and parchment. Hermione had read his lips as he spoke the words

“time of death ………………”

The rest was drowned out by the guttural screams that escaped the young witches’ mouth. Arthur had fallen to the floor and was hugging himself as he rocked back and forth,

“Not another one, I can’t lose another one”

he cried as the rest of the boys sat there shell shocked at what they were witnessing. The boy who had given their world freedom and hope was now dead.

Ginny was the only person remaining at the viewing window looking down at the boy she had loved for most of her life. She couldn’t accept that Harry was dead and her dreams were over, something felt wrong. Since she was the only person looking down into the room and the rest of the hospital staff had already exited, she was the only person to bear witness to the red phoenix that appeared on Harry chest.

It looked majestic as it sat there staring down into his face, it was crying its tears onto his chest desperately trying to mend his many wounds. The trauma had been too severe to heal and there was nothing else that could be done, or so Ginny thought. The phoenix turned and stared at Ginny and with a knowing look audibly squawked and burst into flames. Ginny gasped as Ron and Hermione joined her on either side, they all watched the phoenix take flight in its flaming form and abruptly turn towards Harry and dove at full speed right at Harry’s bare chest. Harry sat straight up and gasped the wonderful life affirming oxygen rich air of the surgical room.


her voice trailed as she ran from the viewing area towards the surgical room with the entire Weasley clan, Kingsley, and Hermione in tow.
A/N – Please review so I know how I am doing. Also I will explain in a later chapter what language Harry was speaking, but I will define the words.
Nabalkutu – to overturn or remove
Eturu - Save

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