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Unhinging The Mask That Is Lily Evans by No_oneKnows
Chapter 2 : Doughnutting Around
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Chapter 2: Doughnutting Around

So, the last place we left off would be at Sirius’ and my voyage to Hogwarts. We bought half of the Honeydukes Express trolley to ourselves, sending the old lady away in delight but despite having eaten all our sweets, we reached Hogsmeade station with our stomachs groaning like sick cats.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so hungry in my life,” I moaned, clutching my stomach tightly as we followed the dispersing crowd towards a line of carriages.

“Neither have I,” Sirius grumbled, his arm held across his wailing stomach. “I’m so hungry I can eat one of those non-existent horses over there.”

“Where do yeh two think yer goin’?” a loud voice thundered and I almost had a heart attack. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it 

“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sir, and may I just point out how amazingly large you are?” I ogled at him, eyes wide as the ten foot giant marched towards us.

He grinned and I half expected his teeth to be yellow and rotten, not perfectly normal.

“Yeh’d be firs’ years, wouldn’t yeh?” he asked. We nodded. “Firs’ years come down this way.”

Sirius and I looked at each other nervously before making our way to follow this overly friendly giant of a man. We walked down a shady path, getting more and more frightened with every passing second. He was going to eat us. I just knew it.

I sighed out of relief the moment we saw a cluster of other first years standing around the giant, gazing either fearfully or inquisitively at the fleet of boats that jutted against the bank. At least we won’t be first.

“Ge’ into groups of four,” the giant said loudly, smiling as though he didn’t notice the petrified looks people were giving him. “We’ll be paddlin’ our way to Hogwarts.” He grinned again. 

Sirius and I pushed past the stragglers and got ourselves into a boat, smirking at each other when we saw the familiarly detestable red hair of that devil-child in another boat, far away from where we were, her greasy mop head friend with her. We nodded at the blonde girl and her brunette friend who clambered into our boat.

“Marlene,” the blonde girl greeted us confidently, outstretching her hand to shake ours, “And this is Dorcas.” The brunette girl smiled shyly. “We’re friends.”

Sirius looked to me before he spoke, “Sirius, and this is James. We’re also friends.”

“Sirius Black?” the Dorcas girl asked, her head cocked and her eyes narrowing in masked suspicion.

Sirius raised an eyebrow and nodded, staring at Dorcas intensely as she stared back.

“You don’t think we really have to paddle all the way, do you?” Marlene asked, oblivious to the tension between the two as her eyes widened with curiosity. “They haven’t given us any oars. Do you think we’re going to have to use our hands? Do you think there are merpeople in there? What about a giant squid? I heard something about a giant squid on the train. I think it’s an awfully large lake, don’t you think? I think it is.”

Sirius and I stared at her instead, mouths hanging.  

“Mar, you’re doing it again,” Dorcas murmured to her, looking at us apologetically, though avoiding Sirius’ eye.

Marlene stopped form her incoherent mumbles. “Oh. Am I?” She looked at us two questioningly.

“If, by doing it again, you mean muttering yourself senseless? Then I suppose you are,” Sirius said, smiling as he lounged back on the edge of the boat as it left the bank itself and began on its peaceful glide across the lake.

Marlene and Dorcas looked to each other before giggling.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Giggles. Girls and giggles. Enough said.

The talking ceased as we ventured closer and closer to the magnificent castle that was Hogwarts; the orange lights beaming out of its many windows taking us in complete awe.


There was a loud rustle on the bed beside me and Sirius jerks upright suddenly, his face slightly orange from the barely rising sun.

“You really don’t shut up, do you Prongs?” he hisses, his usually perfect hair dishevelled. “It’s five o’clock in the morning.” 

I smirk at him. “Wormy here wanted to know more.”

Sirius stares at Peter, his mouth hanging open either with exhaustion or disbelief. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

“You’ve heard it a million times!” Yes, it was the latter.

Peter grins at him sheepishly before looking back at me with anticipation.

I look to Sirius questioningly. He shakes his head and sighs. “Go ahead,” he says in resignation, “I won’t be able to go back to sleep with your voice chattering away.”

“What about Moony?” I ask, taking a quick glance at Remus’ bed.

“Don’t even worry about me,” Remus groans, the covers sliding off of his bed. “I’m up too.” He begins to rub at his eyes and stops. “Actually, I’ve been up for the past half hour listening to you harping on about how Hagrid’ll eat you.”

“And how Marlene’s giggles and ‘incoherent mumbles’ were driving you borderline crazy,” Sirius throws his pillow at the end of his bed closest to mine and rests his head on it. “Now, continue on, will you? The sooner this is over, the better.”

Remus murmurs in agreement and I grin at Peter before continuing on.


By the time we reached the small landing by the foot of the castle, ours stomachs were practically roaring murder at us. They were yelling, “Feed us! Feed us!” but Sirius and I fought our way; we persevered. We were soldiers.

The giant stomped his way past the castle gates once all the boats had arrived around the stage and us first years followed after him hurriedly, afraid that a monster of the dark would pounce and cradle us away into the depths of its abysmal shadows.


“Enough with the theatrics!”

“But they add character to my story! They captivate the listener!" 

Sirius groans into his pillow.


Upon entering the cavernous entrance hall of the castle, there were some very audible ‘oooh’s and ‘ahhh’s. Beautifully magnificent would have been an understatement to describe the grandeur of Hogwarts. No words could ever describe how truly amazing it was to step foot in it for the first time.

The giant led us to the centre of the hall, where we bunched up together. This was the part where the even bigger giant comes running down the stairs yelling bloody murder. But, alas, I was wrong. A tall, stern looking witch wearing a large pointed hat came down the stairs instead, staring at us with harsh eyes. I grinned at her as she looked at me, my grin waning as she ignored me.

“I am Professor McGonagall, the deputy headmistress,” she announced loudly, “You will wait here until the Sorting Ceremony commences,” she said strictly, “I will be back to collect you shortly.”

I looked to Sirius, excitement written all across my face. Sirius grinned back, his eyes searching around the room with a twinkle. Suddenly, a loud bang sounded from the top of the stairs and out came zooming a white, solid-looking ghost with black hair, purple top and an orange bow tie, his bell-covered hat slightly lopsided.

“Ickle first years!” he exclaimed with barely contained excitement.

“He’s a poltergeist!” I heard Dorcas whisper to Marlene.

I smiled at the poltergeist, thinking him to be a butler of ghosts, merely welcoming us into the castle. He smirked back at me, before swooping terrifyingly fast through my slowly opening mouth and back out of my bottom.

The people around me laughed, stopping only with the re-emergence of Professor McGonagall, a glower visible on her face.

“Peeves!” she raised her voice, “Do I need to call for the Bloody Baron?”

Peeves – the poltergeist – blew a raspberry and carried on his way zooming through the walls and into another hall.

“Thank you, Professor,” I said to her; smiling graciously, “You really saved me.”

Sirius snorted through his nose, biting his bottom lip, as he turned away from me, unable to hide his highly amused grin.

The professor looked down at me, not a smile on her face.

“Follow me this way,” she said, addressing the rest of my form. I grimaced and unwillingly followed her, ignoring Sirius’ small sniggers. 

The breath was stuck in my throat as the double doors to the huge hall opened, displaying four long tables and floating candles scattered amongst the sky. The ceiling was non-existent as above us was the clear night sky. Down the hall was another long table, a throne-like seat in the middle, and sitting in that seat was the famous Albus Dumbledore. I almost jumped up in excitement.

Professor McGonagall led us down the hall in between two tables and told us to order ourselves in alphabetical order. I parted ways with Sirius and made my way to the back of the line, where a small, mousy boy with mousy brown hair stood in front of me, standing very mouse like and his shoes squeaking, like a mouse.


“That’s you Peter, by the way.”

“Thanks James, I wouldn’t have figured otherwise.” 


I watched silently as one by one, the first years sat down on a rickety stool and donned a feral old hat on their head. I grinned at Sirius as his name was called, an apparent grimace on his face. ‘Gryffindor’ I mouthed at him, giving him the thumbs up and he grinned back.

True enough, the next second “GRYFFINDOR!” was what the hat shouted. I beamed at him as he scrambled away to the table with the scarlet lion emblazoned on the flag above it. 

After almost a whole night of complete bliss where the devil-child had been completely pushed out of my thoughts, the professor called out in her stern, loud voice “Evans, Lily” and my senses jerked awake. This devil must have been a truly cunning one, if she was able to fool even the great Albus Dumbledore.

A loud groan escaped my lips as the hat screamed out “GRYFFINDOR!” She’s definitely after me. She’s definitely plotting my death, right at this moment, I thought.

I watched as the line slowly thinned, applauding as Marlene was sorted into Gryffindor and frowning in slight disappointment as Dorcas was sorted into Slytherin. Who would’ve thought that such an innocent, quiet girl would’ve been placed in Slytherin? 


Sirius snorts as he raises his head. “Innocent and quiet? Really, Prongs? This is the same Dorcas Meadowes we’re talking about, right?”

“Come on, Sirius, she’s not that bad for a Slytherin,” I tell him. “You only resent her because she’d rather snog your brother than you.” 

Sirius rolls his eyes, waving it away but frowns all the same as he collapses his head back onto his pillow. 


After a few more sortings and the final shout of “GRYFFINDOR” for the mousy boy in front of me, Professor McGonagall called out “Potter, James.”

I grinned and strode my way confidently up the steps. I sat my bottom down on the stool, hoping to Merlin it wouldn’t break one of its legs just to spite me. Thankful it didn’t, I was plunged into darkness, my fears of the hat smelling putrid relieved.

“James Potter, eh?” a loud, snide voice boomed in my ears. 

I would’ve grinned at it if I could.

“How do you do?” I asked it.

“Just as any other hat would do,” the hat seemed to be beaming. “Now, let’s take a look at that brain of yours, shall we?”

I felt the hat prod and poke at my brain, turning it in its non-existent hands.

“Courage, you’ve got lots of courage,” he told me.

“I know,” I thought and the hat burst out into snide laughter.

“I ought to put you in Slytherin for having such an attitude,” he told me gleefully. But my heart stopped. 

“NO! Anywhere but Slytherin!” I told him, fearing for the future of my magical education.

The hat laughed again. “Courage, daring, wit, good looks and a defiance for ambition? It better be… GRYFFINDOR!”

“It didn’t!” Peter gasps, his hand held up to his mouth, “It didn’t really say you were good looking, did it?”

I look to Sirius and Remus, and we all roll our eyes.

“It did, Wormy, and it also told me that you were a git and to not stand ten feet near you because you smelt funny. 

Peter’s face falls, downhearted.


I let Professor McGonagall pull the hat away from my head before running down from the stage, excitement twinkling in my eyes. I nodded at the Gryffindor welcome committee and carefully prodded the devil-girl away from Sirius, saving him from the contamination of evil. She frowned at me fiercely but I ignored her.

“Now starts a very good friendship,” I said to Sirius, grinning widely.

Sirius grinned back at me and opens his mouth to say something, closing it almost immediately as he caught the fierce gaze of a Slytherin girl with silvery blonde hair. Before anything further could be said, the name “Snape, Severus” reverberated around the hall.

We both fell silent and simpered at each other before looking to the Snivelly’s grease laden head.

“Slytherin!” the hat roared and I accidentally nudged the Lily-devil on the arm.

“Will you stop?” she snapped at me, her red hair flying about as though on the verge of attacking me.

“You should be over there with your slimy git-friend,” Sirius interjected, smirking at the devil. Let me tell you, he was one fearless son of a banshee.

She frowned fiercely at him and turned back away to face the stage, her arms tightly crossed against her chest.

After a couple more paused silences, the sorting came to an end. I beamed around the hall, beam waning as I noticed the tall giant monster sitting at a seat behind the staff table, but delightfully pleased regardless. Then, with a slight screech of the seat, the famous Albus Dumbledore rose impressively, a kind smile on his wrinkling face.

“Congratulations to our new students,” he announced loudly as he looked around to each house, “Now, without further ado,” my stomach rumbled thunderously and he looked to me, his eyes glimmering. Let it be food, let it be food, I thought fervently. “Let us recite our school song.”

I groaned in anguish before my ears twitched to the sound of raised voices, all singing the same tune, the same words…

* “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees-”


“Honestly, James, Peter. Stop singing,’ Sirius shakes his head and rises from his stomach.

“Only because you seem to despise any display of school spirit,” I grin at him, an eyebrow raised as he throws his pyjama top off and begins to pull on a crispy white school shirt.

“Only because you both sing like dying banshees,” Sirius grumbles, docking his pants. “Now, before you start on your story again, I’d like some breakfast.”

He sits back on the edge of his bed as he puts on his black pants, a hand combing through his hair and his eyes slightly glazed as he waits for us to dress. 

“Any time now,” he calls after a mere five seconds. “It’s not like I’ve been waiting for a half hour or anything.”

I grin as I come out of the bathroom, the yellow sun almost blinding me. My hair was infinitely more unkempt than before and my shirt was untucked. I slap a hand on his shoulder then lead him down the stairs and into the Gryffindor common room. 

“Good morning, sunshine!” I yell to Marlene as she waves and grins at me from the bottom of the stairs. My smile falters as I notice the familiarly detestable red hair of Lily Evans beside her.

“Morning, Sirius,” Marlene says, smiling widely at Sirius. Sirius forces a half-hearted grin back. “And you, James.” She nods at me and I nod back. “And you Remus, and you Peter!” The latter two say good morning enthusiastically.

“Are you heading down for breakfast?” I ask her, desperately trying to ignore Evans as I stare intently at Marlene.

She nods, her eyes flicking to Sirius continuously.

I smile uncomfortably, aware that Evans was watching me, a mean frown on her face. She pulls at Marlene’s elbow and Marlene seems to slap back into place.

“I’ll see you later,” she says, waving jerkily. She casts Sirius one last look before leaving with Lily, and later, Mary MacDonald, no doubt on their search for a meal one would call breakfast.

“Still not giving in, hey?” I ask Sirius, a cheeky grin on my face. 

“What do you mean?” he asks casually as he leads the way out of the common room.

“She’s obviously head over heels about you,” I mutter to him, unable to hide the grin. “Just like every other girl, actually.” I pause to ponder over that.

“Oh, really? I haven’t noticed.”

I roll my eyes at his sarcasm.

“Don’t you two reckon Marlene’ll be a good snog?” I look over my shoulder at where Remus and Peter were trailing after us. 

Peter nods eagerly while Remus merely half shrugs.

“I reckon she would,” I say, my brows furrowing as I ponder and ponder.

“Are you sure you don’t mean Evans would?” Sirius lips twitch as he evades what would’ve been a well-placed punch.

“Only if you were blind and severely stunted,” I grumble at him.

“Amos Diggory isn’t blind or severely stunted,” Peter reminds me, “Neither was Gilderoy Lockhart or Fabian Prewett or Gideon Prewett, for that matter.”

I grimace at Peter, turning my head as I ignore him. 

“What do you think the elves will give us today?” I ask to no one in specific.

“Well, it is a Tuesday,” I hear Remus say. “That normally means they’ll laden us with chocolate gateau and jam doughnuts.”

We grin at each other as we head down to the basement of Hogwarts.

We wait in anticipation as Peter tickles the pear in the familiar portrait of a bowl of fruit, beaming widely and patting our rumbling stomachs as the pear turns into a large green doorknob. 

Peter pulls at the knob and we find ourselves inside the cavernous room that was the kitchen of Hogwarts, smiling amiably and waving at the familiar house-elves we have gotten ourselves acquainted with.

“Morning Cisty,” I nod at what I believe to be a girl house-elf with wide blue eyes and long tall ears as my friends and I sat down on the floor at the end of one of the long tables. 

“Welcome back, sirs!” Cisty bustles towards us, her tiny arms cradling a rather large silver plate piled with jam doughnuts and slices of chocolate gateau. She left the plate in the middle of our circle as we began to stuff our faces.

“Good thing no one’s ever found out about this place, hey?” I muffle to the others.

They all nod in agreement, far too occupied by the food before us to reply with any other form of enthusiasm. 

I grin at the chocolate gateau I had saved beside me before taking a piece of buttered toast from the middle. “Since you’re all quiet, I think I’d like to continue on my story.”

Sirius doesn’t bother containing his groan as he bites into a jam doughnut, the jam bursting from the end and squirting onto Peter’s face with a slight slap.

Sirius chokes on his doughnut. “Apologies, mate,” his lips turns upwards as he stifles a laugh at Peter’s stunned face.

Before Peter says anything, I throw a handful of scrambled eggs at Sirius’ shiny hair and he freezes, turning to glare at me with ferocity. Suddenly, a large brown coloured thing flies at my face, and it only takes me a second to realise that it had been my precious chocolate gateau.

I roar out of disappointment and throw what was left of my buttered toast at Remus, who let out a slight ‘unf’ as it hit him in the face.

We stare at each other intensely before smirks come across our faces. 

“Food fight?” I ask innocently.

“Food fight,” Sirius nods and within another heartbeat, the entire kitchen is covered in all sorts of colours and clusters of food.

Obviously having so much fun, we are all oblivious to the sound of a creak as the door to the kitchen opens.

“What on earth is going on here?”

“Catch this one, Padfoot!” I yell, throwing yet another slice of chocolate gateau at where I think Sirius is.

With a slosh of a sound, the laughter and food flying stops.

“What are you doing here?!” I yelp, anxiously aware that behind the splattered chocolate gateau laid Lily Evans’, most probably, livid face.

I gulp loudly and embrace myself for the devil’s wrath.


*Hogwarts School Song found in J.K.R's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter Six.*

A/N: Hello again, readers! 

How are you all? Hopefully you've all enjoyed this chapter so far :D Please tell me your thoughts! What do you guys think will happen next? 

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